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WOW Dragonflight: A New Activity In the Coming Patch 10.2.5! - Follower Dungeons

Posted: Jan 15, 2024

I’ve got a quick guide for everything you need to know about follower dungeons coming WoW Dragonflight 10.2.5. In patch 10.2.4, if you haven’t heard, Follower Dungeons are normal Dragonflight dungeons where you can queue for any role you want and have four other NPC companions help you throughout the dungeon and guide you through them. From everything I’ve seen and tested, it’s a fantastic addition to WoW, especially for new players, and really does a great job teaching you the new dungeons.

You’d play one of your characters, and the others would turn into the NPCs. It would be great for gearing all of your fresh alts at the same time. I’d also like to be able to do this with heroic dungeons and maybe Mythic 0s for gearing. That would be fantastic. Let’s get into the guide. Prepare for enough WoW Dragonflight Gold if you want to do this more easily.

WOW Dragonflight: A New Activity In the Coming Patch 10.2.5! - Follower Dungeons

How To Start

To start a follower dungeon and loot into the guide, to queue for a follower dungeon or to get into one, you just have to open your group finder. On the bottom right of your screen, there’s a little eye icon. If you’re using the default UI, or it’s usually key-bound to 'I' as well. You open the group finder here, the same place as if you’ve done Heroic Dungeons, Time Walking Dungeons.

On the left, you’ll see Dungeon Finder and Raid Finder. It’ll be under Dungeon Finder, and there’ll be a new little section called Follower Dungeons. Then you can select whatever role you want—Tank, Healer, or DPS—and then you can select whatever dungeon you want to do. You can select all of them if you’d like. Then you find a group. It doesn’t really matter what role you pick. It’s a really fast queue, only takes a few seconds to pop up, and for you to enter. You can also leave the queue with no penalty, and you can do that over and over again, which is really nice.

As for loot for these dungeons, they drop at a normal level on all the Dragonflight dungeons. So it’s at Level 421 gear, an Explorer gear. But this is honestly a really great way to gear fresh Level 70s or alts really quickly on your own in your own free time, which is pretty fantastic.

If you don’t have a group for Mythic 0s or jumping into mythics or anything like that, or you’re not geared enough to do raid finder, this will get your raid finder ready. If you do these, upgrade them into a couple of pieces here and there, you can jump into a raid finder for the newest raid.

Dungeon Assistance Tool

Once you get into a dungeon, they’re very straightforward, so not too difficult to navigate through. But if you’re new to the game or the dungeons themselves, Blizzard has added a new dungeon assistance tool that you can toggle on or off. If you turn this on, someone in your group can take charge and guide you through the dungeon.

Even if you’re not the tank, if you’ve queued as the tank, DPS will tell you where to go and even start the pulls for you. If you’ve queued as a DPS or Healer, the tank will be the one to guide you throughout. They do a good job with pulling and pathing from what I’ve seen and will even mount up if you need to go a pretty far direction. Although they will sometimes stand there for a few seconds, and then remount randomly and go in a different direction. I think you just give them a second, and then they’ll refocus or go in the right direction. They also pull very small, typically, which isn’t a bad thing if you’re new or learning. Even if you have the assistance tool off and you’re not the tank, the tank will grab aggro from whatever you pulled.

WOW Dragonflight 10.2.5  Follower Dungeons

Tips On Follower Dungeons

There’s more information about the Follower Dungeons.

There is no timer in these dungeons, so you can stop at any point if you need to do something and come back when you can. Your followers will also talk throughout the dungeons. They'll even give you little tips to deal with certain mechanics or what you need to do to get to a different section. Like in Algeth'ar Academy, for instance, your follower NPCs will tell you to use the wind to jump across the platforms to go to the next section.

For DPS and Healer, it’s pretty good. Honestly, it’s by no means great or insane, but you blow through the mobs pretty quick in terms of DPS. And even if you pull crazy like an insane amount, your healing companion does a great job keeping everyone alive. Honestly, no complaints in that area.

As for interrupting and mechanics, the followers do a pretty good job with mechanics, even better than me at some points, which is pretty funny and embarrassing. But they interrupt sometimes. It’s by no means often, and it’s not a priority to them at all. The dungeons are pretty easy. But just wanted to let you know if they do plan on increasing the difficulty, like adding this into Heroic Dungeons or maybe Mythic zeros, then I’m assuming that part of that, maybe even DPS, would increase as well.

If you’ve done Brackenhide Hollow before, there are little cages you have to open up. You have to open up a few of them to get to the next boss. They won’t do that for you at all. You have to be the one that does the objectives physically, do the objectives. So you’ll have to be the one that interacts and opens the cages. The same goes for any other similar objectives in any of the dungeons.

It’s possible that this might change in the future, but I doubt it, since I think the goal of these follower dungeons is to learn the dungeons themselves, to learn about the objectives. So you can probably go out and do Mythic+ in the future, Mythic 0s, Heroic or something. That’s basically everything you need to know about follower dungeons, a pretty straightforward and easy new activity to do.


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