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General News

  • Madden 24: How To Elevate Your Franchise Mode To The Next Level? - Top 5 Challenges

    Posted: Jan 26, 2024

    Are you seeking a change from the usual Madden 24 gameplay? Are you eager to enhance your Franchise Mode experience? Look no further! 

    In this guide, we unveil the top 5 challenges that will take your Madden 24 Franchise Mode to new heights. If you want to better complete these challenges, please prepare enough MUT 24 Coins!

    Challenge 1: Alma Mater Allegiance

    Imagine crafting a team where every player hails from, say, the University of Alabama, a powerhouse of talent. It's like reliving the college glory days, but on a professional stage. 

    Picture a squad where every player shares a common collegiate bond, bringing a unique camaraderie to your team.

    Here are some rules to play by:

    • College Loyalty: Only draft, sign, or trade for players from your chosen college.
    • Trade Smart: Trades are permissible but only for alumni of your selected institution.
    • Free Agent Restrictions: The free agent pool is off-limits unless they're college comrades.

    So, you have something to work towards. Here are some objectives to achieve:

    • Division Dominance: Clinch a division title with your college stars.
    • Elite Evolution: Develop at least 1 player to elite status.
    • Playoff Regulars: Reach the playoffs at least twice in 5 seasons.

    Embrace the spirit of your chosen college. This challenge isn't just about winning games, it's about celebrating the legacy of a collegiate powerhouse in the NFL world. 

    Challenge 2: No First Round Glitz

    Think of Tom Brady, a sixth-round pick who became one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. 

    This challenge mirrors such scenarios where your skill in identifying and nurturing hidden talents comes to the forefront. It's about creating a team of underdogs ready to defy expectations.

    Here are your rules:

    • First-Round Farewell: Trade away any existing first-round players on your roster.
    • Late-Round Gems: Skip first-round picks in the draft, focusing on later rounds.
    • Underrated Talent: Build your team through lower-round picks and free agents.

    Try to achieve the following objectives:

    • Star In The Rough: Uncover a superstar from the later rounds.
    • Winning Ways: Secure a winning season without first-round luxury.
    • Elite Squad: Create a top-five offense or defense without first-round players.

    This challenge is a testament to skillful management and the belief that stars can be found anywhere not just in the glitzy first round. It's your turn to find the next diamond in the rough.

    Also Read: The Best Spread Playbooks In Madden 24 To Win More Games! - Unstoppable Offense Scheme

    Challenge 3: The One Contract Challenge

    Imagine a world where player loyalty is fleeting, and every season could be their last on your team. 

    This challenge brings a dynamic, ever-changing landscape to your Franchise Mode.

    The rules are pretty straightforward:

    • Contract Finality: Once a player's contract expires, they must be released or traded.
    • Fresh Faces: Rely on the draft and short-term contracts for new talent.
    • Tag Prohibition: The franchise tag is a no-go. Let the market flow.

    With this challenge, your objectives are the following:

    • Ephemeral Glory: Win a Super Bowl with a team that's always evolving.
    • Rookie Spotlight: Develop a Rookie of the Year within your ever-changing squad.
    • Consistent Excellence: Maintain a top-10 team rating despite the turnover.

    In this high stakes challenge, adaptability is key. Manage wisely and watch as your team thrives in an environment of constant renewal.

    Challenge 4: One-Dimensional Dominance

    Visualize a team that commits entirely to either a ground and pound running game or an air raid passing attack. 

    Think of the 2007 New England Patriots who leaned heavily on their passing game or the 2019 Baltimore Ravens renowned for their running. 

    This challenge is about mastering one aspect of the game to an extreme degree.

    The rules here are quite simple:

    • Single Focus: Commit to either a pass-only or run-only offense for the season.
    • No Flip-Flopping: Stick to your chosen style for the entire season, no matter what.
    • Roster Customization: Tailor your team's roster to maximize your chosen offensive style.

    Here are your objectives to achieve within 5 seasons:

    • Statistical Domination: Lead the league in either passing or rushing yards.
    • Playoff Success: Reach the playoffs using this extreme strategy.
    • MVP Contender: Have a player from your team be a contender for MVP in your chosen style.

    This challenge will push you to rethink traditional strategies and fully embrace a singular style of play. Are you ready to dominate the league in your unique way?

    Challenge 5: "What If?"

    Engage in a game of alternate history. For instance, what if Aaron Rodgers had never been injured in the first drive against the Jets? How would that season have unfolded? 

    This challenge lets you explore these intriguing "what ifs" and rewrite history.

    Here are your guidelines for your fantasy scenario:

    • Historical Setup: Choose a pivotal moment in NFL history and alter it.
    • Strategy Shift: Adjust your team's strategy and roster to align with the new scenario.
    • No Rewriting: Once the scenario is set, play it out without further alterations.

    Here are some objectives to add extra depth to your journey:

    • Change Destiny: Achieve what the real team couldn't in your altered scenario.
    • Ultimate Glory: Aim to reach or win the Super Bowl under the new conditions.
    • Record Breaker: Break a real-life record related to your chosen scenario.

    Here's your chance to rewrite history and explore the fascinating possibilities of what could have been. Dive into these alternate realities and carve out your own legendary path.

  • Madden 24: How To Use The Best Chiefs Offensive Scheme To Defeat Your Opponents?

    Posted: Nov 07, 2023

    If you want a fun and explosive offense to run in Madden 24, this scheme is for you. Let’s get into it. 

    Offensive Formations

    The two formations we will be adding off of Tight Y off are Y Off Trips weak and Trey Y Flex. These two formations paired with tight Y off will make your offense unstoppable. Using misdirection, personnel mismatches, RPOs, and concepts that create madness for opposing defenses. 

