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WOW Dragonflight: How About The New Mounts In The Latest Upcoming Patch 10.2.5?

Posted: Jan 04, 2024

This is a quick guide to the new mounts that you may expect to see in the upcoming patch 10.2.5 in WoW Dragonflight. By the end, you’ll have a good idea of where to get most of these mounts, or at least you’ll know what’s coming.

WOW Dragonflight: How About The New Mounts In The Latest Upcoming Patch 10.2.5?

Trading Post Mounts

Let’s start with some Trading Post mounts. The reign of the Majestic Azure Peafowl looks like it’s going to be the capstone that you get when completing the Traveler’s Log.

The Savage Blue Battle Turtle is a recolor of an old mount, pretty self-explanatory there.

The reigns of the Fur-Endship Fox is very odd to pronounce. Anyway, it’s a fox skin with a special holiday flare, and safe to say that this will show up on the February Trading Post.

The Noble Flying Carpet drops off of Daeton Swiftplume. Save gas, this is a good old-fashioned drop from a rare mob, although the location is unknown.

The Heartseeker Mana Ray is a manor recolor that you can use your WoW Dragonflight Gold to buy it in the Love is in the Air Event when that's available.

You're going to need Love Tokens earned from completing daily quest content while the event is active. But my favorite way to do it, at least last year, was to pick up the Lovely Charm Kit and destroy the outdoor version of Brackenheight Hollow, get the items that you need to perform multiple turn-ins for Love Tokens, buy the mount.

The Compass Rose will be earned during the Hearthstone 10th-anniversary period, which should be in March. We’ll just find out more details soon.

Also coming is the Fiery Hearthseed, which should be pretty familiar if you think back 10 years ago to the original Hearthsteed. It just happens to be showing up hero.

WOW Dragonflight 10.2.5 new mounts

Azerothian Archives Event

The new Azerothian Archives event is coming in 10.2.4, and of course, it includes a few mounts. The Clayscale Hornstriders is listed as a drop, so I’m going to take a guess and say that as long as you keep participating in the event, which involves cracking open a bunch of loot boxes, you’ll eventually get this mount.

Also on the vendor, we have the Explorer's Stonehide Packbeast. If the model here is of any indication, this thing is really big, like Brutosaur kind of big. It’s also very expensive to get, so expect to spend a lot of time over here in the Azer span completing this event to eventually get this mount and maybe the Hornstrider too.

Finally, there are some additional recolors coming in this patch, including the Twilight Sky Prowler, the Brilliant Sunburst Peafowl, the Star Twilight Peafowl, and the Soaring Skyfox. As of right now, they don’t have sources. It’s kind of interesting though that these are recolors, and I should point out many items were recently added to a Black Market vendor that you can buy for gold until they go on the proper Black Market auction house later this year.

In this case, these are recolors of what’s currently being posted on the Trading Post. So the idea of mount recolors might take a fresh approach. Like these could also be added at the same time as others in the Black Market Auction House, adding a gold sink and just more of everything to get from additional sources. This is all speculation though.

It’s just kind of cool seeing more opportunities for cool stuff by doing a variety of activities. Those are the 12 mounts that we know of coming into this upcoming patch. Now there’s definitely one more in the form of the Lunar New Year mount, and there’s no telling if that’s going to be a brand new mount.


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