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WOW Dragonflight: How To Obtain The Marksmanship Hunter Mage Tower? - Raest Magespear

Posted: Dec 23, 2023

This is a WoW Dragonflight Mage Tower guide for Marksmanship Hunter. Let’s start with my talent tree. You can also find it in the description. It has two bosses that alternate, which is active in each phase. This happens twice, with a new mechanic added each time. After each boss has been fought twice separately, they will engage you at once, making five phases in total. Make sure you have enough WoW Dragonflight Gold and then let's dive into this guide.

WOW Dragonflight: How To Obtain The Marksmanship Hunter Mage Tower? - Raest Magespear

Phase 1

Let’s get straight into the fight itself. You will start this fight by kiting Karam Magespear. Do not let him hit you. His melee ability, Rising Dragon, will take you to very low health or even one-shot you. It’s best to kite him in large circles. Always stay beyond 10 yards from him, even if it means interrupting Aimed Shots. Keep your Concussive Shot active all the time. Karam gains a stacking movement speed buff throughout the phase, so your damage does matter here. Keep up your standard single-target rotation, using every Disengage and Aspect of the Cheetah to gain as much distance as possible.

Phase 2

Phase 2 begins when Karam reaches 33% of health. He will go immune and start healing back to full while Raest Magespear starts to attack you. Do not Counter Shot his Shadow Bolt. Doing so will cause him to move, and keeping him in the center of the arena is helpful. Raest will summon packs of one large shadowy fiend and several small shadowy vestiges, which do nothing except move toward you. Like Karam, they will almost one-shot you if they get too close. You can use Tar Trap or Binding Shot on them and AOE them down with your AOE rotation. Make sure to keep targeting Raest despite this.

Phase 3

In phase three, Karam begins chasing you again. Raest no longer summons small ads, although the existing ones don’t despawn and will continue to attack you until you finish them off. A new mechanic in this phase is the Hand from Beyond, a priority target. As soon as it spawns, you must switch and focus it down to prevent it from casting multiple Grasp from Beyond and overwhelming you. Continue kiting and DPS Karam while dealing with hands until Karam again reaches 33% triggering.

Phase 4

Karam goes immune again, and Raest again begins to attack you while summoning Shadowy Vestiges and Shadowy Friends. Hand from Beyond is not active in this phase. A new ability to deal with in this phase is The Rune of Summoning. You must stand in this purple rune and soak it until it disappears.

Otherwise, a thing of nightmares will spawn and kill you. A trick you can use in this phase is to soak the runes with your pet. You will see a “Move to” command on your pet action bar. Keybind this, then use it to move your pet to runes to soak.

Phase 5

You will simultaneously be dealing with Karam, Raest, and all abilities they have from previous stages. Your major goal is to DPS Raest as hard as possible while kiting Karam, soaking the runes, and dealing with Hands from Beyond. Raest has a lot of HP, and this phase will get very dangerous towards the end. Keep to your priority of clearing the runes, killing hands, and damaging Raest.

If Raest is very low, you can just ignore hands and try to survive them with your Defensive Cooldowns or interrupt them with Counter Shot and continue your DPS. After Raest reaches 0% HP, the encounter will end. You do not have to kill Karam. It’s not a very complex encounter. Stay calm, keep distance, and switch to your primary targets.


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