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News Guide

  • WOTLK Classic: A Perfect Catch-Up Event For Phase 4! - Brewfest 2023 Overview

    Posted: Sep 21, 2023

    Another year, another Brewfest guide. 

    Brewfest 2023 runs from September 20th to October 6 th. There are several new rewards this year that have big implications for gearing and for Cataclysm as well. 


    First, let's cover the primary goal of the event. Like last year, our main goal is to complete the six specific achievements for the Brewmaster title and progress towards the Violet Proto-Drake. If you don't have it yet, this is absolutely the time to start working on your mount.

    Mounts are account wide in Phase 4, so this is the easiest way to be at 315 speed on all your alts. 

    Speaking of alts, you really don't want to forget the 10% XP bonus. At around 610 server time in the morning and at night you can receive a 10% experience buff at the Brewfest Camps. These camps are located outside of Ironforge and outside of Orgrimmar. You really should make sure to take full advantage of it.

    While you're at the camp, we might as well knock out the Brewmaster title as well for a Violet Proto-Drake to get the Brewmaster title. We'll need to obtain 200 Brewmaster Prize Tokens, which are the currency for the event. 

    You'll need the 200 to join the Brew of the Month Club, which is one of the achievements. You'll also need another 40 if you get unlucky with mount drops from Coren Direbrew later.

    How To Get Tokens Fast?

    Next, let's talk about the best way to earn currency for the event.

    Ram Racing

    The best way to earn currency per day is the Ram Racing. After the intro quest, you can start the repeatable daily quest from either Neil Ramstein for Alliance or Ram Master Ray for Horde.

    Pay attention to your chat box instead of the graphics whenever you receive a keg to maximize runs. With perfect play, you'll be able to get at least 30 tokens per day, so this should be your main priority.

    Just doing Ram Racing every day is enough to farm 200 tokens and knock out the Brew of the Month Club achievement and that means we only have five achievements left.

    Obtain Tokens Via Questing

    After Ram racing, you can also go to Belbi Quikswitch or Blix Fixwidget to pick up your 2023 Brewfest Stein.

    Also, just like last year, Chug and Chuck is worth another 10 tokens per day at Boxey Boltspinner or Bizzle Quicklift. Pick up the mug behind the quest giver and then use the mug from your inventory to throw it at the walking style robot.

    There's also the Barking quest for 15 tokens. You go into either Orgrimmar or Ironforge and you make sure to complete each objective with your RAM. The big secret is to dismiss your RAM once the objectives are complete and then just use your actual mount to ride back to the quest giver. 

    Another repeatable source of prize tokens is the ‘This One Time, When I Was Drunk’ quest. Every 30 minutes, Dark Iron Dwarves will attack your Brewfest Camp. When they’re done, you can loot the Cog and turn it in for 10 more tokens. This also counts for the second of the six Brewmaster achievements, so you should definitely do it at least once. 

    While you’re here, you might as well get the Wolpertinger’s Tankard as well by doing the quest from Goldark or Glodrak just ask for the synth through goggles and then use your net on five stunned Wolpertingers for achievement number three ‘Does your Wolpertinger Linger?’ knockdown.

    Also, if you still need it, you can complete ‘The Brewfest Diet’ achievement nearby. All you have to do is using your WOTLK Classic Gold to buy all the foods listed below:

    • Dried Sausage
    • Savory Sausage
    • Spicy Smoked Sausage
    • The Essential Brewfest Pretzel
    • Pickled Sausage
    • Spiced Onion Cheese
    • Succulent Sausage
    • The Golden Link

    New Rewards

    We’ve only got two achievements left to go, so let’s talk about all the new rewards. 

    Almost everything new comes from Coren Direbrew, which is perfect since killing him knocks out our fourth achievement. This year, Coren Direbrew is up to level 80, which means 200 item level trinkets. Since we don’t have RDF yet, you’ll have to join LFG in either Direbrew’s Remote or fly all the way to Blackrock Depths.

    Coren dropped some really excellent new items, including previous trinkets. This is just in time for all year olds to get ready for RDF in the new game mode. There are two new summoning trinkets (Bubbling Brightbrew Charm & Bitter Balebrew Charm) that are both designed for tanks with a solid 170 stamina.

    Meanwhile, the Ancient Pickled Egg is the perfect fresh 80 healing trinket. Then, melee will want to grab the Coren’s Chromium Coaster, which is just a free mirror of truth. Rounding out these trinkets is the brand new Brawler’s Souvenir, which has an activatable 335 dodge bonus.

    On top of the trinkets, we’re technically supposed to get two new weapons. Whether we get them or not remains to be seen because they came with the RDF system, which won’t be in the game until October 10th.

    The first weapon is the 200 item level dagger called the Direbrew’s Bloody Shanker. Far more interesting, however, is the 226 item level Tankard O’ Terror. This is the highest item level BoE weapon in the game right now and if it’s available, it’ll be very profitable to sell in the Auction House.

    On top of the new items, we have the soon to be account wide Swift Brewfest Ram and the Great Brewfest Kodo getting at least one Brewfest Mount as our sixth and final achievement. So, definitely try to get one.

    If you get unlucky, you’ll just need to form 40 tokens and buy the Direbrew Hops from the fender to knock on our last achievement.

    Hold on a minute. We still have my most anticipated boss drop left, which is the Direbrew Remote. This remote teleports you directly to the Grim Guzzler and BRD, which means you’re a quick instance teleport away from Searing Gorge. This is by far the fastest way to get to the upcoming Cataclysm Blackwing Descent raid unless you do some RDF Shenanigans.

  • WOTLK Classic Phase 4: Everything New Coming With RDF System! - New Features & Tips

    Posted: Sep 18, 2023

    Warriors of Azeroth, it’s time to wield your mightiest armor and most fearsome weapons. It’s time to use your best enchantments and the most powerful buffing consumables.

    In Phase 4, we will get a new Random Dungeon Finder system, automatic cross-realm prompts for dungeons, and huge bonus rewards that only appear. Let’s talk about all the new features of RDF system and how you can take advantage of it to upgrade quickly.

    RDF System Overview

    RDF is the automated dungeon-finding interface introduced in WOTLK Classic Phase 4.

    First, you choose your role, whether it’s a tank, a healer, a DPS. If you’re flexible, you can even choose multiple characters.

    Next, you can queue into a random dungeon or a specific dungeon. If you want to queue a specific dungeon, use the drop-down menu and check the box for the dungeon you want to find the group for.

    The major difference between this and RDF is that it automatically matches players and characters, even across realms. This means you no longer need to interact with them manually. When your party is full, you’ll automatically teleport to the dungeon, saving you the trouble of going there.

    Also Read: What Epic Changes Are Coming To Shadowmourne Questline In WOTLK Classic Phase 4?

    One of the biggest advantages of RDF system is the bonus rewards it offers.

