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Diablo Immortal: Optimal Blood Knight Build For Season 20

Posted: Dec 26, 2023

In the midst of Diablo 4's significant impact on the gaming landscape, it's crucial not to overlook Diablo Immortal, a free-to-play mobile and PC game. Despite its initial shaky reception, the game has progressively improved. Presently, it introduces a fresh character class, the vampiric Blood Knight, along with innovative builds tailored for this character.

Similar to the Necromancer, the Blood Knight embodies a dark persona, utilizing their connection with evil to combat the forces of Hell within Diablo Immortal. Yet, which Blood Knight builds prove most effective in Season 20? Below, we'll unveil the preeminent Blood Knight build for this season and provide guidance on its construction.

Before starting this guide, make sure you have a good supply of Diablo Immortal Eternal Orb. This way you can clone the build more easily!

Diablo Immortal: Optimal Blood Knight Build For Season 20

Is The Blood Knight A Suitable Choice For Me?

The Blood Knight epitomizes a human bitten by a vampire. However, instead of succumbing entirely to vampirism or becoming a thrall, these individuals resemble Blade-like figures. They retain their humanity while leveraging newfound abilities to confront evil. Recognizing their potential to thwart the Hellish onslaught by aligning with the fight against Diablo and his minions, Blood Knights join the Nephalem ranks.

In gameplay style, the Blood Knight closely resembles the Necromancer by employing darkness against darkness. Consequently, they best suit players drawn to the notion of portraying an anti-hero, preying on demonic entities rather than the innocent. Think of the Blood Knight as a dark avenger, an unpredictable element in humanity's struggle against Hell's forces.

Is The Blood Knight Viable This Season?

As a recent addition to Diablo Immortal in Season 20, the Blood Knight's current standing remains uncertain. Nonetheless, the outlined builds have gained popularity, generating considerable excitement around playing a new class in the Diablo universe.

While Diablo 4 received praise in our review, it didn't introduce fresh character classes but rather recycled those from Diablo 1, 2, and 3. Hence, the presence of the Blood Knight in Diablo Immortal is remarkable, marking the first new class since Diablo 3's Crusader – itself a spiritual successor to Diablo 2's Paladin.

Finest Blood Knight Build In Diablo Immortal

The Blood Knight functions as a melee hybrid class, relying on agility to swiftly engage enemies, dispatching them before swiftly shifting to the next target. Given the Blood Knight's recent introduction, the meta is still evolving. Nevertheless, a potent build has emerged that commands attention.

Although this stands as the most superior Blood Knight build thus far, it primarily caters to PvE encounters. We will certainly update with the best PvP Blood Knight build as it gains prominence. For now, the foremost Blood Knight build in Diablo Immortal is the Vampire Bat build, involving the extraction of enemies' life force, followed by a rapid, Dracula-like strike to finish them off. To construct this build, follow these steps:


Focus on allocating attribute points to Intelligence and Strength primarily, with supplementary points distributed into Willpower and Fortitude. Vitality holds the least significance for this build, as we prioritize sapping the life from our adversaries!


As pledged by this build's name, we utilize Swarm of Bats as our primary skill, concurrently employing Siphon Blood on nearby foes. This dual assault drains enemy health while fortifying our Blood Knight.

Subsequently, our strategy involves closing in to eviscerate weakened adversaries. Execute this by combining attacks with Sanguinate, enabling rapid battlefield traversal toward enemies with devastating force.

If you find yourself running low on essence or mana, employ the primary skill Shadow's Edge on survivors until you can unleash Sanguinate once more. Repeat this sequence for an effective method not only to eliminate mobs but also to dismantle elite opponents.

Incorporating the Abomination skill introduces a move amalgamating the blood-draining effects of Siphon Blood with a potent strike. However, utilizing this skill will deplete essence quicker than using Sanguinate.

Skewer and Mehitic Cloud present additional options to diversify attacks, inflicting stun and blindness on enemies, rendering them more susceptible to the aforementioned attack sequence.


To enhance the potency and ferocity of this build, it's highly recommended to acquire and equip the following gear:

  • Chest Armor: Chiropteran Trade – Augments Swarm of Bats damage by 10%.
  • Helm: Cousin to Wildcats – Transforms Siphon Blood to slow nearby adversaries and release a blood wave that stuns foes.
  • Main Hand Weapon: Broken Corseque – Amplifies Siphon Blood damage upon Hemmorage activation.
  • Off-hand: Mercy’s Plight – Marks enemies with Shadow’s Edge, causing extra damage when four marks accumulate.
  • Pants: Faces of Fading Mirth – Infuses Swarm of Bats with added Poison damage.
  • Shoulders: The Numbing Edge – Boosts Siphon Blood damage by 20%.

By synergizing these gear pieces, the Vampire Bat build becomes exceptionally formidable in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

In conclusion, this setup represents the pinnacle of the best Blood Knight build available in Diablo Immortal for Season 20.


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