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  • WOTLK Classic: My Seven Biggest Investments For The Upcoming Phase 3

    Mar 14, 2023

    I’ve invested 57,000 gold for next phase. I’m going to share exactly what I bought so you can make thousands of gold alongside me. Let’s jump right into my seven biggest investments, including one massive gamble that I’m taking 20,000 gold in my Val’anyr hopes on.

    Investment 7

    My seventh biggest investment is 5700 WOTLK Classic Gold into 3,500 Infinite Dust and a thousand Northern Spices. My lowest gold investments are also my lowest risk. I buy the Infinite Dust at 1.1 gold each and I always want more since there’s no deposit fee for posting for 48 hours.

    The only risk with enchanting investments is a possible Random Dungeon Finder since it was drastically increased by the number of purples being generated. I’ve also invested into a thousand Northern Spices and I’m always purchasing more whenever they’re below two gold. Players are always going to keep eating food, but they will burn out on dailies.

    Investment 6

    My sixth biggest investment is six thousand gold into 1500 Scrapbots. I’m well prepared for a sort of Jeeves crafters in Phase 3, and Scrapbots and Repair Bots are set to spike up in price. A Scrapbot is at an all-time low due to the Saturday night price drop.

    So, I’m crafting a 3.5 volition. I expect to make 5,000 gold in my 1500 bots. Since competition may be fierce, I can always cut made fast and profit from my upcoming 110G bottom Field Repair Bot investments instead.

    As a side serenade investment, I’m also crafting and stockpiling Runic Mana Injectors and only have a thousand so far, but I expect to make one gold profit per injector by ToC.

    Investment 5

    My fifth biggest investment is 6440 gold, and the 23 Damaged Necklaces. I’m expecting everyone to feel pressure to get Epic Gems for their gear day one. My plan to make a hundred thousand WOTLK Classic Gold will show you exactly how to maximize your profit from Epic Gems.

    But similarly, I’m also invested into 23 Damaged Necklaces and I’m always looking for more since they can be used to power farm Jewelcrafting recipes. Don’t hold on to them too long since Titanium Powder will be a way cheaper way to get recipes.

    Related: WotLK Classic Phase 3: Four Essential Tips DPS Should Know

    Investment 4

    At number four, I’ve invested 6750 gold into 90 Abyss Crystals. I always love to snipe cheap Abyss Crystals and repost them for 48 hours of 10 to 15 gold profit.

    Now, crystals are also a great investing opportunity until ToC launch as more and more gears being disenchanted in Ulduar. And if the crystals don’t go up at ToC launch, I’ll craft enchanting fellows with them on raid day.

    Investment 3

    My third biggest investment is 9900 gold into 940 Dark Runes. We know Blizzard and tens for Ulduar remain relevant in ToC. By that point, everybody will be pushing for hard modes.

    With everybody feeling the pressure to do Vezax hard mode, I hope to make 10,000 gold selling Dark Runes to keep the mana flowing. Also, do you notice how I’m storing my Dark Runes as a Shared Guild Bank? That’s my favorite way to store and access my investments since it keeps everything tidy.

    Investment 2

    You may have guessed that my second biggest investment is Titanium Ore. I had previously expected Titanium were prospecting to be profitable at over five gold each.

    But now Blizzard is inadvertently buffed Titanium or value by letting players unload their Emblems of Heroism on blue gems. So, I’m purchasing ores whenever they’re low and I’m going to keep building up my stash as much as I can.

    Investment 1

    My biggest investment is 15,000 gold at 2,000 wild magic potions (Potion of Wild Magic) and 3100 speed potions (Potion of Speed).

    My number one investment is the gamble on whether ToC will be easy or hard since that’ll drastically affect consumable prices. Blizzard has publicly shown concerns about ToC’s longevity, so it’s logical to believe they’ll extend the lifespan of the raid by making it more challenging.

    And hard raids mean DPS checks, so I crafted them holding 7,000 gold worth of wild magic potions and I also just got the unlock for potions of speed. I crafted 8 000 gold worth of them since they’re more popular. But to duel these investments like me, you’ll need my 900 gold per day daily route to get some startup gold.

  • WotLK Classic Phase 3: Four Essential Tips DPS Should Know

    Mar 13, 2023

    Phase 3 is coming and if the leaks are accurate, we might be seeing ToC (Trial of the Crusader) in April. I’ve got the best 4 pieces of advice for DPS players that’ll change how you approach Phase 3 and beyond.

    ToC Is The Ultimate Catchup Raid

    My first piece of advice is that ToC is secretly the ultimate catch-up raid. When Trial of the Crusader was first launched, the gear screw upgrade was so massive that people felt that running Ulduar was a “waste of time”.