    By choosing the random dungeon option, you will receive substantial rewards. At level 80, you’ll receive two Emblems of Triumph and the bonus WOTLK Classic Gold. If you’re below level 80, you’ll gain scaling experience and gold. Players below level 70 will also receive a pack of useful items.

    This satchel contains a randomly bound armor piece to pick up. The type of armor you receive depends on your class. For example, Rogues get leather items. This makes queuing randomly with RDF an excellent way to gear up, as you’ll receive dungeon rewards and bonus backpack items.

    Of course, you can also choose where to buy these items from merchants. Note that you can get a 3% discount with the code “Lich”.

    Use RDF For Leveling

    RDF is a game changer. Low-level dungeons are often slow to level up and require grouping, which can be challenging. You can now queue into random dungeons and earn expanded bonus experience points from each run.

    However, you can only queue for dungeons within your level range. For example, a level 22 Troll Mage can queue up for Blackfathom Deeps. However, a level 12 Alliance Druid cannot queue to enter any dungeons.

    Although RDF can provide excellent XP, there are some situations where the task is not advisable. Especially if the dungeons available are not suitable for your level.

    Also, don’t forget to equip chest and shoulder heirlooms and other XP boosting items for an additional 10% experience boost.

    It’s also worth noting that healers and tanks queue faster than DPS characters. You can use this time to start quests or farm for XP.

    Get Raid Ready With RDF

    Once you reach level 80 via RDF spam and missions, you can use RDF to prepare for a raid. You can queue up new Titan Rune modes, including Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, which offer gear at different item levels:

    • Alpha: 200-213 item level gear
    • Beta: 225 item level gear
    • Gamma: 232 item level gear

    Also, we can find the new Defiler Scourge Stone currency from Gamma Boss, which can be used to purchase powerful items.

    If you can get gear from the Auction House that meets Alpha mode requirements, consider skipping normal Heroic mode. Blizzard is making Alpha Mode easier with this patch, making its transition from level dungeons smoother.

    If you’re queuing into the new Frozen Halls Dungeons, you’ll need at least 200 item level gear. So be prepared to collect gear to fulfill this requirement.

    Overall, WOTLK Classic Phase 4’s RDF system brings significant changes to the dungeon experience, making upgrades and equipment more efficient than ever. So, let’s always be ready to conquer the challenges that lie ahead at Northrend!

  • WOTLK Classic: How Hard Will Icecrown Citadel Raid Be in Phase 4?

    Posted: Aug 31, 2023

    If you’ve got your eyes set on the legendary Shadowmourne and the elusive Invincible’s Reins or that killer Tier 10 Armor Set, there’s one monumental obstacle standing in your way, Icecrown Citadel.

    How tough is this iconic raid? Is it a Flame Leviathan walk in the park or are we looking at a Lady Vashj level guildbreaker that’ll send you fleeing the Season of Mastery?

    Here, we’re going to dive deep into the Frozen Halls of Icecrown Citadel to answer the burning question how hard will the raid be.

    Original ICC 

    Although ICC technically came out with a 3.3 content patch on December 9th, 2009, we only got the first wing. Blizzard added each wing over the course of two months, so the full release of the raid was technically on February 2nd, which was over two months later.

    The other key here is that the Normal Mode was the only mode available until February 9th. That means there wasn’t any Heroic gear being farmed in the first two months. 

    When the Heroic Mode finally released, the first 11 bosses didn’t prove to be much of a problem. Guilds were able to clear up to the Lich King in only two days of raiding and they got to the Lich King on February 11th. The Lich King himself though stayed alive for a surprisingly long 46 days, that puts the Lich King as the 10th hardest boss ever in terms of days before being killed.

    For reference, Yogg 0 was the third hardest in 87 days. So, if people ask which raid had the hardest fight. Technically, the answer is Ulduar. 

    Why Was ICC Hard? 

    One of the reasons the Lich King took so long to die though is that there were Limited Attempts, which artificially gated progress.

    It’s also important to note that four months after the Heroic Icecrown was released, a buff was introduced called the Strength of Wrynn for Alliance or Hellscream’s Warsong for Horde. This buff increased health and healing by 30% and made the Heroic raid much more accessible. 

    We’ll likely be getting this buff in the mid to late stages of the phase since it undermines the original raid balancing. So, we know the Heroic version of the raid was cleared pretty quickly. But that’s because of the gear.

    ICC Gear

    The top guilds back in 2009 had two months of Normal Mode farming, which gave them a huge advantage. Without the two months of Normal Mode farming, top guilds will be entering the raid with mostly ToC gear. 

    From my research, the number one guild in the world progress has a 242 item level, on average, in their top speedrun. That number will go up a bit as well as split runs combined together. With their high understanding of mechanics and gameplay, 242 item levels should be enough to clear the raid.

    However, the recommended minimum requirements for full clearing ICC Heroic were around 251 in the original version of the game. Having full 264 gear would, of course, be much better, but the average player is months away from getting to that point.

    Catchup Mechanics

    Luckily, there are plenty of new catch-up systems, like the Frostwing Halls dungeons, to quickly boost characters to 232 item level.

    And then, we can also go back to ToC to farm free gear and get more 277 item level cloaks. We also have the 10-man version of ICC to farm for the 251 and 264 item level gear and progress on our Tier 10 armor sets.

    Speaking of Tier 10 gear, it’ll make a huge difference not only for item level but for gameplay as well. For example, the Tier 10 red Paladin set drastically increases your damage. Another example is my Restoration Druid, who will get at least a 10% healing increase since my rejuvenations will randomly jump to extra targets.

    Read More: RDF Is Coming Soon In WOTLK Classic! - Affects & Issues

    How to Get T10 Gear?

    Getting the tear gear is extremely easy as well since you can buy the initial 251 armor sets with Emblems of Frost.

    Then, you just upgrade those as you raid with the Vanquisher’s Marks of Sanctification.

    One note on tier progression is that there’s a new tour of on boss and Vault of Archavon for 264 legs and gloves. You can farm both the emblem 251 Tier 10 as well as the 264 Tier 10.5 from Toravon each week. That means hitting both the 10 and 25-man Vault of Archavon lockouts each week is now mandatory, unlike in fast phases, to save weeks of time.

    Free 264 Items

    On top of the new Tier gear, the game will also be throwing free 264 items at us in the form of trash drop throughout the raid like the Wodin’s Lucky Necklace.

    Trash farming will be doable on characters much lower than 251 item levels, so it’s highly recommended to boost your numbers. 

    Also, while you transform, you’ll be getting Ashen Verdict reputation for a 277 item level ring. You can’t forget the new BoE legs and boots as well the saving WOTLK Classic Gold for these items is highly recommended.

    How Long Is ICC?

    So, we know the history of the raid and how much gear you’ll need, but how long will the raid actually take?

    Historically, the raid took between two and four hours for guilds once it was on the farm. Progression will be way different. And during progression, the most challenging bosses will be Professor Putricide, Sindragosa and, of course, the Lich King.

