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  • Lost Ark: The September Update brings Gunner Advanced Class Machinist

    Aug 01, 2022

    After bringing the Arcanist class in July, Lost Ark is still committed to allowing Western players to experience as much exciting content as the Korean version, so, just recently, the game officially released the update roadmap for August and September, We will see more interesting events, challenging Legion Raid and brand-new advanced classes in the coming time.

    Machinist will be the fifth Gunner Advanced Class after Deadeye, Gunslinger, Artillerist, and Sharpshooter. It is a robot character with advanced machine guns and technology. Based on the setting of this class, Machinist seems to be able to bring very accurate strikes and great damage.

    It is worth mentioning that in the September update, the Machinist will arrive in Arkesia with the circus-themed Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid, players will need to face Commander Kakul-Saydon's evil attack, and there is no resurrection available. This Legion Raid mechanism will be different from the previous Valtan and Vykas, and players need to assemble a team of four to complete the challenge of three gates.

    At the same time, in September, we will also see the improvement of Lost Ark's backend technology, and players can interact with players on different servers in Strongholds and add friends from different servers. And will see Trixion Training Grounds improvements and PvP balance tweaks.

    Lost Ark in August will also bring a series of interesting updates before Machinist lands. Pet Ranch will provide players with a good place to interact with pets and will bring rewards such as Jelly Cookies; in the Maharaka Festival Event, players can collect leaves of Maharaka to obtain items such as good luck and unique mounts.

    All in all, Lost Ark in August and September will continue to improve the playability of MMO content, and players can also experience more diverse Legion Raid and PvP fun in it.

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  • Lost Ark: The latest weekly update brings a new song

    Jul 27, 2022

    The fixed-cycle update brought by Lost Ark is an effective means to keep the quality of the game stable. For players, monthly updates will bring periodic game content updates, while weekly updates focus more on improving the quality of life.

    Just today, Lost Ark released instructions for its latest weekly update, where we'll see more detailed improvements and experience new additions. The most anticipated is that all players will receive a Jukebox Song "Consolation" as an official thank you gift. The song was previously only available to players in certain regions in March, but now Western players can add the song to Strongholds as well.

    Another notable tweak has to do with Powerpass rules. There are currently five Powerpass available to players. In order to protect the interests of players' accounts, after the update, there is a three-day deduction period for the gold coins granted when purchasing Powerpass.

    In addition to the above two tweaks, some issues in Lost Ark have also been fixed:

    1. The Alarm Settings menu has been fixed and will now function as intended.

    2. Fixed an issue where the current channel was not displayed in the channel selector.

    3. Jukebox soundtracks will now play correctly while using the Korean VO Pack DLC.

    4. The Arcanist’s Emperor Gem is now obtainable.

    5. Updated the text for various Steam achievements to better reflect how they can be obtained.

    The update will take place on July 27th at 12 AM PT for server downtime, and players will be able to experience the new content and fix four hours later.

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  • Lost Ark: Highlights of July Update

    Jul 20, 2022

    Lost Ark's July Update - "Spells in Spades" will land on July 20th at 12:00 AM PT. Players will be able to see a slew of interesting new content after the four-hour downtime. Not only does this update include new events, dungeons, and more, but it also includes numerous bug fixes. Here are the highlights to watch.

    1. New Mege Advanced Class - Arcanist

    As an advanced class using magic cards, she can throw cards with various effects at the enemy and summon powerful magic attacks. As the third Mege Advanced Class, she can unleash three skills, Normal, Stacking, and Ruin. Normal skills, and has a unique skill in any situation.

    2. Inferno Difficulty of Valtan Legion Raid

    Valtan Legion Raid is finally getting its most difficult version yet. For players who like to push the limits, this is a good opportunity to prove their abilities. But as always, Inferno Difficulty of Valtan Legion Raid has conditions to participate, and players need to reach item level 1445 to participate.

    Compared to Normal difficulty, Inferno Difficulty applies a "Scale of Balance" so that everyone in the team's gear is standardized based on the Legion Commander opponent's level. The gate melee system will also not be activated, but players can try this challenging difficulty an unlimited number of times.

