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Throne and Liberty Lucent

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  • KR
  • Stonegard-스톤가드

  • DaVinci-다빈치

  • Lunar-루나

  • Fonsiné-폰시네

  • Callis-칼리스

  • Einar-아이나르

  • Bercant-베르칸트

  • Aaron-아론

  • Asota-아소타

  • Crimson-크림슨

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About Throne And Liberty

As a massively multiplayer online role-playing game independently developed by NCSoft, although it should belong to the Lineage series at its root, it is also equivalent to the sequel of the first Lineage game, but according to reliable sources, Throne And Liberty subverts the previous game concept, being reworked in development. Throne And Liberty (also called TL) has now been launched on the Korean server and is expected to be released in Europe and North America servers in the first quarter of 2024.

What role does Lucent play in Throne And Liberty?

Lucent and Gold are both currencies in Throne And Liberty. The difference is that you only need to play the game to get TL Gold. As for lucent, it is only created when someone pays real money to buy it. For those Paid items, you can only get it through real money or Lucent, other methods doesn't work.

So it can be seen that Lucent is the most important currency in Throne And Liberty. We can buy TL Lucent a lot to get enough powerful equipment, cosmetics, mounts, houses and various rare items that can enhance strength and experience greatly in the market. Let's defeat the enemy in thrilling combat easily. Therefore, many players are willing to buy Throne And Liberty Lucent to make themselves find more fun in the game. What's more, if you want to show greater competitiveness, you must have more Lucent, so that you have enough confidence to face all difficulties!

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Whether you are very experienced or inexperienced with this type of game, Throne And Liberty Lucent will be the common demand of players who pursue advancement.

Like all MMO games, players need to buy Throne And Liberty in-game currency a lot to support their development. It is not only tedious and time-consuming to farm Lucent in Throne And Liberty.

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In all, is the best place to buy Throne And Liberty Lucent for KR servers. Welcome all TL players to!



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Throne And Liberty: News And Updates Post Patch In TL - Dungeon Changes, Weapon Balance & More

Throne And Liberty: News And Updates Post Patch In TL - Dungeon Changes, Weapon Balance & More

NCSOFT has released patch notes one day before the patch goes live. I will tell you something about the new changes and improvements in Throne and Liberty. If you have plenty of Throne and Liberty Lucent, come and enjoy the news and updates after the latest patch.

Dungeon Changes

Field Bosses, and Archbosses have been activated and will be added periodically this week, as all the milestones to unlock them have been completed. Dungeon tokens have received changes where daily recharge limits have been increased from 600 to 900 per day, and the max limit has been changed to 4500 from 1800.

A new recipe to craft the weapons chest that drops in the dungeons has been added for 40 dimensional tokens to serve as some sort of pity system in case you don’t drop the chest in 40 runs. All the dungeons have received some changes. Bug fixes, cheese mechanics, and exploits have been patched. They have added the ability to mark players, improved the ability to join and apply to different parties while already being in a party, and a variety of changes and fixes for the recruitment.

New Transmog

In Miror Boutique, they have added weapon skins, so possible weapon transmog options will be available. Not 100% sure until we see it in the game. Abyss tokens are rewarded as points instead of tokens. Few balance changes to all the events. Now you can’t receive rewards from participating in multiple events at the same time. Skill books have been added as rewards in the events, and the amount of parchments has been reduced. Also, some several balance changes to field bosses and open-world dungeon mobs and bosses.

Weapon Balance

Now for some weapon balance changes:

Sword and Shield received a slight buff where AOE damage of Annihilating Slash has been increased by 50%, and it received a few various bug fixes.

Dagger has had a knife shoving cooldown reduction reduced from 24 seconds to 18 seconds.

Crossbow’s mana recoup skill has increased Mana gain by 20%, and Longbow has had a buff on Decisive Sniping resets. Now you have 6 seconds to use it again, where before it was only 3 seconds. Also, now if you cancel the reset in those 6 seconds, it won’t go on cooldown like it did before. This is a huge buff and a much needed.

Staff had most of the changes reverted to how it was before the last patch and some damage buffs on certain skills and won’t receive some minor buffs.

New Battlepass

New battlepass is also arriving with new and improved cosmetics. But one thing I noticed that wasn’t added but has been confirmed for the 3rd January patch before was the very much needed skill transfer to allow for easier build swapping. They have given no explanation for this decision, but I guess it was pushed for later patches so that they can have it ready without bugs and issues.