    Y Off Trips Weak 

    The first play we will go over is Mtn X Slant Spot in Y Off Trips Weak formation. 

    Mtn X Slant Spot

    In this play, we will be creating a flood concept by putting an X on a streak. This way we have a deep vertical, a corner route by the tight end, and then the motion by the running back, which will be used as the flat route. 

    Then we are going to put RB on a drag route. This drag route is extremely important, and you will see why in a minute.

    Now this flood concept is essential because it beats every zone defense, but the unique part about this play is the running back flat route. A lot of the time, this motion flat causes the user to flow towards him, which takes the user completely out of the play. 

    Now your first read is the corner route. If the vertical pulls the deep zone, you will have the corner route wide open. This corner route also cooks man coverage as well. But If the defense drops back to guard the corner, you will have the underneath drag route for an easy pitch and catch. 

    For your last read, you need to look at the backside slant coming across the field. If you see the defenders reacting late to the slant over the middle, step up in the pocket and throw a dot just out of reach of the defender. If nothing is open, you can also check it down to the running back on the motion flat. 

    Mtn Pump And Go

    The second play we are going over is Mtn Pump and Go. This play is where we will create a ton of misdirection to confuse the user. 

    The setup is extremely simple, just put A on a drag. So, you will have the switch concept with the slot receiver on a wheel and the outside receiver on a post. Then you will have the backside receiver on a deadly crossing route with the drag underneath and the running back on a motion flat.

    If you are looking to go deep, check the wheel route by the slot receiver, against a zone. You may hit him towards the sideline.You just have to make sure that the deep zone is occupied enough so he can’t break on your pass and intercept the ball. 

    This route can also beat man defense over the top, but you will need to buy enough time in the pocket as the route takes a little longer to get open versus man defense. 

    But normally, your first read should be the drag. In this play, the motion occupies the user and the defenders back up into their zone, which leads the drag to be wide open. If the drag isn’t there, your second read will be the backside crosser. If you have enough MUT 24 Coins, you can optimize your deep routes or improve your running back’s overall stats.

    Now, against a man-defense, this backside crosser is insane and gets open 99% of the time. Especially against man press like you see here, where he beats the press with ease. All you have to do is hit the wide open receiver in stride, and you will be off to the races. 

    Madden Tip

    Now a cool tip is that you can put your tight end at the running back position if you have an athletic tight end. You can run the ball with him, have him run the motion flats, and put him on other running back routes to create mismatches against the defense. 

    The way you do this is by putting your tight end at the starting fullback position, then in the play calling menu, flick the right stick left or right to change the package to fullback at halfback.

    Y Off Trips Weak Continued

    The next play we will go over is RPO Zone Dive, in this play we are either going to run the ball, or throw it into the bubble. If you see that the defenders or the user attack the bubble, give the ball to the running back, or tight end for easy pickups. 

    Using RPO is essential to have success in Madden 24, the way the programming is this year. The defense will get pancaked like you see here if they only have three down linemen blitzing against RPO. 

    But if you see the defense back off when the ball is snapped, quickly throw it to the bubble to get your best receivers in space to make big plays. 

    The last play in this formation is Mtn HB Swing. This play works best when the corners are backed off the receivers, because the receivers totally miss their blocks occasionally when the corners are pressed. 

    So when you see the corners playing off coverage, you can audible to this play. All you have to do is throw it to the running back, read your blocks, and create big plays in open space. 

    Madden Tip 

    Now, one quick tip before we go to the next formation is to start using comeback routes against man coverage. This route along with curl routes is very underrated this year and can help you gain easy yards as they are extremely tough to guard 1 on 1. 

    When throwing the comeback, you just want to throw the ball as soon as you see the receiver begin to break or drop his hips. This will optimize QB and receiver timing for an easy completion. 

    Trey Y-Flex

    Now we are going to go over 3 plays in Trey Y-Flex formation

    RPO Alert Omaha

    The first play we will go over is RPO Alert Omaha. This RPO has 3 viable options: either run the ball, pass to the flat, or the backside out route

    This out route works great in the red-zone. If you see him beat the defender off the ball, you should have a window to throw to for a lead pass to the outside for an easy touchdown. 

    On the powerful side, take a look at the defenders lining up over receivers, if the middle receiver does not have a defender lined up over him. Or if the defenders back up, give it to the flat, and you will see the vertical actually turns into a down field blocker to help gain extra yards. 

    If the quick passes are guarded, just hand the ball off for an inside zone play. Do your best to be patient and find the right angles to make people miss for long runs on the ground. 

    SE Corner

    The next play we are going to go over is SE corner, and we will be creating another flood concept by putting an X on a vertical, and Y on a flat. 

    The cool part about this is that when the user sees the flat by the inside wide receiver, he may think you are running an RPO. So it could create confusion for the defense. But your read here is the corner route. If the defense stays low to guard the corner, you will have the vertical over the top for a one play touchdown. 

    You also have the running back on a check down and the solo tight end on a corner which could get open versus a man-defense. 


    The last play in this formation we will go over is vertical. Although verticals are simple, it is extremely good this year and you will find people not being able to stop it. 

    Your first read here is the inside receiver. Your goal is to see if you can hit him over the top of the linebackers. If this is not open, your second read is the slot receiver running up the seam. 

    If you have an open window, free form it away from the deep zone for a big time throw and catch. You can also throw the ball to the crossing tight end, which many people forget to account for because they are trying to prevent the deep ball. 

    Goal Line Play

    And now here is a red-zone play that will help you score more touchdowns, especially when you use a faster QB. 

    The play is HB Slip Screen in the formation Trey Open Offset. What you will want to do is motion the inside receiver and snap the ball when he is about lined up with the right tackle. 

