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WOW Classic SOD: Where To Find The 3 Main Shaman Tank Runes In Season Of Discovery?

Posted: Dec 29, 2023

In this guide, I’m going to talk with you about how to get your 3 main tank runes as a Shaman in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. I will show all the locations to you and then you can get them easily.

The most cool thing about Shaman tank runes is that you can get all 3 runes by Level 12 whereas some other tanks have to wait until Level 25 to get all of theirs. So if you are ready with plenty of WoW SOD Gold, just follow my step and learn where to get these 3 runes.

WOW Classic SOD: Where To Find The 3 Main Shaman Tank Runes In Season Of Discovery?

1. Shield Mastery

The first Shaman tank rune is Shield Mastery. To get this rune, just look out for a blue totem randomly throughout Durotar or Mulgore. I wouldn't bother going out of your way trying to find this because you'll likely just stumble across one.

As you quest through either zone, click the totem to loot the Galvanic Icon, equip it, and get a killing blow on 10 mobs using Lightning Bolt. You can track your progress by looking at your inspiration buff stacks. Once you've killed your 10 mobs with Lightning Bolt, just right-click the Galvanic Icon to learn Shield Mastery.

2. Molten Blast

The second rune is Molten Blast. This rune has 2 locations. You can find a Frozen Murloc on the east side of Durotar. To break him out, you'll need to hit him with 5 fire spells within a short time. It's easiest to just spam in general chat looking for more like-minded Shamans to help with this. At Level 10, Shamans get their first fire spell, Flame Shock, so just grab a bunch of Level 10-plus Shamans.

The other location of this rune is in Mulgore at the Bael'dun Digsite. Kill dwarves at the dig site to get the Artifact Storage Key and then open the Artifact Storage Chest to get the Sulfurous Icon. Once you've gotten the Sulfurous Icon from either of these locations, you'll then need to get 10 killing blows with Earth Shock. Once you've gotten your 10, just right-click this Sulfurous Icon to learn Molten Blast.

3. Way Of Earth

The last main tank rune is Way of Earth and can be obtained just west of Ratchet from the Desert Mirage. This is a Level 15 Elite, but it will instantly die if you cast Purge on it, which you get at Level 12. It can be in a fairly large area just outside Ratchet, so I recommend making a target Desert Mirage macro to find it more easily. Once you kill him, you can loot the Earth rune and right-click it to learn it.

All Shamans and Priests in your group will be able to loot a rune from the same kill, so don't hesitate to invite others you see also looking for the Desert Mirage. With these 3 runes, you're ready to start tanking dungeons in Season of Discovery. Hope this guide will be helpful to you. I know you can't wait to have a try.


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