    3. Challenge Abyssal Dungeons

    Similar to how Challenge Guardian Raids applies Scale of Harmony to equalize your power against your foe in Guardian Raids, Challenge Abyssal Dungeons will use this treatment on Abyssal Dungeons in a new weekly activity. Players can get more awards by completing Abyssal Dungeons.

    4.Maharaka Festival and Waterpop Arena

    In this limited-time event full of summer atmosphere, players can compete as a team in the Maharaka Paradise pool and attack each other with Water Pro water guns. The arena will shrink as the game progresses, and players need to create within a limited time. Better grades for a variety of unique event rewards.

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  • Lost Ark: Arcanist Class Preview

    Jul 14, 2022

    Smilegate is indeed following up with more content for Lost Ark Western. As the first reveal of the new Advanced Class on the roadmap, Arcanist has always been what players have been looking forward to seeing in Arkesia. Along with Bard and Sorceress, Arcanist will join them as the third Mage Advanced Class available.

    We'll meet this magic-card-playing character in the Lost Ark July Update on July 20th, and before that, we'll need to have at least a rudimentary understanding of Arcanist.

    1. Card Mechanism

    What you must know is that Arcanist is a profession that cannot do without cards, she will inject powerful magic into the cards and cause damage to the enemy. Arcanist's skills are very rich but largely rely on the power of cards.

    When players attack, a special card meter will be established, and when it is full, a card will be randomly drawn from the card deck to bring different degrees of damage. There are thirteen cards with different effects, and they are:

    Three-Headed Snake Card - Basic Attack changes into 3 directions for 16s. On a hit, earn 1 stack. Damage to foes +100%. Damage to Challenge or lower monsters +400%.

    Mayhem Card - For the 30s, Atk. Speed ​​+3% for 4s every time skills are used, up to 15%.

    Twisted Fate Card - For 4s, your skill Damage either stays the same or increases by 40%.

    Corrosion Card - For the 30s, gain a 30% chance of +10% Damage to the foe for 5s.

    Ghost Card - Ignore collision with monsters. Move Speed ​​+20% and Damage from foes -50% for 3 hits for 16s.

    Cull Card - For 4s, Crit Rate for all skill attacks is 100% and Crit Damage +50% when they hit 1 foe.

    Balance Card - For the 30s, your Stacking skills are enhanced and grant you 1 more stack with each hit.

    Judgment Card - For 4s, Ruin skills always trigger the 4 stack effect, regardless of the actual number of stacks cast upon foes.

    Moon Card - Cooldown -10% and MP Recovery Speed ​​increase +20% for 30s.

    Star Card - Recovers 100% MP. Remaining skills Cooldown -15% except for Awakening, Movement and Stand Up skills.

    Wheel of Fortune Card - The Cooldown of the next skill decreases by 100%.

    Royal Card - Fills empty card slots. You can obtain up to 2 cards.

    Emperor Card - Inflict Damage to foes within a 14-meter radius. (Class Engraving dependent.

    2. Skills

    Arcanist skills are divided into four different categories, and they are Normal Skills, Stacking Skills, Ruin Skills and Awakening Skills.

    The highlight of Normal Skills is that it can set up a Card Deck meter, giving players a chance to draw cards at random. And players store two drawn cards at a time to use when appropriate.

    Stacking Skills include many skills with teleportation and ranged attacks, players should pay attention to their use.

    Ruin Skills bring obvious large-area AoE, and Celestial Rain and Secret Garden can deal damage to most enemies on the field.

    Awakening Skills include Prismatic Mirror and Deathbound, both of which can cause very high damage to knock enemies back, and this attack will stack according to the number of layers.

    3. Class Engravings

    Like other Advanced Classes, Arcanist also has two Class Engravings, Order of the Emperor and Empress’s Grace. Players can get different enhancements by upgrading them.

    Order of the Emperor will increase the efficiency of card deck usage by adding an extra Card Deck meter to normal attacks. Also, a new card, the Emperor, will be added, which players can use to unleash powerful attacks. Empress's Grace focuses on bringing more damage buffs to Stacking and Ruin Skills.

    Anyway, Arcanist's interesting attack mechanics and powerful skills are worth looking forward to. In addition, the July Update will bring more content, including two All-new limited-time events and the North Vern Powerpass, which can greatly help players improve their item levels. Of course, if you want to get a head start on the July update, you can buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM. We will bring you more surprises, so stay tuned.

