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WOW Classic SOD: A Comprehensive Guide On How To Obtain Metamorphosis Rune Easily

Posted: Dec 26, 2023

In this guide, we will be getting the Rune of Metamorphosis in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. This is part of a quick guide. However, there are a ton of details to go through. This guide is from the Horde perspective, but Alliance, feel free to tag along because it’ll benefit you too. Don’t forget to bring enough WoW SOD Gold with you, which can help you get the Metamorphosis rune easier.

Start off by going to the Southern Barrens and head to Camp Taurajo. At this point, go to this part on the map and talk to the Doan Karhan, who will give you a quest. Get ready for some genuine pain as you go to collect 3 fragments near Blackfathom Deeps (BFD) and one fragment in Shadowfang Keep.

WOW Classic SOD: A Comprehensive Guide On How To Obtain Metamorphosis Rune Easily

Ashenvale Run

Your next step is going to be the entrance of BFD, so head north to the Barrens into Ashenvale. Go ahead and get your flight paths, regardless if you’re Horde or Alliance, and say hello to your fellow Horde or Alliance members. You’re going to die a lot during this.

You can technically death run this, meaning you die once, and then you spirit run all the way across the map, but that’s not really fun—that’s a cowardly route. I don’t know what your time is worth. If you’re Alliance, Blizzard’s biased to you, so that’s fine. But this is mostly for Horde that want to suffer.

Soran'ruk Fragments

You’re going to end up at BFD, and outside, you’re going to find Twilight Acolyte. You’re going to kill 3 of them for the Soran'ruk Fragments. Then, as Horde, make your way north from BFD into Darkshore, where you’re going to die at that point.

Bough Of Altek

You’ll be at the Tower of Althalaxx where you will go to the top fight. A bunch of elites bring a party or just hide as a deck corpse and loot the Bough of Altek.

Run To Redridge

We're heading over to the Eastern Kingdom where you're now going to do another death run through Stranglethorn Vale and head towards the Redridge Mountains. Now, as Horde, you will be going through Duskwood. Now, that kind of sucks because there are a lot of mobs, and there are also patrols. Take a party with you. It's a lot more fun, and you can sacrifice them to our Dark Lord Cthulhu. They're going to go left—the Mages and the Shaman. You're going to go to the right.

As you're going through Duskwood, just watch the Night Watch. They are patrols that will be sprinting down the road and will kill you on sight if you are not careful. Make your way northeast from Duskwood, and you will end up in the Redridge Mountains. You're going to death run through the Redridge Mountains.

Orb Of Des

Any player who get to the Tower of Ilgalar, and loot the tiny little chest being guarded by level 29 Elites. That will get you the Orb of Des.

Large Soran’ruk Fragment

Next, you're going to grab a couple of meat bags and head on over to Shadowfang Keep. After Baron Silverlane, the boss, you will find Shadowfang Darksouls, which will drop the greater Soul Fragment of Soran'ruk. It is not a guarantee. You may have to run it a couple of times. Head on bace to the Southern Barrens.

WoW SOD Shadowfang Darksoul

The Conjuring

Turn in the first quest, combine the items for the second quest, and then you will get the conjuring. Head back to Ashenvale and go to Felfire Hill, where you will then kill level 29 demons for 10 Blood of the Legion. I recommend bringing a group with you. I will now show you a little shortcut into Demon Fall Canyon. Get to (82.4, 72.5) on the map and start jumping up. There is Grom'gol Scream's little monument, and then you're going to head up the hill.

I do recommend doing this with a party of fellow warlocks. You'll be helping the community and helping yourself with the demons that you have to kill.


Around here, the demons that drop the blood are level 29. But when you go to the Ritual Stone, you turn in your 10 blood, and you all click this little thingy here, the event will start. You all have to stay in the circle. These demons are 23-24, super manageable, and you have to Drain Soul every single one until The Inferno comes out. You Drain Soul him, and the stranger will appear.

Dance Party

Then, of course, you’ll die again to a different party. Head on back to our boy in the Barons, and he will reward you with the Rune of Metamorphosis. You reunited it with his body. Enjoy your brand new tank Warlock. He will change his abilities and have new stuff to do, and you can go have fun with all your friends and learn about resistance while tanking.


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