    If you do actually want to kill the Lich King and watch that epic cut scene that concludes the rasstory line, you’ll really need to increase your rating hours per week. I’m already planning for two nights of raiding per week early on for at least four hours each.

    Since progression can get annoying though, one of the systems to keep progression from being too frustrating is the Icecrown Weekly Raid. That weekly raid quest will involve something small, for example, swapping one of the mobs on Lady Deathwhisper for a new NPC. Your reward will be gold, emblems, and a chance at a 264 BoE, like the Rowan’s Rifle of Silver Bullets

    Hopefully free BoEs will keep you motivated!

  • WOTLK Classic: How To Prepare For Phase 4 Icecrown Citadel? - Investing & Goldmaking Guide

    Posted: Aug 07, 2023

    Today we are talking about WOTLK Classic Phase 4 and how you can prepare for it now, especially in terms of Goldmaking and Investing. It has earned most of my Gold in WOTLK Classic so far through investments.

    So, in this guide, we’ll take a look at commodities you can invest in right now. I think it is a good chance that prices for these items will increase in Phase 4 due to increased demand.

    This guide covers months of investing, the best Gold Farming and many of the secrets and strategies I’ve used to earn 1.5 million Gold so far. So, let’s talk about good investment items in Phase 4!

    Eternal Shadows

    This has the potential to skyrocket in price throughout the rest of WOTLK Classic Phase 4, mainly due to one important factor: an enormous increase in demand. So far, the demand for these is very low to almost non-existent. But their demand will continue to grow thanks to Phase 4’s upcoming Iceblade Arrow.

    Another factor driving these demand increases is that many of Phase 4’s crafting recipes require many Eternal Shadows to craft. Here are some notable recipes that require Eternal Shadows. It is up to you to decide whether to acquire these recipes based on the stats of these crafted items.

    Another thing to note here is that Eternal Shadows are pretty cheap right now. In Phase 3, they’ve dropped to 1 Gold each on my server. So even if they go up to 2 Gold each, that means your WOTLK Classic Gold gains are doubled. Plus, you can get 3% off with the code “Lich.” As far as Phase 4 investing is concerned, this is probably the safest and less risky project to make a decent profit.

    Eternal Earth

    This is mainly because it is used to make Shatter Rounds, aka Bullets of Icecrown Citadel. It is also a highly demanded item through WOTLK. Because of inflation, prices keep going up.

    So based on a slight increase in demand and factoring in inflation, it should be a pretty wonderful investment. Although it might not pay you off like some other items.

    Epic Gems

    Once the price drops enough, Epic Gems will appear. This investment is based on the new gear people get when new raids open, and new gear also means people will need more Epic Gems.

    We’ve seen this happen at every stage of WOW Classic. Whether it’s Vanilla, TBC and WOTLK, once the content is outdated, the price of such items will drop, then skyrocket when new raids appear. And that’s usually just because people don’t bother to stock up on stuff like this beforehand.

    Because players rarely spend 200 Gold to get a Cardinal Ruby in one month. Then keep it in their bag for a few months to wait for Phase 4. Instead, they will actively get Cardinal Ruby when the task in Icecrown Citadel requires it.

    If Cardinal Ruby is now worth 400 Gold. As long as you can get the market timing right here, you can get Cardinal Ruby and King’s Amber by getting them on the cheap. And trade them in the first few weeks of Phase 4 to double your Gold. If I had to guess when the right time to get these Epic Gems is, I’d say within a month or two.

    Titanium Ore

    Once the price drops far enough, Titanium Ore will appear. This is the same principle as Epic Gems. The price of Titanium Ore will fluctuate up and down with the price of Epic Gems, because people will use Titanium Ore to find Epic Gems.

    However, the price of Titanium Ore may also increase because of the demand for Titanium Bar. They also related titanium Bar to making Titansteel Bar.

    Titansteel Bar

    They originally removed the cooldown for crafting Titansteel Bar in patch 3.3.3 of WOTLK Classic. I think it’s worth mentioning that if this cooldown lasts, we could see Titansteel Bar price drop in Phase 3 and then bounce back in Phase 4.

    Here, you can expect a price increase of between 50% and 100%. But if the cooldown is removed, the profit margin is almost non-existent. So there’s definitely a risk versus reward factor to consider here, so again remember to delete, and keep an eye out for it when the public test area launches.

    That’s it for my WOTLK Classic Phase 4 investment guide. Hope it helps you make some money in Phase 4. If you have any further investment suggestions, you are also welcome to share your thoughts. Looking forward to seeing you again in the game soon!

  • WOTLK Classic: Discussion Of DPS Specs That Require Buffs In Phase 3 - DPS Tier List

    Posted: Aug 04, 2023

    At present, we have all completed the tasks of WOTLK Classic Phase 3. We’ve also become very clear about which DPS Specs are overperforming and which DPS Specs are underperforming. That means it’s time to discuss and sort the 8 DPS Specs that buffs can be used in Phase 3.

    8. Elemental Shaman

    First let’s skip to number eight, Elemental Shaman. They have a high skill floor and do competitive damage. Every Shaman I’ve encountered casts Bloodlust and keeps popping their spells, like Fire Elemental and Lightning Bolt.

    I’m also aware they’re completely insane in PVP and probably shouldn’t even be allowed in Wrath Arena. But that doesn’t mean Titanium Ore around them isn’t activated.

    The first red flag I want to raise is that a lot of Icecrown Citadel Raids last about three to five minutes. That means you’ll lose a lot of Fire Elemental’s uptime, and not even glyphs will save you.

    The second red flag is that Elemental Shaman isn’t really being stacked in raids. You need to restore Shaman’s completely insane part in Icecrown Citadel Raid. Also, raid leader will definitely push Elemental Shaman to Dual Spec Healer at this stage.

    7. Marksmanship Hunters

    The seventh class that needs a buff is Marksmanship Hunters. Because Hunter Sims is several hundred DPS behind Survival Hunter. So the general wisdom is that a MM with armor will be a few hundred DPS behind Survival Hunter. That would put them comfortably in the middle after ICC is over.

    I think we can all agree that there are a lot of problems with Hunter Sims. Because Sims doesn’t really think about moving or adding. For example, Sims expects perfect movement in most situations.

    But players sometimes have to remove inefficiently and lose some shots, resulting in a DPS loss. There are also some annoying bugs to deal with, like not being able to use Explosive Trap in Twin Valkyr Raids.

    Another big problem is that Sims doesn’t do a good job of addressing the mana issues that Hunter usually has. Hunter’s mana would be better in ICC with better gear. But there are still many ways to restore mana, such as Snowball or Innervate.

    6. Blood Death Knight

    The sixth class that needs to be strengthened is Blood Death Knight. Blood Death Knight even deserves more of Shadow’s potential. But let’s take a step back, unless you have a raid without Enhancement Shaman.