    Even the easy 10-man mode gave 232 item level gear while the 25-man mode gave 245. So, this time around Blizzard decided to make Ulduar way more relevant so that it would last into Phase 3. But all those big buffs to Ulduar gear come with a downside to ToC.

    Ultimately, the new ToC loot just isn’t that much of an upgrade compared to Phase 2, so I’m treating to ToC like the ultimate thrift shop. But I’m using it to catch up my characters in just a week or two. I mean seriously, guys, have you looked at the ToC loot list?

    Practically, every single piece of loot would be top three BIS right now, so this is the best time to catch up a DPS alt. I’m even leveling my Warrior for the first time in two years, because I know I can just catch up in a matter of weeks. This might as well be the Trial of the Raider phase because you’ll be seeing so many new characters gearing up.

    Raiding Doesn’t Change

    Which leads into the second thing I wanted to talk about with DPS in Phase 3, which is that rating really doesn’t change that much.

    Blizzard really wants people to go back and kill bosses like Algalon every single week. So, basically, you’ll still be running Ulduar for 252 pieces and Val’ Anyr Fragments every single week like clockwork. And at the same time, you’ll be running ToC every week for a few hours for those 258 pieces.

    Since the rating will be so similar to the current phase, if your class tops the meters now, you’ll still be topping in ToC. Affliction Warlocks, Assassination Rogues and Unholy Death Knight are some things just never change.

    Meanwhile, if your class struggles now, things really won’t be changing when you’re rushing through nerfed Ulduar in a month. But that’s not to say the DPS landscape won’t be changing. Retribution Paladin, Warriors and Rogues are still creeping up the meters and their positioning for ICC and of course your favorites like the allies and the Boomkins are still going to be trending downwards.

    Speaking of Boomkins, it is relevant to note that there aren’t any Trash Mobs in ToC. If you get a lot of enjoyment from Starfalling mobs and topping the meters temporarily, I have some bad news for you.

    ToC Is The Ultimate Alt Raid

    Remember how earlier I talked about how this is the ultimate catch-up raid? Well, it’s also the ultimate alt raid. Blizzard is practically begging you to play multiple characters in ToC, so if you want to maximize your fun you’ll have to oblige.

    The crazy thing is that Blizzard seems to want you to do ToC and Ulduar on all your alts. But I think I’ll be ignoring Blizzard’s wishes and just doing ToC. I’ll still get all that 245 plus gear without having to worry about burnout.

    While saying the Dreaded GDKP words might freak you out, it has to be mentioned. With the raid being so short, if you could make 10 to 20,000 WOTLK Classic Gold in just an hour from ToC. Would you really turn that down?

    ToC Could Only Be 2 Months Long

    That leads into my fourth and most important point. ToC is going to be really short, maybe an hour or two at most to run. But the duration of the tier itself will be important, as well. I’m expecting ToC to last less than two months in duration. That means everything you’re doing at Toc should be setting yourself up for success in ICC.

    We all remember the data from back in 2009 with those Fury Warriors and the Fire Mages pumping in ICC, so I’m going to be using ToC to prepare my Fury Warrior for that juicy 277 item level gear.

    So far, this really hasn’t been the best expansion for physical DPS, but things are about to really turn around and on my Warrior. I’m also going to be farming WOTLK Classic Gold for Shadowmourne. If you want to wield the legendary Shadowmourne and you’ll obviously have to be a Warrior or a Death Knight or a Paladin.

    If you want the only legendary DPS weapon of WOTLK Classic, you may have to re-roll to claim what’s rightfully yours. But the only way you’ll ever be touching that Shadowmourne is by farming at least 200,000 WOTLK Classic Gold.

  • WoW: What Blizzard Should Do To Make Season of Mastery 2 A Successful Launch?

    Mar 09, 2023

    It's been the most successful WOW launch since 2019. Season of Mastery 2 broke all the player records and was met with extremely positive feedback. Blizzard even avoided some of the biggest traps that would have spiraled the game into nothingness. Players are playing more and they're feeling heard by the devs for the first time. So, what caused the launch to go so well?

    What Blizzard Needs To Change?

    Let's review what Blizzard actually needs to do to make this successful launch a dream come true.

    For SoM 2 to have staying power poisonous to learn the WotLK Classic launches are the key to success. WotLK Classic more than any other game really requires people to plan to take time off work to strategize around getting to 60.

    Instead of just stealth dropping Zomb 2, there really has to be careful planning the betas, the name reservations, the trailers. And Obviously, my dream involves getting Henry Cavill for a trailer maybe 10 million views minimum. And so hopefully, Blizzard plans a lot better this time around.

