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WOW Classic SOD: How Can A Warlock Achieve Insane DPS On The Ghamoo-ra Boss Fight?

Posted: Dec 27, 2023

I will be showing a guide of warlocks ultimate DPS on Ghamoo-ra in the new BFD raid in WoW Classic Season of Discovery! I will talk about how to achieve this, including going over talents, gear, runes, and consumables.

WOW Classic SOD: How Can A Warlock Achieve Insane DPS On The Ghamoo-ra Boss Fight?


First, I wanted to look at the talents. Here is the talent build I was running during that fight. Improved Firebolt is just a very good talent. The reason is it essentially doubles your DPS of your imp. If you didn't know, Rain of Fire, as well as Incinerate, buffs your fire damage. Rain of Fire buffs it by 40% when you're using this Lake of Fire Rune. Incinerate buffs it by 25%, so a 65% increase. This also applies to your imp, your pet.

A lot of people are using the Succubus, but with this bonus fire damage and with this Firebolt going from a two-second to a one-second cast, the imp is insane, a crazy amount of damage. I would definitely advise using them if you haven't already. This is my standard build.

Some people run Improved Corruption. You will lose Improved Firebolt, you lose your Devastation ranks, and you keep Shadowburn if you use that. You have so much bonus fire damage with the PVE spec for warlocks right now. I think running Improved Corruption is just going to make your DPS decrease instead of increase.


I did want to talk about consumables. So obviously, you’re going to want to apply this Mana Oil to your weapon every time you step into the raid. Mana Potion are huge, especially if your group’s not killing bosses very quickly. They are quite expensive. If you really want to obtain, you need to earn enough WoW Classic SOD Gold. Or you can opt into the Lesser Mana Potions instead of this one.

The Deviled Clams, the food’s not that big of a deal. I believe there’s actually a better food option. This is just very cheap, nothing that’ll make or break it.

I use the Elixir of Firepower. this is a must. It increases your spell fire damage by up to 10 for 30 minutes. With all this fire damage bonus we’re getting, you’ll really start to see why Fire Warlock, Incinerate Warlock, Chaos Bolt Warlock is taking over, and it’s going to be killing the charts as we continue to get some better gear.

Next, I actually buy the Scrolls of Intellect. Fun fact, it actually gives you one more intellect than the Mage buff. So theoretically, it is better. The Darkmoon Faire Buff, the Boon of Blackfathom buff, is a ton of extra damage when you have these on. And lastly, the 5% damage increase that you get from the Ashenvale Quest once a week.

WoW SOD Ghamoo-ra Guide

Gear And Runes

I want to briefly go over the gear real quick. The gear I was rocking is not necessarily ideal. We do have some good pieces, but to run through it, we have the Shadow Goggles on. Ideally, we want the head that aligns with this chest piece, and it gives us that two-set bonus, so we're missing a lot of spell power not having that head on, but this is what we are rocking.

The neck, I choose the Sentinel’s Medallion. There is a better neck from the raid. Shoulders I use the Magician’s Mantle, very good shoulders. Cloak of Fiery Wrath, also a great cloak, I think. Then the Twilight Invoker’s Robes. This chest piece is BIS. I really need the head to complete that two-set, and it’s going to increase my damage tremendously.

Phoenix Bindings, these are huge, increasing the fire spells and effects by up to 13. Obviously, if you’re a gamer, you know this staff just pumps. This is by far the best stuff in the game, may even lead into the next phase being a great stuff.

The wand,Phoenix Ignition is the best wand you can get as well. There was a better trinket from the last boss and the second-to-last boss, actually a trinket that increases your Imp’s Firebolt by even more. So all these multipliers are really making the Imp crank, and a lot of people aren’t aware of it.

The Lavishly Jeweled Ring, there’s a better ring from the raid. The boots here were another purple, another epic piece - Extraplanar Spidersilk Boots. Phoenix Pants are good, but there is a better option from the last boss. Then I will use the Sage's Slash of Fiery Warth. This waist is great. There is one better option, but it’s a very minimal upgrade. And the Black Fingerless Gloves are best in the slot. Overall, we have very solid gear.

Ideally, once we replace these with best-in-slot pieces, we’ll have about 40 more spell power than we currently have, which is about 30% more spell power than I have right this moment. So it’s going to be pretty huge. It’s going to increase our damage by a significant amount when we do that. Even with this gear not being ideal, it’s still very good. We could pull these crazy numbers that you see right here.

Right here is how we achieved over 300 DPS in the warlock to get over 300 DPS on the Ghamoo-ra boss fight in phase 1 of WoW Season of Discovery.


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