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News Tag: Lost Ark Artist

  • Lost Ark: Artist - Master of Phantasm Gate

    Posted: Apr 17, 2023

    Today, we’re going to talk about Phantasm Gate. It’s a portal that Artist class can use. It can purify allies, fill great amount of identity and the most important someone can teleport. Interesting, right?

    Because of this teleportation ability, the potential is limitless. It can even save many players in dramatic situations. Or, it can make your raid more convenient. Of course, if you can use Lost Ark Gold early to improve your Artist, it will be easier to use this ability to assist your party members. We brought some cases from Valtan Legion Raid, so let’s get into it.


    Notice: do not try if your fresh Mokoko. We’re just stepping into the fire for fun to test if it really can save someone. I repeat only use in dramatic situations. Don’t make your situation dramatic.

    Before we enter Gate 1, you can bring some full specialization turtles if you see them.

    Gate 1

    In Gate 1, there are three cases you need to know.

    Case 1

    Delivering DPS classes. As the boss teleports to the middle, bring your party members to nine o’clock, using your portal. If there is a back-attack class in your party, place the portal at 9 o’clock and head 12. The boss appears again and that class can use a portal to reach the back easily.

    Case 2

    Six o’clock safe. After the second marble pattern, the boss prepares a giant explosion. Create a portal near the boss and head six already. One of them can serve, obviously.

    Case 3

    Bombs. Boss throws three types of bombs on the ground. Place a portal for those who gave up to escape.

    Related: Lost Ark: 2023 April Update Patch Notes

    Gate 2

    In gate 2, there are a total of eight cases.

    Case 1

    Rush. If you’re not the aggro player, create a portal and stay away from the boss. One of them can easily dodge the rush by just pressing

    Case 2

    Falling spears. When spears fall from the sky, some players run clockwise, some run counterclockwise, some run straight to the safe zone, and some lose control. Create a portal center and run to the safe zone at the end. Players who lost their control can enter the portal for easy survival.

    Case 3

    First imposter pattern. During the imposter pattern, you can help slow turtles to quickly hop behind the stone using the portal. After the explosion, get behind the boss and place the portal in front of the boss to help their aggro player safely get out.

    Case 4

    Land collapse. At 88 and 30, Valtan slams the ground and land collapses. Create a portal near the center and run opposite. Players who did not notice the land collapse will use the portal, not to get hit by the whirlwind.

    Case 5

    Second imposter pattern. Options are the same. You can help some players hide behind the stone or create a portal near the boss to help them easily dodge exploding stones. Of course, you need to pass a safe zone if you want to save someone.

    Case 6

    Third imposter pattern. At third imposter pattern, you don’t need to help them hide behind stones. There are no walls, so just use your Phantasm Gate to help them avoid exploding stones.

    Case 7

    The last exploding stone. Let’s pretend that there is no Balthorr buff. Party members must survive by themselves. At the end, stones explode. Use the portal to prevent mistakes.

    Case 8

    Finding Ghost Mode Valtan. There is only one case you need to know, Grab Pattern. The boss tries to grab and prepares a powerful roar at the front. Create a portal in front of Valtan to enjoy the thrill.

  • Lost Ark: Most Complete Guide To Artist In 2023

    Posted: Feb 14, 2023

    The newest artist class is going to be released in March and as this is a brand new supporter class after a year, we guess many players are interested.

    Today, we are going to talk about topics players keep asking, such as should Artists use swiftness instead of specialization or what are purple builds you can choose before 1490 or are there changes in build depending on skill points. Before I move on, let's take a look at the identity Artist uses.


    Artists are similar to Bard. Meter can be filled up with three. Pressing Z, Artist consumes two bubbles and gives 10% increase of DPS for 10 seconds. Pressing X, Artist consumes one bubble and creates a marble.

    Players can recover 25% of HP for eating the marble. This marble can last 60 seconds and maximum 3 marbles can be created.


    Now, let's talk about stats. Normally, Artist class takes swiftness as a main. Artists use the swiftness to rotate two buff skills.

    Before 1415 the level you can wear relic accessories which you can get by using Lost Ark Gold. Just take many swiftness stats as possible.

    After 1415, take at least 1600 swiftness until your cooldown gems are over level 7. If you have at least 1600 swiftness with level 7 cooldown gems, two buff skills rotate and buff can be given to players infinitely.

    Then some can ask," Can we use specialization?" You can, but you need to remember two things.

    First, 1600 swiftness is better than 1600 specialization. Full specialization can give more powerful buff. However, it's critical that above scales can now rotate infinitely and there's really no difference failing identity. Also, skills that artists users commonly have delays. So, it's a lot more practical and efficient to use swiftness and specialization.

    Second, you can decide to give extra 100 to 300 specialization depending on your gem level. When your cooldown gems on these two buff skills are level 7 or lower, 1600 swiftness is a must. You can infinitely rotate two buff skills with the given setting. On the other hand, when you have level 10 gems, you can give extra 100 to 300 stats on specialization. Your character becomes slower, but still two buff skills can rotate infinitely. If you prefer more reduced cooldown with extra attack speed, use full swiftness regardless of your gems. If you're fine with slower attack speed with level 10 gems, give extra 100 to 300 on specialization.

