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News Tag: WoW Dragonflight Gold

  • WOW Dragonflight: How To Obtain The New Secret Cosmetic Item? - Lord Godfrey's Old Spectacles

    Posted: Jan 18, 2024

    In this guide, I want to show you how you can get a secret item called Lord Crowley’s Old Spectacles that has been added in WoW Dragonflight after the patch 10.2.5. And that you can get in the new revent area of Gilneas. So, this is an item that you won't be able to see in your appearance tab if you don't collect it, but as you will see, this is a really cool cosmetic item. This is an item that has been datamined back in Cataclysm, and since then, a lot of people have been speculating when we will be able to get it.

    What Is The Item?

    This is something that was datamined in Cataclysm, and the name was Lord Cowley’s Old Spectacles. But now we’re getting this Lord Godfrey’s Old Spectacles instead. So, this is a really cool piece. This is a cosmetic item, so it means that you can use it on any of your characters.

    This is a Bind on Pickup (BoP) item, so it means that you will have to farm it yourself. You won’t be able to use your WoW Dragonflight Gold to buy it on the auction house.

    How To Get This Item?

    In order to get this item, it’s going to be pretty simple. All you want to do is fish in any of the areas in Gilneas, and especially, personally, I did it just here next to the Aderic’s Repose zone. At some point, you will have a chance at getting this item. So, this is really something you can do as soon as you have fishing, and then you just need to be a little bit patient, fish until you get the item.

    When you have it, you will receive it like directly from fishing. And then you can use the cosmetic item. Again, you can use it on any of your characters. I’m not 100% sure if this is something that will only drop after you complete the ‘Reclaiming Gilneas’ quest line or if you can do it even without having completed this quest line.

    But just in case, I would recommend you to first complete the ‘Reclaiming Gilneas’ quest line. It takes maybe like 20-30 minutes max. And you will be able to get a cool new mount and also a cool transmog set. And after that, you will be sure that if you start fishing, you’re not doing it in vain.

    Why It Is A Secret Item?

    As I already mentioned, you won’t be able to find it in your appearance tab. So, you first need to learn it in order to see it. For instance, I don’t have anything when I type ‘Lord’ and especially ‘Lord Godfrey.’ But and then if I run it, it just appeared. So, this is really a secret item, which I find it really cool.

    So, I really hope you will be able to get this new cosmetic added in the new patch 10.2.5 in WoW Dragonflight and I am sure you will also like it.

  • WOW Dragonflight: How About This Epic Cataclysm Skinning Gold Farming?

    Posted: Jan 17, 2024

    In this guide, I will be talking about Cataclysm Skinning gold farming, which means we'll be using a Potion of Treasure Finding. The tiny treasure chests you'll be receiving contain items that sell amazingly well. So, grab a potion off the auction house if you don't already have one and then hop in the portal to Uldum.

    Get To Uldum

    If you're unfamiliar with how to get to Uldum, just head over to your faction's Earthshrine and use the portal. Once you arrive, be sure to chat with Zidormi to make sure you're in the correct timeline. You'll see her location marked on the map with a small chat bubble when you talk to her. If you're prompted to return to the current time, you'll know you're in Cataclysm, so just stay put. However, if you get a prompt asking about Uldum during the time of Cataclysm, be sure to switch to it as it's the only way you'll see the mobs you'll be farming.

    Potion of Treasure Finding

    Now that we know we're in the correct timeline, let's head down south to the location marked on the map, which is located between Neferset City and the Lost City of Tol'vir. Don't forget to drink your Potion of Treasure Finding, as it will play a big role in your overall profits. I'll wait to open up all of the tiny treasure chests until the end of this short 5-minute farming session.

    I think potions typically go for a little over 200 WoW Dragonflight Gold a piece, but they last for an hour, and you'll see that they more than paid for themselves just in the short time I was farming.

    How To Skinning?

    Notice the first few pulls where I'm trying to use my regular abilities to kill the young Crocolisk. But it doesn't work very well, so just use one of your AOE abilities, and the entire farm will run more efficiently. You'll also want to make sure you're waiting for the slowing debuff you receive to expire, as opening the next egg cluster before it expires will result in Crocolisk that you'll be unable to kill and skin. For this reason, I don't recommend using a Darkmoon Firewater potion to speed up your skinning, as you'll likely just be waiting for that debuff to expire.