    And the receivers job is to seal the edge. As QB though, you need to roll out to the right side. You can either try to run the ball into the end-zone, pass the ball to the flat, or pass it to the backside crosser in the back of the end-zone. 


    In the world of Madden 24, the offensive tactics you choose are crucial to your success as a virtual court tactician. While the best players may fill your roster, the strategic application of these top offensive plays will elevate your game and lead you to victory. So whether you’re new to Madden or a seasoned pro, choose your strategy wisely and keep improving in Madden 24.

  • Madden 24: The 5 Best Tips To Improve User Defense!

    Posted: Sep 18, 2023

    Are you still struggling with defense in Madden 24? If yes, then you can’t miss this defensive guide. As Madden fans know, defense is the backbone of success on the court. So getting the basics right is crucial.

    Here, we’ll shed light on five important defensive tips. These tips will make your defense a counterweight in Madden 24.

    Tackling & Pursuing

    Although it looks simple, tackling in Madden is difficult. It requires you to be very precise with your tracking angle and correct timing. Fortunately, you can often spend Madden NFL 24 Coins to acquire some tools to help improve your completion rate.

    Also, knowing how to tackle a player is important, but where to tackle is equally important. Because the goal of defense is to keep the ball as low as possible. In fact, the biggest goal is to cause damage to the opponent’s offense.

    It all comes down to how strong your pursuit, anticipation and reaction timing are when you tackle. As long as you can practice these three skills well, you will better master the tackling skills in Madden 24.

    Deploy A Mix Of Plays

    In Madden 24, don’t let your strategy get too lengthy. In a football game, if you deploy the same tactics, the opponent’s offense can catch up with your defensive intentions. This is especially true in competitive Madden, especially as you increase your skill level in the games you play.

    So when you first load up Madden 24, send a mix of tactics to the enemy attacks you encounter to keep them off-balance.

    Of course, you want to make sure that the defensive tactics you choose correspond with the opposing team’s offensive setup and formation. But keeping your opponent guessing is crucial, and you can do that through man coverage, zone coverage, blitz packages, and more.

    Don’t Be Afraid To Apply Pressure

    If you’re facing an offense, that’s hard to slow down. Then applying pressure, whether it’s the run, the pass, or both, can drastically disrupt their momentum. It forces the offense to make quicker decisions and doesn’t give them time to decide or control the flow of the game.

    Whether you charge the ball or need to blitz to accomplish this, pressure is one of the best defensive strategies in football. In Madden 24, don’t be afraid to take advantage of this option. Because not only does it lead to big sacks and incomplete passes for opponents, but it can also cost running backs.

    Find Your Position

    When playing defense in Madden, you have the option of choosing which players to play with. Whether it’s edge rusher, linebacker, cornerback or safety, there are many options. Therefore, it is important to determine which location is best for you.

    For me, an edge rusher usually helps me make a variety of moves to get around offensive linemen and get big sacks. But for others, linebacker and cornerback may be more suitable.

    No matter which position you choose to use most in Madden 24, it’s important to own it and try to have the greatest impact with the players you use it with. While we recommend playing from the defensive line, it’s in your best interest to decide which position you want to be a master at. Once you do this, you’ll have your biggest impact on the defensive end.

    Tap Into Defensive Controls

    Just like on offense, players have a variety of controls when defending. So, for players on the defensive line, swim moves, bull rushes, and spins are some ways to get around the opposing offensive linemen you’re facing.

    And for cornerback or safety, you can snap the ball, intercept the ball or break up the pass. While it may be confusing to try at first, it’s important to use the defensive pro controls that Madden 24 offers. The better you feel about using these defensive controls, the better your defense will be.

    This concludes this Madden 24 defense guide. Hopefully, these tips will help you achieve success in the competition as quickly as possible. Good luck.

  • Madden 24: The Best and Most Unbeatable Defensive Scheme!

    Posted: Sep 04, 2023

    This defensive scheme has helped me go 54-13 online. With insane blitzes and lockdown coverage, this defense has it all.

    First Play

    This is in the Multiple D playbook and we will be first in the 3-4 Formation going over the plays, Pinch Buc Zero and Cover 4 Drop. If you don't have the playbook yet, you can buy one directly with Madden 24 Coins.

    We'll be using these plays together to disguise the coverage and the blitz so that our opponent never knows what is coming.

    The first play is Pinch Buc Zero, and this is a nasty blitz that is super easy to set up. But before you call the play, make sure that the alignment is set to default.

    And the first thing you will do in the play is QB Contain your D ends. Then, user the Linebacker manned up on the Running Back. And to make this blitz fire on all cylinders, you want to make sure to stand over the A gap to make the offensive line think you are blitzing, which will open up gaps for other rushers.

    You will see that once the ball is snapped, there will be a free rusher disrupting the QB in a matter of seconds. No matter if you block a running back or not, this blitz is lethal.

    But let's talk coverage. Because we are all out man blitzing, we will have nobody to help over the top. Knowing this, you may want to keep your secondary backed off to avoid getting beat by deep routes. Or, if you do want to press your whole secondary, you can individually back off players that may be a mismatch.

    And the way you can back off players individually is by pressing Y, A, and then you can choose the receiver you want to adjust coverage to. And in this case, it was B. And if you want to back them off, flick up with the left stick.

    It's also worth noting that although pressing your corners in this blitz is a big risk, pressing successfully can also disrupt the routes at the line of scrimmage, which will give the blitz more time to get to the QB.

    The last coverage tip for this play is for the user because you are manned up to the running back. It is important to watch the running back in case he goes out for a route. If he does, it's your job to shut it down. But if he doesn't, you can drop back into coverage to help the secondary and lurk the QB for potential interceptions.

    Second Play

    Now, let's talk about Cover 4 Drop.

