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Lost Ark: A Letter to The Community for Future

Posted: Apr 23, 2023

Posted: Apr 23, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Amazon Games and Smilegate have recently held discussions about the future plans for Lost Ark and addressed players' feedback in the Western market. While expressing gratitude for players' commitment and excitement towards recent updates, the team also recognized existing issues and pain points.

To address these concerns, they released an official letter to the community outlining measures aimed at improving the gameplay experience and Lost Ark Gold.

The team has taken substantial measures to combat the exploitation of the system by bot accounts in Lost Ark, including the banning of millions of bot accounts resulting in a 99% decrease in bot interaction with the economy.

Additionally, they have removed 55 billion bot gold from the economy, resulting in a significant reduction in the impact on gameplay and the overall economy.

Amazon Games and Smilegate for Lost Ark are working on plans to support new players by introducing quality of life updates, such as low-tier enhancements, horizontal content improvements, and alt progression.

These updates are expected to roll out by the end of summer or early fall as soon as they are completed.


The teams have also recognized player exhaustion and learning difficulties and focused on making several improvements to end-game raids like the Argos Abyss Raid and other earlier Legion Raids. Their aim is to make the gaming experience more enjoyable and stress-free for players by reducing repetitive daily content.

In addition, they are researching ways to further enhance the game experience and will introduce the Ebony Cube activity in May.

The developers of Lost Ark aim to introduce new content rapidly while avoiding player burnout and localization issues.

They plan to add new classes promptly and introduce multiple in-game events simultaneously across all versions. Some events will be exclusive to the Western region, while others will coincide with those in Korea.

To show their appreciation to the community, Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG are offering a special gift to all players who log in before May 19. This includes a range of in-game items such as Mokoko Skin, Moko Pet, Mokoboard Selection Chests, and more.

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They are dedicated to enhancing the Lost Ark experience and strengthening their relationship with players. They have announced that part 2 of their letter, which will cover the roadmap of updates for 2023, will be released next week. Keep an eye out for more information on the game's future direction.

April update

The upcoming April update for Lost Ark in Arkesia includes new content such as a Guardian Raid featuring Hanumatan, a wrath-filled Solar Guardian, and upgrades to Ancient quality gear with bigger bonuses.

Along with the new Phantom Legion Commander, players can also expect new raids, higher-level South Vern Chaos Dungeons, Inferno Boss Rush, new quests, Sidereal Weapons, and cosmetics. Downtime for the update will start on April 12 at 12 AM PDT (8 AM UTC) and is expected to last for six hours.

In the April update, Lost Ark introduced a lot of new content and improvements, providing a better gaming experience.

It is a challenging area where players can explore new storylines and cutscenes. Players can now create their own teams and use cooperative features to level up each person in the team.

Furthermore, Lost Ark developers also improved the game's UI and usability, including adding new interactive elements to the interface and enhancing gameplay flow.

They also listened to community feedback and made a series of balancing adjustments and major changes to improve the game's fairness and appeal and to avoid player frustration. The update also includes new events, prizes, and other game content.

In conclusion, the April update provided players with a lot of new features and content that can enhance the overall gaming experience. With the promise of ongoing improvements and updates from the developers, we look forward to the future development and progress of Lost Ark.


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