    But they also need to realize that their server setup just doesn't make sense in WotLK Classic. Private servers really figured this out and they only had one or two servers and everybody had a sense of community.

    Despite the cost, we really need Blizzard to invest a new code new architecture to make this a reality. By just having a few servers, Blizzard can really bring back that private server feel where everybody knows everybody and there's just such a sense of community. It's just not the same being separated by servers.

    How To Improve Core Gameplay?

    And while the players hopefully rush back in, they'll stick around a lot longer if the leveling is more fun for everybody.

    At this point, updating things like the enemy, AI and the Pathing could really make the game feel fresh and yet familiar at the same time. I can really imagine the excitement of seeing a mob like Stitches in Westfall for the first time. This is also a really good time to rebalance the quest XP. We should be rewarding players for pushing their limits and trying new things.

    Another new thing Blizzard could do is to go back to the Titan Rune Mode from Wrath (World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King). I really dream of the day when Blizzard goes back into WotLK Classic and makes Heroic Versions of my favorite dungeons, like deadmines. And it'd be really cool to be able to get extra rewards and XP while you're leveling with maybe a one day lockout.

    It's Time To Support The Community

    At the same time, I really hope that Blizzard learned from the success of community-run events like Road To Ragnaros because you guys think about how cool it'd be if Blizzard decided to sponsor a Leveling Tournament at launch or maybe a hardcore deathless Ragnaros race between Alliance and Horde with a big cash prize.

    Of course, Blizzard could host all these deathless hardcore events on a brand new Diablo-style hardcore server where death is permanent. And if Blizzard implements those hardcore servers, maybe they finally remember the original core design of WoW.

    The original designers of WoW thought the game was everything to everybody and that means everybody even the portion of the community back in 2019 that loved to increase their damage with World Buffs. Blizzard should just re-implement World Buffs and just change them a bit like making Sunflower no longer dispellable.

    Ranking System Changes

    This is really the right time for Blizzard to finally change the ranking system.

    While ranking was obviously a rite of passage back in WotLK Classic, the system is just so punishing and outdated at this point. I think Blizzard should change the honor system, so it's more rewarding for open world PVP. They could also do this by incentivizing city raids and defense at the same time. And they should really gate the rewards above Rank Ten until AQ40, so people don't feel forced to compete.

    Classic+ Features

    In Season of Mastery 2, Blizzard needs to really build upon what they've done in Season One. Of course, there need to be multiple difficulty levels of raid bosses with extra loot. Zones like Azshara can finally get fleshed out with new quests, new dungeons and raids.

    Blizzard should dip their toes in the Vanilla glass balancing for the first time. The SoM 2 is the best time to rebalance weaker classes to be more relevant in raids and PvP.

    But the most important thing Blizzard should do is to finally listen to the playerbase. They should be pulling your ideas publicly and actually implementing them.

    Ultimately, Classic is everything to everybody and we all need a voice. And while Blizzard works to make SoM to a success, they really shouldn't abandon Wrath and you shouldn't either.

    Hopefully, you'll still have time to farm enough WotLK Classic Gold before Phase 3 launches.

  • WotLK Classic: Everything You Need To Know About Heirlooms

    Mar 09, 2023

    The storyline of World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic is not only full of darkness, but also gives you an immersive feeling. As the main character of the game, Lich King will destroy all life in Azeroth at all costs. While much of the game hasn't changed, aside from a few upgrades, there's one better addition to WotLK Classic, Heirlooms.

    In addition, Heirlooms are relatively new, if you compare them to Heirlooms in Retail World of Warcraft. In WotLK Classic, if you want to get Heirlooms, then they can be obtained with Stone Keeper's Shards or Emblem of Heroism.

    So, you must be wondering: what are Heirlooms? What are the ways to get them in WotLK Classic?

    What Are Heirlooms?

    In WotLK Classic, there are many things in Heirlooms, including Weapons, Armor and Trinkets. Because these things are tied to your account, it is a great way to level up your alts.

    Every item in Heirlooms gives you different benefits, ranging from increased stats as you level up, Experience Bonuses, and an automatic switch to armor when you graduate from a level 40 item.

    Charming Heirlooms

    In WotLK Classic, Heirlooms have many exciting features, one of which is that you can imbue them with enchants. They are still different compared to Retail WoW, as enchants with level requirements cannot be used in WotLK Classic. Since Classic enchants are level-free, you can only use them on Heirlooms.

    The most popular enchants for chest pieces include:

    • Major Mana: This gives +100 mana.
    • Major Health: This gives +100 health.
    • Greater Stats: This provides +4 to all stats.