    Now that we have the core blitz for the defense, we need a play where we can make it look like we are running the Pinch Buc Zero play, but actually will be dropping back players into coverage. This is why we will be using Cover 4 Drop out of the 3-4 formation, which is great against the run because of the safety run help and it can eliminate the pass with eight players dropping back into coverage.

    But to make this play look like Pinch Buc Zero, you want to change the alignment to base. But to make it even more similar, you want to user one of the Linebackers and put them over the A gap like we did in the Pinch Buc Zero play. This will give the opponent less of a tell for what play we are in because we are doing the same pre-snap adjustments every single play.

    For Cover 4 Drop, the first thing I do is either pinch the whole defense or press my defense. This will bring everybody in the secondary down, including the corners. And the reason these corners are better off playing down is because it gives them better leverage to guard corner routes and run with vertical or any deep routes.

    Now, because Cover 4 Drop is mainly a medium and deep route prevention defense, you may want to make some adjustments to guard the underneath routes. You can do so by putting the curl flat Defenders on a hard flat by pressing Y and down with the right stick. This will help defend any quick short passes.

    And one quick tip is that if you want to put a cloud flat on the curl flat defenders instead of a hard flat, you can actually press Y, then up on the right stick after you put them on a hard flat, and then, they will turn into a cloud flat.

    Cloud flats cover a little more depth and could guard out routes, curls, and some corner routes opposed to hard flats, which only cover quick short passes near the line of scrimmage.

    Now you can also utilize Zone Drops in this play. Zone Drops are useful for when you want a zone to drop to a certain point on the field. So if you want extra help to guard corner routes, you can put the curl flat zones on 20 to 25 yards. This will help guard the corner routes along with a deep quarter zone that turned into an interception.

    And you will see that the deep quarter was over the top of this corner out and the curl flat defender with the 20 yard zone drop was underneath the corner route. So, if the QB under threw the ball our curl flat zone drop at 20 yards would easily be able to make a play on the ball. So, we had the corner route on lock over the top and underneath.

    And as the user in this play, you want to be one of the hook curl linebackers. Your goal is to take away any routes that go through the middle of the field and then work your way outside for additional coverage help. So, when running these two plays, Pinch Buc Zero and Cover 4 Drop, it's important to mix up the play calling. Because when each play looks the exact same, your opponent will never know what one you're running if you're bringing heat or dropping everybody back.

    Dime and Dollar

    Now, because you cannot substitute safeties in the linebacker position in the 3-4 Formation, it is important to have formations that can match teams with a lot of speed. So, we will be looking at the formations Dollar and Dime.

    In Dollar, you want to make sure to sub in safeties at the linebacker position so you can match up well against pass heavy sets. This way, you'll be able to do more unique coverage setups by using hybrid defenses and cross manning.

    Cross Man Defense (3rd Play)

    Cross Manning is a way of disguising manned defense setups by manning up receivers, tight ends or running backs in the opposite direction of your players.

    Here's an example. In this play, I am in Cover 4 Drop in Dollar. I decided that I wanted to cross man Trevon Diggs with the inside wide receiver because if the inside wide receiver were to run a corner route, Diggs would already have outside leverage to guard the corner. So, the wide receiver would just be running a route directly into my defensive back.

    Then, I manned up the slot corner with the outside wide receiver and put my safety on a deep half this way. I have a defender helping over the top instead of having him on a deep inside quarter, which would not protect the rest of the deep left part of the field. This would be considered a hybrid defense because we are mixing Man Coverage and Zone Coverage into one play.

    Now when the ball snapped, you will see that the receivers did not run out routes or corner routes, but instead ran crossing route. But because we are running a hybrid defense, the crossers ran right into our zones on the right side while still having the two manned up DBS following the crossers.

    But because we lost our zone help on the side we cross manned, it is the users his job to help with any crossing route going to that side. So, as soon as I saw Kelce running across the field where I knew we had no help, I ran with him. And you will see everything was locked up on all sides of the field and the QB threw an easy interception.

    Utilizing cross manning and hybrid defense can not only benefit your coverage, but can completely screw up your opponent's reads.

    4th Play

    Now there's also a blitz that you can create out of Cover 4 Drop in dollar.

    In this case, you want to be sure that the alignment is on base. Then, when you were in the play, pinch the D line and press your secondary. This will make the two curve flat defenders come towards the line and these two players are the defenders that you want to put on a blitz.

    And you will see that even when the running back is blocking, we are able to still get pressure on the QB. But if the blitz doesn't come in, we still need to make sure we have solid coverage on the back end.

    In a trips formation like you see here, I will usually man up the backside linebacker with the single receiver and you can also man up the corner with the running back if you think you'll be going out on a route.

    Now, if you're not a fan of the man assignments, you can also leave the backside linebacker on his default zone or put him on a purple curl flat to help with potential corner outs. On the strong side, though, you'll be using the other linebacker.

    The goal here is to take away quick passes and to try and take away your opponent's first read.

    5th Play

    Now in Dollar, I also run basic Cover 2 Man. But I want to show you an example of how you can optimize Cover 2 Man against certain offensive formations.

    In this play, I saw that the offense was in a trips formation to the boundary. And because there were three wide receivers on the short side of the field, I felt that it would be very tough to run any out breaking route because of how condensed the formation was and with my corners pressing, it would disrupt any route to the outside as well.

    So because there was a high chance that all three of these receivers were running an in breaking route, I shaded my defense to the inside while usering the blitzing linebacker to help with routes going to the middle of the field.

    And you will see that every receiver did in fact run an in breaking route, which led right into our inside shaded corners, which locked every route up and turned into a big pick six.

    6th Play

    In case you need another blitz in your arsenal, we're going to go over DB Blitz Zero in the Dime Formation.

