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WOW Dragonflight: How To Easily Conquer The Guardian Druid Mage Tower Challenge?

Posted: Jan 16, 2024

I will give you an ultimate Guardian Druid Mage Tower guide in WoW Dragonflight. You’re about to tackle the Highlord's return, where your mission is to defeat 2 bosses: Inquisitor Variss and Highlord Kruul. This battle is no walk in the park, as it’s split into 2 challenging phases. First, you’ll face Variss and his pesky minions. After taking him down, you’ll square off against the final boss, Highlord Kruul. Prepare for enough WOW Dragonflight Gold if you get into trouble in the boss fight.

The real trick in this challenge is to stay on the platform while battling these tough bosses and their underlings. Don’t worry. you’re not alone. You’ve got allies like Velen and Kor'vas Bloodthorn. Velen's Holy Ward, which pops up every 30 seconds, is a total game-changer. It fully heals you, clears debuffs, and stuns enemies for 5 seconds. Kor'vas mainly deals damage, and in this intense battle, every little bit helps. It’s crucial to keep both NPCs alive to avoid having to start over. This challenge ranks among the game's toughest. You need to constantly watch your debuffs, move skillfully, and strike hard.

WOW Dragonflight: How To Easily Conquer The Guardian Druid Mage Tower Challenge?

Inquisitor Variss

Phase 1 begins as soon as you step onto the platform. Your main objective is to defeat Inquisitor Variss and his summoned mobs. Be alert for his Aura of Decay, Drain Life, and Mind Rend. It’s critical to keep Aura of Decay stacks under 5 and interrupt Drain Life quickly, or he'll recover his health.

You’ll also encounter the Tormenting Eye, Smoldering Infernal, and Nether Horror. The Tormenting Eye's Inquisitive Stare can knock you off the platform, so face it when it casts. Use Moonfire against it, as it’s immune to physical damage. The Smoldering Infernal's Smash attack can also throw you off, but it inflicts damage on itself with the Fel Resonation debuff, so focus on dodging its primary attack. Nether Horrors will go after Velen, but they’re weak and can be easily eliminated. Try using Holy Ward to interrupt Drain Life if needed. Don't waste your interrupts on Mind Rend. Always protect Velen. Deal with the smaller mobs before refocusing on Variss. With some practice, you’ll find Phase 1 becoming easier as you improve in dodging and managing debuffs.

Highlord Kruul

After Variss, you'll face Highlord Kruul. The Tormenting Eye won't appear anymore, but the other mobs will continue to challenge you. Kruul has 3 main abilities: Annihilate, Nether Stomp, and Twisted Reflection, with the latter requiring a quick interrupt since it significantly heals Cruel. Use Holy Ward to reset the stacks of Annihilate and minimize heavy damage. Keep the Nether Horrors away from Velen. Avoid Nether Stomp to ensure you stay on the platform.

Although challenging, it’s unlikely that the Guardian Druid Mage Tower will be nerfed. Some classes and specializations might find it a bit more manageable. Conquer this challenge, and you'll earn a stylish transmog set for Guardian Druids. The highlight is the Fel WearBear Druid form, a symbol of your victory over one of the game's most demanding challenges.

Completing all 7 Mage Tower encounters rewards you with the Soaring Spelltome mount, a rare and prestigious achievement. If you’re eager to unlock these rewards faster, check out our Timewalking and Mage Tower boost. Let our experienced pros handle the challenge for you while you kick back and enjoy the loot.


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