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WOTLK Classic: A Perfect Catch-Up Event For Phase 4! - Brewfest 2023 Overview

Posted: Sep 21, 2023

Another year, another Brewfest guide. 

Brewfest 2023 runs from September 20th to October 6 th. There are several new rewards this year that have big implications for gearing and for Cataclysm as well. 

WOTLK Classic: A Perfect Catch-Up Event For Phase 4! - Brewfest 2023 Overview


First, let's cover the primary goal of the event. Like last year, our main goal is to complete the six specific achievements for the Brewmaster title and progress towards the Violet Proto-Drake. If you don't have it yet, this is absolutely the time to start working on your mount.

Mounts are account wide in Phase 4, so this is the easiest way to be at 315 speed on all your alts. 

Speaking of alts, you really don't want to forget the 10% XP bonus. At around 610 server time in the morning and at night you can receive a 10% experience buff at the Brewfest Camps. These camps are located outside of Ironforge and outside of Orgrimmar. You really should make sure to take full advantage of it.

While you're at the camp, we might as well knock out the Brewmaster title as well for a Violet Proto-Drake to get the Brewmaster title. We'll need to obtain 200 Brewmaster Prize Tokens, which are the currency for the event. 

You'll need the 200 to join the Brew of the Month Club, which is one of the achievements. You'll also need another 40 if you get unlucky with mount drops from Coren Direbrew later.

WOTLK Classic Brewfest 2023

How To Get Tokens Fast?

Next, let's talk about the best way to earn currency for the event.

Ram Racing

The best way to earn currency per day is the Ram Racing. After the intro quest, you can start the repeatable daily quest from either Neil Ramstein for Alliance or Ram Master Ray for Horde.

Pay attention to your chat box instead of the graphics whenever you receive a keg to maximize runs. With perfect play, you'll be able to get at least 30 tokens per day, so this should be your main priority.

Just doing Ram Racing every day is enough to farm 200 tokens and knock out the Brew of the Month Club achievement and that means we only have five achievements left.

Obtain Tokens Via Questing

After Ram racing, you can also go to Belbi Quikswitch or Blix Fixwidget to pick up your 2023 Brewfest Stein.

Also, just like last year, Chug and Chuck is worth another 10 tokens per day at Boxey Boltspinner or Bizzle Quicklift. Pick up the mug behind the quest giver and then use the mug from your inventory to throw it at the walking style robot.

There's also the Barking quest for 15 tokens. You go into either Orgrimmar or Ironforge and you make sure to complete each objective with your RAM. The big secret is to dismiss your RAM once the objectives are complete and then just use your actual mount to ride back to the quest giver. 

Another repeatable source of prize tokens is the ‘This One Time, When I Was Drunk’ quest. Every 30 minutes, Dark Iron Dwarves will attack your Brewfest Camp. When they’re done, you can loot the Cog and turn it in for 10 more tokens. This also counts for the second of the six Brewmaster achievements, so you should definitely do it at least once. 

While you’re here, you might as well get the Wolpertinger’s Tankard as well by doing the quest from Goldark or Glodrak just ask for the synth through goggles and then use your net on five stunned Wolpertingers for achievement number three ‘Does your Wolpertinger Linger?’ knockdown.

Also, if you still need it, you can complete ‘The Brewfest Diet’ achievement nearby. All you have to do is using your WOTLK Classic Gold to buy all the foods listed below:

  • Dried Sausage
  • Savory Sausage
  • Spicy Smoked Sausage
  • The Essential Brewfest Pretzel
  • Pickled Sausage
  • Spiced Onion Cheese
  • Succulent Sausage
  • The Golden Link

New Rewards

We’ve only got two achievements left to go, so let’s talk about all the new rewards. 

Almost everything new comes from Coren Direbrew, which is perfect since killing him knocks out our fourth achievement. This year, Coren Direbrew is up to level 80, which means 200 item level trinkets. Since we don’t have RDF yet, you’ll have to join LFG in either Direbrew’s Remote or fly all the way to Blackrock Depths.

Coren dropped some really excellent new items, including previous trinkets. This is just in time for all year olds to get ready for RDF in the new game mode. There are two new summoning trinkets (Bubbling Brightbrew Charm & Bitter Balebrew Charm) that are both designed for tanks with a solid 170 stamina.

Meanwhile, the Ancient Pickled Egg is the perfect fresh 80 healing trinket. Then, melee will want to grab the Coren’s Chromium Coaster, which is just a free mirror of truth. Rounding out these trinkets is the brand new Brawler’s Souvenir, which has an activatable 335 dodge bonus.

On top of the trinkets, we’re technically supposed to get two new weapons. Whether we get them or not remains to be seen because they came with the RDF system, which won’t be in the game until October 10th.

The first weapon is the 200 item level dagger called the Direbrew’s Bloody Shanker. Far more interesting, however, is the 226 item level Tankard O’ Terror. This is the highest item level BoE weapon in the game right now and if it’s available, it’ll be very profitable to sell in the Auction House.

WOTLK Classic Brewfest 2023 Great Brewfest Kodo

On top of the new items, we have the soon to be account wide Swift Brewfest Ram and the Great Brewfest Kodo getting at least one Brewfest Mount as our sixth and final achievement. So, definitely try to get one.

If you get unlucky, you’ll just need to form 40 tokens and buy the Direbrew Hops from the fender to knock on our last achievement.

Hold on a minute. We still have my most anticipated boss drop left, which is the Direbrew Remote. This remote teleports you directly to the Grim Guzzler and BRD, which means you’re a quick instance teleport away from Searing Gorge. This is by far the fastest way to get to the upcoming Cataclysm Blackwing Descent raid unless you do some RDF Shenanigans.


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