    In KR, we just use full swiftness as players normally don't give level 10 gems on supporter classes. Also, players just think that you bought a cheaper setting for your Artists because they don't know well about it. If you just want a cheaper setting, you can consider half and half or 1400 swiftness with 700 specialization.


    These are Engravings you should use as a supporter. Full Blossom, Experts, Awakening and Heavy Armor. If you want to add one more, you can use Increased Max MP or Vital Point Strike.

    For the end setting, add level 1 Drops of Ether.

    Skill Builds

    What are the skills Artists class should use? Seven skills are fixed. Brush: Ink Splash, Brush: Ink Hop, Brush: Ink Launcher, Ink: Drawing the Sun, Ink: Sea Conch, Ink: Kol Pond and Ink: Phantasm Gate.

    For last one, you can choose between Brush: Ink Strike and Ink: Silk Road. These two skills have "Ink Mark" tripod, which gives extra damage on the foe.

    Ink strike has low cooldown with more sagger. And Silk Road can give extra attack speed to party members. However, Silk Road can be canceled when you get hit by the foe, so choose it well.

    In my opinion, use Ink Strike until you get used to it. Furthermore, don't use Ink: Dream Butterflies instead. It's a PVP skill. If you don't have enough skill points, use the build below. It's the same build with lower skill points.

    Artists is a class focused on protecting party members (shield, purification,heal). Benefit of this class instead of other classes is that you can immediately fill your identity bar quicker. If you want a cute looking supporter class, Artist is the one.

  • Details You Should Know About Lost Ark Artist

    Posted: Feb 03, 2023

    The Artist is the first Specialist Advanced Class that would first arrive on Arkesia's Western shores in April 2023. Since this class is about to be released, I want to introduce how the Artist works in this article.

    First of all, Artists is designed to be a support class but however you can play the DPS if you want to. It's not necessarily better than most of DPS classes, but it is Bible and possible to artifact other paper. But anyway, we are not going to cover the deepest bear today.


    What's so different auto identity works is you can save up to three robots to select both. And if you use Z (Wanning Moon), it's a 10% damage increase for 10 seconds. It's basically the same as two bumper from birth. So, it cost us to Barbara Wrestler. However, you can do one bubble or three bubbles or like parts, too.

    As for X (Rising Sun), you make a Harmony Orb that causes one bumper and it tears everyone nearby. Up on the pickup, the prayer consumes the orb and get here additionally based on the Artist's Max HP. What makes Artists so special is since she doesn't have her done on her identity and is extremely easy to appear meter if you can have your height of time with buffs. So, she goes well with every kind of consistent DPS classes and her identity is up to one minute or even longer, if you use a stimulant.

    Combat Stats

    Our main combats test to assume this, you can go have a spec bear. But it's extremely hard to play and it doesn't generate mirror that's faster than she appears. However, you can mix a little bit of spec just like one ring or one earring like how other supports do. And personally, I think this is the play but this is based on your paper. So, it's just up to you.


    As for Engravings, it is recommended to go Awakening, Expert and the support class Engraving. Then I recommend to go Heavy Armor since she has the Estelle bright LED just like Bard or Reaper. However, technically, you don't need Heavy Armor if you prefer that playstyle.

    Then as for tweet engraving, it's your choice of drops a bitter or better Point hit then that will be the classic 5x3. But as for trending period, people didn't care super found that Attack Speed is extremely believable on Artist. And since she has a lot of animation locks and and her core skills don't have paralysis immunity and so they started to better use Speed Absorption more, which ended up with a Speed Absorption, one Heavy Armor or the Speed Absorption and two Heavy Armor in ancient settings. By the way, if you want to level up this class, using Lost Ark Gold will help you a lot.

    You are gonna have to need 2300 Swiftness in order to reach the 140 Attack Speed cap, which is impossible and you don't get benefit from the earning buff from your serve. So, this is something you can consider.

    Also, she's a first Fitness class. She doesn't need Max MP or those kind of Engravings because you can have up to three skills that doesn't need to be levered up to rubber 10. So, her mechanics are larger than other zippers. You can run out of Mana if you have high CDR but it can be cardboard with Mana food and such.


    Her other unique specialty is Portal, your teammates can activate it, then it forces them to your location with decent amount of shirts. Also, it generates a fixed amount of either as well regardless of your spec or dark tune.

    So, you might have seen Artists just spamming borders on ground for no reason. It also works as a credit score without tripod.

    Runes and others

    As far as she actually doesn't need conviction judgment because it doesn't feel as rewarding and it's really hard to align those scares in order to Pro condition judgment. But she uses are the Virgin and Caravan Runes and maybe one Focus around very good.

    As I mentioned earlier you are not gonna need as many skill points, which is a tripod-dependent class but it's not terrible and you don't need that many of them, either.

    Lastly, it's just one of the best stagger in the game without tapping to sacrifice her skill set and the best sustain. So the Artist is one of the most desired class in KR Lost Ark.

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