    The most popular enchants for melee weapons include:

    • Crusader: This heals for 75 to 125 and increases Strength by 100.
    • Fiery Weapon: This strikes for 40 additional fire damage.

    The most popular enchants for caster weapons include:

    • Mighty Intellect: This increase intellect by 22.
    • Mighty Spirit: This increases the spirit by 20.
    • Healing Power: This increases spell power by 29.
    • Spellpower: This increases spell power by 30.

    Places To Get Heirlooms

    If you want to get Heirlooms, then you have three ways to get them. The first, you can go to vendors with Emblem of Heroism; the second, you can loot Stone Keeper’s Shards from bosses in Wintergrasp; the third, you can get them from Heroic bosses or quest rewards.

    Also, if you want to get these items, then you can go to the Dalaran Heirloom Vendors or Wintergrasp Quartermaster. In the Dalaran Heirloom Vendors, you can use Emblem of Heroism to get Shoulders, Chests, Trinkets, and Weapons. And in the Wintergrasp Quartermaster, you can use Stone Keeper's Shard to get Weapons, Shoulders, and Trinkets.

    One thing you need to pay special attention to here is that the items provided by these two vendors are not the same, so you must remember to check their stock.

    Emblem of Heroism Heirloom vendors include:

    • Enchanter Isian from the Silver Covenant is located in the Silver Enclave in Dalaran (37.2, 55.6)
    • Enchanter Erodin from the Sunreavers is situated in the Sunreaver’s Sanctuary in Dalaran (65.2, 22.6)
    • Brammold Deepmine is an Antiques and Heirlooms vendor located in Curiosities and Moore (51.0. 53.6, and 50.0, 56.6)

    Stone Keeper's Shards Heirloom vendors include:

    • Knight Dameron, the Valiance Expedition Wintergrasp Quartermaster (51.6, 17.4)
    • Stone Guard Mukar, the Warsong Offensive Wintergrasp Quartermaster (51.6, 17.4)

    The above is the Heirlooms guide I prepared for you, I hope it will be helpful to you. If you need WotLK Classic Gold or services related to the game, we can provide them for you.

  • WotLK Classic Phase 2: How I Made 2K Gold Every Single Day With These Flips?

    Mar 02, 2023

    I need to farm over a hundred thousand gold for Val’anyr but my favorite gold necking method just got nerfed into the ground, so I need to adapt and get creative to make at least 2,000 gold per day or that weapon’s going to somebody else six weeks from now. Here’s exactly what I’m doing every day to make all that gold. Plus, later I’ll explain the unexpected flips making me most of my profit.

    Unexpected Auction House Flips

    The first thing I’m doing every day when I log in is opening up the Auction House. I’m getting serious with gold making, so I’m using both TradeSkillMaster (TSM) for an Auctionator to quickly snipe and flip items. 

    Then, I check my fishing, my cooking and my Alchemy groups for potential profit, such as Fish Feast, Blackened Dragonfin, Imperial Manta Steaks and Pygmy Oils. I purchased all the relevant cooking recipes for cooking awards, such as the Dalaran Cooking Award from the daily. But you can also get awards from Waterlogged Recipes

    I also always check for Netherweave Cloth below 15 silver since Heavy Frostweave Bandages are guaranteed profit in between checking the Auction House every 30 minutes.

    Dailies You Should Do

    I always get the fishing daily done in queue for the Daily Heroic Dungeon, even though I’ve been doing the fishing daily consistently for weeks. I have gotten nothing other than this cool fishing pole, but I believe in the math and I’ll keep going until Phase 3.

    And speaking of phase three, the Daily Heroic Dungeon is always worth doing, not just for the Runed Orbs every three days, but for the Epic Gems of A3

    Also, I’m five months late, but I started doing the jewel crafting daily, which is a quick and easy 90 WOTLK Classic Gold per day or better yet recipe unlocks in the next phase back at the Auction House. 

    More Flips You Need To Do

    I’m making gold with one of my favorite secret flips. Scrapbot Construction Kits cost me around three gold to make, but they sell for six. And in order to make them, you need to complete a short quest line in the Storm Peaks

    In fact, any crafts involving Saronite Ores are pure money right now. That’s because the market hasn’t caught up to the prospecting nerf Blizzard put in. Also, remember that Scrapbots and Field Repair Bots will be used in the must-have Jeeves bought in Phase 3. 

    I also find time to hit up the Argent Tournament every day and I do a few of the shorter Icecrown dailies, like many people. I got burned out recently on the dailies, but the motivation of the free gold from the Argent Squire and the Argent Crusader’s Tabard has re-motivated me. 

    I also pre-farmed three months Jack Me Some Lumber in one hour of my Druid. That’s 21 gold per day for the rest of the phase. Also, I pre-farmed three hours’ worth of Jousting with the full inventory, so I can just get the marks from my mailbox every day. 

