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  • Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 1000K 1000 K

    Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 1000K

    $ 3.56 / $3.20

  • Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 1500K 1500 K

    Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 1500K

    $ 5.33 / $4.80

  • Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 2000K 2000 K

    Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 2000K

    $ 7.11 / $6.40

  • Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 3000K 3000 K

    Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 3000K

    $ 10.67 / $9.60

  • Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 5000K 5000 K

    Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 5000K

    $ 17.78 / $16.00

  • Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 6000K 6000 K

    Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 6000K

    $ 21.34 / $19.21

  • Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 8000K 8000 K

    Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 8000K

    $ 28.45 / $25.61

  • Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 10000K 10000 K

    Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 10000K

    $ 35.56 / $32.00

  • Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 15000K 15000 K

    Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 15000K

    $ 53.34 / $48.01

  • Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 20000K 20000 K

    Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 20000K

    $ 71.12 / $64.01

  • Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 30000K 30000 K

    Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 30000K

    $ 106.68 / $96.01

  • Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 50000K 50000 K

    Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 50000K

    $ 177.80 / $160.02

  • Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 60000K 60000 K

    Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 60000K

    $ 213.36 / $192.02

  • Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 80000K 80000 K

    Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 80000K

    $ 284.48 / $256.03

  • Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 100000K 100000 K

    Algathe (1.30) Dofus Kamas 100000K

    $ 355.60 / $320.04

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  • 2019-12-02
    Great fast service
    Great fast service, Agent were fast to assist and very trusted! will be ordering from them again
  • 2019-12-02
    Very friendly customer support people
    Very friendly customer support people. They are quick in responding and are very straight forward, that's why our transaction was as quick as less than an hour! Highly recommended.
  • 2019-12-02
    Would highly recommend IGGM
    Would highly recommend IGGM Would highly recommend IGGM. They deliver fast and are really helpful. Always a smooth experience :)
  • 2019-12-02
    Second order through this site
    Second order through this site, bought about 3m eso gold in total now and never had a problem, perfect!
About Dofus Kamas

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DOFUS Cup Finals Dropped With Cash Prize 10 000€

A month passes quickly, and the final result of DOFUS Cup has also come to an end. First of all, congratulations to Omae winning the DOFUS Cup as the first official tournament. Now let's take a look back at this emotion-filled event.Each team of DOFUS Cup is composed of 3 players above level 150, and there are 512 teams in total. Only one can get the final reputation and cash prize after 16 especially intense rounds of play.More than a month ago, Ankama set the cash prize for DOFUS Cup with 10000 ₤, and it is distributed to the DOFUS Cup finalists based on the rankings, 40% of sales form the Wild Set, the Spoopy Boar Set, and the Wild emote added to the cash prize.The year is coming to an end, and DOFUS Cup will be the last event, and by 2020, DOFUS will strengthen the partnership with the KTA association, notably with a 4th season that will span the entire year to come.Now, you can watch the full video of DOFUS Cup 2019 finals:Beyond the cash prize, all players participating in the event had the opportunity to get three DOFUS Items, they were respectively:A Wild SetA Wild EmoteA Spoopy Boar mountNow that the event is over, it's time to sort out your game record and start a new adventure.DOFUS is a fifteen-year-old MMO, and not long ago, Ankama just held its anniversary, playing "Retro" to take the friends to the old "times".Ankama is always making DOFUS better, although it is not the only work of Ankama. Just last week, Ankama released the 1.31 update of DOFUS to adjust and change the details in the game for better game comfort, and it will still go on as planned in 2020.You are recommended to go to a safe place to search for help when playing DOFUS, no registration fee or hidden fees, it is a good choice to choose IGGM for trading, which is more convenient and more time saved than farming DOFUS Kamas in the game.Come here and get what you want, you will never regret your choice.

