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WOW Classic SOD: An Interesting Rogue Solo Leveling Build In Season Of Discovery Phase 1 - The Outlaw

Posted: Dec 28, 2023

We’ll be going over a fun Outlaw Rogue leveling build in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. This build is only for solo leveling. This is not an endgame mid maxing build. So if you are ready with enough WoW Classic SOD Gold, let's have a look.


When I came across two runes, Between the Eyes and Quick Draw, Quick Draw awards you one combo point. It deals instant damage and reduces speed by 50% for 6 seconds. Between the Eyes is our finishing move for this build. Not only does it deal damage, but it also applies a stun for anywhere from 1 to 5 seconds, depending on how many combo points you have. This is where we get to pick what we want to do.

You can go Mutilate, which forces you to use daggers, or you can go Saber Slash, which is better with swords. Regardless of which you use, they'll both have the same rotation, just with slightly different effects. With Mutilate, you'll get longer stuns, and the fact that one Mutilate awards two combo points. But with Saber Slash, you'll do more damage and get to apply a nice little bleed onto your target.

The whole point of this build is for you to use your gun, use your ranged weapon, so that we get hit less but hit more.

WOW Classic SOD: An Interesting Rogue Solo Leveling Build In Season Of Discovery Phrase 1 - The Outlaw


I know when you see our talents, you might think we’d go into Dodge and Parry, but that’s pointless with this build because we’re just not going to let the enemies hit us. Remember, we’re kiting, we’re using stuns in this build, so we’re going to avoid really building into the combat tree, except for Improved Sinister Strike. Not only does this apply to Sinister Strike, but it will also apply to Saber Slash and Quick Draw.

From there, I would put points into Malice, then Murder, Ruthlessness, Relentless Strikes, and lastly, Improved Slice and Dice because we’re not going to use this while leveling up, but we still build up the same talents as we would for our DPS build at 25 - the Deadly Brew and Envenom Saber Slash build.


Let’s see this rotation and action right see what we’re talking about here. So first we’re going to open with our shoot gun at max range. then we’re going to try and get a shoot gun again go into our Quick Draw, Mutilate get one more mutilate in there for 5 Combo points. Then we’re going to hit them with Between the Eyes, run out, shoot and Quick Draw again and the mob's dead if not just rinse and repeat the rotation afterwards.

For range, it’s going to be a slightly different rotation. What you’re going to do is you’re going to open with your shoot gun, then Quick Draw. But then you’re going to go immediately Between the Eyes to stop their cast. Start applying your Mutilate or your Saber Slash. Get ready for a kick as they’re going to cast again. These mobs should die a lot faster because they have a lot less armor as casters.


When it comes to our professions, solely for leveling, I truly believe going Mining and Engineering is the play. I’m not practicing what I’m preaching because my Engineering is not where I want it to be for my level. But through Engineering, you get to make your own gun's bullets for your own guns, a headpiece with stats on it, a scope that adds more damage to your guns, target dummies for distractions, bombs that do stuns, and bombs that do overall damage - bombs that will go into your rotation as you’re leveling.

And then, a fun little bonus is practice locks that we get to make for leveling our lockpicking.

At end game, however, Engineering and Leatherworking are going to be your best bet for the crafted epic gauntlets and the bomb benefits you get through Engineering. Both are good for both PVE and PVP.

However, the only issue comes with not having a gathering skill for either of those. But if it's your main, make sure you have some sort of way of making money to get those materials for your professions.


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