    In this play, you want to make sure to set the alignment to default. And when you get into the play, all you're going to do is pinch the whole defense by pressing RB and down with the left stick, and then you're going to slant your D line inside, but pressing left on the D pad and down with the right stick.

    For you, you want to user the linebacker that is manned up on the running back. Of course, if you have an excellent running back, even better! As long as you have enough MUT 24 Coins, you can achieve this very quickly.

    To make your life easier though, you can shade over to the side of the running back, but to optimize the blitz, hover over one of the defensive linemen or gaps and cover the running back If he goes out on a route.

    And you will see that in this blitz, you'll have instant pressure coming from the edges for big time disruptions and sacks.

  • Madden 24: How To Easily Earn Rich Coins? - Coin Making Method

    Posted: Aug 30, 2023

    There are multiple currencies to track in Madden NFL 24 that can be used to accomplish different things in the game. Like Training Point, MUT 24 Coin is an important currency in the game. It helps you get Player Cards, MUT Packs, and other items.

    Having enough Coins can help you achieve success faster, so it is crucial to know how to acquire them quickly and efficiently. But it is relatively difficult to acquire and accumulate. But don’t worry, I will share all the known tips and methods with you. You can use them to get Madden NFL 24 Coins in the game quickly and easily!

    Daily Login

    The first and easiest way is to log into Madden NFL 24 every day. Then it rewards you with something, including hundreds of coins. This amount increases daily and is only reset if you skip a day.

    Complete Solo Challenges & Daily Missions

    Like most modern online games, Madden NFL 24 has some sort of regular activity to keep you playing the game every day.

    If you’re new to the game, the best way to earn 10K-15K Madden 24 Coins is by completing Solo Challenges and Daily Missions. They will give you initial coins to help you improve your skills and increase your team rating. You can even earn coins by completing objectives in Competitive Field Pass.

    Team Item Sets

    Once you have acquired a decent amount of MUT 24 Coins, you can use this method to further increase your coin count. Typically, Base Team Item Sets are at the bottom of the market with little value.

    However, if you fill Item Sets with 70-79 OVR players and open Offensive Playbooks Fantasy Pack, you can sell Item Sets for a higher price. For example, the selling price of my Patriots Offense Set is about 6500 Madden 24 MUT Coins, but its cost is about 3000.

    Auction House

    Also, playing Auction House like the stock market allows you to flop your cards for a huge MUT 24 Coins profit. Typically, there may be less activity on the auction block on weekdays. You need to be vigilant and keep a record of what happens every day. You never know who might be willing to pay a premium for which card.

    Headliner Cards

    Headliner Cards are usually some special edition players. Investing in them may earn you more coins. Just note that you must focus on market changes and get Headliner Cards when the price is lower. You can then hold them until the market price increases to recover more Madden MUT 24 Coins than you originally invested.

    But I do not recommend investing in Headliner Cards if your account is short on funds. In order to prevent you from selling Cards at will when you are too short of funds.

    Player Sets

    Another great way to get MUT 24 Coins quickly is to sell Player Sets on Marketplace. Occasionally, there are some popular Player Sets on the market. For example, Kenny Picket sets are currently in high demand. Once you complete the set, you can sell it for over 200K coins.

    The above is how you can quickly earn Madden 24 Coins in the game. However, many players will try different approaches, and monitoring market changes is essential to get the most out of it.

    Also, it’s important to remember that earning coins takes time and patience. So there is no magic formula to get MUT 24 Coins fast. You need to keep trying to find out what works best for you.

  • Madden 24: Superstar Mode Is Coming Back! - Gameplay & Details

    Posted: Aug 15, 2023

    I believe many players know that Superstar Mode has returned to Madden 24. EA has also finally released some gameplay footage and everything we need to know about the mode. Next, let’s take a thorough analysis into Superstar Mode’s gameplay.

    Check out Career Mode feedback players have given us over the past few years. Obviously, the career experience most wanted by Madden players is Superstar Mode. This is a deeply advanced career mode with NFL football as its core and gameplay as its focus.

    Players have told us that some specific features of the beloved Superstar Mode are important to them. Such as playable NFL Combine, on-field feedback, and off-field perks. Where you can live out your dream of becoming an NFL Superstar.

    NFL Combine

    First, we’ll enter NFL draft as a QB, RB, WR, LB or CB. And with Coach Prime, Deion Sanders as your mentor. They also brought back a modernized version of the playable NFL Combine. This will help you start your journey and give you the chance to showcase your skills in many competitions.

    Your performance in each joint training session will affect your draft stock. It will also determine which rewards you’ll receive, which can be used to boost your rating ahead of the draft. Your starting score is based on Archetype you choose when creating your avatar. This will determine the range of results for each of your joint training sessions.

    After completing the combine mini-games, you will take part in position-specific training. This will increase or decrease your position in the draft. After you come out of Combine, you will attend a Combine interview.

    You’ll have a limited time to answer NFL football-themed trivia questions. The more questions you answer correctly, the more you’ll be asked to put on the draft board.

    After the combine, the next stop is this NFL draft. Your draft position is based on your overall performance in the combine and each team’s positional needs.

    Superstar Missions

    Another recent addition is Superstar Missions system. It provides a comprehensive quest log, allowing you to control which targets to focus on next and which rewards to chase.

    These goals include game goals, season goals, and career milestones. Even as you play deeper in your career, you’ll find some other off-court surprises. The better you play, the more MUT 24 Coins and gear you can earn.

    Side Activities & Mini-Games

    To boost your rank off the field, you also have the option to take part in some Side Activities. Opportunities to improve your or your team’s rating are provided throughout the weekly calendar. Includes: community events, training, rest and recovery, and returning Mini-Games in Madden 24.

    Each week you have the option to go to the driving range and improve your rating by playing position-related Mini-Games.