DOFUS Kwismas Pet Mystery Box Content And Update 1.31

You are still looking forward to a Christmas gift, even if you are in your teens, aren't you? Open a mysterious box and find a total of 9 Kwismas pets inside it, nothing can be more thrilling than such a gift. Ankama Games has a gift for everyone in DOFUS, a new version of the Kwismas Pet Mystery Box, and there is a new pet, the Scrabrrrt, capable of cracking nuts and acorns with unsettling ease, and it can also bring you some unexpected gifts including:Common:4 days subscription(10.2% rated)Sour Pearldrop(10.2% rated)Face Change Potion(10.2% rated)Colour Change Potion(10.2% rated)X4 Kwismas(10.1% rated)Uncommon:Prez'Doh'Brrmann(8% rated)Prez'Doh'Bl(8% rated)Prez'Doh'Blik(8% rated)Prez'Don'Bstruktion(8% rated)Rare:Aispik(4% rated)Pikip(4% rated)Storf(4% rated)Prez'Don'Bivalent(4% rated)Epic:Scrabrrrt(1% rated)Jackpot:Jackpot all the pets(0.1% rated)The pet box is available until December 20, and the gift code #RETRONOWEL2019# can be used before January 5, 2020.Merry Kwismas to everyone, you must have begun the holiday season, have fun.Beyond that, Ankama also added an update 1.31 to DOFUS before Christmas, featured the bug fixes and additions to improve the in-game comfort.Now, you can view the entire update list and check them one by one via DOFUS's official website.Now it is the best time for you to store DOFUS Kamas, because is selling DOFUS related products at a 10% off in order to celebrate Christmas, if you miss the special offer, you have to buy the in-game currency at the original price.IGGM is a very safe store, no player is been scammed or cheated until now, so you are recommended to it, after trying, you'll figure out that we have not said anything wrong with you.

Ankama Is Fixing The Launcher Problems Of DOFUS Retro

More than a month ago, DOFUS launched the Retro servers based on the 1.29 to commemorate the 15th anniversary, and Ankama also provides two methods to retrieve the old versions of the game. The first one is to download every version of the game directly through servers Eratz, Henual or Nabur, and the other is to download Ankama Launcher, which is the new launcher proposed by Ankama recently, bringing together all the company's games. That is, after downloading, you can play all games without downloading any separate game, which indeed brings much convenience for players.But after a beta of several months, players may not be very satisfied with the testing when encountering difficulties with the Ankama Launcher.In order to be able to test the Launcher in a larger population, Ankama gradually increased the number of Ankama Launchers and released a lot of fix notes to make adjustments, but there are still many problems that have not been resolved.As for it, Ankama has given an explanation and promised to make changes and fix them in a short time, especially the technical problems in the transmitter."We were, however, expecting that just like with all roll-outs of new interfaces, problems would arise. We believed this would only involve very few occurrences. We know that further incidents would be reported once the platform was accessible to everyone. We couldn't anticipate these scenarios completely, since they are dependent on multiple factors specific to each player's equipment: from the internet connection quality to the power of the processor installed, as well as the operating system version, right down to how old the graphics card drivers are; not to mention resistance to change, which is inherent when adopting a new system that disrupts a years-old habit."In short, Ankama is working hard to maximize user satisfaction.Since there is a complex economic system in DOFUS, it is difficult for you to go further without the support of in-game currency. Getting enough DOFUS Kamas provided by IGGM is a good choice for trading. The site is the leading community marketplace to buy DOFUS Kamas, and it can deliver your goods within 10 minutes. No registration fees, no hidden fees, and no minimum required levels for buying.

Krosmonote: DOFUS Retro Update And DOFUS Unity Images Prototype

DOFUS is a game that simulates the daily round of 12 gods living in "The World of Twelve". Players can create a 2D avatar for their characters among them, each one has a unique set of spells that other classes can not obtain, then defeating monsters and completing quests to reach their achievements.By now, DOFUS is 15 years old, the developer Ankama also released a series of celebrations this summer including DOFUS Retro, which is an unofficial mod of DOFUS, bringing part of old players back to 10 years ago on the premise of improving game comfort and server merge.After that, Ankama also released a new conference of DOFUS on November 21, Krosmonote, revealing the important messages of the development of DOFUS Unity. Ankama first released the images of DOFUS Unity to satisfy the curiosity of players, this directly shows the future direction of DOFUS. It was announced by the host in the last session of Krosmonote. Although we can't get much information through the images until now, it can be ensured that a new development of DOFUS has started.Ankama just released a short trailer of DOFUS Unity, and emphasized that this update is still in the pre-production stage, which is a long process, but more details will be leaked out in the next few months.DOFUS is added the 3D prototypes and scenery, but the result of the game gives the impression of 2D to players, this is the first time that Ankama brings 3D elements to the game.Anyway, the developers and game fans think this is a pretty good attempt, Unity is a game engine that brings more 3D effects to games and creates a better visual effect.There is a marketplace in some cities throughout DOFUS, which can add DOFUS Kamas to your account to make questing easier, and the best choice is to buy DOFUS Kamas. Now, there are double discounts on IGGM for DOFUS orders:1.10% off for all within 1 year when becoming a VIP on IGGM2.10% off for DOFUS ordersThe above two discounts can be used together, no registration fee, no service fee, and no minimum requirements for the purchase.