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WOW Dragonflight: How To Run The Legit Transmog Gold Farming?

Posted: Dec 19, 2023

This is a transmog farm that we will be running in WOW Dragonflight, but the claim is that the item we’re farming is highly sought after. That item is the Felflame Inferno Shoulderpads. There are three different versions that can drop: the green one, drops from the heroic raid, Argus, the Burning Throne. There are other colors that drop from normal and Mythic as well. Make sure that you have enough WoW Dragonflight Gold, then let’s hop into this. 

You’ll want to head over to your faction’s portal room and then hop into the portal to Azsuna. If you have the Dalaran Hearthstone, use it instead, as it will take you directly to Dalaran. You’ll find it in your toy box. There are other guides that have said that there are even more colors available, but our goal here today is to see if we can get any pair of these things to drop and to see if they will sell.

WOW Dragonflight: How To Run The Legit Transmog Gold Farming?

Once in Dalaran, head over to the landing and use the Lightforged Beacon to teleport to Argus. If you don’t see the beacon, you’ll need to complete some quests to unlock it. If I’m remembering correctly, it didn’t take long to complete the necessary quest to get to Argus, but there will be more quests to complete before you’ll be able to get to the Antoran Wastes Zone, which is where the raid we’ll be farming exists. If you need it, check out the link in the description for help to unlock The Argus Zone. Now hop down and use the Navigation Console to teleport to Hope’s Landing.

The entrance to Argus, the Burning Throne, can be a little tricky to find, so just follow the route I take here. Head up the hill and head through the area with all the spiders. We identified an area crucial to getting our troops to the front lines. We need to find the infested with demon spiders, burn out those nests. You’ll then want to head down to the Fel Reaver and hang a left. Be sure to stay out of it as much as possible as it does of damage.

Zone in, kill the first few trash mobs, and then run out, reset, and repeat. You’ll be able to run this 10 times within an hour before being locked out of the instance. You may want to check out the Nova Instance Tracker add-on, as it will keep tabs on when instance unlocks will clear. But we cannot hold out long. You must disable the defenses. You need to fight with Prophet.

The appearance is quite appealing, giving us a good probability of these items being sold. Let’s see what they’re going for at the auction house. It will be almost 79k, which isn't bad for around 30 minutes of work. While I didn’t get the amount that others had claimed, prices are always changing, so I’m definitely calling this one a success. I do recommend giving this one a try, as it does appear to be a legit transmog farm.


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