    The last part of my daily routine is to check if high volume items like Northern Spices are priced lower than expected. If I spot a deal, I’ll purchase them by the hundreds and repost for 48 hours. But I love flipping Abyss Crystals, Infinite Dust, Northern Spices and fishing potions. After all my daily and weekly flips, I’m currently averaging out to 1500 to 2,000 gold per day, and you can do the same. 

  • WotLK Classic Phase 2: How Did I Upgrade From Fresh Gear To 2.1K Arena Rating?

    Feb 27, 2023

    In WotLK Classic Season 6, I wanted to finally play arenas and push myself to my limits, so I made a bet. Either I hit Duelist or I shave my beard. Therefore, I asked one of the best arena players to duo to improve my skills and my knowledge Bobka. 

    But first, I needed to get my gear maxed out, so I don't end up as a Warrior target dummy. So, the question was how much gear could I farm in two days of PVP and would it be enough to save my beard now?

    Last season, I would have gone straight to Wintergrasp and farmed honor nonstop, but season 6 is way different. Furious gear got buffed to 238 item levels, so, it makes Hateful and Deadly gear look like TBC gear.

    Vault of Archavon

    So, starting on Sunday morning, I spent an hour finding and running Vault of Archavons in both 10 and 25 man mode. I'm cautious when I join groups since I want to do both Emalon and Archavon for a chance at Deadly gear 2. If I got lucky, I'd save dozens of hours of Battlegrounds getting key Furious pieces, like gloves and legs. 

    Unfortunately, this time around all the gear was leather, so I'm sitting at zero honor and full Hateful gear with less than 47 hours to go. After Vault, I flew right through Wintergrasp to pick up the five weekly quests. I always find it worth it to get the quest myself since I don't want to miss any of them. 


    Then, it was Wintergrasp time since the Battleground is over 20,000 honor per hour making it the most efficient way to farm honor.

    I've been trying a new thing where IQ is around 22 minutes past the hour, which makes it way more likely to be an inbalanced win for the Horde. That also means I can get my quest done easily. Plus, I want those wins for Wintergrasp marks for my Platinum Disks of Battle trinket. And if I had any leftovers, I'd convert the rest into a 213 Deadly chest and then save Commendations for Epic Gems.

    After just one Wintergrasp, I had seven thousand honor plus all those Wintergrasp quests I picked up earlier. Those quests can be finished in just a few Wintergrasp matches for an extra 19,000 honor weekly and 50 Stone Keeper's Shards

    What's really nice about Stone Keeper's Shards is, they can also be converted to honor from purchasing Commendations. So, I decided to liquidate a few hundred for 12,000 bonus honor. I also took advantage of the daily PVP quest in the Random Battleground wing. I'd always thought Wintergrasp was way more efficient for Pure Honor. So, I'd been skipping other Battlegrounds and dailies.

    But with Furious gear being so good, the combined 50 Arena Points were absolutely worth it. With my 46,000 honor so far, I splurged and picked up Abyss PVP necklace for 33,000 honor, but I wanted to get big pieces quicker. There was no way I was going to be able to play with Bobka with mostly Hateful gear and one Furious piece. 

    Daily Heroic Dungeon Quest

    So, I ran the Daily Heroic Dungeon Quest and cashed out my Emblems. From last week's Ulduars I had heard before that you could purchase Deadly pieces for Emblems of Conquest, so I sniped a sweet pair of Deadly Gladiator's Mooncloth Leggings with 58 Emblems. And then over the course of Sunday and Monday, I pumped Wintergrasp every three hours and then did my daily Battlegrounds again and that brought my total to 113,000 honor. I also finally had enough Wintergrasp marks for my Platinum Disks of Battle trinket. 

    I decided to unload 43,000 Honor on a pair of Furious boots and 33,000 honor and a Furious cloak. Both of these items were gigantic 38 item level increases. With only 13 hours to go before the big arena session, I did 10 last minute fives games for Furious gear. Even with so many weak Hateful pieces, I was still able to get 1300 rating. This locked in 1200 points for the week, so I grabbed some Furious gloves for a massive upgrade. But since my rating was too low to get any other items, I converted 500 Arena Points to 10,000 quick honor via Commendations.

    And in the remaining hours before our session, I managed an additional three Wintergrasp games at 21,700 honor. Things were starting to look really good. I had farmed an amazing seven new upgrades in less than 48 hours and I still had some Hateful gear. 

