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Madden 24: Top 5 Offensive Playbooks That You Need To Use!

Posted: Aug 14, 2023

We are one day away from Madden 24, so I'm gonna go over the top five playbooks, so you do not miss a beat when the game releases. Let's get started.

Madden 24: Top 5 Offensive Playbooks That You Need To Use!

5. 49ers Playbook 

At number five, we have the 49ers Playbook.

This playbook has a plethora of run plays including 0 1 Trap, Calendars, Read Option, and even Halfback Power plays that you can run with Wide Receivers in the backfield.

This playbook has Singleback Bunch X Nasty under Center, which is extremely tough to guard. The variety of run plays makes this playbook great for people who like to run the ball.

But, there are also some lethal pass plays in this playbook. 

Starting out of Shotgun Tight Y Off, we have the Tight End Corner, Choice Pivot Return and PA Go Slot Cross

Then, we have Shotgun Bunch X Nasty with Speed Dig, Smash Return, and Corner Out Dig

There is also a Shotgun Deebo Package where the Wide Receiver can run routes out of the backfield.

This playbook is extremely dynamic, which is why it gets the number five spot.

4. Bengals Playbook

At number four, we have the Bengals Playbook.

The Bengals Playbook is more of a pass heavy playbook along with the rest of the playbooks. But what makes this playbook special are the different formations it comes with.

First, we have Shotgun Tight Slots HB Wk with plays, like Flood, Post Wheel Drage and the Four Verticals play. Pair this with Shotgun Bunch HB Str with plays, like Bench Pivot, Y-Trail, TE Vertical and PA Bunch Shot and you have an extremely dominant passing game.

This playbook also has Shotgun Bunch Offset with Speed Dig, Smash Return, Flood, PA Dig Fork and Bench Pivot.

3. Jets Playbook 

And at number three, we have the Jets Playbook, which a lot of people have at number one.

There are a lot of great pass plays and run plays in this playbook.

Under Shotgun Trips TE Offset, we have RPO Trap Alert Bubble, Read Option, PA Crossers, and Levels Sail

The playbook also comes with Shotgun Tight Doubles - a great formation in Madden 23, Shotgun Bunch TE, Shotgun Bunch Str Offset, and just regular Shotgun Bunch

There are a lot of great under Center formations with a wide variety of Commanders Playbook run plays and unique pass plays.

2. Commanders Playbook

And at number two, which is really just tied with number one, we have the Commanders Playbook.

This playbook is almost unfair and looks like a custom playbook. It has Shotgun Bunch Str Nasty and pretty much every play in here is great.

This playbook also has Shotgun Bunch X Nasty, Shotgun Bunch Y-Flex, Shotgun Tight Open with plays, like Slot Post and Bench Dig Pivot. They also have Shotgun Tight Y Off, which is just unfair.

Then, we have Shotgun Tight Y Off Wk, Shotgun Trey Y- Flex, Shotgun Trey Y- Flex Str, Shotgun Trio HB Wk and Shotgun U Off Trips.

It also has some good under setup formations along with the Jumbo Package for Short Yardage situations

1. Chiefs Playbook

At number one, which again is just tied with the Commanders is the Chief's Playbook.

It has every formation that the Commanders had, so you cannot go wrong if you pick the Commanders or the Chiefs. And that is why they are tied at number one.


So, those are the top five playbooks in Madden 24. I would also look at the Denver Broncos Offense Playbook, which could probably squeeze into the top five as well. 

If you don't have these playbooks yet, I suggest you prepare enough MUT 24 Coins to buy them quickly when Madden 24 is officially released.


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