    You could only received one BOE pattern during this short farming session, a lot of BOEs typically drop from this farm. You'll get next to nothing vendoring them, and if you're not into the transmog farm thing, just put them up on the auction house for a fraction of the current market price. You'll likely not sell them all right away, but they will sell a lot quicker. Not only will you have people leveling alts that will buy the stuff, but people flipping things on the auction house will be buying up the items as well.

    In an hour of farming, you'll likely make between 250 and 1,000 extra gold using this strategy. The drop rates for the tiny treasure chest and the BOE can vary greatly, so just keep grinding and the result will be good. So, just hang out for a few more minutes, and then open up all of the tiny treasure chests and stomachs gathered through skinning.

  • WOW Dragonflight: How To Easily Conquer The Guardian Druid Mage Tower Challenge?

    Posted: Jan 16, 2024

    I will give you an ultimate Guardian Druid Mage Tower guide in WoW Dragonflight. You’re about to tackle the Highlord's return, where your mission is to defeat 2 bosses: Inquisitor Variss and Highlord Kruul. This battle is no walk in the park, as it’s split into 2 challenging phases. First, you’ll face Variss and his pesky minions. After taking him down, you’ll square off against the final boss, Highlord Kruul. Prepare for enough WOW Dragonflight Gold if you get into trouble in the boss fight.

    The real trick in this challenge is to stay on the platform while battling these tough bosses and their underlings. Don’t worry. you’re not alone. You’ve got allies like Velen and Kor'vas Bloodthorn. Velen's Holy Ward, which pops up every 30 seconds, is a total game-changer. It fully heals you, clears debuffs, and stuns enemies for 5 seconds. Kor'vas mainly deals damage, and in this intense battle, every little bit helps. It’s crucial to keep both NPCs alive to avoid having to start over. This challenge ranks among the game's toughest. You need to constantly watch your debuffs, move skillfully, and strike hard.

    Inquisitor Variss

    Phase 1 begins as soon as you step onto the platform. Your main objective is to defeat Inquisitor Variss and his summoned mobs. Be alert for his Aura of Decay, Drain Life, and Mind Rend. It’s critical to keep Aura of Decay stacks under 5 and interrupt Drain Life quickly, or he'll recover his health.

    You’ll also encounter the Tormenting Eye, Smoldering Infernal, and Nether Horror. The Tormenting Eye's Inquisitive Stare can knock you off the platform, so face it when it casts. Use Moonfire against it, as it’s immune to physical damage. The Smoldering Infernal's Smash attack can also throw you off, but it inflicts damage on itself with the Fel Resonation debuff, so focus on dodging its primary attack. Nether Horrors will go after Velen, but they’re weak and can be easily eliminated. Try using Holy Ward to interrupt Drain Life if needed. Don't waste your interrupts on Mind Rend. Always protect Velen. Deal with the smaller mobs before refocusing on Variss. With some practice, you’ll find Phase 1 becoming easier as you improve in dodging and managing debuffs.

    Highlord Kruul

    After Variss, you'll face Highlord Kruul. The Tormenting Eye won't appear anymore, but the other mobs will continue to challenge you. Kruul has 3 main abilities: Annihilate, Nether Stomp, and Twisted Reflection, with the latter requiring a quick interrupt since it significantly heals Cruel. Use Holy Ward to reset the stacks of Annihilate and minimize heavy damage. Keep the Nether Horrors away from Velen. Avoid Nether Stomp to ensure you stay on the platform.

    Although challenging, it’s unlikely that the Guardian Druid Mage Tower will be nerfed. Some classes and specializations might find it a bit more manageable. Conquer this challenge, and you'll earn a stylish transmog set for Guardian Druids. The highlight is the Fel WearBear Druid form, a symbol of your victory over one of the game's most demanding challenges.

    Completing all 7 Mage Tower encounters rewards you with the Soaring Spelltome mount, a rare and prestigious achievement. If you’re eager to unlock these rewards faster, check out our Timewalking and Mage Tower boost. Let our experienced pros handle the challenge for you while you kick back and enjoy the loot.

  • WOW Dragonflight: A New Activity In the Coming Patch 10.2.5! - Follower Dungeons

    Posted: Jan 15, 2024

    I’ve got a quick guide for everything you need to know about follower dungeons coming WoW Dragonflight 10.2.5. In patch 10.2.4, if you haven’t heard, Follower Dungeons are normal Dragonflight dungeons where you can queue for any role you want and have four other NPC companions help you throughout the dungeon and guide you through them. From everything I’ve seen and tested, it’s a fantastic addition to WoW, especially for new players, and really does a great job teaching you the new dungeons.