    But Bobka was clearly impressed because he didn't ghost me when he saw my gear. And with all my hot new gear, we had an amazing session jumping from 1700 to 2107 rating and that put me on the fast track to Duelist. But while I was farming all those PVP items, I had to spend a ton of WOTLK Classic Gold on Enchant and gem everything. If you happen to be worried about gold, then you might as well come to this website to have a look.

  • WOTLK Classic: Character Gearing Guide

    Feb 24, 2023

    Today I’m going to introduce players to a quick gear guide. That’s how to quickly equip your characters in Rapha Village King Classic. These tips will be of great help to newcomers or players who are just returning to the game.

    The first thing to do after getting gear and ALT ready is to use your hero for daily quests. Because now he will give you some Conquest points after you complete the daily tasks. With these Conquest points, you can redeem some better gear. 

    Of course, if you want more gear, you can try to make some Heroics. Because of the difficulty of the quest content, I recommended that you do as many Heroics as possible before attempting to level up a hero.

    Additionally, players are required to enter one VOA 10 group and one VOA 25 group each week. When you meet two bosses, your strength may also proliferate. Thus you may get Tear Piece faster. Even sometimes, Tearset Bonus will explode your DPS.

    Don’t overlook PVP gear. Since the game requires most players to have a certain number of equipment points, please try to get more PVP equipment to improve your equipment points. Although you probably won’t be bothered by this question.

    So first get PVP Daily Quest every day and complete the random Battleground it gives you every day. At least this will give you a lot of WOTLK Classic Gold and some decent Arena Point.

    You can get some cheap Arena Gear from Arena Vendor, sometimes even a very useful off hand weapon. You can actually redeem some pretty good items based on Commendations you earn. 

    When you use Grass Black Trinkets and Helmets, it grants you a wealth of Honor Points. Especially when you complete all the quests you get from Winter Grass, you also get a lot of WOTLK Classic Gold rewards. If you can complete Winter Grass, you’ll be rewarded with almost 300 WOTLK Classic Gold.

    These Beowes also get pretty cheap as we get farther and farther along in a particular stage. So now it’s very important for players to earn some WOTLK Classic Gold.

    In addition, players must pay attention to the daily Cooking Quest or Fishing Quest, and there is a little extra WOTLK Classic Gold reward. You really don’t need to spend time every day going to open time to do Daily tasks. It’s such a waste of time. You just need to complete these small tasks, and you can easily get 300-500 WOTLK Classic Gold in less than half an hour.

    If you still have remaining Emblems, please use them up on Boes as much as possible, or exchange them for corresponding WOTLK Classic Gold directly at the Auction House. This will be much cheaper than exchanging them for Frozen orbs. However, you need to double check the prices on Auction House server

    I should note that you have to take part in some Raids at this time. You’ll find it’s much easier to do now than the 10-man Raids of Phase 1. You only need to do a VOA 10 group and a VOA 25 group every week, which will definitely help you join the guild.

    The last suggestion will be specific to Death Knights. A lot of players have trouble getting rid of him because there are so many Death Knights in the game. A good way is to recruit enough people in your team as soon as possible, so that the burden on you as a Raid Leader will not be too great, and everyone will perform their own duties, so that there will be a greater chance of killing Death Knights, mission accomplished.

    All the mechanisms are very basic. I believe many players know them. The important thing is that players need to complete the tasks every week and carefully review every battle in order to upgrade faster in the game and equip your characters. 

  • WotLK Classic Phase 2: How To Gear Up Insanely Fast?

    Feb 23, 2023

    I’m going to be giving you a quick guide on how to gear up your characters insanely fast in WotLK Classic Phase 2, so this is going to be perfect for those people who are just returning to the game or want to gear up.

    Daily Heroic Dungeon

    The first thing you should do is to do your Daily Heroic Dungeon because it will grant you some Conquest Points and there you will find a Conquest Point vendor, who is providing the best gear in the game.

    Then do more heroics if you need more gear. I’d recommend doing a fair few amount of heroics before you attempt Heroic + because the content is very difficult.

    Daily Heroic+ Dungeon

    Your first Heroic + of a day will also grant bonus Conquest Points. The best thing to do is the delivery request and your first Heroic + of the day together.

    VOA 25 + VOA 10

    Remember: Every week you should get yourself into a VOA 10 group and a VOA 25 group to do both the bosses

    In that instance, you will have a chance to get your tier piece much earlier than you’d normally expect and sometimes your tier set bonus can be an enormous boost to your DPS.

    PVP Call To Arms Daily

    Don’t neglect the PVP gear. You can get yourself a lot of PVP gear to increase your gearscore. But the problem with the game right now, is so many poor groups are requesting for you to have a specific amount of gearscore and the majority of the time players will not be bothered that much if they have a couple of PVP pieces.

