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Throne And Liberty: A Complete Guide To Greatsword Weapon! - Skills & Weapon Combinations

Posted: Dec 26, 2023

Posted: Dec 26, 2023

Source:  IGGM

In this guide, we will learn about Greatsword. Greatsword has related attacks that cause tremendous damage. It is a weapon with high durability and a stable balance of offense and defense. It also has powerful wide-area attack skills, allowing you to exert your ability to destroy the enemy camp.

Greatsword is also a powerful melee weapon that can be wielded with two hands to chop down enemies. We primarily focused this weapon on Cleave and AOE damage, while also having a small amount of single-target utility.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about Throne and Liberty’s popular melee weapon, Greatsword!

Greatsword Active Skills

Typically, Active Skills appear on your skill bar, and you can cast them to affect enemies and teammates. Currently, there are 12 skill slots in the skill bar. To create the best build, you must choose different active skills for both weapons to fill your 12 slots!

Greatsword’s active skill focuses on dealing massive damage in Cleave or Area of Effect type attacks. However, some skills focus on single target damage or crowd control. The following is a list of all of Greatsword’s active abilities.

Throne And Liberty: A Complete Guide To Greatsword Weapon! - Skills & Weapon Combinations

Iron Point Parry is a skill that uses physical strength to defend against enemy attacks. If you block a rage attack, it has a chance to stun along with the damage, which is converted into Slaughter skill. You can reuse this skill to attack all enemies within range to quickly farm Throne and Liberty Lucent.

Valiant Brawl is a skill that continuously attacks the target. If there are other enemies around, spread the attack and you can deal stronger damage to the first target you choose.

Precision Dash is a maneuver skill that can instantly shorten the distance between you and the enemy. This skill can make up for Greatsword’s shortcomings, so use it effectively.

Stunning Blow is a skill that stuns the enemy with a certain probability. Stun can give you an advantage in combat, so use it in a variety of ways depending on the situation.

Death Blow causes massive damage to a single target, and can cause greater damage to Stunned, Bound, or Sleeping targets.

DaVinci’s Courage is obtained through Two-Handed Sword’s combat support skills. Increase combat stamina by increasing the maximum vitality and vitality regeneration of party members, including yourself.

Gaia Crash is a non-target, large-area skill that can attack all enemies. After using the skill, specify the interval and click again to use the skill.

Devastating Tornado is a skill that attacks all surrounding enemies. Its characteristic is that it can be moved and used freely even after the skill is activated.

Will Breaker is an area skill that sets an area and attacks all enemies. It will give the attacked enemy a debuff effect, reducing a certain amount of defense.

Ascension Slash is a skill that deals massive damage to a single target. When used on a Stunned, Bound, or Sleeping target, this may cause the target to fall.

Guillotine Blade is a powerful skill that can deal massive damage to a single target. It can maximize damage dealt especially to falling targets.

Recommended Weapon Combinations

Finally, I will introduce you to two weapon combinations that can be paired with Greatsword.

Throne and Liberty: Weapon Great Sword Showcase

Sword & Shield

If you like being a front line tank, Sword and Shield are the perfect melee pairing for Greatsword. Both weapons benefit greatly from the other’s passive skills.

For example, Passive provides maximum health, more damage when the target is stunned, reduced damage, and more! With this build, you can easily defeat your opponents. It’s also worth mentioning that front line tanks are extremely popular in Guild vs Guild content.


Dagger gives Greatsword players the ability to become true melee assassins. Both weapon skill rotations offer a fantastic way to attack targets, lock on to them, and blast them. Unlike traditional assassins with low health, this combo offers a fairly large setup.

This concludes our Throne and Liberty Greatsword guide. There are also a variety of weapons in the game. There are also a variety of weapons in the game. Please use your weapon combination to enjoy the adventure!


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