    You’d play one of your characters, and the others would turn into the NPCs. It would be great for gearing all of your fresh alts at the same time. I’d also like to be able to do this with heroic dungeons and maybe Mythic 0s for gearing. That would be fantastic. Let’s get into the guide. Prepare for enough WoW Dragonflight Gold if you want to do this more easily.

    How To Start

    To start a follower dungeon and loot into the guide, to queue for a follower dungeon or to get into one, you just have to open your group finder. On the bottom right of your screen, there’s a little eye icon. If you’re using the default UI, or it’s usually key-bound to 'I' as well. You open the group finder here, the same place as if you’ve done Heroic Dungeons, Time Walking Dungeons.

    On the left, you’ll see Dungeon Finder and Raid Finder. It’ll be under Dungeon Finder, and there’ll be a new little section called Follower Dungeons. Then you can select whatever role you want—Tank, Healer, or DPS—and then you can select whatever dungeon you want to do. You can select all of them if you’d like. Then you find a group. It doesn’t really matter what role you pick. It’s a really fast queue, only takes a few seconds to pop up, and for you to enter. You can also leave the queue with no penalty, and you can do that over and over again, which is really nice.

    As for loot for these dungeons, they drop at a normal level on all the Dragonflight dungeons. So it’s at Level 421 gear, an Explorer gear. But this is honestly a really great way to gear fresh Level 70s or alts really quickly on your own in your own free time, which is pretty fantastic.

    If you don’t have a group for Mythic 0s or jumping into mythics or anything like that, or you’re not geared enough to do raid finder, this will get your raid finder ready. If you do these, upgrade them into a couple of pieces here and there, you can jump into a raid finder for the newest raid.

    Dungeon Assistance Tool

    Once you get into a dungeon, they’re very straightforward, so not too difficult to navigate through. But if you’re new to the game or the dungeons themselves, Blizzard has added a new dungeon assistance tool that you can toggle on or off. If you turn this on, someone in your group can take charge and guide you through the dungeon.

    Even if you’re not the tank, if you’ve queued as the tank, DPS will tell you where to go and even start the pulls for you. If you’ve queued as a DPS or Healer, the tank will be the one to guide you throughout. They do a good job with pulling and pathing from what I’ve seen and will even mount up if you need to go a pretty far direction. Although they will sometimes stand there for a few seconds, and then remount randomly and go in a different direction. I think you just give them a second, and then they’ll refocus or go in the right direction. They also pull very small, typically, which isn’t a bad thing if you’re new or learning. Even if you have the assistance tool off and you’re not the tank, the tank will grab aggro from whatever you pulled.

    Tips On Follower Dungeons

    There’s more information about the Follower Dungeons.

    There is no timer in these dungeons, so you can stop at any point if you need to do something and come back when you can. Your followers will also talk throughout the dungeons. They'll even give you little tips to deal with certain mechanics or what you need to do to get to a different section. Like in Algeth'ar Academy, for instance, your follower NPCs will tell you to use the wind to jump across the platforms to go to the next section.

    For DPS and Healer, it’s pretty good. Honestly, it’s by no means great or insane, but you blow through the mobs pretty quick in terms of DPS. And even if you pull crazy like an insane amount, your healing companion does a great job keeping everyone alive. Honestly, no complaints in that area.

    As for interrupting and mechanics, the followers do a pretty good job with mechanics, even better than me at some points, which is pretty funny and embarrassing. But they interrupt sometimes. It’s by no means often, and it’s not a priority to them at all. The dungeons are pretty easy. But just wanted to let you know if they do plan on increasing the difficulty, like adding this into Heroic Dungeons or maybe Mythic zeros, then I’m assuming that part of that, maybe even DPS, would increase as well.

    If you’ve done Brackenhide Hollow before, there are little cages you have to open up. You have to open up a few of them to get to the next boss. They won’t do that for you at all. You have to be the one that does the objectives physically, do the objectives. So you’ll have to be the one that interacts and opens the cages. The same goes for any other similar objectives in any of the dungeons.

    It’s possible that this might change in the future, but I doubt it, since I think the goal of these follower dungeons is to learn the dungeons themselves, to learn about the objectives. So you can probably go out and do Mythic+ in the future, Mythic 0s, Heroic or something. That’s basically everything you need to know about follower dungeons, a pretty straightforward and easy new activity to do.