    Superstar Showdown

    In the brand new Superstar Showdown, you can compete with other Superstars from all over the world. This is the brand new fast-paced 3v3 football mode in Madden 24. Where you can showcase your player with your friends and continue to improve.

    They also used a player rating system in Superstar Showdown. But it’s tailored to the mode’s unique flavor, ensuring your game rewards match all the different Superstar mechanics. Superstar Showdown will feature new content throughout the season. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for new experiences and different rules of the game throughout the year.

    The above is everything I know about the gameplay and details of Madden 24 Superstar Mode. I think this is a big step in the right direction for Madden 24 Career Mode. If you want to try this Superstar Mode, you must not miss this guide. Looking forward to seeing you in the game.

  • Madden 24: Top 5 Offensive Playbooks That You Need To Use!

    Posted: Aug 14, 2023

    We are one day away from Madden 24, so I'm gonna go over the top five playbooks, so you do not miss a beat when the game releases. Let's get started.

    5. 49ers Playbook 

    At number five, we have the 49ers Playbook.

    This playbook has a plethora of run plays including 0 1 Trap, Calendars, Read Option, and even Halfback Power plays that you can run with Wide Receivers in the backfield.

    This playbook has Singleback Bunch X Nasty under Center, which is extremely tough to guard. The variety of run plays makes this playbook great for people who like to run the ball.

    But, there are also some lethal pass plays in this playbook. 

    Starting out of Shotgun Tight Y Off, we have the Tight End Corner, Choice Pivot Return and PA Go Slot Cross

    Then, we have Shotgun Bunch X Nasty with Speed Dig, Smash Return, and Corner Out Dig

    There is also a Shotgun Deebo Package where the Wide Receiver can run routes out of the backfield.

    This playbook is extremely dynamic, which is why it gets the number five spot.

    4. Bengals Playbook

    At number four, we have the Bengals Playbook.

    The Bengals Playbook is more of a pass heavy playbook along with the rest of the playbooks. But what makes this playbook special are the different formations it comes with.

    First, we have Shotgun Tight Slots HB Wk with plays, like Flood, Post Wheel Drage and the Four Verticals play. Pair this with Shotgun Bunch HB Str with plays, like Bench Pivot, Y-Trail, TE Vertical and PA Bunch Shot and you have an extremely dominant passing game.

    This playbook also has Shotgun Bunch Offset with Speed Dig, Smash Return, Flood, PA Dig Fork and Bench Pivot.

    3. Jets Playbook 

    And at number three, we have the Jets Playbook, which a lot of people have at number one.

    There are a lot of great pass plays and run plays in this playbook.

    Under Shotgun Trips TE Offset, we have RPO Trap Alert Bubble, Read Option, PA Crossers, and Levels Sail

    The playbook also comes with Shotgun Tight Doubles - a great formation in Madden 23, Shotgun Bunch TE, Shotgun Bunch Str Offset, and just regular Shotgun Bunch

    There are a lot of great under Center formations with a wide variety of Commanders Playbook run plays and unique pass plays.

    2. Commanders Playbook

    And at number two, which is really just tied with number one, we have the Commanders Playbook.

    This playbook is almost unfair and looks like a custom playbook. It has Shotgun Bunch Str Nasty and pretty much every play in here is great.

    This playbook also has Shotgun Bunch X Nasty, Shotgun Bunch Y-Flex, Shotgun Tight Open with plays, like Slot Post and Bench Dig Pivot. They also have Shotgun Tight Y Off, which is just unfair.

    Then, we have Shotgun Tight Y Off Wk, Shotgun Trey Y- Flex, Shotgun Trey Y- Flex Str, Shotgun Trio HB Wk and Shotgun U Off Trips.

    It also has some good under setup formations along with the Jumbo Package for Short Yardage situations

    1. Chiefs Playbook

    At number one, which again is just tied with the Commanders is the Chief's Playbook.

    It has every formation that the Commanders had, so you cannot go wrong if you pick the Commanders or the Chiefs. And that is why they are tied at number one.


    So, those are the top five playbooks in Madden 24. I would also look at the Denver Broncos Offense Playbook, which could probably squeeze into the top five as well. 

    If you don't have these playbooks yet, I suggest you prepare enough MUT 24 Coins to buy them quickly when Madden 24 is officially released.

  • Madden 24: Changes And Discussions For New Features And Mechanics! - Defense & Offense

    Posted: Aug 11, 2023

    EA recently released live gameplay footage of Madden 24, which is full of amazing new features and changes. So here I want to talk about everything new in terms of Madden 24 Ultimate Team, features, mechanics, and more. So you can get a head start when Madden 24 officially launches! Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Madden 24 Defense

    One of the main contents of this discussion is how good the zone defense is. In Madden 24, the player’s reflexes are much faster. They focus on the area they are good at, and reach their area position faster. You don’t even need to use zone drops to get players to the correct location.

    Another aspect is that without knockdown ability, their ability to intercept passes is still very good.

    In addition, we should choose which one between Pick Artist and Acrobat is something that people must pay attention to. Because if you play Ultimate Team, we can use our AP points for other things besides knockdowns. 

    I switched from Acrobat to Pick Artist because its defense is much better. So that’s a tremendous advantage of Madden 24.

    Madden 24 Offense

    We’ve all heard that Running Balls, HB Slip Screen are back. Even Dez and CleffTheGod were surprised by how good this O-line was. Because it directly affects how you run the ball and play Madden 24 more efficiently. It’s even been said that if you’re a runner, the new offense in Madden 24 must be perfect for you.

    Also, I noticed that in Madden 23, these Elite Wide Receivers route isn’t very smooth. Wide Receivers colliding with each other can often cause a lot of confusion, and may even affect the pick.