    Does it really make sense to do a DPS Specs rating with Blood DK before they finally have enough gear to start competing? Maybe it makes more sense to take Frost and Unholy and equip them. But for higher DPS, they’ll take Unholy Frenzy from Feral Druids and pass it on to themselves.

    5. Boomkin

    The fifth profession that needs to be strengthened is Boomkin. Almost all Sims will say that Boomkin is great and does better in ICC. All will tell you how powerful Boomkin are in combat and how powerful their Innervate is.

    But the data will tell you that Boomkin is mediocre. Some even re-roll completely into Feral Druid or other categories. The main reason is that the more Sims move around, the less utility skills they actually use.

    4. Enhancement Shaman

    The fourth Specs that needs to be strengthened is Enhancement Shaman. Phase 4 Sims put DPS classes and ICC in the lower third. The big three of Pharaoh, Fire Mage and Fury Warrior constantly surpassed them, and even entered Phase 5.

    One of the biggest concerns for Enhancement Shaman in ICC was the amount of movement in combat with PTR exploit. So we had to challenge some bosses like Lady Deathwhisper.

    Plus Enhancement Shaman’s HP is around 10,000 lower than Warriors or even Death Knights, so it’s also severely lacking in survivability. You can use WOTLK Classic Gold to get some healing potions or defensive gear before a fight to boost your Shaman’s survivability. Just to note, you can also get 3% off with the code “Lich.”

    3. Arcane Mage

    The third class that needs to be enhanced is Arcane Mage. Mage is probably the most iconic class in WOTLK Classic. Fire Mage is currently the only viable PVE Specs. Even in Phase 3, Arcane Mage is harder to play and less rewarding than Fire Mage.

    In addition to serious scaling issues compared to Fire Mage, there is also a bottom-line skill issue. If you make a mistake during the rotation, your mana will suffer and your performance will drop. Because mod Sims don’t really take into account Nightmare Scenario.

    Arcane Mage needs more support, like Innervate. And Fire Mage doesn’t require mana, which just makes Arcane Mage worse by default no matter what class you play.

    2. Arms Warrior

    The second class that needs to be enhanced is Arms Warrior. They didn’t help much with the raid. Because other classes with high damage specs can provide their buffs. Meanwhile, their opponent Fury Warrior’s specs are getting better and better, with some Sims even listing Fury as the first DPS at the end of ICC.

    1. Beast Mastery Hunter

    Let’s take a look at the Specs that need to be strengthened the most in the third stage, Beast Mastery Hunter. It only has a 3% damage buff and really solid damage, so they are the worst class to have in Sims. Currently, playing BM Hunter does more than 1500 less damage than Survival Hunter. It’s really hard to justify doing raids. Even the most powerful class design is pointless.

    The above is DPS Specs that I need to buff in Phase 3. If you want to be as prepared as possible for Phase 4 ahead of its release, you can’t miss this guide. Let’s see you in the game.

  • WOTLK Classic: Is Holy Priest Worth Trying In PVE? - Pros And Cons

    Posted: Aug 01, 2023

    Here I’ll dive into Holy Priest and explore three interesting reasons why you want to play this class in PVE. And some considerations that might make you think twice. So whether you are an experienced player or a novice, this tip might be useful to you.

    Advantages Of Holy Priests

    The first is powerful single target and reactive healing. He has abilities like these Holy Word: Serenity, Flash Heal and Greater Heal. He can quickly heal anyone on his team.


    Guardian Spirit is also a good single target healing buff or defense, as it prevents critical hits. On Critical Strike he heals the target for 40% health and increases your healing on targeted allies by 60%.


    Next, he also has powerful utilities. Holy Priest has a Dispel like all healers, called Dispel Magic. But the difference is that Holy Priest casts Mass Dispel. Not only does it dispel some damage from the entire swarm, it also removes applicable buffs from mobs.

    Holy Priest also has Mind Soothe feature, which lets the team jump over some enemies by zooming out to detect what’s going on around your party’s range.

    Moving on to the next big utility spell, we have Power Infusion. Power Infusion now grants your chosen target and yourself a 25% Haste buff for approximately 20 seconds. But this ability might cause some debate in the group.

    Speaking of splinter groups, you also have Leap of Faith. When this ability is present, it can pull party or raid members to Holy Priest’s position. Help rescue other players who are getting attention in PVE or just can’t seem to escape the flames in time.

    The last major spell is Spirit of Redemption. It’s filled with endless mana and even has a quick heal in 10 seconds of you hitting the button. Besides that, it has an exceptional ability to get everyone on their feet when you fly the white flag on a sinking ship.

    Short Cooldown

    Third, Holy Priest’s Burst Healing cooldown is very short. Holy Word: Serenity is a great cure and one of the best you can get. It also has a reduced cooldown when you cast Flash Heal, Greater Heal, or Prayer of Mending.

    This also happens in Holy Word: Sanctify, as Circle of Healing and Prayer of Healing reduce their cooldowns. Holy Word also assigns two additional charges, and you start to muddy the waters between true bursts and sustained healing. This allows for a very active play style with a very short cooldown.

    Disadvantages Of Holy Priest

    But there are 3 primary factors you need to consider before choosing this Holy Priest.

    Limited Mobility

    First, what we can’t ignore is his limited mobility. You can assign shield movement speed increases and cast Angelic Feather, but that’s about it. If you take Restoration Druid as an example, they can transform into a kitten form with a constant 30% increase in movement speed.

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    Healing Limitations

    Weak tick healing and damage reduction also affected Holy Priest. As mentioned before, Holy Priests are great single target healers, but this means they lack healing for other places.

    Being reactive healers by nature, combat affected them and doesn’t have many ways to prevent damage. The best way to prepare is to have your Serenity and Sanctify off cooldown. You’ll need to spend more with WOTLK Classic Gold to upgrade your Echoes of Light abilities. Just to note, you can use the code “Lich” to get 3% off.

    Weak Viability

    One of the most glaring weaknesses of Holy Priests is their weak survivability. He is also one of the few healers in WOTLK Classic to use cloth. You have Guardian Spirit, but you mostly cast it for other people. You can also specify Fade out, which reduces damage by a small amount, but the effect is still small.

    These are my personal reasons why you should or should not play Holy Priest. Personally, I love it because I believe they are the most authentic therapists. The play style of Reactive Healer is very satisfying. This means a lot. See you next time!

  • WOTLK Classic: 10 Exciting Updates That Will Be Added To Phase 4

    Posted: Jul 31, 2023

    Phase 4 isn’t just the biggest patch in Wrath of the Lich King. It’s one of the biggest patches in WoW history. There are huge upgrades coming to nearly every system in Wrath from the new rep grinds to the new dungeons and raids to an entirely new weekly quest system.

    I’ll cover all the biggest upgrades coming in Phase 4 you need to know about.

    10. Quel’Delar Questline

    At number 10, we have the Quel’Delar Questline

    The upgrade we’re talking about here is the actual Quel’Delar itself. But I’m definitely excited for the epic 12 part questline, full of lore, adventure and, of course, that weird part where you wash gnome clothes.