  • WOW Dragonflight: 5 Simple Methods To Make A WoW Token Monthly - Gold Farming Guide

    Posted: Jan 11, 2024

    I’ll be showing you 5 ways to easily make enough gold for a WoW Token, so that you do not have to pay money. If you can relate to struggling to pay for a WoW Token each month, or if you’re just looking for some easy income while you play the game. If you’re not too much of a gold farmer, let me give you 5 tips on how you can easily afford your WoW Token every single month.

    5. Miscellaneous Items

    The first thing I want to highlight in this guide are a couple of miscellaneous items that sell for quite a bit. I’ll be highlighting the Big Red Raygun Toy, which you can find on the Alcaz Island in Dustwallow Marsh. It may also help to turn on War Mode so that there is less competition here, because sometimes people camp it.

    But basically, as I’ve shown there, you’ll get dismounted when coming near. So just make sure you have a Slow Fall or Glide if you’re a Demon Hunter or anything like that. Then just come on over and kill a little guard, then talk with Doctor Weevil. Now, he can drop the Big Red Raygun toy. Basically, end him and then loot, and you have a 3% chance at the toy.

    Next up on the list, we have the Hosen Peace Pipe. This is a miscellaneous item dropped by one mob, a rare spawn named Scritch. Just come on over here in Kun-Lai Summit, and he spawns in any of these little caves. He has about a 10% chance to drop the Hosen Peace Pipe, and that is worth about 10 to 20K, and it sells quite quickly. So make sure to give this one a try as well.

    4. Vendor Flips

    Next on the list, we have a couple of vendor flips. Now, this one is the Frozen Orb vendor flip in the Northrend Dalaran. Just talk to the vendor, buy these Frozen Orbs, or check the auction house if they might be cheaper. Then, fly on over to this side over here. We’ll be talking to a vendor who basically gives you the chance to exchange one Frozen Orb for any of the Eternal materials. Now, just make sure to check the auction house, but this could be an absolute gold mine, and it’s literally infinite, which is why I love these vendor flips. So make sure to check this out as well.

    And I thought I’d mention this one as well in Pandaria. Same kind of thing, basically. You’ll bring Spirits of Harmony and exchange them for Pandaren materials. The main ones that you’ll be after in terms of profit will most likely be the Trillium Ore, which will be on the second page. That’s usually the best. But the Ghost Iron Ore or the Prismatic Scales can also be really nice. You can do this as many times as you like. So check your auction house.

    3. Battle Pets

    At number 3, we have any sort of battle pets farming. Now, the one in the background is my absolute favorite to farm for battle pets. At the farm in particular, we are in the very top of Feralas in Kalimdor, and we are farming for the Emerald Whelpling as well as the Sprite Darter Hatchling.

    I will skin these mobs, and that is because they can give the Green Whelp Scales. Now, this is a pretty rare material because it only comes from a few mobs, this being one of them. So make sure to definitely have a skinner over here, and this will really increase the WoW Dragonflight Gold per hour.

    There are tons of different battle pet farms, such as various raids. You have things like all the other Whelplings like the Azure Whelpling, Bronze Whelpling, Dark Whelpling, Crimson Whelpling, and you also have the Firefly.

    2. Transmog

    At number 2, we have transmog. The reason I’m only putting this at number 2 is because for the average person, making a WoW token per month can seem a little difficult. I don’t believe that transmog is the best route for a new player, just wanting to afford their token each month.

    I think that transmog farming is better for someone who is a kind of all-in with gold making, and that is their main enjoyable thing to do in WoW. Because you need to put in a lot of hours to build up your transmog auction house, you need over a thousand pieces of transmog in order to get very good sales.

    But for the average person making a WoW token a month, I don’t believe it’s the best just because of how much time you have to play, specifically farming for transmog, and that may not be some people’s cup of tea. But if you put the time in, transmog is definitely super rewarding.

    1. Gathering

    Coming in at number 1, which should not be too much of a surprise to most of you out there, is gathering. Now, by gathering, I mean primarily Mining and Herbalism, but you could exchange Herbalism for Skinning. I always believe that Mining is the best, especially for old World content. So basically, you have to put in maybe like 7 to 10 hours a month of gathering alone, and you should easily have enough gold for your WoW Token.

