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WoW Dragonflight: A Quick Guide On Enhancement Shaman Build - Gears, Talents & Rotation

Posted: Jan 02, 2024

I’m bringing you an Enhancement Shaman guide for WoW Dragonflight 10.2, the Emerald Dream episode. We’ll start by covering gear, then stats, talents, and last but not least, the rotation. Make sure that you have plenty of WoW Dragonflight Gold, then just dive into this guide.

WoW Dragonflight: A Quick Guide On Enhancement Shaman Build - Gears, Talents & Rotation


To start with gears, we’ll be looking for tier set pieces. The current tier set works as follows: for the 2-piece set bonus, every time we cast Primordial Wave, we summon one Fiery Spirit to help us with damage. For the 4-piece set bonus, every time we summon a Fiery Spirit, it reduces our Primordial Wave cooldown by 7 seconds. Doing the math, we can reduce our Primordial Wave cooldown to a total of 21 seconds. This enhances our rotation, increases damage, and makes it more fluid.


Then let's talk about talents. Talents are crucial in playing Enhancement Shaman in WoW Dragonflight, and I highly suggest that you get all of them:

Improved Raging and Overflowing Maelstrom: Makes our spenders hit harder, and allows us to store up to 10 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon.

Hailstorm: Enhances Frost Shock damage based on Maelstrom Weapon stacks consumed.

Ice Strike: Generates one stack of Maelstrom Weapon and makes our next Frost Shock hit 100% harder.

Molten Assault: Enables spreading Flame Shock dots to nearby enemies.

Hot Hands: Buff with 40% extra damage and 75% reduced cooldown time on Lava Lash.

Ashen Catalyst: Increases Lava Lash damage and reduces its cooldown based on Flame Shock ticks.

Lashing Flames: A 20-second debuff that increases Flame Shock damage on the target.

Witch Doctor’s Ancestry: reduces the cooldown of Feral Spirit for each Maelstrom Weapon stack generated.

Primal Maelstrom: makes each cast of Primordial Wave generate 10 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon immediately.

Splintered Elements: Buffs Primordial Wave to grant a haste buff for our next Lightning Bolt cast, scaling with the number of extra Lightning Bolts generated by each enemy affected by Flame Shock.


At last is the rotation. The rotation starts with Primordial Wave and Wolves. Then, proceed to spread Flame Shock to at least 5 enemies, followed by casting Lightning Bolt for the Splintered Elements buff. With a 10-stack buff for Hailstorm, our next Frost Shock hits harder and affects more enemies. Continue with Ice Strike to enhance Frost Shock damage, then cast Frost Shock. Build Maelstrom Weapon stacks with Crash Lightning for its buff, making builders hit multiple targets. two

When reaching 8 to 10 stacks, spend on Chain Lightning due to the number of enemies and no priority. The rotation is open-ended beyond this point, and attention should be given to the priority list.

For a single-target rotation, Elemental Blast is used when sitting on 2 charges or when offensive abilities are active. Otherwise, spend on Lightning Bolt. Prioritize Storm Strike over Crash Lightning in one-mob encounters like bosses, as it deals with more damage. In encounters with a priority target, use Crash Lightning to buff uptime and spend single-target abilities on the priority target.


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