UI Changes

The world map now shows how much time is left in day or night. Guild quests marks have been simplified and are no longer visible on the map. Ability to adjust ambiance sound separately added contrast settings. Several inventory improvements and various other UI improvements and bug fixes. Lastly, they have improved a lot of codex quests, which are now much easier to understand and complete, with a lot of general bug fixes.

And that’s everything coming in the next patch. Some great changes and some very much needed improvements, and overall, the game is heading in a very healthy direction.

Throne And Liberty: Exploring Bosses, Guilds & Exchanges In TL

Throne And Liberty: Exploring Bosses, Guilds & Exchanges In TL

This guide will delve deeper into the world of Throne and Liberty, shedding light on bosses, guilds, and exchanges within the game.


TL has various types of bosses.

*The first boss you’ll encounter is a Field Boss. You can earn many Throne and Liberty Items by defeating the Field Boss. But since it’s much stronger than ordinary monsters, players will have to join forces to defeat them.

In the dungeon, Paola’s Dimension Circle, you participate in an event and together with group members defeat the mighty boss. Up to 6 people can freely form groups and participate in this event.

The Paola’s Dimension Circle is available starting from level 30. If you follow the Codex, you’ll meet NPC Paola, and your entrance to the dungeon will be activated. After this, you can enter directly from the special dungeon menu.

*The Archboss is a very powerful boss, and a large number of people have to join forces to defeat it. You can attack it after level 15. The name of this Archboss is Tevent.

The Archboss has a strategy that requires certain areas to be destroyed. When the boss is killed, it will have a beneficial impact on the entire Solisium continent. You can check the shadow on the map when the boss appears. The boss is represented by a red symbol.

Just like local events, these areas are divided into conflict zones and peaceful zones. When the boss appears, the location is displayed as a glowing indicator on the map. If you’re near the boss appearance location, you can witness the appearance of ominous symptoms.

*If you enjoy hunting, you can participate in Elite Monster hunts that appear in each field. You can get items that are unavailable when hunting ordinary monsters. Locations of these hunts can be found on the map.

You’ll see the monster level marked in red. This sign indicates Elite Monsters that appear in your area. Click the monster name, then click the check location button. You can see the approximate location of this monster. If you’re close by, the exact current location will appear on the map.


You can participate in both battles during Guild Raids.

If you want to initiate a Guild Raid, the first thing you need to do is join a guild.

Before starting a Guild Raid, let’s discuss the advantages of being in a guild. You can use guild skills to increase experience points. Depending on your guild level, you will receive buff effects.

To level up your guild, you must earn guild experience points in various ways. Actively participating in hunting or local events helps you earn experience points.

You can also take part in guild events and Guild Raids. When events are completed and successful raids happen, rewards go back to all guild members who weren’t involved. I recommend joining a guild.

And if you look to the right of the guild skill, there is a Guild Donation. If you donate, you will receive Guild Coins as a reward. Coins are used to buy various items from Guild Merchants. Origin and dimension stones in hunting grounds can be accessed on a Guild Base.

Guild members receive additional effects in all areas. Furthermore, if an area continues to be taken by guild, resources are generated at set intervals. These resources are consumed when using guild skills, so it’s important to keep them stable. Guild skills can be used by Guild Chiefs and guard-level members.

When you go to the Vienta Village, it’s a space that can be used by guild members. Guild Hall is available there. When you enter Guild Hall, you’ll see the red entrance door. This door allows you to participate in Guild Raids. Guild Raids upon up the guilt level grow, allowing content to be challenged. Guild Chiefs can initiate raids.

The greatest advantage of Guild Raids is that there is no PvP with other users or other guilds. The only thing you can do is engage in complete battle with the boss. If the boss is challenging, it’s important to truly understand the mechanics of the fight. If you’re confident in your understanding of the boss mechanics, please challenge it.

Items secured in Guild Raids can only be distributed among guild members. Earn various items through Guild Raids.


Next comes the exchanges.

Tradable items during gameplay can be exchanged with other players through the auction.

Throne and Liberty Lucent are used for trading. The default tax rate of the exchange is 20%. The castle tax rate can be set between 1 to 5% by the guild that occupies the castle.

The exchange also has a favorite function, similar to a tap for equipment collections. Mark items you want to buy as favorite and check their prices frequently to buy them at the lowest possible cost.

Play Throne and Liberty for the fun or defeating various bosses through guild activities.

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