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Madden 24: Changes And Discussions For New Features And Mechanics! - Defense & Offense

Posted: Aug 11, 2023

Posted: Aug 11, 2023

Source:  IGGM

EA recently released live gameplay footage of Madden 24, which is full of amazing new features and changes. So here I want to talk about everything new in terms of Madden 24 Ultimate Team, features, mechanics, and more. So you can get a head start when Madden 24 officially launches! Without further ado, let’s get started.

Madden 24 Defense

One of the main contents of this discussion is how good the zone defense is. In Madden 24, the player’s reflexes are much faster. They focus on the area they are good at, and reach their area position faster. You don’t even need to use zone drops to get players to the correct location.

Another aspect is that without knockdown ability, their ability to intercept passes is still very good.

First Look at Live Madden 24 Gameplay

In addition, we should choose which one between Pick Artist and Acrobat is something that people must pay attention to. Because if you play Ultimate Team, we can use our AP points for other things besides knockdowns. 

I switched from Acrobat to Pick Artist because its defense is much better. So that’s a tremendous advantage of Madden 24.

Madden 24 Offense

We’ve all heard that Running Balls, HB Slip Screen are back. Even Dez and CleffTheGod were surprised by how good this O-line was. Because it directly affects how you run the ball and play Madden 24 more efficiently. It’s even been said that if you’re a runner, the new offense in Madden 24 must be perfect for you.

Also, I noticed that in Madden 23, these Elite Wide Receivers route isn’t very smooth. Wide Receivers colliding with each other can often cause a lot of confusion, and may even affect the pick.

But in Madden 24, no one actually bumps into each other, and the lines look good. It makes you feel more comfortable because the offensive player who ran out of the pocket with the quarterback is also coming back. But you need a faster quarterback. That makes sense, but it makes the game more balanced this way.

Madden NFL 24 Gameplay Breakdown

If the defensive quarterback is contained, it will be difficult for the quarterback to climb out of the pocket, which is the way it should be. This is what we’ve been asking for in Madden, and they’ve finally given it to us. Now, people have talked a lot about this part, so I’ll do it quickly.

It really showed this in the gameplay when Wide Receivers catch the ball. He won’t stop like he did in Madden 23. We all know this is a tremendous advantage.

Now I want to talk about High Ball. High Ball is a little different in Madden 24 and Madden 23, and you can get out of a lot of fresh troubles with High Ball. But in Madden 24, if Wide Receivers needs to twist his body, he’s easy to get thrown over, even if he’s just an outstanding player.

If those wide receivers need to move their bodies strangely, it will be more difficult for them to catch the ball. This might turn some of us off. But you get around that with High Ball, because it’s meta in Madden 23, and it’s honestly unstoppable. So it’s a good thing we’re in balance now.

Also, Pass Rush is still pretty good, but they toned it down a bit. First, there will be no pressure on you. Second, you can break the ball, which is more fun. Because then you have time to actually scan the field, complete the quests and reap MUT 24 Coins reward.

Madden 24 Ultimate Team Details


A lot of times we say EA is going to fix something, but they never do and never update. But they’re really trying to change that right now. They’re fixing certain issues and then showing what they’ve done in the game.

So I can’t wait to try it out and test all the new features to bring you the best Madden 24 tips, tricks, and solutions. What do you think about this? See you in the game.


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