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Skull And Bones: A Step-By-Step Guide To Investigate The Secret Of Turning The Page

Posted: Mar 27, 2024

There are quite a few investigations in Skull and Bones for players to explore, and players need to find clues to complete these unique missions, which can provide generous rewards and XP.

Turning The Page may be the first investigation task you will encounter in Sainte-Anne. However, it is also considered one of the most challenging investigations in the game because of the many high-level ships you need to defeat. But don’t worry, in this guide, we’ll help you complete the task and reveal the truth in a few steps.

Turning The Page is a profitable mission in many ways, so it’s worth taking the time to prepare the necessary Skull and Bones Items, increase your Infamy Ranks, and upgrade your ship before starting.

Also, if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, don’t forget to use Call For Help mechanic in Skull and Bones to increase your chances of success by completing tasks with other players.

Skull And Bones: A Step-By-Step Guide To Investigate The Secret Of Turning The Page

Start Missions

To unlock Turning The Page, you need to bribe two pirates not far from the docks and Scurlock’s quarters for information.

Next, you can look at the purple rumor icon on the map. This icon informs you to try searching Sainte-Anne’s Low Tide tavern for information on the whereabouts of Jacques Sorrel.

After entering the tavern, collect the wanted poster-style leaflet next to the bar. Collecting this information will update the first page of your investigation log, which contains the first clue, a photo of Jacques Sorrel.

While the clues don’t reveal much, check out Turning the Page objective in the diary for a clue as to what to do next: Jacques Sorrel is said to have lived in Sainte-Amelie, near the coast of Ile Royale.

How to complete the Turning the Page investigation in Skull and Bones?

Plunder Sainte-Amelie

Sainte-Amelie is located southwest of Sainte-Anne in Ile Royale region. Sainte-Amelie is a small settlement in the southeast of the large island in the region. You must then choose Plunder instead of Interact as you drive toward Sainte-Amelie to get the next clue.

The first stage of plunder Sainte-Amelie mainly involves the destruction of two towers. The building on the left is easily defeated as it doesn’t have much defense. So if possible, I would recommend you to aim at the top of the tower with high-powered fire-based weapons like Fire Bombard I to destroy it faster.

Note that the tower on the right is trickier, so don’t get too close. Fortunately, you can still shoot it from a safe distance to stop the fight and avoid taking any damage. This comes in handy for the more challenging stages.

Skull And Bones: Plunder Sainte-Amelie

After completing the first plunder stage, you will get the next clue that you need to continue to complete the looting of Sainte-Amelie.

Later, several waves of tricky high-level ships arrive, so shoot them down as quickly as possible and use Repair Kits to repair your ships on the fly. Before that, though, you’re better off sinking the smaller ships that hit, which deal with devastating damage on impact, and then take out the two larger ships.

There are five waves of enemies in total, so be prepared for a potentially long battle. This will only become more challenging as more ships join the battle.

Destroy La Plume Ship

After you successfully plunder Sainte-Amelie, an objective marker will appear on the map, pointing to Southwest Passage. Sail there and use your spyglass to find a high-level ship called La Plume. You must then destroy La Plume to get the last clue in another challenging battle.

Afterwards, you can use the fast travel mechanic at the outpost to return to Sainte-Anne, or return by ship if you prefer. After arriving in Sainte-Anne, talk to Anja Rakotomanga in the warehouse to complete Turning the Page. This means you’ll solve Kit the Tiger’s mysteries and get some hard-earned loot.

Skull And Bones: Destroy La Plume Ship

Anyway, that’s it for this Turning the Page investigation guide. Grab your best ship and start the adventure!


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