    We have things like the Vashj'ir farm for Obsidian and the Azshara's Veil. Then we also have Wintergrasp for Titanium Ore, and we also have the Whiptail farm in Uldum, Storm Silver Ore in Kul Tiras. There are tons of great gathering farms with variety, and with the amount of time per month that you have to put in to make enough for a WoW Token. I highly believe it is the most efficient use of your time.

    So that wraps it up for my top 5 tips for making enough gold for a WoW Token each month. If you implement some of these tips, or even if you just do one or 2 of them, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem earning enough for your WoW.

  • WOW Dragonflight: How About The New Mounts In The Latest Upcoming Patch 10.2.5?

    Posted: Jan 04, 2024

    This is a quick guide to the new mounts that you may expect to see in the upcoming patch 10.2.5 in WoW Dragonflight. By the end, you’ll have a good idea of where to get most of these mounts, or at least you’ll know what’s coming.

    Trading Post Mounts

    Let’s start with some Trading Post mounts. The reign of the Majestic Azure Peafowl looks like it’s going to be the capstone that you get when completing the Traveler’s Log.

    The Savage Blue Battle Turtle is a recolor of an old mount, pretty self-explanatory there.

    The reigns of the Fur-Endship Fox is very odd to pronounce. Anyway, it’s a fox skin with a special holiday flare, and safe to say that this will show up on the February Trading Post.

    The Noble Flying Carpet drops off of Daeton Swiftplume. Save gas, this is a good old-fashioned drop from a rare mob, although the location is unknown.

    The Heartseeker Mana Ray is a manor recolor that you can use your WoW Dragonflight Gold to buy it in the Love is in the Air Event when that's available.

    You're going to need Love Tokens earned from completing daily quest content while the event is active. But my favorite way to do it, at least last year, was to pick up the Lovely Charm Kit and destroy the outdoor version of Brackenheight Hollow, get the items that you need to perform multiple turn-ins for Love Tokens, buy the mount.

    The Compass Rose will be earned during the Hearthstone 10th-anniversary period, which should be in March. We’ll just find out more details soon.

    Also coming is the Fiery Hearthseed, which should be pretty familiar if you think back 10 years ago to the original Hearthsteed. It just happens to be showing up hero.

    Azerothian Archives Event

    The new Azerothian Archives event is coming in 10.2.4, and of course, it includes a few mounts. The Clayscale Hornstriders is listed as a drop, so I’m going to take a guess and say that as long as you keep participating in the event, which involves cracking open a bunch of loot boxes, you’ll eventually get this mount.

    Also on the vendor, we have the Explorer's Stonehide Packbeast. If the model here is of any indication, this thing is really big, like Brutosaur kind of big. It’s also very expensive to get, so expect to spend a lot of time over here in the Azer span completing this event to eventually get this mount and maybe the Hornstrider too.

    Finally, there are some additional recolors coming in this patch, including the Twilight Sky Prowler, the Brilliant Sunburst Peafowl, the Star Twilight Peafowl, and the Soaring Skyfox. As of right now, they don’t have sources. It’s kind of interesting though that these are recolors, and I should point out many items were recently added to a Black Market vendor that you can buy for gold until they go on the proper Black Market auction house later this year.

    In this case, these are recolors of what’s currently being posted on the Trading Post. So the idea of mount recolors might take a fresh approach. Like these could also be added at the same time as others in the Black Market Auction House, adding a gold sink and just more of everything to get from additional sources. This is all speculation though.

    It’s just kind of cool seeing more opportunities for cool stuff by doing a variety of activities. Those are the 12 mounts that we know of coming into this upcoming patch. Now there’s definitely one more in the form of the Lunar New Year mount, and there’s no telling if that’s going to be a brand new mount.

  • WoW Dragonflight: A Quick Guide On Enhancement Shaman Build - Gears, Talents & Rotation

    Posted: Jan 02, 2024

    I’m bringing you an Enhancement Shaman guide for WoW Dragonflight 10.2, the Emerald Dream episode. We’ll start by covering gear, then stats, talents, and last but not least, the rotation. Make sure that you have plenty of WoW Dragonflight Gold, then just dive into this guide.


    To start with gears, we’ll be looking for tier set pieces. The current tier set works as follows: for the 2-piece set bonus, every time we cast Primordial Wave, we summon one Fiery Spirit to help us with damage. For the 4-piece set bonus, every time we summon a Fiery Spirit, it reduces our Primordial Wave cooldown by 7 seconds. Doing the math, we can reduce our Primordial Wave cooldown to a total of 21 seconds. This enhances our rotation, increases damage, and makes it more fluid.