  • Lost Ark: What you need to know about Rapport

    Jul 09, 2022

    As a critically acclaimed MMORPG, the various NPCs in Lost Ark have always been a favorite of fans. As players, we can not only get quests, rewards and information through the communication with these NPCs but also through the Rapport mechanism to continuously improve their favorability to interact with them and open unique quest lines to get rewards.

    Rapport Stages and Rapport Gifts Points.

    Rapport NPC has five different Rapport Stages, and they are Disinterested, Neutral, Amicable, Friendly and Trusted, which also includes this sub-level, players need to gradually improve through accumulation.

    Rapport Gifts are gifts that Rapport NPCs get from players. It will be displayed in the Rapport tab and divided by rarity. These gifts have different Rapport Gift Points, which are also one of the important bases for leveling up. Therefore, players need to obtain Rapport Gifts from various channels and send them to their favorite Rapport NPCs to accumulate Rapport Gifts Points and thus obtain a level upgrade.

    Which NPCs can activate the Rapport mechanism?

    It is not difficult to identify Rapport NPCs. The two hearts on their heads are their most obvious signs. And players can also find them through the map. Open the Rapport screen to see their location information.

    How to increase the relationship with NPC?

    Once players and their favorite NPCs have opened Rapport, the following methods can be taken to achieve the progress of Rapport Stages.

    1. Give Rapport Gifts.

    As I mentioned above, giving Rapport Gifts to NPCs is the main way for players to increase their relationships. Players can present up to 99 Rapport Gifts to NPCs per day. Using a reasonable strategy can achieve an ideal increase in Rapport Gift Points, up to a maximum of 10,000 points.

    2. Play an instrument.

    Players have five chances to play to Rapport NPCs five times a day, and NPCs also have specific music preferences, so players have to play their way to get a 200-400 Rapport boost per song.

    3. Show emotes to Rapport NPCs.

    Like playing a musical instrument, showing emotes is limited to five times a day, and each emote will be boosted by 200-400 Rapport.

    4. Complete Rapport Quests.

    At a certain stage in the player's relationship with the Rapport NPC, a Quest is unlocked, which the player needs to complete to gain a boost.

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  • Lost Ark: The Thronespire Guide

    Jul 04, 2022

    As the newest Lost Ark dungeon we've just met, players are curious about the uncharted territory in Thronespire. Thronespire contains 25 different floors which players must travel through them again and again. It is worth noting that the difficulty of monsters and bosses will increase according to the floor, so this dungeon is extremely challenging.

    While the basic mode of operation of Thronespire is very similar to the previous Shadespire and Fatespire, it includes a more complex floor structure. The four gates on each floor are guarded by mobs or an elite monster. Players can choose the starting floor according to their situation and need to complete the challenge within seven minutes.

    Needless to say, in order to start a slightly difficult dungeon like this, players also need to have some conditions. Thronespire requires players to reach item level 1325 and complete the main quest of Punika and the Towards Power quest.

    Meanwhile, during Thronespire, players can use Healing Potion. And death doesn't stop anyone's dungeon progress, it gives a Respawn duration of 5 seconds.

    As for what makes The Thronespire worth doing, in addition to the fact that it's fun, players can also get some pretty great rewards with it, including:

    Floor 1: x15 Crystallized Guardian Stone Chest

    Floor 2: x20 Honor Leapstone Chest

    Floor 3: x5 Crystallized Destruction Stone Chest

    Floor 4: x15 Glory Shard Pouch (L)

    Floor 5: x20 Epic Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class-Exclusive)

    Floor 6: x45 Ancient Platinum Coin

    Floor 7: x10 Crystallized Destruction Stone Chest

    Floor 8: x30 Crystallized Guardian Stone Chest

    Floor 9: x50 Ancient Platinum Coin

    Floor 10: x10 Crystallized Destruction Stone Chest

    Floor 11: x30 Crystallized Guardian Stone Chest

    Floor 12: x5 Great Honor Leapstone Chest

    Floor 13: x2 Metallurgy: Basic Welding

    Floor 14: x10: Tailoring: Basic Mending

    Floor 15: x30 Crystallized Guardian Stone Chest

    Floor 16: x10 Crystallized Destruction Stone Chest

    Floor 17: x20 Glory Shard Pouch (L)

    Floor 18: x10 Great Honor Leapstone Chest

    Floor 19: x25 Glory Shard Pouch (L)

    Floor 20: x2 Metallurgy: Applied Welding

    Floor 21: x10 Tailoring: Applied Mending

    Floor 22: x2 Legendary Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch

    Floor 23: x6 Great Honor Leapstone Chest

    Floor 24: x60 Ancient Platinum Coin

    Floor 25: x30 Level 3 Gem Chest

    With the above information in mind, you can begin your Thronespire journey to test the limits of your character and earn more rewards.

