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Lost Ark: Telling People You're A Rookie Player Might Be More Helpful For Your Raids

Posted: Apr 07, 2023

Posted: Apr 07, 2023

Source:  IGGM

Many players always feel a bit strenuous when they first enter Lost Ark. Because they are not yet fully familiar with the operating mechanism of the game, as well as the skills of killing enemies and completing tasks. 

As a result, rookie players tend to be quite unpopular on a raid team. However, some players I’ve encountered recently have also made me suddenly think that telling others that I am a new player may also help the players raid missions.

I met an inexperienced player just before, but he wasn’t silent like most novice players. Although he often made some very low-level mistakes in the first two raid missions and was killed by various Mechs, and everyone in the team wanted to kick him out. But he didn’t shy away from his mistakes. He knew about his Mech Raid mission. So we decided to give him a few more tries. In the end, he also proved that he is not without strength, but needs more practice.

What made me recognize him even more is that he will argue with several other Lost Ark veterans and insist that he can play Mech. The good news is that he has a calm mind, ignored those inappropriate remarks, and concentrated on practicing. In the end, he also successfully passed the community test.

Lost Ark Guardian Raid Guide

In fact, personally, I don’t mind completing raid missions with novice players. However, they do at least have some tutorials ahead of time to understand the basic raid mission process, as well as some rough understanding of how a particular raid works. At the same time, don’t forget to prepare the corresponding equipment. You can get it by using Lost Ark Gold, which will make your raid process more effective.

Hope new players don’t think of the actual raid process as their connection, especially if you’re just starting out. No one wants to start learning Mario 1 when they are in Clown Gate 3. Not only is this a waste of everyone’s time, but the players won’t gain any experience.

But in Vertus, meeting a qualified novice player is pure luck. Earlier, during a raid, a novice player joined the team and after just a few tries, he found the correct Gate 1, followed by their Gate 2 black Orb

Of course, there will be some beginners who are able to communicate, but cannot learn at a normal speed. I believe that most people will not have the patience to help an unintelligent novice complete the raid mission.

Guardian Raid Guide Lost Ark

It’s just that, depending on how they communicate, they may be treated differently. Most players should be more than willing to teach them if they show a willingness to learn and listen. But there are still many players who refuse to admit their mistakes even after being killed, which is why they are not popular. New players will need to lower their egos a bit, but don’t worry because no one will laugh at you for being criticized for being inexperienced.

Raids are a team activity, communication is crucial, and new players can also make friends by participating in more raids. Please don’t be silent. This will only become the biggest difficulty in your progress, and your raid process will become more difficult because of it. Believe me, no one likes playing the piano with a cow.

In short, players will definitely feel confused when they first enter Lost Ark, but don’t worry, you can actively show your companions that you are a rookie player and inexperienced. But don’t forget to actively learn and communicate. This time will make your raid mission more smoothly. Hope you are doing well.


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