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Fallout 76: Collect Legendary Cores To Master The Legendary Crafting

Posted: Apr 30, 2024

Legendary Cores and Legendary Modules are crucial components for re-rolling weapons in Fallout 76. This concise guide will cover the mechanic of Legendary crafting system and detail how to acquire Legendary Cores and highlight the most efficient events for participation!

Fallout 76: Collect Legendary Cores To Master The Legendary Crafting

Legendary Modules

As far as the Legendary crafting system goes, you need 2 things: Legendary Cores and Legendary Modules. The Legendary Modules can be obtained by turning in your extra Legendary Scrips at a legendary exchange machine every day. There will be 500 script available each day, and the amount of script needed varies depending on the item's star rating.

Once you've acquired the script, you can visit Purveyor Murmrgh at the Rusty Pick to purchase up to 100 Legendary Modules for a maximum of 5,000 scrips. These Legendary Modules are then saved up and used alongside your legendary Cores for weapon rolls at a weapons workbench.

How To Get Legendary Cores?

In the next part of this guide, I'll cover the basics of Legendary Cores and how to obtain them. Let's dive into the details!

Public Events

Venture into the heart of the action with the event 'Colossal Problem', where you'll face off against the Earl, a formidable opponent. This event is a surefire way to net yourself 8 Legendary Cores.

However, if speed is what you're after, then 'Encryptid' is the event for you. This action-packed event not only rewards you with 8 Legendary Cores but also grants you 4 Treasury Notes and improved repair kits to boot.

Don't overlook other public events like 'Free Range' and 'Project Paradise', as they too provide opportunities to obtain some Legendary Cores, albeit with varying probabilities depending on the event's success rate.

For those seeking a guaranteed payout, look no further than the Scorchbeast Queen: Scorched Earth nuke event. Upon successful completion, you'll walk away with a hefty haul of 5 Legendary Cores.

Keep in mind that the quantity of cores and their chances of dropping differ from event to event. While completing 'A Colossal Problem' with a couple of robots alive ensures at least 1 Legendary Core, 'Campfire Tales' offers a range of legendary cores, from 2 to 6, depending on the outcome.

Fallout 76 Legendary Cores

Daily Ops

Legendary Cores can also be obtained by completing Daily Ops, although this is less likely than with events like 'Encryptid'. The rewards are contingent upon the mission's successful execution, with increased probabilities for superior rewards when accomplished within the Elder Tier.

While participation in 'Encryptid' may require an investment of 1700 Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, (if possessing 25 Charisma), Daily Ops present a cost-free avenue for engagement. Nonetheless, allocating additional caps towards Assaultron recall keycards for 'Encryptid' can prove to be a more efficient method for farming Legendary Cores, especially if you possess surplus caps to spare.

Legendary Crafting

To perform the Legendary crafting, head to a weapons workbench and select the 'Modify' option for the specific weapon you wish to enhance. Opt for the 'Random Legendary Mods' option, enabling you to randomly alter the first, second, and third effects on the item.

This process involves a combination of Legendary Cores and Modules, the quantity of which varies based on the desired star rating of the item. For instance, a 1-star roll necessitates one core and two modules, while a 2-star roll demands 3 cores and 3 modules. The outcome of the roll is ultimately randomized, potentially resulting in a 1-star, 2-star, or 3-star item, with the possibility of reaching 4 and 5-star ratings.


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