    IGGM will continue to support your progress as you challenge Thronespire. We will offer you Lost Ark Gold for sale to advance you to defeat the boss. Feel free to visit IGGM.com anytime and we will bring you more information.

  • Lost Ark: June Update Brings Additional New Content

    Jul 01, 2022

    The long-awaited Lost Ark June update "Wrath of the Covetous Legion" is finally live, and after a delayed update and long server maintenance, players can finally gather their friends and play together in the Vykas Legion Raid.

    In addition to the New Guardian Raid - Kungelanium and New Dungeon - Thronespire we knew about back in last month's roadmap, the production team has brought additional updates and bug fixes.

    1. Heartbeat Island

    We've entered the height of summer in Arkesia, and players may enjoy going to the seaside to dance and relax after battling the Demonic Legions. Now, after talking to Jollous, you can head to this resort near Anikka - Heartbeat Island.

    Players can participate in various events on Heartbeat Island and collect Festival Coins to exchange for various rewards, and we can also dance to complete the hourly quests of defeating dance queen Rekiel.

    2. Store Update

    The in-game store has introduced two new cosmetic collections and a new leopard pet. Get Umar cosmetic collection and Shadow of Stern cosmetic collection to dress up your character look.

    At the same time, various Growth Support Packs have arrived, and players can get a lot of rewards from them.

    3. Quality of life updates and bug fixes

    In response to the long-time problem with bots, Lost Ark has added a CAPTCHA system to prevent bots, players may be asked to submit a captcha to recover when entering new areas. And added precautionary measures to limit the activities of players who want to get gold in the store, and now the goods will need to wait three days before they can be transferred from the account through conventional methods such as transactions and gifts.

    At the same time, the June update also brings a large number of notable bug fixes, including language display, long animation and other details.

    Now, players can have even more fun in Lost Ark's "Wrath of the Covetous Legion." These additional updates aren't as compelling as those new game modes and mechanics, but they can add to the details of your game. IGGM.com also aims to bring you a better gaming time, where you can grab a safe Lost Ark Gold to play in Legion Raid and get more info here. Please stay tuned.

  • Lost Ark: Highlights of the Vykas Legion Raid

    Jun 29, 2022

    As the second Legion Raid after Valtan, Vykas will bring a whole new set of abilities, mechanics, and unique items. Die-hard Lost Ark fans won't want to miss this challenge, as it contains a lot of highlights to play.

    Vykas Legion Raid is an extremely challenging 8-player raid. Players need to reach item level 1430 to unlock normal difficulty and 1460 to unlock hard difficulty. At the same time, this dungeon allows for halfway saves of progress through the Gate and does not affect loot and progress. In addition, there are the following contents in Vykas Legion Raid waiting for players to experience.

    1. New Sidereal Skills

    Sidereals are your assists in Legion Raid, and they allow you to unleash powerful attacks at critical moments of the battle. The group leader needs to use the Sidereal Skill after the Sidereal Skill meter is filled to bring better battle results.

    It is worth noting that this time Vykas Legion Raid not only added two new Sidereal Skills but also brought back Wei, an ally who made a big splash in Valtan Legion Raid.

    So, the new Sidereal Skills we can use in Vykas Legion Raid include:

    Nineveh - Divine Punishment Parkunas

    Inanna - Elzowin's Grace

    Wei - Awakened Dochul

    2. New gear crafting materials

    Valtan Legion Raid introduces two new items that can be crafted into gear, Covetous Fangs for Legendary gear, and Covetous Wings for Relic gear. Players can collect materials that contain them to obtain complete Relic Quality sets.

