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Skull And Bones: Are Rockets Your Best Weapon Choice For Fort Plundering?

Posted: Mar 25, 2024

This time, we will discuss the most potent weapon for plundering Forts in Skull and Bones: the Rockets, also known as the Termites III. Rockets shoot out 30 projectiles per cycle, each dealing about 2k damage. When enhanced with Rocket Works, their elemental damage becomes astonishing.

Skull And Bones: Are Rockets Your Best Weapon Choice For Fort Plundering?


Our forthcoming experiment involves testing the efficacy of the Rocket Works enhancement on the Grand-Fort. The elemental damage infused by the Rocket Works is anticipated to swiftly dismantle the fortress - an aspect that has piqued my interest, particularly considering the notable augmentation it provides to the Rockets' potency.

In alternative scenarios, such as engagements occurring beyond the fortified walls of fortresses, the Mortar emerges as a viable choice, with a preference typically leaning towards the poison-inflicting variant.

As we draw to a close on our current venture, we've managed to procure some Tobacco Leaves, a tangible reward stemming from our recent triumph in disrupting the enemy's supply network. Our sights are now set on the Grand-Fort, awaiting our strategic assault.

Implementing the Rocket Works enhancement is imperative for our forthcoming operation. This augmentation promises to amplify the elemental damage output by an impressive 19%, a difference that will undoubtedly be palpable. Our approach will involve initiating the assault with the Ballista, followed swiftly by the unleashing of the Rockets. A barrage of 30 Rockets shall be unleashed upon our target, poised to wreak havoc upon the Grand-Fort.

About Termites III

What attributes contribute to the formidable effectiveness of the Termites III in dismantling fortresses If we delve into its enhancements, we find a notable 50% increase in structural damage. This parallels the capabilities of certain bombards, which are poised to become integral components of the Fort raiding configuration.

In the observations, Rockets have demonstrated a significant impact, dealing 2.2k damage per projectile. In practical terms, this equates to over 60,000 cumulative damage to a fortress when employing 30 Rockets, each inflicting 2.2k damage. However, it's essential to acknowledge that achieving similar results against Fort Oosten, MegaFort Oosten, and Fort Premie might prove more challenging. These fortresses are inherently more resilient, potentially fortified against such types of damage.

Skull And Bones Termites III


When it comes to weapons, Rockets undeniably stand out as a cornerstone in the Fort plundering blueprint because of their unmatched efficacy. Moreover, my inclination leans towards incorporating Bombards into the Fort raiding setup, as they boast an equally remarkable 50% structural damage capability, echoing the formidable power of Rockets.

In our pursuits, we've adopted a customized hybrid construction specifically designed for both conquering bosses and raiding Forts. However, through my thorough experimentation with a specialized Fort raiding build, I've observed a slight prolongation in neutralizing the ships that accompany the Fort plundering endeavor. This extended timeframe is unsurprising, given the dilemma of prioritizing either the Fort itself or the accompanying vessels, or strategizing a hybrid approach.

Final Thought

The Termites III, a formidable weapon, is sourced from the Black Markets. These Rockets, known as Termites III, specialize in dealing structure damage. However, it's crucial to note that while these Rockets excel in Fort assaults, they're not suited for every situation. Personally, I reserve their use solely for besieging Forts.

Make sure when you are using Rockets you have a lot of ammo because it would just bleed through ammo like nobody’s business. I lost all my ammo rather quickly. Every single hit is on a weak point. Every single hit is a crit hit. Times that by the 30 Rockets, and that is well over 60,000 damage. And almost the entire wall is gone just from these Rockets. How powerful they are in this pludering!


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