    So, first, get and complete a PVP daily quest and your random Battleground every day. At least, this will grant you a lot of WOTLK Classic Gold, Honor and also some Arena Points.

    There’s some cheap arena gear you can purchase from the arena vendor, which doesn’t have a rating requirement. And the gear would normally be essential or a relic or sometimes even an offhand weapon, which can be very useful.

    Wintergrasp + Quests

    You also want to try to do as much Wintergrasp as you can. It pops off every three hours. try to do this at least once a day. You can purchase some pretty decent pieces actually with your Commendations and Wintergrasp Trinkets and helmets.

    Plus it grants loads of Honor, especially when you pick up all the quests from Wintergrasp itself, which also grants you a lot of WOTLK Classic Gold. It’s nearly 300 gold, if you complete over Wintergrasp quests.


    There may be a particular event on right now. The Love is in the Air event is on, which does actually give you some good loot. Events also include the Midsummer Fire Festival, the Brewfest, Hallow’s End and so on. So, use a group finder to find a group for those particular events.

    BOE Items

    Obviously, there is some pretty decent BOE items on the Auction House. As we get further and further along in a particular phase, these BOEs can be picked up fairly cheaply.

    So, it’s very important for us to make some gold or at least be making a little of gold every day without spending that much time.

    How To Make Gold For BOE?

    So, first, you want to be doing your dual craft daily every single day for the Dragon’s Eyes, which you can sell on the Auction House, unless obviously you want to use a Dragon’s Eye to purchase more patterns.

    Furthermore, whatever profession you have, you want to be using your Research Cooldowns or your Crafting Cooldowns every day or you know whenever it is available every three days.

    For instance, your clothes cool down Titansteel Bar with mining Alchemy Research and Inscription Research. You’re making out to see Prisms every day and be sure to do your cooking and fishing daily every day, as well.

    For a little of extra gold, you really don’t need to go out into the open world doing daily quest or farming gold. To be honest, unless you really want to.

    Also, just do these little objectives every day. Take a less than half an hour to farm a good 300 to 500 gold every day without that much effort.

    When you have leftover Emblems, you can spend them on BOEs and sell them on the Auction House. That’s much better than purchasing Frozen Orbs. But obviously do double check the prices of that on your server at the auction house.

    Phase 1 Raids

    The last thing to talk about obviously is pretty obvious get yourself into some raids. It is much easier to get into phase one raids, particularly 10 mans. But just try to do your 10 mans and your 25 mans every single week. It definitely helps to be in the guild because your guild would definitely do alt runs most likely.

    Ulduar Pugs

    Another thing I would recommend to do is to join your Discord Servers. Look out for pug groups and organize pugs on there. They’ll normally have their own discord channel to where you can sign up for these pugs, as well. Sign up early and you’re much more likely to get yourself into these pugs.

    Bonus Tip

    My last tip is only for Death Knights. It is so unbelievably difficult for you to get away from because there’s so many Death Knights in the game.

    My advice is simply making your own groups fill up ridiculously quickly, so you don’t need to be a very competent raid leader to really get that sword because the mechanics are very basic and most people know them, anyway.

  • WotLK Classic: How To Effectively Level Up And Reach Level Cap Quickly

    Feb 22, 2023

    If you want to know what all the fuss is about World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic, then please pay attention to the next content. Although this version is more streamlined than the previous classic expansions, leveling is not just a simple thing to walk in the park. When you are leveling, you will feel that your wisdom is tested, you will feel sad, and even consider giving up or learning an "simpler" class.

    You need to spend an average of 150-200 hours to complete the journey from 1 to 80. The major challenge is 70-80, which requires you to spend 20-40 hours. When exploring all new areas of Northrend, we may often be distracted and then fall into a dead cycle that looks difficult to escape. But please don't be afraid! You can use WOTLK Classic Gold to help you enhance your equipment and strength for the various difficulties you may encounter later. And we have experienced this journey, so we will provide you with some tricks and tips, so that you have a pleasant game journey.

    The Way To Gain Experience

    In WotLK Classic, there are several ways to gain experience. The following methods are used more. They include questing, grinding, dungeons, and even battlefields. However, the best way is dungeons and questing. Next, let me introduce them for you:

    1. Questing

    If you are more interested in single experience, the best choice for you is questing. Because you choose it, you only need to rely on yourself to complete most quests. Please remember this: here, some classes will have advantage. If you have self -healing ability or you can use pets, it is even better. Sometimes you may find that you will encounter some obstacles, so at this time you need passers -by or friends to provide you with some help.

    Please don't take picking a single quests as the focus, but focusing on finding quest hubs so that you can help you save time between task pick-ups and turn-ins. In addition, this can also greatly reduce your travel time and allow you complete as many quests as possible.