    3. Generous rewards

    The loot has always been the most important part of players, and every stage of Valtan Legion Raid has something for players. Clearing each door will reward you with Lost Ark Gold, Covetous Fangs and Wings, Relic Accessories and honing materials, and Hardmode will also add extra amounts to these rewards, as well as some special items.

    I have to admit that Lost Ark has been following up on the content with players as the center, and next month will bring a new advanced class-Arcanist and more interesting activities, if you want to know more For related information, you can continue to pay attention to IGGM.com, we will provide you with the latest Lost Ark information as soon as possible, and bring you Lost Ark Gold to support your game progress.

  • Lost Ark: The Delayed June Update Will Bring Compensation Rewards

    Jun 24, 2022

    Lost Ark's June roadmap was released a few weeks ago, and players have been expecting to see it arrive by the middle of the month. However, as the development team is doing their best to eliminate the adverse effects of bot accounts, the release of this update will be delayed until June 30. That means players will have to wait a few more days to meet the Wrath of the Covetous Legion update in Arkesia.

    Not only the release date was different from what we expected, but the content originally planned has also changed. Yoz's Jar, the new cosmetic mechanic that was supposed to meet us, has been announced to be removed. This is a decision made by the development team after a lot of consideration because the setting of skins to increase the attack will make the trading of these skins in the game unfair.

    The second is the compensation and rewards brought by the team, which is also the part that players care about the most. To thank players for their patience with The Wrath of the Covetous Legion update, Lost Ark is giving away two gifts to all players. Include a Mokoko Skin Selection Chest and Growth Support Pack.

    The Growth Support Pack that players receive includes the following options.

    Destruction Stone Selection Pouch x5 - allowing one of these options to be selected from each chest:

    Tier 1 - Destruction Stone Fragment (Bound) x1000

    Tier 2 - Destruction Stone (Bound) x1000

    Tier 3 - Destruction Stone Crystal (Bound) x200

    Guardian Stone Selection Pouch x12 - allowing one of these options to be selected from each chest:

    Tier 1 - Guardian Stone Fragment (Bound) x1000

    Tier 2 - Guardian Stone (Bound) x1000

    Tier 3 - Guardian Stone Crystal x200

    Honing Shard Selection Chest x10 - allowing one of these options to be selected from each chest:

    Tier 1 - Harmony Shard Pouch (L) x3

    Tier 2 - Life Shard Pouch (L) x3

    Tier 3 - Honor Shard Pouch (L) x1

    Despite the delay, it looks like there will be more surprises in the June update. Lost Ark Official also revealed that a long-awaited request from Stronghold Research will be fulfilled. Trust Lost Ark to live up to our expectations, making the Wrath of the Covetous Legion update impressive.

    If you're looking to get a head start on the upcoming June update, racking up enough Lost Ark Gold through IGGM.com would be the smartest option. At the same time, if you want to know the relevant information for the first time, please pay attention to us.

  • Lost Ark: Chaos Shards Guides

    Jun 22, 2022

    Awakening Skill is one of the most popular mechanics in Lost Ark. Unlocked after players reach level 50, each character has two corresponding Awakening Skills, which can have a very large impact in PvP and PvE and even change the rules of the game.

    Players using the powerful Awakening Skill will be able to bring a very significant improvement, but this means that players need to pay more. The use of Awakening Skill requires a special way to consume Chaos Shards. The more Chaos Shards you have, the more freedom you have to use these more advantageous skills. So the following guide will help you get more Chaos Shards.

    To visit the merchants who sell Chaos Shards, players need to open the map to find a major city or town with General Merchant. Every major city will have one of these locations, and this is where players can visit Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and Abyss Dungeons.In this area, players can find an icon like a small bag, click on it to find Merchant and open his inventory to find Chaos Shards.

    Notably, each Chaos Shard will cost 250 credits. Silver can be obtained in a variety of conventional ways, and the price is relatively cheap, but it still requires players to have enough budgets.

    While acquiring them doesn't require tedious farming, many players are still unhappy with the Chaos Shards mechanic, and many think it's stupid to use the currency to use abilities, especially in PvP mode.

    All in all, Chaos Shards are still an essential resource, and they can provide a good temporary boost in battles. However, if you want to achieve the upgrades and enhancements inherent to your class, what you need most is Lost Ark Gold. Players can farm the required Lost Ark Gold through weekly events, dungeons, and quests like Raids.

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