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Diablo Immortal: Top Monk Builds For Season 20 - PvE & PvP

Posted: Dec 29, 2023

The Monk, renowned from Diablo 3, initially emerged as a DLC class in Diablo 1's Hellfire expansion. In Diablo Immortal, available on mobile and PC, this martial arts maestro returns, aiming to combat Diablo's tyranny with resolute force.

While the Monk may not be slated for Diablo 4, hope remains. With a plethora of martial arts-based skills, selecting the ideal Monk build in Diablo Immortal for Season 20 becomes a pivotal choice. Below, discover the finest Monk builds this season in Diablo Immortal and the strategies to forge them.

Before embarking on this guide, ensure you possess an ample supply of Diablo Immortal Eternal Orbs. This will facilitate the replication of the build with greater ease!

Diablo Immortal Top Monk Builds For Season 20 - PvE & PvP

Is The Monk The Right Choice?

The Monk adeptly combines mystic arts and hand-to-hand combat, eschewing large weapons and elemental magic. They rely on the raw power of their fists and spiritual prowess to pursue their noble cause.

Unburdened by heavy armaments, Monks use an array of specialized tools to augment the lethality of their strikes. Some of these tools may invoke memories of Wolverine from X-Men, yet the Monk's fighting style draws inspiration from karate, jujitsu, and taekwondo.

Each Monk, integral to the Diablo series, aligns with a specific temple, infusing their disciples with mystical energies channeled directly into their blows. This imbues the Monk with formidable prowess in close-quarters combat, regardless of their adversaries.

Is The Monk Effective This Season?

In the current Diablo Immortal Season 20, the Monk receives a B rank in PVE and an A rank in PVP, showcasing prowess in slaying fellow demon slayers over actual demons. Hence, for PVP enthusiasts, the Monk emerges as a compelling choice this season.

It's important to note that while they may currently hold a B rank, this ranking may evolve in future seasons. In Diablo 3, for instance, the Monk consistently ranks among the top classes for both PVP and PVE.

Now, discover the two best Monk builds wreaking havoc on Diablo's monsters and their fellow heroes.

Best PVE Monk Build

First, the optimal PVE Monk build for Diablo Immortal Season 20 is the Exploding Palm build, centered around the Exploding Palm skill.

This build incorporates several other skills to unleash its full potential:


When leveling your Monk for the Exploding Palm build, prioritize Strength and Fortitude. Fortitude bolsters your defense and armor penetration, while Vitality enhances your ability to endure enemy assaults.

Invest in Willpower to augment Potency and bolster Resistances, especially in the game's tougher stages. Intelligence holds less relevance for this build and can largely be disregarded.


The Exploding Palm build necessitates unlocking the titular skill, available at level 24. To reach this milestone, utilize other skills early on:

Start with Fists of Thunder from level 1, complemented by Lightning Flux at level 12. Introduce Cyclone Strike at level 3 to diversify your attack patterns.

At level 8, incorporate Seven-Sided Strike, enabling significant damage and crowd control. As you progress to level 15, integrate Mystic Strike as secondary support.

Upon reaching level 24, make Exploding Palm a primary attack, leveraging preceding skills to soften foes before delivering a finishing blow with this explosive technique.

This attack inflicts bleeding and triggers explosions, allowing you to chain combos from the carnage. Alternate between various moves while awaiting the cooldown, returning to bleeding and detonating foes.


Gear selection significantly influences your Monk's capabilities. Equip the following items for an advantageous impact on your Monk's skills:

  • Head – Crippling Insight
  • Shoulders – The First Wind
  • Chest – Breath of Incense
  • Legs – Inner Rhythm
  • Main Weapon – Dragon's Indignation
  • Off Hand – Solding Storm

When acquiring rings, amulets, and additional gear, prioritize acquiring the Issatar Imbued set. This ensemble will enhance your Exploding Palm attack and other crucial skills essential for this specific build.

Best PVP Monk Build

Opting for a Monk to dominate other Diablo Immortal players in PVP, we recommend the Surging Strikes build. This setup removes crowd control elements and emphasizes targeted damage.

For this build, follow a similar progression as the Exploding Palm build but substitute Cyclone Strike with Shield of Zen. While continuing to utilize the Exploding Palm move extensively, concentrate on mastering Imprisoned Fist, available at level 41.

In PVP gear, incorporate the following modifications alongside the previous recommendations:

  • Head: Pensive Crown
  • Shoulders: Authority of Patience
  • Legs: Isolation's Path
  • Off Hand: Reaching Rebuke
  • Set: War Rags of Shal'Baas


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