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Lost Ark: Artist - Master of Phantasm Gate

Posted: Apr 17, 2023

Today, we’re going to talk about Phantasm Gate. It’s a portal that Artist class can use. It can purify allies, fill great amount of identity and the most important someone can teleport. Interesting, right?

Because of this teleportation ability, the potential is limitless. It can even save many players in dramatic situations. Or, it can make your raid more convenient. Of course, if you can use Lost Ark Gold early to improve your Artist, it will be easier to use this ability to assist your party members. We brought some cases from Valtan Legion Raid, so let’s get into it.


Notice: do not try if your fresh Mokoko. We’re just stepping into the fire for fun to test if it really can save someone. I repeat only use in dramatic situations. Don’t make your situation dramatic.

Before we enter Gate 1, you can bring some full specialization turtles if you see them.

Lost Ark Artist Phantasm Gate

Gate 1

In Gate 1, there are three cases you need to know.

Case 1

Delivering DPS classes. As the boss teleports to the middle, bring your party members to nine o’clock, using your portal. If there is a back-attack class in your party, place the portal at 9 o’clock and head 12. The boss appears again and that class can use a portal to reach the back easily.

Case 2

Six o’clock safe. After the second marble pattern, the boss prepares a giant explosion. Create a portal near the boss and head six already. One of them can serve, obviously.

Case 3

Bombs. Boss throws three types of bombs on the ground. Place a portal for those who gave up to escape.

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Gate 2

In gate 2, there are a total of eight cases.

Case 1

Rush. If you’re not the aggro player, create a portal and stay away from the boss. One of them can easily dodge the rush by just pressing

Case 2

Falling spears. When spears fall from the sky, some players run clockwise, some run counterclockwise, some run straight to the safe zone, and some lose control. Create a portal center and run to the safe zone at the end. Players who lost their control can enter the portal for easy survival.

Lost Ark Artist

Case 3

First imposter pattern. During the imposter pattern, you can help slow turtles to quickly hop behind the stone using the portal. After the explosion, get behind the boss and place the portal in front of the boss to help their aggro player safely get out.

Case 4

Land collapse. At 88 and 30, Valtan slams the ground and land collapses. Create a portal near the center and run opposite. Players who did not notice the land collapse will use the portal, not to get hit by the whirlwind.

Case 5

Second imposter pattern. Options are the same. You can help some players hide behind the stone or create a portal near the boss to help them easily dodge exploding stones. Of course, you need to pass a safe zone if you want to save someone.

Case 6

Third imposter pattern. At third imposter pattern, you don’t need to help them hide behind stones. There are no walls, so just use your Phantasm Gate to help them avoid exploding stones.

Case 7

The last exploding stone. Let’s pretend that there is no Balthorr buff. Party members must survive by themselves. At the end, stones explode. Use the portal to prevent mistakes.

Case 8

Finding Ghost Mode Valtan. There is only one case you need to know, Grab Pattern. The boss tries to grab and prepares a powerful roar at the front. Create a portal in front of Valtan to enjoy the thrill.


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