    But I’m even more excited because this is also the best way in the game to get a 251 item level weapon with zero requirements. The Battered Hilt item that starts the quest chain is a BoE drop from the three new Icecrown dungeons. That means as a fresh 80, you could just buy the Battered Hilt from the Auction House and quickly get a 657 Spell Power main hand sword or mace. 

    This will be a huge game changer considering the biggest bottleneck for the new level 80s is a lack of high item level bite and equipped weapons.

    9. Ashen Verdict Vendor

    At number nine, we have the Ashen Verdict Vendor

    The next big upgrade we’ll be getting in Phase 4 is the new Ashen Verdict reputation system. Running through Icecrown will give you reputation similar to Karazhan back in TBC.

    There’s an upgradable ring which goes from 251 item level at friendly all the way to 277 and Exalted. I know I’ll be trying to max out my rep as soon as possible with trash farming methods. There are also new leg and boot recipes, which means more BoE upgrades for fresh characters and mains as well.

    I’m also particularly excited about the new arrow and bullet recipes that require Gnomish and Goblin Engineering, respectively. These will be great gold makers, especially if Blizard gives us a well-deserved Hunter buff in time for the phase. 

    8. New Dungeons

    The number eight biggest upgrade in Phase 4 is the new dungeons for catchup gear. The three new dungeons are arguably the best catchup mechanic we’ve seen in Wrath so far. And unlike other dungeons in Wrath, there is an attunement process that basically requires you to run through Forge of Souls, which leads to the pit of Sauron and then finally holds the reflection.

    Don’t worry. The questline involved is really easy and you’ll be given plenty of good Lich King related lore. These dungeons throw 232 item level gear at you like candy and there’s a possibility of getting a Battered Hilt drop with into the Quel’Delar Questline. Not only is this the best way to catch up with new alts, but you can also sell the Battered Hilts on the Auction House for bonus gold, too.

    7. New NPCs

    The number seven biggest upgrade in Phase 4 is the new NPCs

    You may have heard that the new NPC Frozo is coming, and he exists to destroy your Frozen Orbs. You can turn one Frozen Orb into an eternal of your choice, which means Eternal Fire prices should come way down.

    There is also another NPC I’m even more excited for, though, which is Brazie Getz. He’s hanging out an ICC near the Gunship Battle and originally sold a highly inappropriate gnome book, which is Brazie’s Black Book of Secrets. Though suspiciously in the last few years, the stock has been changed to be much more like a generic vendor.

    6. New Wintersgrasp Gear

    The number six biggest upgrade in Phase 4 is the new Wintersgrasp gear. This is a short and sweet one. But we’ll be getting brand new Wintergrasp gear from the new vendor, Champion Ros’slai

    There are new 245 cloaks, shoulders, and necklaces available. This will be great for catching up your cloak slot if you never got that tribute chest cloak. This also may very well be the final time in your life you get to do Wintergrasp, so you’ll definitely want to grab those upgrades for both PVE and PVP.

    Also on the Wintergrasp topic, we get a tour of on the final VOA boss who drops Tier 10 legs and gloves as well as Wrathful Gladiator Gear

    5. Weekly Quests

    At number five, we have Weekly Quests.

    Weekly Quests are a huge upgrade for Phase 4 since we’ll be moving away from the daily system towards a more manageable and rewarding random quest system each week.

    The first thing we get is the new weekly raid kill quest. This quest sends you to a random raid to kill a boss (Sartharion) and your reward is five Emblems of Frost and five Emblems of Triumph.

    The other new set of weekly quests comes directly from the ICC. When you’re clearing Icecrown, one of five quests will randomly be available. Once you finish the quest, the reward will be a Sack of Frosty Treasures, containing five Emblems of Frost and random Epic Gems.

    Also, sometimes the bag will contain a 264 item level trash BoE (Ikfirus’s Sack of Wonder) from the raid, which you can sell for huge profit. 

    4. New Rings

    At number 4, we have the Final Kirin’Tor Rings.

    This is a welcome upgrade. If you’ve been home holding onto your Kirin’Tor Rings this whole time, Harold Winston in Dalaran will give you your final upgrade, which is 251 item level for 12.50 WOTLK Classic Gold. Please note: If you use the coupon code “Lich” here, you can also get a 3% discount.

    All in all, maybe it would have been worth buying a Kirin’ Tor Ring eight months ago.

    3. ICC Raid

    At number three, we have the Icecrown Citadel.

    Talking about the ICC raid, this may very well be the biggest upgrade in Phase 4. We get 12 bosses with some of the most epic and memorable fights in WoW history. This is a harder and longer raid than even Ulduar.

    Luckily, your time won’t be wasted though since the gear is out of this world compared to the first three phases. We’ll be getting extremely contested. This drops up to 284 item level. The Raid is also directly tied in with the brand new Ashen Verdict reputation system and the buyable rewards.

    Of course, when you talk about rewards, you can’t forget about raid drops, like Invincible, which will be jealousy inducing for years to come. The real treasure here, though, is the best legendary in the game since Thunderfury

    2. Shadowmourne 

    That leads us to the second biggest upgrade in Phase 4, which is Shadowmourne.

    Shadowmourne is such a big upgrade. It’ll undoubtedly have half the game re-rolling to Warriors, Death Knights, and Paladins. This is the most difficult legendary to acquire with a nine-part quest chain. Not only will you have to kill bosses in the raid in specific ways, like Sindragosa, but you’ll also have to collect 50 Shadowfrost Shards. 

    Retail data puts Shadowfrost Shards at around a 75% drop rate on heroic, which means it’ll take five to seven weeks of full rates to complete each Shadowmourne. That is, of course, unless your guild disbands due to Shadowmourne drama. 

    1. Biggest Phase 4 Upgrade - Random Dungeon Finder 

    Let’s get to number one. The likely biggest upgrade in Phase 4 we have is the Random Dungeon Finder, also known as RDF.

    This is a cross realm system that cues up five players automatically for groups based on roll. If you’re thinking back to that Blizzard interview, they said RDF wouldn’t be coming to Wrath. 

    Let me pitch you on why it’s likely to happen. The way Phase 4 is designed in original wrath is directly tied to RDF. The best example of this is the random dungeon option, which lets you earn extra rewards like two Emblems of Frost per day and bonus gold. If Blizzard wants to skip RDF, they’ll have to introduce a new NPC with daily quests all over again. Also, towards the end of the expansion, groups do tend to dry up.

    By not adding RDF, they’d be purposely causing fewer groups to form, which just doesn’t make any sense. With RDF, you can queue up for specific dungeons as well and it overall makes the process of getting into groups took a small fraction of what it currently takes. And of course, there’s the downside of everything being randomized and the personal connections between players being almost completely lost. 

