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WOW Dragonflight: 5 Best Dungeons To Farm For Transmog Gold

Posted: Dec 29, 2023

This is my top 5 list as far as farming transmog in dungeons in WoW Dragonflight. I figured this guide would give you quite a good start if you’re getting into transmog or if you’re just looking to change it up. Maybe you get some unique items you don’t have on your auction house. So, I hope you get some inspiration to farm some of these.

Make sure that you have enough WoW Dragonflight Gold and then let's go over these 5 dungeons.

WOW Dragonflight: 5 Best Dungeons To Farm For Transmog Gold

5. Shadowfang Keep

Coming in at number 5, we have Shadowfang Keep. Now, Shadowfang Keep is more of a super item kind of farm. There are a bunch of zone drops that drop quite frequently that are not for the super rare variety type. It’s pretty simple. Just do a full clear.

Don’t go all the way to the last boss. I’ll show you where I stop ahead of time. But the notable items from this dungeon are things like the Shadowfang. Obviously, you have the Gloomshroud Armor, Assassin’s Blade, Necrology Robes. You have the Guillotine Axe, Face Smasher, Night Reaver, Magefist Gloves and so on.

As far as the green transmogs, there’s not a lot here. You got like the Buccaneer’s Vest. Silver-Thread Armor is decent, but overall, you’re really after those BOE blues, and that’s why it’s only number five on this list, even though I love farming it.

4. Scarlet Monastery

At number 4, we have the Scarlet Monastery. Now, I know some people love Scarlet Monastery. I am not the biggest fan of farming it, but I do believe it is quite great. So, the main thing you’re after here are obviously some sets of the green. So, you have some decent sets like the Elegant set, Hyperion set, some other green sets like that.

But the main reason we are farming the Scarlet Monastery is for the BOE blue drops that can only drop from here in particular. And there is a big list of these. So, I probably won’t list all of them, but we have things like the Cobalt Crusher, the Sunblaze Coif, the Butcher, Silver-Blade, the Bear Robes, which is personally one of my favorites, the Fight Club, Watchman Pauldrons. The Scarlet Boots are amazing. You have a super rare with the Archon Chest Piece.

There’s a ton of amazing drops from Scarlet Monastery, not to mention the loot table is a bit broken. So, since this is like a mid-classic level dungeon, it shouldn’t drop endgame classic World epics and World drops. But Scarlet Monastery drops the Skullflame Shield and things like that.There are also The Cloudkeeper Legplates drops, Orb of Deception. It’s not supposed to be dropping items like that, but it does, and it’s not that. That’s been something that’s like an exploit or anything like that. That’s kind of how Blizzard coded it.

3. Razorfen Kraul

Coming in at number 3 is good old Razorfen Kraul. Now, if you’ve been a transmog farmer for any period of time, you’ve probably stepped foot in Razorfen Kraul. But some people with more established auction houses tend to overlook it.

WOW Dragonflight Razorfen Kraul

Now, there are a bunch of RFK BOE blue drops. You got like Avenger's Armor. You got the Black Knight. You got the Pugilist Bracers, Pysan's Old Greatsword. There’s just a ton of great ones, not to mention all of the green sets. This dungeon is really good for filling up your auction house with decently good value greens. You got things like the Spike Chain set. You got the Raincaller set, the Sentry set, Slayer set, Pathfinder set, the Doomsayer set.

Even if you did like a hundred runs of this dungeon, you’d still have some gear you didn’t have, so it’s absolutely fantastic. Don’t forget, towards the end of the dungeon, as we’ll pull up here in just a second, there is an enormous Bullfrog. Always make sure to kill this frog. This frog has a 100% chance to spawn in the dungeon, and he has a great chance of dropping a BOE blue item or a frog pet.

2. Sunwell

Now, coming in at number 2, we have Sunwell. I love farming Sunwell. There are tons of BOE World drop patterns you can get from Sunwell. Now, this is a raid. Make sure to not kill any raid bosses or you will be locked to the instance for a week on that character.

There are a ton of Engineering schematics of goggles that, with the new, not brand new but the recent patch included a bunch of cosmetic goggles for people to craft them, thus making these patterns surge in price. There are tons of them for like 30, 50, 70k. If we didn’t get an engineering pattern, we did get a zone pattern, which there is plenty of for Crafting Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring. Overall, there are tons of patterns.

You also have the chance at Felsteel Longblade, Blade of Wizardry, all those great BOE epic World drops. Like I said, the transmog isn’t great in this dungeon. You’re mainly here looking for those epic patterns. We did get a world drop, but it wasn’t a great one. But I love farming Sunwell to gather those patterns and World drops. It’s absolutely amazing.

1. Razorfen Downs

And coming in at number 1, we have Razorfen Downs. Now, Razorfen Downs is my absolute favorite dungeon to farm for transmog. You have tons of BOE blues that are dungeon-specific, as well as some great world drop patterns such as Rich Purple. You have the Lesser Parry Enchant, the Star Belt, things like that. You also have a good chance of the Saltstone set, the Jade set, the Bloodforge set.

WOW Dragonflight Razorfen Downs

You also have some great epics as well like Nightblade and things like that. Now, make sure to loot this pouch. You get a pattern for the Goldthorn Tea. It is a cooking pattern. I sell this probably once a week or 2 for 1, 10k each. And that pouch will spawn every single run. So, if you’re doing a lockout of 10, make sure to pick up a couple and just keep them in your bank because I’ve already sold like three of them in probably like a month. And it’s just free gold because it spawns every single time.

That is my top five dungeon-only transmog farms.


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