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WOTLK Classic Phase 5: A Quick Guide To The Ruby Sanctum 25-Man Normal + Heroic

Posted: Jan 15, 2024

Welcome to a guide for the Ruby Sanctum in WOTLK Classic Phase 5. For anyone still playing and didn’t quit after getting Shadowmounre, Ruby Sanctum has 3 mini-bosses and the main boss, Halion.

Please remember to use your WOTLK Classic Gold to equip yourself well before fighting. This way, combined with this guide, you will defeat these bosses more easily!

WOTLK Classic Phase 5: A Quick Guide For The Ruby Sanctum 25-Man Normal + Heroic

3 Mini-Bosses

For Baltharus, don’t stand in the Blade Storm. Move out with Innovating Brand so you don’t make him a gigachad. When he spawns his clones with a raid-wide knockback and a stun, pick them up but keep focusing on the main one.

For Zarithrian, tank swap before you lose all your armor. Trem to him, his raid-wide fear, and interrupt the ads while they pulse AOE damage.

For Saviana, face her frontal breath away, try to shot the Enrage, so she doesn’t deal raid-wide damage. When she flies up, move out of the raid if you get Conflagration.


Now for the real boss, Halion, who has 3 health-based phases. In every phase, he is a dragon, so stand to the side to avoid getting hit by the tail or the frontal. And tanks, all you have to do is to survive the frontal breath and a bit of movement. 

During Phase 1, he gives someone Mark of Combustion, which makes you explode and drop a pool when dispelled or decursed. The longer you have it, the bigger the explosion in the pool. So, move out as soon as possible, call for a dispel, or you’ll probably all die .

On Heroic, the pools give stacking dots, so don’t touch them unless you need to pad your healing. He also casts Meteor Strike, which looks like Hellfire on the ground, dealing big damage to anyone hit and spawning an X of fire. On Heroic, this also spawns a bunch of ads, so pick them up and nuke them down.

Stack the raid on one side of the boss, then when it appears, move through the boss to the other side, but watch out for the fire. At 75%, the boss phases into the shadow realm, so click the portal to follow him, but have a tank and healers stay behind for Phase 3.

He now casts Mark of Consumption (Soul Consumption), which is the same as Phase 1, so move out and dispel as soon as possible, but the pool now sucks you in, so don’t touch it. On Heroic, the pool also slows you, so throw a freedom on whoever has it to get them back quicker.

Two orbs rotate around the edge of the room, occasionally firing a laser between them that’ll hit you. When the laser starts, rotate the boss and everyone along with it, but don’t go too fast or too slow, or you might be hit by the laser, the tail, or the frontal.

Every cast of will throw a fit until this phase ends. On Heroic, there are now 4 orbs and 2 lasers to split the room into four, so there’s even less space to move, and there’s ticking damage in the shadow realm to keep healers pressing their buttons.

At 50%, the boss splits into both realms. Split the raid with ranged in the main realm, melee in the shadow realm, and healers and tanks split evenly. Each realm is the same as the previous phases, but he now has a buff called Corporeality. This stacks are based on the damage in each realm, reducing his damage taken and increasing his damage done. So, split the raid as evenly as you can to keep it at 50% in both realms.

But if you put everyone in 1 realm, he eventually takes no damage and heals while you sit around. On Heroic, assign more damage in the main realm for the ads. But if you have some AOE blasters, you should be fine.

The other main Heroic change is the pools are visible in every realm, and they never disappear. So, drop them as close to each other as you can to save room space. Then, kill the boss before you run out of space.


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