    But in Madden 24, no one actually bumps into each other, and the lines look good. It makes you feel more comfortable because the offensive player who ran out of the pocket with the quarterback is also coming back. But you need a faster quarterback. That makes sense, but it makes the game more balanced this way.

    If the defensive quarterback is contained, it will be difficult for the quarterback to climb out of the pocket, which is the way it should be. This is what we’ve been asking for in Madden, and they’ve finally given it to us. Now, people have talked a lot about this part, so I’ll do it quickly.

    It really showed this in the gameplay when Wide Receivers catch the ball. He won’t stop like he did in Madden 23. We all know this is a tremendous advantage.

    Now I want to talk about High Ball. High Ball is a little different in Madden 24 and Madden 23, and you can get out of a lot of fresh troubles with High Ball. But in Madden 24, if Wide Receivers needs to twist his body, he’s easy to get thrown over, even if he’s just an outstanding player.

    If those wide receivers need to move their bodies strangely, it will be more difficult for them to catch the ball. This might turn some of us off. But you get around that with High Ball, because it’s meta in Madden 23, and it’s honestly unstoppable. So it’s a good thing we’re in balance now.

    Also, Pass Rush is still pretty good, but they toned it down a bit. First, there will be no pressure on you. Second, you can break the ball, which is more fun. Because then you have time to actually scan the field, complete the quests and reap MUT 24 Coins reward.


    A lot of times we say EA is going to fix something, but they never do and never update. But they’re really trying to change that right now. They’re fixing certain issues and then showing what they’ve done in the game.

    So I can’t wait to try it out and test all the new features to bring you the best Madden 24 tips, tricks, and solutions. What do you think about this? See you in the game.

  • Madden NFL 24: Everything Old Is Now New In The Game! - Gameplay, Changes, Pros & Cons

    Posted: Aug 09, 2023

    EA Sports’ next upcoming launch is just around the corner with its next installment of the Madden franchise, Madden 24

    The game is scheduled to be released on August 18th 2023 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and of course, on PC as well.


    It’s uncertain whether Madden 24 will be a definitive turning point for the entire Madden franchise. Personally, I believe NFL fans will persist in purchasing the latest annual edition. I also understand that even bad publicity is still good publicity for EA Sports. Nevertheless, we’ll delve into the so-called improvements to the gameplay while also addressing the resounding criticism echoing within the gaming community.

    Some of these changes will involve the removal of the face of the Franchise Mode replacing it with the return of the old Superstar Mode as revealed by producer Connor Dougan

    The new mode focuses on providing players with a more straightforward experience, featuring tiered abilities and real-time player grading while catering to the community’s desire to play as a standout performer in various positions without unnecessary narrative elements.

    In addition, the Yard mode has also been removed as it didn’t resonate well with NFL fans in the Gaming Community. It will be replaced by a three-on-three arcade style game called Superstar: Showdown where players can team up with friends for a fast-paced avatar based gameplay.

    EA is also to reintroduce popular mini-games of the past like, Rushing Attack, a fan favorite that brings back positive Nostalgia. 

    This year’s star on the cover for the game is none other than Buffalo Bills star quarterback Josh Allen. Allen himself is coming off a strong season for the Bills with a whopping overall rating of 94. The two-time Pro Bowler finished third in the league MVP voting, all while helping lead the Bills to a 13-3 record, and their third straight AFC East title. By the way, if you want more powerful players like Josh Allen to join your team, then the prerequisite is that you must have a lot of MUT 24 Coins.

    Historically controversial, Madden 24 player ratings have recently been leaked, leaving many NFL fans head scratching on how the hell they came up with these ratings.

    Meanwhile, the rating of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Jalen Hurts at an overall 88 rating, serves as a clear indication of how these ratings might not be taken seriously. Maybe think twice when you see a Madden simulation game, trying to accurately predict a future game outcome.


    EA has promised us a lot in Madden 24 from new game modes, cross-play functionality, as well as new tweaks to the core gameplay.

    In recent years, Madden’s ratings have dipped very low and many fans of the franchise have not been happy. This has forced the developers to be proactive this year and fix things that have been a disappointment in previous years.

    One of those new improvements is the newest iteration of FieldSENSE technology. This promises to give players a more immersive experience, enhanced foundations of gameplay, and greater overall control. 

    Along with FieldSENSE technology, this brings in new features, such as Hit Everything 2.0 and Skill Based Passing 2.0. This brings in features like dive throws, upgrades to run blocking, and a revamped catching system that is designed to decrease the frequency of missed catches. 

    Another new improvement for Madden 24 is that the game also features Sapien Technology. All the player models’ skeletons have been rebuilt from the ground up. This means that animation should be smoother and have more fluidity on them. EA promises this will upgrade gameplay experience and allow the game’s controls to feel less clunky, compared to some of the previous year’s games.

    One thing many of the longtime fans of the franchise are looking forward to in Madden 24 will be the return of one of the most enjoyed game modes from the 2000s in the Madden franchise, Superstar Mode. This is an offline mode where you’ll play against the computer.

    In Superstar Mode, you’ll create your avatar and start out as a draft pick. After you’ve been drafted, you’ll work your way up the league and work towards becoming an NFL star and building your own legacy. 

    The very popular Franchise Mode will also be receiving improvements, such as added relocation options, modified free agent contracts, and a variety of new mini games as well.

    Franchise Mode was one of the downfalls of Madden 2023 as it had a lot of game breaking issues. So, this game mode hopefully being improved is a great step in the right direction for Madden games.

    EA is somewhat taking everything old is now new philosophy with Madden 24. This will also be joined with the new Superstar: Showdown, a three-on-3 game mode where you can play against your friends in online multiplayer. This game mode has been transformed from the yard that appeared in Madden 23. 