    But the upside is that if you group with 100 random players you get access to perky pug who might just be the cutest pet in WoW history. 

  • WOTLK Classic Phase 3: How To Get Full Gear In One Week Or Less?

    Posted: Jul 27, 2023

    So, you want to get fully caught up with 5000 gearscore in a single week. You want to be comfortably raining Trial of the Grand Crusader and getting full base in time for Phase 4. You probably also don't want to be missing out on a chance to kill the Lich King or get the legendary Shadowmourne or an invisible Mount.

    I'm gonna break down the exact step-by-step process that has gotten countless players I know as well as my own characters fully caught up in record time.

    Get To Level 80

    Step one is to get level 80. Whatever method you prefer, Questing, Battlegrounds or boosting, as you level up, you'll be stockpiling enough WOTLK Classic Gold since we'll be using both at level 80. Please note: If you use the coupon code “Lich” here, you can also get a 3% discount.

    Also, while you level, you should be liquidating all your Wintergrasp Marks and Stonekeeper's Shards in your main characters and accommodations. We'll be mailing all these directly to our new level 80 to cut a huge chunk of time out of the next step.

    So, we've ding dating we've opened our mail.

    Pick Up Dailies

    Now, it's time to pick up all the weekly Wintergrasp quests and start hitting Wintergrasp every three hours.

    I usually pick up five weekly quests, which give me 18,000 Honor with a hundred gold and 50 bonus Stonekeeper's Shards. Not only will we be generating around 10 thousand Honor from a typical Wintergrasp game, but we'll also be getting the quest done at the same time. That's going to speed up the process by at least 50%.

    Get These Items First

    As a rule of thumb, we're going to prioritize getting Deadly weapons.

    First, you can get them from Zom Bocom and the Circle of Wills in the Dalaran Sewers. Going from a blue staff to a 213 staff will jump your gearscore from 350 to 696 just by itself.

    After the weapon, the highest weighted and highest priority items are the helmet, the chest, and the legs. After that, we have the belt, the boots, the gloves, and the shoulder at 261 gearscore each. Then, finally, we have the 213 items that give the lowest gearscore and are the lowest priority. These are the Necklace, the Back, the Bracer, the Rings and the Trinkets at 195 gearscore each.

    There's a really useful tool to play around with to decide which pieces to prioritize first. That's why we choose online Gearscore Calculator. I really want you to be aware of the priority of items right now. But don't buy anything yet. So, back to the reason we held off on buying anything other than the weapon.

    Also Read: WOTLK Classic: How To Get The Most Out Of Phase 3 Call of the Crusade? - 5 Must-Know Tips

    Buy Crafted BOEs

    That's because in Step 3, we're going to buy BOEs first.

    The BOEs were going to be focusing on the Crusader and Runecloth items, which are the bracers, the chest, the boots, and the belts.

    Note that you should never be buying these BOEs from the Auction House. Instead, I recommend farming or buying the raw materials and then getting a crafter to make the item. With a tip of just 50 gold to the crafter, you can save a lot of money in most cases.

    Assuming you were able to afford at least a couple of key BOEs like the 245 chest, we can now fill out the rest of the slots with PVP gear. We can grab the 245 Relentless gear for bracers, necklace, rings, cloaks, and trinkets. We can also grab the 232 belts and rings as well.

    Naturally, some of these slots will overlap with the BOE gear. And as a general rule, I wouldn't recommend replacing a 232 or higher BOE with PVP gear. Though after you have all the high item level pieces filled in, you can definitely grab some Deadly pieces to complete your basic gear set.

    Trial Of The Champion Items

    On to step 4, while we're PVPing and hitting the Auction House, you'll have a lot of free time for dungeons.

    One problem you'll run into is that having full PVP gear on a gear dependent like a tank. It's pretty bad in that specific case. The single best recommendation I can give is to add in a few hours of Travel the Champion normal spam. This spam generates dozens of 200 item level armor pieces and trinkets since you can do five runs per hour.

    Just recently, I invited a fresh 2200 gearscore tank, and we were able to clear no problem once he understood the polls.

    So, now you should mostly have Deadly gear with BOEs and Relentless gear filling in slots like the back and the rings. Hopefully, you've also gotten a few pieces from the Trial of the Champion and maybe even a shiny trinket.

    This will easily put you over 4400 gearscore, which is more than enough to make your own Heroic Plus groups. At this point in the gearing process, you should really be hitting the daily heroic quest and as many heroic plus dungeons as possible. You’ll be getting Emblems of Triumph from the daily quest, which you can use to work towards high item level pieces like the 245 rings.

    We can also buy tier gear with the emblems. But you should really avoid 232 Tier 9 unless it’s filling a really weak slot. That’s because it’ll be replaced really fast once you start ToC rating. Every heroic will also give us one Sidereal Essence from the last boss to work towards a 239 piece of gear at the new gear vendor.

    As for which piece of gear to buy, I definitely recommend checking out the Phase 3 and even the Phase 2 business on Wowhead to see which pieces show up.

    For my Fury Warrior, I’ll be grabbing the Mjolnir Runestone and the Dark Matter, which are both top four BiS on the Phase 3 Fury list.

    Ulduar Items

    In between Heroic Plus Dungeons and PVP, we can also start looking for Ulduar soft reserve runs or even GDKPs if you have the gold.

    Many of the Ulduar runs going on nowadays are focused on normal mode, so the gear requirements are usually around 4,500 gearscore or even lower.

    This is also where I love to start hitting lockouts for Vault of Archavon in Onyxia. I haven’t missed a single 10 or 25 man Vault of Archavon Irani on any of my three healers so far and I’ve been rewarded with multiple 245 drops. That includes weapons, thousands of gold and gems. It’s just crazy how good these runs are and nobody even does gear checks.

    One tool I’ve been using to make sure I don’t miss any lockouts is my Raid Lockout Checklist:

    Character 1:

    • VoA 10
    • VoA 25
    • Onyxia 10
    • Onyxia 25
    • ToC 10
    • ToC 25

    Character 2:

    • VoA 10
    • VoA 25
    • Onyxia 10
    • Onyxia 25
    • ToC 10
    • ToC 25

    Character 3:

    • VoA 10
    • VoA 25
    • Onyxia 10
    • Onyxia 25
    • ToC 10
    • ToC 25

    I just make a copy each week and I check the boxes for each raid as I do them to keep things organized. This is also the great point at which we can start finally looking for normal mode ToC runs for both 10 and 25 man. These runs are your best key to grab more emblems, trophy tier tokens (Trophy of the Crusade) and of course the higher item level gear to get into those hard mode runs.

    With around 4,600 gearscore, you can start making or even joining 10 man hard mode runs. Although you likely won’t get 50 out of 50 in the first few weeks, you’ll be generating a huge amount of relevant upgrades then at about 4 800 gearscore. It should be no problem to get into hard mode runs or to even join a guild.