    Then let's talk about talents. Talents are crucial in playing Enhancement Shaman in WoW Dragonflight, and I highly suggest that you get all of them:

    Improved Raging and Overflowing Maelstrom: Makes our spenders hit harder, and allows us to store up to 10 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon.

    Hailstorm: Enhances Frost Shock damage based on Maelstrom Weapon stacks consumed.

    Ice Strike: Generates one stack of Maelstrom Weapon and makes our next Frost Shock hit 100% harder.

    Molten Assault: Enables spreading Flame Shock dots to nearby enemies.

    Hot Hands: Buff with 40% extra damage and 75% reduced cooldown time on Lava Lash.

    Ashen Catalyst: Increases Lava Lash damage and reduces its cooldown based on Flame Shock ticks.

    Lashing Flames: A 20-second debuff that increases Flame Shock damage on the target.

    Witch Doctor’s Ancestry: reduces the cooldown of Feral Spirit for each Maelstrom Weapon stack generated.

    Primal Maelstrom: makes each cast of Primordial Wave generate 10 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon immediately.

    Splintered Elements: Buffs Primordial Wave to grant a haste buff for our next Lightning Bolt cast, scaling with the number of extra Lightning Bolts generated by each enemy affected by Flame Shock.


    At last is the rotation. The rotation starts with Primordial Wave and Wolves. Then, proceed to spread Flame Shock to at least 5 enemies, followed by casting Lightning Bolt for the Splintered Elements buff. With a 10-stack buff for Hailstorm, our next Frost Shock hits harder and affects more enemies. Continue with Ice Strike to enhance Frost Shock damage, then cast Frost Shock. Build Maelstrom Weapon stacks with Crash Lightning for its buff, making builders hit multiple targets. two

    When reaching 8 to 10 stacks, spend on Chain Lightning due to the number of enemies and no priority. The rotation is open-ended beyond this point, and attention should be given to the priority list.

    For a single-target rotation, Elemental Blast is used when sitting on 2 charges or when offensive abilities are active. Otherwise, spend on Lightning Bolt. Prioritize Storm Strike over Crash Lightning in one-mob encounters like bosses, as it deals with more damage. In encounters with a priority target, use Crash Lightning to buff uptime and spend single-target abilities on the priority target.

  • WOW Dragonflight: 5 Best Dungeons To Farm For Transmog Gold

    Posted: Dec 29, 2023

    This is my top 5 list as far as farming transmog in dungeons in WoW Dragonflight. I figured this guide would give you quite a good start if you’re getting into transmog or if you’re just looking to change it up. Maybe you get some unique items you don’t have on your auction house. So, I hope you get some inspiration to farm some of these.

    Make sure that you have enough WoW Dragonflight Gold and then let's go over these 5 dungeons.

    5. Shadowfang Keep

    Coming in at number 5, we have Shadowfang Keep. Now, Shadowfang Keep is more of a super item kind of farm. There are a bunch of zone drops that drop quite frequently that are not for the super rare variety type. It’s pretty simple. Just do a full clear.

    Don’t go all the way to the last boss. I’ll show you where I stop ahead of time. But the notable items from this dungeon are things like the Shadowfang. Obviously, you have the Gloomshroud Armor, Assassin’s Blade, Necrology Robes. You have the Guillotine Axe, Face Smasher, Night Reaver, Magefist Gloves and so on.

    As far as the green transmogs, there’s not a lot here. You got like the Buccaneer’s Vest. Silver-Thread Armor is decent, but overall, you’re really after those BOE blues, and that’s why it’s only number five on this list, even though I love farming it.

    4. Scarlet Monastery

    At number 4, we have the Scarlet Monastery. Now, I know some people love Scarlet Monastery. I am not the biggest fan of farming it, but I do believe it is quite great. So, the main thing you’re after here are obviously some sets of the green. So, you have some decent sets like the Elegant set, Hyperion set, some other green sets like that.

    But the main reason we are farming the Scarlet Monastery is for the BOE blue drops that can only drop from here in particular. And there is a big list of these. So, I probably won’t list all of them, but we have things like the Cobalt Crusher, the Sunblaze Coif, the Butcher, Silver-Blade, the Bear Robes, which is personally one of my favorites, the Fight Club, Watchman Pauldrons. The Scarlet Boots are amazing. You have a super rare with the Archon Chest Piece.