    The Superstar Showdown will be a very competitive space for players. You can challenge your friends, online opponents, or the new and improved AI. You’ll be able to team up with randoms, your own friends, or have the AI on your team. 


    The Madden franchise has taken quite a hit over the years. The franchise was a staple in gaming during the early 2000s, up until the early 2010s. 

    However, over the last decade, the franchise has gone downhill and hasn’t gotten the best ratings overall. In fact, a Madden game hasn’t received an average PlayStation rating of 610 or higher since 2013. The franchise, for many, has become stale and has had many performance issues and glitches over the last few years.

    One plausible explanation for this could be EA Sports lacking significant motivation to introduce groundbreaking innovations. While they may implement minor adjustments and reintroduce some missed mini-games, the question arises. What will truly distinguish a new Madden game from its stagnant predecessors? The Gaming Community seeks substantial advancements and fresh ideas that revolutionize the experience, not just incremental changes year after year. 

    One of the biggest complaints so far about Madden 24 is online play. Players who played the beta submitted many responses saying that the online play had a lot of issues with server connectivity and performance issues, overall leading to online play almost being unplayable as the game is very sluggish and has delayed responses.

    EA is allegedly aware of the issue and is working on it to be improved for the game’s official launch in August.


    Overall, Madden 24 seems promising to some fans. But many fans are still feeling concerned about the game, especially since Madden 23 was somewhat of a disappointment.

    Many have elaborated how they feel the franchise is very stale and aren’t looking forward to it. Many old-time fans have written off the franchise as a whole and haven’t bought any of the games in recent years.

    We continue to hear about the developers taking feedback and promising to work hard on fixing past failures and improve upon their recent issues with the franchise. 

    I’m just not sure the company is organized or incentivized enough to implement the necessary innovations possible when it comes to the Madden franchise. And that is a damn shame.

  • Madden 24: Official Gameplay Trailer - Introduction, Changes And Prospects

    Posted: Jun 29, 2023

    Hello Madden 24 fans! Today I will show you an Official Gameplay Trailer.


    The goal for gameplay in Madden NFL 24 is to provide players with more control and realism, through improvements to FieldSENSE gameplay system. A completely redesigned character skeleton, that we're calling Sapien. And enhancements to key areas of foundational football.  

    Changes In Madden 24

    In Madden 23 the mid-air tackling system changed the way players defended the passing game, but those were limited to tackling receivers who were leaping for the ball. In Madden 24 that system expands to all contestant catches, so you can now make plays on curls Slants and crossers much more effectively, and you can hit receivers coming across the middle. 

    All of these improvements increase your control and ability to defend the passing game, new Rap Tackle types like Scoop Tackles, Low Wrap Tackles, Mismatch Tackles, pay off the size momentum and matchup of every tackle.  

    And if you perform well, you will get more MUT 24 Coins, so it is very necessary for you to know about Madden 24 changes.

    Now, no matter where you place the pass, the catcher will maintain speed and momentum when catching the ball, giving you more control over the release and improve your feeling. And you jump dive and no look pass animations have been added for quarterbacks, who often improvise to manufacture a clear passing lane. 

    New Character Skeleton Sapien

    Madden 24's new character skeleton Sapien, it has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, resulting in more realistic animations that better simulate athletic performance. On the previous skeleton in Madden 23 player Limbs and Joints weren't always accurately represented, you can see here some of the new ways that Sapien and Madden 24 more accurately reflects the bodies of various NFLplayers.

    From players with a unique combination of size and athleticism, to those with more athletic builds Sapien transforms the way players look, move and perform on the virtual grid eye. With Sapien animations have higher Fidelity, and are more fluid, making the player movement more true to life for smoother gameplay in Madden 24. 

    Sapien also unlocks our ability to respond to community feedback, like adding referees back to the field, and it's optimized for both male and female characters. Enhancements to foundational football in key aspects of gameplay, increase the authenticity of every play. First up is blocking, in Madden 23 walkers sometimes miss their marks. In Madden 24, a new blocking system makes open field blocking AI smarter and more decisive, and in turn makes it easier for ball carriers to react to blocks. 

    We're also expanding FieldSENSE animation branching technology to block, it which allows the AI to branch in and out of double teams to get to the second level, chip block and push the pile. We've added new run concepts like pin and pull, and toss crack, with dynamic pre-snap targeting and pull block assignments. 

    Features Of Madden 24

    All improvements will open up more space for running gameplay in Madden 24. Enhancements to the ball carrier path binding and AI Behavior, include the implementation of frostbite navigation grid capabilities for the first time. The result is a better assessment of the playing field than defensive threats by Ball Carrier AI, and more appropriate movement through the chaos of a play. 

    Improved traits to intelligently determine quarterback intelligence performance. Each of them represents a unique defensive challenge in Madden 24. Conservative quarterbacks will check down more often, ideal decision makers know exactly when to sling in a tight window throw, and aggressive signal collars come with high risk, high reward. Mobile quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, also able to use ball carrier pathfinding, and are more dynamic to play against as a result.

    Additionally, AI quarterbacks can better execute the passing game, call hot lanes, hear voices at the foul line, and be smarter and more challenging. New read footwork and cross footwork allow defenders to see the ball and make the game more realistic, defenders now need to be able to see the ball in order to map out play.


    As a result slant routes and crossing routes will have a higher chance of breakups or interceptions, and defenders can utilize new animations to make more plays on highball. 

    • Fumble recoveries are more realistic with new animations like crowded pileups and scoop and scores.
    • On-site kicks are more authentic with the addition of new ball physics. 

    More than 70 new attacking formations, new passing and running tactics that take into account team characteristics, and over 500 new tactics in Madden 24,which make the game even more diverse. New team specific formations take into account real-life personnel alignments that allow for unique matchups, letting you be more creative when play calling.

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