    Just don’t get too comfortable though because phase four is coming and you don’t want to be playing catch-up all over again. And that’s why you should also read my Phase 4 Investments guide, so you don’t get way behind on gold.

  • WOTLK Classic: How To Get Rich In Phase 3? - Five Most Profitable Professions

    Posted: Jul 20, 2023

    Have you been stuck with the same unprofitable professions in Wrath for the last eight months? Don’t let other players with actually profitable professions steal your Shadowmournes away from you and those big Icecrown GDKPs. And don’t even think about pulling out your credit card to buy a WoW Token because your same old min max professions are paying the builds. 

    WOTLK Classic Phase 3 Changes

    Phase 3 is the single best phase to change up your professions and make thousands of WOTLK Classic Gold per day. Let’s dive into the five most profitable professions that are making me rich and why you should make the switch.

    First, we need to talk about why min maxing professions matters a lot less than in previous phases. In Phase 3, we have new Epic Gems, which massively closes the gap between Jewel Crafting and other professions. 

    Before having Jewel Crafting gems gave me 60 extra Spellpower and now that gap is down to only 48, which leaves more room for things like Blacksmithing as some players and speedruns are even preparing leather working for Icecrown since you’ll be able to use the Greater Drums of Speed

    Of course, engineering is still overpowered in PVE. We’ve got the 27 spellpower, cloak enchant, the Mana Injectors, the Nitro Boost, the sappers and the Saronite Bombs.

    But jump over to Arenas and you’ll start to notice professions like Blacksmithing are much more common. That’s because you can’t even use most of the relevant engineering consumes and Arenas. 

    Plus, just look at the Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket. That thing has scaled worse and worse throughout the expansion. So, the gap between professions is at an all-time low and it’s a great time to switch your professions up. 

    But you’re probably wondering: which professions are actually the most profitable and which ones are making me rich?


    The number five profession, making me rich, is Engineering. Most serious raiders have engineering, but there’s so much money being left on the table. 

    As for which engineering items to craft for profit, I love to use TradeSkillMaster. With the regional sales rate tool tip, it shows me which items are likely to sell quickly and which ones to avoid.

    One thing I love to do is to craft a few dozen stacks of Runic Mana Injectors every single week. They don’t sell that well in Phase 3 like they will in Phase 4 since the rate is so short. But you can still consistently double your money. I also like to craft Global Thermal Sapper Charges and Saronite Bombs and I sell them during raid times. 

    Another thing I’ve been doing lately when I get bored waiting for raids to form as Gas Cloud Harvesting. If you go to Sholazar Basin with goggles and a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor, you can harvest Gas Clouds, which give Eternal Fires for around 400 gold per hour. 

    We should definitely also mention the new Shatter Rounds and Iceblade Arrows coming next phase using Crystallized Earth and Crystallized Shadow. These require either Goblin or Gnomish Engineering. So, I’ll be switching at least one all to Gnomish to maximize the profit.

    Also Read: WOTLK Classic: How To Get The Most Out Of Phase 3 Call of the Crusade? - 5 Must-Know Tips


    The number four profession making me rich is Enchanting. Enchanting is definitely becoming a more popular choice, especially with Jewel Crafting falling in relevance.

    But don’t let that newfound popularity stop you from making a profit. They’re selling vellums on the Auction House. There’s disenchant searches and the Saronite Shuffle, making enchanting vellums is one of the highest profit drivers.

    Just set up a TSM group for all the relevant vellums and then I use the TSM crafting panel to automatically restock a certain number of recipes. That way, I can ensure I have obscure twink enchants, like the Minor Speed, stocked up without making 20 of them that never sell. 

    Another great money making option I use involves the TradeSkillMaster desktop app. That app will give you the data to do disenchant searches to make free disenchanting profit.

    Another good option we shouldn’t forget is the Saronite Shuffle. We all know I love prospecting on my Jewel Crafting characters. But unfortunately, this is a far more competitive method than it used to be. 

    Lastly for enchanting, we also have the Abyssal Shatter, which can be free profit depending on the prices of the Greater Cosmic Essence.


    The number three profession that’s going to make me rich is Mining.

    This is the only gold making profession I don’t have on any alt. That being said, I’m currently leveling mining on my Death Knight and he should be ready to blast next week. With mining, I’m looking to profit from the sky high Titanium prices. That means I’ll be hitting up locations like Icecrown to mine serenade and titanium. On paper at least, I haven’t verified it myself that should be over 500 gold per hour.

    The other and more important reason I’m leveling mining is to take advantage of Smelt Titansteel. Every 20 hours, I can turn about 40 gold worth of supplies into a 230 gold Titansteel Bar. The catch to look out for is that the cooldown got removed during Phase 4. 

    We have to keep in mind that it came out during 3.3.3, which is four months after Icecrown Citadel came out. If for whatever reason, Smelt Titansteel doesn’t get nerfed immediately on Phase 4 launched. The profit could spike even higher up to 300 gold per bar. 


    The second best profession making me rich is Alchemy

    Alchemy is such a hot gold maker right now that I’m running it on all my upcoming alts. Once you do an initial questline, you can transmute a Cardinal Ruby every 20 hours from a Scarlet Ruby. You could really do any color, like orange. It might be more profitable, but only one gem for 20 hours. That means right now, just by logging in, I can buy Scarlet Rubies at 50 gold and flip them to over 300 gold on every single character.

    On top of that, I’ve also used Northrend Alchemy Research to get new potions, like Potion of Wild Magic and Potion of Speed. I like to stock up throughout the week on supplies and then I sell my potions whenever they spike near raid days. Don’t even think about forgetting Potion Mastery though it really is a big difference maker for profit.

    Best Goldmaking Profession - Jewel Crafting

    My number one gold maker making me rich right now is Jewel Crafting.

    I love to pre-farm the Jewel Crafting daily on all my characters and I love getting that free 130 gold profit every single day. Then, we have the Icy Prism, which costs about 30 gold per day and it can give you all sorts of Epic Gems, including Reds. 

    There are the jewel crafting cuts, which drive so much of my daily profit from the Runed Cardinal Ruby to the Solid Majestic Zircon. Just like with enchanting, I use TSM groups to automatically restock gems whenever they’re at least 20 gold profit to cut. I’m not just buying other people’s gems though, since I love to prospect. I’m such a huge fan of prospecting Titanium on Faerlina even though it’s currently overpriced right now at 15 gold each.

    Walleye wait for prices to stabilize again, I’ve been prospecting Saronite Ore instead. Although saronite prospecting seems dead on the surface, the Scarlet Rubies are spiking high for Alchemy transmutes.

    Plus, you just get a huge amount of low value green and blue quality gems. I can typically make over 200 gold from prospecting a thousand Saronite Ore depending on prices. Really, all of these professions are great for making gold. But you definitely need investments to keep you making profit passively, too. Regarding investment issues, there are also relevant guides on this site, you can find and read them yourself.

    Please note: If you use the coupon code “Lich”, you can also get a 3% discount.