    There’s a ton of amazing drops from Scarlet Monastery, not to mention the loot table is a bit broken. So, since this is like a mid-classic level dungeon, it shouldn’t drop endgame classic World epics and World drops. But Scarlet Monastery drops the Skullflame Shield and things like that.There are also The Cloudkeeper Legplates drops, Orb of Deception. It’s not supposed to be dropping items like that, but it does, and it’s not that. That’s been something that’s like an exploit or anything like that. That’s kind of how Blizzard coded it.

    3. Razorfen Kraul

    Coming in at number 3 is good old Razorfen Kraul. Now, if you’ve been a transmog farmer for any period of time, you’ve probably stepped foot in Razorfen Kraul. But some people with more established auction houses tend to overlook it.

    Now, there are a bunch of RFK BOE blue drops. You got like Avenger's Armor. You got the Black Knight. You got the Pugilist Bracers, Pysan's Old Greatsword. There’s just a ton of great ones, not to mention all of the green sets. This dungeon is really good for filling up your auction house with decently good value greens. You got things like the Spike Chain set. You got the Raincaller set, the Sentry set, Slayer set, Pathfinder set, the Doomsayer set.

    Even if you did like a hundred runs of this dungeon, you’d still have some gear you didn’t have, so it’s absolutely fantastic. Don’t forget, towards the end of the dungeon, as we’ll pull up here in just a second, there is an enormous Bullfrog. Always make sure to kill this frog. This frog has a 100% chance to spawn in the dungeon, and he has a great chance of dropping a BOE blue item or a frog pet.

    2. Sunwell

    Now, coming in at number 2, we have Sunwell. I love farming Sunwell. There are tons of BOE World drop patterns you can get from Sunwell. Now, this is a raid. Make sure to not kill any raid bosses or you will be locked to the instance for a week on that character.

    There are a ton of Engineering schematics of goggles that, with the new, not brand new but the recent patch included a bunch of cosmetic goggles for people to craft them, thus making these patterns surge in price. There are tons of them for like 30, 50, 70k. If we didn’t get an engineering pattern, we did get a zone pattern, which there is plenty of for Crafting Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring. Overall, there are tons of patterns.

    You also have the chance at Felsteel Longblade, Blade of Wizardry, all those great BOE epic World drops. Like I said, the transmog isn’t great in this dungeon. You’re mainly here looking for those epic patterns. We did get a world drop, but it wasn’t a great one. But I love farming Sunwell to gather those patterns and World drops. It’s absolutely amazing.

    1. Razorfen Downs

    And coming in at number 1, we have Razorfen Downs. Now, Razorfen Downs is my absolute favorite dungeon to farm for transmog. You have tons of BOE blues that are dungeon-specific, as well as some great world drop patterns such as Rich Purple. You have the Lesser Parry Enchant, the Star Belt, things like that. You also have a good chance of the Saltstone set, the Jade set, the Bloodforge set.

    You also have some great epics as well like Nightblade and things like that. Now, make sure to loot this pouch. You get a pattern for the Goldthorn Tea. It is a cooking pattern. I sell this probably once a week or 2 for 1, 10k each. And that pouch will spawn every single run. So, if you’re doing a lockout of 10, make sure to pick up a couple and just keep them in your bank because I’ve already sold like three of them in probably like a month. And it’s just free gold because it spawns every single time.

    That is my top five dungeon-only transmog farms.

  • WOW Dragonflight: How To Obtain The Marksmanship Hunter Mage Tower? - Raest Magespear

    Posted: Dec 23, 2023

    This is a WoW Dragonflight Mage Tower guide for Marksmanship Hunter. Let’s start with my talent tree. You can also find it in the description. It has two bosses that alternate, which is active in each phase. This happens twice, with a new mechanic added each time. After each boss has been fought twice separately, they will engage you at once, making five phases in total. Make sure you have enough WoW Dragonflight Gold and then let's dive into this guide.

    Phase 1

    Let’s get straight into the fight itself. You will start this fight by kiting Karam Magespear. Do not let him hit you. His melee ability, Rising Dragon, will take you to very low health or even one-shot you. It’s best to kite him in large circles. Always stay beyond 10 yards from him, even if it means interrupting Aimed Shots. Keep your Concussive Shot active all the time. Karam gains a stacking movement speed buff throughout the phase, so your damage does matter here. Keep up your standard single-target rotation, using every Disengage and Aspect of the Cheetah to gain as much distance as possible.

