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Lost Ark: Whistle Emote Acquisition Guide

Posted: Mar 13, 2023

Posted: Mar 13, 2023

Source:  IGGM

MMORPG Lost Ark is the most popular with players for its rich game content. With rich characters, numerous primary tasks and some skills that can be expanded, Lost Ark makes players feel very fulfilled in the game. 

Among them, different expressions have an impressive effect on completing tasks and enriching the storyline. Players can use different emotes to interact with the world and inhabitants of Arkesia.

Sometimes, players use certain emotes to make tasks easier to complete. But at other times, emotes are often just a way for players to express their emotions. 

In this way, players can increase the favorability of NPCs, help players complete tasks smoothly, and sometimes even unlock some unopened areas


Emotes also have some other uses, especially Whistle Emote, which has a vital impact on improving NPC favorability. At the same time, this emoji looks hilarious, sure to look really fun in your action collection.

Azure Wind Island Mission

If players want to get any Emote, they must first meet the requirements of Level 50 and Item Level 840. If the player has not reached Level 50, they are not even eligible to complete this Emote task.

After players reach Level 50, they can go to Azure Wind Island to receive tasks. Azure Wind Island is located on the west side of this Lost Ark map, which is very close to Coast of Yorn. If players want to land on Azure Wind Island, the only way to go is Arutus Sea, and they can only go to Azure Wind Island after transit. 

Players must complete some tasks to get these emotes, which players must receive from an NPC named Sanar. Sanar is on Azure Wind Island, so it’s easy for players to find it. After the player finds Sanar, they will receive the first quest called ‘Dying Horse’. 

Among them, players have to complete 4 tasks on Azure Wind Island. Until the player reaches ‘The Mane of Azure Wind’, completes some errand tasks issued by High Priest Steppekeeper to successfully get Emote.


After the player completes these tasks, the first thing to do is to take the adventure task bar. The player can then click on ‘Una’s Tasks’. Players can get some daily tasks in Una, which can help players improve Reputation

Whistle Emote Guide Una's Task Daily

These Reputations are very important for players to complete tasks and get emotes. Because under normal circumstances, players can only get emotes when they reach Level 3 Reputation. Although there are many tasks in Una, it will only reward players with Reputation if they complete the daily tasks

Players can get 3 daily tasks here every day. Until the player completes enough quests to reach Level 3 Reputation. This will help you a lot in getting Whistle Emote.

Other Emotes

There are also some emotes that players can get through reading and learning. In the menu bar, players can choose to read some books, which will also allow you to use emotes at any time. 

Whistle Emote is not only good for players to increase their favorability with NPCs, but also for completing some tasks. But in addition to these functions, Whistle Emote is also a good way for players to express their emotions

If you want to try it out, you can redeem it by completing missions or getting enough Lost Ark Gold. Hope this will be of great help to your gaming experience.


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