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Madden 24: How To Elevate Your Franchise Mode To The Next Level? - Top 5 Challenges

Posted: Jan 26, 2024

Are you seeking a change from the usual Madden 24 gameplay? Are you eager to enhance your Franchise Mode experience? Look no further! 

In this guide, we unveil the top 5 challenges that will take your Madden 24 Franchise Mode to new heights. If you want to better complete these challenges, please prepare enough MUT 24 Coins!

Madden 24: How To Elevate Your Franchise Mode To The Next Level? - Top 5 Challenges

Challenge 1: Alma Mater Allegiance

Imagine crafting a team where every player hails from, say, the University of Alabama, a powerhouse of talent. It's like reliving the college glory days, but on a professional stage. 

Picture a squad where every player shares a common collegiate bond, bringing a unique camaraderie to your team.

Here are some rules to play by:

  • College Loyalty: Only draft, sign, or trade for players from your chosen college.
  • Trade Smart: Trades are permissible but only for alumni of your selected institution.
  • Free Agent Restrictions: The free agent pool is off-limits unless they're college comrades.

So, you have something to work towards. Here are some objectives to achieve:

  • Division Dominance: Clinch a division title with your college stars.
  • Elite Evolution: Develop at least 1 player to elite status.
  • Playoff Regulars: Reach the playoffs at least twice in 5 seasons.

Embrace the spirit of your chosen college. This challenge isn't just about winning games, it's about celebrating the legacy of a collegiate powerhouse in the NFL world. 

Challenge 2: No First Round Glitz

Think of Tom Brady, a sixth-round pick who became one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. 

This challenge mirrors such scenarios where your skill in identifying and nurturing hidden talents comes to the forefront. It's about creating a team of underdogs ready to defy expectations.

Here are your rules:

  • First-Round Farewell: Trade away any existing first-round players on your roster.
  • Late-Round Gems: Skip first-round picks in the draft, focusing on later rounds.
  • Underrated Talent: Build your team through lower-round picks and free agents.

Try to achieve the following objectives:

  • Star In The Rough: Uncover a superstar from the later rounds.
  • Winning Ways: Secure a winning season without first-round luxury.
  • Elite Squad: Create a top-five offense or defense without first-round players.

This challenge is a testament to skillful management and the belief that stars can be found anywhere not just in the glitzy first round. It's your turn to find the next diamond in the rough.

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Challenge 3: The One Contract Challenge

Imagine a world where player loyalty is fleeting, and every season could be their last on your team. 

This challenge brings a dynamic, ever-changing landscape to your Franchise Mode.

The rules are pretty straightforward:

  • Contract Finality: Once a player's contract expires, they must be released or traded.
  • Fresh Faces: Rely on the draft and short-term contracts for new talent.
  • Tag Prohibition: The franchise tag is a no-go. Let the market flow.

With this challenge, your objectives are the following:

  • Ephemeral Glory: Win a Super Bowl with a team that's always evolving.
  • Rookie Spotlight: Develop a Rookie of the Year within your ever-changing squad.
  • Consistent Excellence: Maintain a top-10 team rating despite the turnover.

In this high stakes challenge, adaptability is key. Manage wisely and watch as your team thrives in an environment of constant renewal.

Challenge 4: One-Dimensional Dominance

Visualize a team that commits entirely to either a ground and pound running game or an air raid passing attack. 

Think of the 2007 New England Patriots who leaned heavily on their passing game or the 2019 Baltimore Ravens renowned for their running. 

This challenge is about mastering one aspect of the game to an extreme degree.

The rules here are quite simple:

  • Single Focus: Commit to either a pass-only or run-only offense for the season.
  • No Flip-Flopping: Stick to your chosen style for the entire season, no matter what.
  • Roster Customization: Tailor your team's roster to maximize your chosen offensive style.

Here are your objectives to achieve within 5 seasons:

  • Statistical Domination: Lead the league in either passing or rushing yards.
  • Playoff Success: Reach the playoffs using this extreme strategy.
  • MVP Contender: Have a player from your team be a contender for MVP in your chosen style.

This challenge will push you to rethink traditional strategies and fully embrace a singular style of play. Are you ready to dominate the league in your unique way?

Challenge 5: "What If?"

Engage in a game of alternate history. For instance, what if Aaron Rodgers had never been injured in the first drive against the Jets? How would that season have unfolded? 

This challenge lets you explore these intriguing "what ifs" and rewrite history.

Here are your guidelines for your fantasy scenario:

  • Historical Setup: Choose a pivotal moment in NFL history and alter it.
  • Strategy Shift: Adjust your team's strategy and roster to align with the new scenario.
  • No Rewriting: Once the scenario is set, play it out without further alterations.

Here are some objectives to add extra depth to your journey:

  • Change Destiny: Achieve what the real team couldn't in your altered scenario.
  • Ultimate Glory: Aim to reach or win the Super Bowl under the new conditions.
  • Record Breaker: Break a real-life record related to your chosen scenario.

Here's your chance to rewrite history and explore the fascinating possibilities of what could have been. Dive into these alternate realities and carve out your own legendary path.


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