  • WOTLK Classic: How To Prepare For Phase 4? - 10 Investments

    Posted: Jul 17, 2023

    Do you want a Shadowmourne or maybe you want full Beast no matter what it takes, or maybe invincible mounts? Even non-retail players like me sometimes log in to try to get it.

    You could leave all those things to random chance. But I definitely prefer making smart investments right now to generate hundreds of thousands of WOTLK Classic Gold to buy the items of my dreams in Phase 4. I’ll cover the 10 best and worst investments to make you rich in Icecrown Citadel.

    Investment 10 (Best Investment) - Jormungar Scales

    Starting in at number 10, we have Jormungar Scales.

    There are a bunch of new 264 crafted item level pieces that require various materials just like the Crusader Orb gear. One crafting item you may have forgotten is the Jormungar Scales. These will be used in two different new recipes (Blessed Cenarion Boots & Legwarps of Unleashed Nature) in Phase 4 and they’re currently rock bottom on my server.

    I plan to buy around 5,000 of them, though I don’t plan to buy more. The reason for that is that they have pretty high vendor value. That means you could get saddled with a bunch of posting fees if they don’t sell.

    Investment 9 (Bad Investment) - Titansteel Bars

    At number nine, we have a bad investment, Titansteel Bars.

    Right now, the total cost of supplies for a Titansteel Bar is about 40 gold on my server. Meanwhile, the bars are selling for about 200 gold each.

    You may even have a few Titansteel Bars sitting around and you think they’ll hold value throughout the expansion, but not so fast. In Phase 4, the Titansteel Bar cooldown will get removed. That means the price of these bars will tank to be much closer to the material prices.

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    Investment 8 (Best Investment) - Northern Spices

    At number eight, we have Northern Spices.

    I definitely over invested in Northern Spices three months ago and maybe this is a cry for help. But we’re nearly a year into Wrath and there’s no way the average player is doing the cooking dailies anymore.

    The problem I see right now is that barely anybody dies in ToC. That means food usage is at an all-time low. Unlike ToC, I’m predicting ICC will be a very hard three hours plus raid. I just have to imagine Northern Spices will go up at least 30% in the next four months.

    Investment 7 (Best Investment) - Eternal Earth & Eternal Shadow

    At number seven, we have Eternal Earth and Eternal Shadow.

    There are new arrows (Iceblade Arrows) and bullets (Shatter Rounds) added with the Ashen verdict reputation in Phase 4. Honored reputation will allow you to purchase one of the two new recipes for one Primordial Saronite.

    Just think of the Primordial Saronite like the new Crusader Orb. With 1. Gnomish Engineering, you can take two Crystallized Shadow and make a thousand Iceblade Arrows. Meanwhile, with Goblin Engineering, you can take two Crystallized Earth and make 1,000 Shatter Rounds.

    As for which specialization to choose for max profit, I’d say way fewer people are Gnomish right now. That means making the arrow seems like the smart play. I’m definitely going to be investing heavily in both these eternals and even making the ammo myself since it should be a great gold maker.

    Investment 6 (Best Investment) - Abyss Crystals

    At number six, we have Abyss Crystals.

    Abyss Crystals are rock bottom right now and people definitely forget how necessary they are for enchanting. As world tours dry up, Abyss Crystal should stabilize and rise in price again. That is, of course, unless we get a new Titan Rune Gamma mode with even more epic drops.

    Of course, you shouldn’t forget the Abyssal Shatter, which just came out of this phase as well. That can be profitable by generating Greater Cosmic Essence depending on the prices.

    Investment 5 (Best Investment) - Frozen Orbs

    At number five, we have Frozen Orbs or Frozen Orbs are either going to be good or terrible depending on your server prices.

    There’s a new NPC named Frozo in Phase 3 and it’ll turn your Frozen Orbs into Eternals or Crusader Orbs. It’ll take six Frozen Orbs to create one Crusader Orb.

    Currently, on Faerlina, a Runed Orb from last race is 150 gold. I’m going to operate under the assumption that Crusader Orbs will hold value similar to Runed Orb’s next phase. That means it would be profitable to invest in Frozen Orbs under 25 gold each, but under 20 would be even better.

    Investment 4 (Best Investment) - Dream Shards

    The number four best investment you can make is Dream Shards.

    Dream Shards are required for a lot of relevant enchants, like Superior Spellpower for bracers and Mighty Spellpower for weapons. Typically, you’d be getting a lot of Dream Shards from Heroic Dungeons. But pretty much everybody does Heroic Plus now where all you get is purples.

    Sure, you could do the Saronite Shuffle and generate shards that way. But I’d wager a lot fewer people are going to be doing that in the next four months. That means Dream Shards should rise in price throughout the rest of the expansion.

    Investment 3 (Best Investment) - A Network

    At number three, we have invested in a Network.

    This is more of a plan than just an investment. But you should definitely invest in a Network of players to do the Ashen Verdict reputation farming with.

    It is certainly possible there won’t be epic drops from the early trash mobs. But if there are, you can bet the initial profit will be over 20,000 gold per hour. Finding a tank will always be the hardest part. So, if you can gear out Paladin or a Death Knight right now, it’ll make things a lot smoother.

    I’d also recommend trying to lock down a Healer or two before the face even drops and offer them a percentage of the profit. I even plan to practice the trash farming on the PTR whenever it comes out to ensure things go really smoothly.

    Investment 2 (Best Investment) - Raid Consumables

    The number two best investment you can make is Raid Consumables.

    Icecrown Citadel is a really hard raid and the heroic mode bosses are definitely above the level of Ulduar. That means Runic Mana Injectors, Wild Magic, Fish Feasts and everything is going to spike in price the first few weeks.

    Right now, consumables like Fish Feasts are only five gold on my server. But I could easily see them at eight or nine on lunch day.

    Just think of what Raid Consumables were expensive the first few weeks of Ulduar and stockpile thousands of them. A bonus tip is that I have Alchemy on and all, so I’m slowly making potions of speed whenever the materials are cheap.

    Investment 1 (Best Investment) - You

    But the number one investment you can make for profit is in yourself.

    This investment is really centered all around Primordial Saronite. we unfortunately can invest in futures on Primordial Saronite, but we can prepare to generate as much as humanly possible.

    Primordial Saronite is used not only for crafting BOEs but for the new recipes and it’s even featured in the new Shadowmourne questline. That means for the first two weeks it’ll hold value over 3,000 gold per saronite.

    You can get the saronite from 23 Emblems of Triumph or from the Icecrown bosses. That means the real investment is having more characters to raid the first few weeks. The more alts you invest in, the more weekly quests you can do, and the more emblems you can farm in raids to acquire those saronite to sell in the Auction House.

    Of course, if you think it is too time-consuming and labor-intensive to make gold through the above methods, you can choose to buy gold a lot directly on this website.

    Please note: If you use the coupon code “Lich”, you can also get a 3% discount.

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