    There is also a factor that you need to consider, that is, when you team with other players, all your experience will be allocated according to the number of players in your team. Therefore, before you form a team with other players, you must ensure that the experience you lose can make the clearance speed to make up.

    2. Dungeons

    If you want to reach the level cap as fast as possible, so far, grinding through the dungeon is the fastest way. You can start as early as level 10, by running Wailing Caverns, RageFire Chasm, and even The Deadmines. However, for most people at this level, this will constitute a challenge. So, if you want to spend this difficult encounter, then you need very good equipment and teammates to help you.

    3. Best Choice

    You can freely choose between the questing and dungeons, and only choose one of them to level up. However, according to our experience, it is best to combine the two. The so-called questing allows you to have a better experience in this world and let you immerse yourself in it. In addition, when you are setting up a dungeon team, it is also a good way to gain experience. And dungeons will allow you to add some additional experience, let you come to the very cool new area, or upgrade some of your old equipment.

  • WotLK Classic Phase 2: Best Achievements and How To Complete Them

    Feb 21, 2023

    In Wotlk Classic Phase 2, I’ve been trying to make the most of my WoW game time, so I found the most impressive and difficult mounts and achievements in the game. Whether you want a 310 speed mount, 20,000 gold or a rare achievement that goes away forever in the future, this is the ultimate guide to what you should focus your time on.

    Free 310 Proto-Drakes

    First up, the Glory Of The Ulduar Raider, which gives the 310 speed Ironbound Proto-Drake and the Rusted Proto-Drake. I’ve only seen one Ironbound Drake. So, if you want to stand out. This is one of the best ways out of the 12 achievements.

    The hardest by far are Firefighter, Vezax and the whole of your hard modes. But if you want an easier 310 speed mount, max achievements still give fast mount. Why not put a group together and crank out the 14 achievements? I’m telling you I’ve gotten Way More Dates since I got my Plagued Proto-Drake.

    Make 20k Gold

    Meanwhile, what if I told you, you could make over 20,000 WotLK Classic Gold knocking out the Loremaster and Seeker achievements? You’ll get all that gold plus two of the most impressive titles in your very own runescape quest game.

    What a cool extra bonus of all this questing is that you can get the Explorer title on the Tabard at the same time.

    Tiger Mounts

    While you hit up the old world, why not farm the Zulian Tiger and Raptors, which are gorgeous, rare and impossible to get? After Wrath, practically any combination of classes can duo the bosses. But there are new solo strategies for every class, as well.

    Salty Title Guide

    If cruel tiger mounts are your thing, try fishing instead. If fishing is one of the most profitable and fun activities in the game, I’m going for the “Salty” title.

    All that fishing will lead to thousands of WOTLK Classic Gold and the motivation you need to finally do that Fishing Daily for Stormjewels plus if you win the Kalu’ Ak, Fishing, Derby, you have a chance at the Dread Pirate Ring, which grants a 5 XP bonus. There isn’t another Heirloom like it, so this ring is one of the bigger Flexes in the game.

    Insane In The Membrane Guide

    But the actual biggest Flex in the game is insane in the Membrane. The Epic title and achievement forces you to work through some of the most time-consuming obscure, expensive and difficult reputations. At least all that Bloodsail reputation farming gives a free hat on the title, too.

    If you need an impressive goal to work towards in between raids, there’s nothing better.

    Time Lost Proto-Drake

    I’m working up the courage to farm the Time Lost Proto-Drake that farm will easily take you weeks of time to get. Camping to spawn points, falling asleep and waking up to find somebody else got the tag 30 seconds earlier.

    But it’s all worth it to have an impossibly rare mount that will turn heads for years to come.

    Epic PVP Achievements

    If you want something faster paced, the Epic PVP achievements lead to the exclusive Battlemaster and Conqueror titles. Plus, you can max out PVP reps to get my favorite, a Haushaltsdienst Krieger or just Stockpile Honor for Epic Gems for the next phase.

    You could also win 300 arena games for the very cool Tabard of Brute. I mean business.

    Related: WotLK Classic: Level 80 Crash Rookie's Guide

    Mount Collecting

    And if you haven’t started mount collecting yet, Mountain o’ Mounts gives a very rare Dragonhawk mount.

    While you work on Mountain o’ Mounts, you have a reason to go back and get epic mounts, like Ashes of Al’ar or The Horseman’s Reins. This achievement will improve every aspect of your character and set you up beautifully for future expansions.

    One of the best ways to work towards your Dragonhawks is by doing the Argent Tournament dailies. You’ll be maxing out your reputations and earning mounts at the same time.

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