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WOW Dragonflight: How To Quickly Complete The Guardian Druid Mage Tower Challenge?

Posted: Dec 14, 2023

Get ready for the Guardian Druid Mage Tower guide in WoW Dragonflight. You’re up against the Highlord’s Return in this challenge, where you have to beat two bosses, Inquisitor Variss and Highlord Kruul. This is one tough fight with two phases to get through. First up, you’ll deal with Variss and his annoying mobs. Once he’s down, you’re on to the final boss, Highlord Kruul.

The real trick here is staying on the platform while fighting these bosses and their minions. But you’ve got some backup: Velen and Kor'vas Bloodthorn. Velen’s Holy Ward pops up every 30 seconds; it fully heals you, clears debuffs, and stuns enemies for 5 seconds. Corvis doesn’t do much except a bit of damage, but every bit counts. Keep both NPCs alive to avoid restarting. Check out the screenshot below to see what Holy Ward looks like.

WOW Dragonflight: How To Quickly Complete The Guardian Druid Mage Tower Challenge?

This challenge is one of the game’s hardest. You’ve got to keep an eye on your debuffs, stay on the move, and hit hard. Make sure you have enough WoW Dragonflight Gold and read on for the best Guardian Druid Mage Tower strategy for each boss.

Phase one kicks off when you step onto the platform. Your goal here is to take down Inquisitor Variss and his summoned mobs. Watch out for his Aura of Decay, Drain Life, and Mind Rend. Keep Aura of Decay stacks below five and interrupt Drain Life ACP, or he’ll heal up. You’ll also face Tormenting Eye, smoldering infernal, and nether horror. Tormenting Eye’s Inquisitive Stare can knock you off the platform, so face it when it casts. It’s immune to physical damage, so Moonfire is your go-to.

Smoldering Infernal’s Smash can also toss you off the platform, but it damages itself with a Fel Resonation debuff, so just dodge its main attack. Nether Horrors head straight for Velen but are weak and can be taken out fast. Use Holy Ward to interrupt Drain Life if you can. Don’t waste interrupts on Mind Rend and protect Velen at all costs. Clear smaller mobs before focusing on Variss.

With practice, phase one becomes more manageable as you get the hang of dodging and debuff management. After Variss, Highlord Cruel enters the fray. Tormenting Eye stops spawning, but the other mobs stick around. Cruel’s got Annihilate, Nether Stomp, and Twisted Reflection.

The last one needs a quick interrupt as it heals Cruel big time. Avoid the purple beams around Cruel, as they slow you and push you off the platform. Use speed abilities to handle the debuff, but it’s best to steer clear of them altogether. Reset Annihilate stacks with Holy Ward to avoid heavy damage. Keep those Nether Horrors off Von. Dodge Nether Stomp to stay on the platform.

Despite being tough, a Guardian Druid Mage Tower nerf seems unlikely. Some classes and specs might even have an easier time. Beat the challenge, and you’ll snag a cool transmog set. Guardian Druids especially love the Fel Werebear Druid form, proving you’ve conquered one of the hardest challenges in the game.

Complete all seven Mage Tower encounters for the Soaring Spellwing mount. It’s a rare sight and a badge of honor. If you want to speed up unlocking these rewards, check out our Time Walking and Paladin Mage Tower boost. Let our pros take on the challenge for you, and just enjoy the loot.


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