    Phase 2

    Phase 2 begins when Karam reaches 33% of health. He will go immune and start healing back to full while Raest Magespear starts to attack you. Do not Counter Shot his Shadow Bolt. Doing so will cause him to move, and keeping him in the center of the arena is helpful. Raest will summon packs of one large shadowy fiend and several small shadowy vestiges, which do nothing except move toward you. Like Karam, they will almost one-shot you if they get too close. You can use Tar Trap or Binding Shot on them and AOE them down with your AOE rotation. Make sure to keep targeting Raest despite this.

    Phase 3

    In phase three, Karam begins chasing you again. Raest no longer summons small ads, although the existing ones don’t despawn and will continue to attack you until you finish them off. A new mechanic in this phase is the Hand from Beyond, a priority target. As soon as it spawns, you must switch and focus it down to prevent it from casting multiple Grasp from Beyond and overwhelming you. Continue kiting and DPS Karam while dealing with hands until Karam again reaches 33% triggering.

    Phase 4

    Karam goes immune again, and Raest again begins to attack you while summoning Shadowy Vestiges and Shadowy Friends. Hand from Beyond is not active in this phase. A new ability to deal with in this phase is The Rune of Summoning. You must stand in this purple rune and soak it until it disappears.

    Otherwise, a thing of nightmares will spawn and kill you. A trick you can use in this phase is to soak the runes with your pet. You will see a “Move to” command on your pet action bar. Keybind this, then use it to move your pet to runes to soak.

    Phase 5

    You will simultaneously be dealing with Karam, Raest, and all abilities they have from previous stages. Your major goal is to DPS Raest as hard as possible while kiting Karam, soaking the runes, and dealing with Hands from Beyond. Raest has a lot of HP, and this phase will get very dangerous towards the end. Keep to your priority of clearing the runes, killing hands, and damaging Raest.

    If Raest is very low, you can just ignore hands and try to survive them with your Defensive Cooldowns or interrupt them with Counter Shot and continue your DPS. After Raest reaches 0% HP, the encounter will end. You do not have to kill Karam. It’s not a very complex encounter. Stay calm, keep distance, and switch to your primary targets.

  • WOW Dragonflight: How To Run The Legit Transmog Gold Farming?

    Posted: Dec 19, 2023

    This is a transmog farm that we will be running in WOW Dragonflight, but the claim is that the item we’re farming is highly sought after. That item is the Felflame Inferno Shoulderpads. There are three different versions that can drop: the green one, drops from the heroic raid, Argus, the Burning Throne. There are other colors that drop from normal and Mythic as well. Make sure that you have enough WoW Dragonflight Gold, then let’s hop into this. 

    You’ll want to head over to your faction’s portal room and then hop into the portal to Azsuna. If you have the Dalaran Hearthstone, use it instead, as it will take you directly to Dalaran. You’ll find it in your toy box. There are other guides that have said that there are even more colors available, but our goal here today is to see if we can get any pair of these things to drop and to see if they will sell.

    Once in Dalaran, head over to the landing and use the Lightforged Beacon to teleport to Argus. If you don’t see the beacon, you’ll need to complete some quests to unlock it. If I’m remembering correctly, it didn’t take long to complete the necessary quest to get to Argus, but there will be more quests to complete before you’ll be able to get to the Antoran Wastes Zone, which is where the raid we’ll be farming exists. If you need it, check out the link in the description for help to unlock The Argus Zone. Now hop down and use the Navigation Console to teleport to Hope’s Landing.

    The entrance to Argus, the Burning Throne, can be a little tricky to find, so just follow the route I take here. Head up the hill and head through the area with all the spiders. We identified an area crucial to getting our troops to the front lines. We need to find the infested with demon spiders, burn out those nests. You’ll then want to head down to the Fel Reaver and hang a left. Be sure to stay out of it as much as possible as it does of damage.

    Zone in, kill the first few trash mobs, and then run out, reset, and repeat. You’ll be able to run this 10 times within an hour before being locked out of the instance. You may want to check out the Nova Instance Tracker add-on, as it will keep tabs on when instance unlocks will clear. But we cannot hold out long. You must disable the defenses. You need to fight with Prophet.

    The appearance is quite appealing, giving us a good probability of these items being sold. Let’s see what they’re going for at the auction house. It will be almost 79k, which isn't bad for around 30 minutes of work. While I didn’t get the amount that others had claimed, prices are always changing, so I’m definitely calling this one a success. I do recommend giving this one a try, as it does appear to be a legit transmog farm.

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