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General News

  • WOW Classic SOD: What Things Are Necessary To Prepare Before The Launch Of Phase 4?

    Posted: May 15, 2024

    WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3 has been active for nearly 6 weeks now, accompanied by 6 resets of Sunken Temple, bringing us closer to reveal the Phase 4. As the upcoming Phase 4 promises an array of rewards, fresh profession recipes, elevated PvP ranks, and other exciting additions, now is a great time to start laying the foundation.

    Gain Reputations

    Firstly, let's focus on reputations. In Phase 4, there are several reputations worth grinding, but the PvP faction reputations with Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin stand out. If you haven't reached Exalted yet, it's advisable to work towards maxing out these reputations.

    Warsong Gulch will continue to offer and upgrade current epic braces available for levels 40-50, extending into Level 60. These braces, particularly the plate versions, have historically remained powerful, often considered BiS even in later content phases like Ahn'Qiraj.

    Additionally, at Level 60, players will gain access to epic leggings, with some armor types proving notably stronger than others. Even if new itemization emerges early in Level 60 that surpasses these rewards, there will still be an immediate power boost compared to current gear.

    Arathi Basin will also provide compelling rewards at Level 60. Each armor type will have a three-piece set available, offering a decent upgrade. Casters, in particular, will benefit from access to potent spell power weapons, such as the spell power dagger, which rivals the Azuresong Mageblade dropped in Molten Core.

    Onyxia Attunement Chain

    The Onyxia Attunement quest chain is notable for its length, offering access to the Onyxia'a Lair upon completion. Alliance players initiate this achievement in Burning Steppes with the quest 'Dragonkin Menace', which leads to subsequent quests culminating in 'A Shred of Hope'.

    However, progression halts here as further advancement requires quest items from defeating the General Angerforge and Golem Lord Argelmach in Blackrock Depths - currently unavailable because of their revelry in the Grim Guzzler. Unfortunately, Horde players cannot commence this achievement yet, necessitating patience until the next phase.

    Farm Demonic Runes

    For mana players, acquiring Demonic Runes should be a priority. While you might currently feel that mana isn't a concern, recent statements have highlighted the importance of managing mana as a crucial gameplay element. This implies that mana will once again become a valuable and finite resource in Phase 4, especially considering that raid encounters are likely to be lengthier.

    Given this context, stockpiling Demonic Runes is advisable. Unlike other mana potions, Demonic Runes do not share a cooldown, making them a versatile resource. Although they share a cooldown with Mage mana gems, they can still prove useful for Mages during prolonged fights.

    Profession Planning

    The next thing you could be preparing is professions. While we currently cannot get many of the high-level recipes that drop from certain dungeons or raids, we can always be prepared by having our professions at the max level of 300 ready for Phase 4. With this, the chances are that any new craftable from your selected profession will probably require 300 to learn and craft.

    If your profession is already at Level 300, you should instead be aiming to gather some materials for certain crafts. Some crafts have always historically proven to be very powerful and would be extremely hard to replace, even with new itemization. A great example of this would be the Lionheart Helm from Blacksmithing.

    Some materials you could gather right now or even get from the auction house with your WoW SOD Gold while the prices are cheaper could be materials such as Arcanite Bar, Blue Sapphire, Azerothian Diamond, Wicked Claw, Mooncloth, various different Essences, and Golden Pearls.

    There will be many more materials you could also aim to grab early, so I'd highly suggest looking into what you'd be able to craft in the coming phase and plan accordingly to your profession.

    Get Honor Tokens

    Preparing honor tokens for PvP advancement can be a wise move as you progress to higher levels. In the Blood Moon Stranglethorn Vale PvP event, you have the opportunity to accumulate these tokens, stacking them in anticipation of the upcoming WoW SOD Phase 4.

    However, it’s essential to note that this event has undergone significant adjustments, particularly in terms of the tokens acquisition. Unlike before, where you could stack up to 250 Copper Blood Coins, now you can only stack up to 99 commendations, each costing 1 Silver Blood Coin.

    Despite the nerf, accumulating these tokens remains beneficial. A boost of 25,000 honor can significantly aid your progression. Additionally, since the specifics of PvP rewards for the upcoming phase remain uncertain, having a head start in accumulating honor ensures readiness for any new rewards introduced.

  • WOW Classic SOD: 8 Top Addons You Must Try In Phase 3 To Make Your Life Easier!

    Posted: May 13, 2024

    As we all know, the quality of life features in Vanilla Classic have been criticized for a long time. Even though there are some changes in Season of Discovery, features like a full UI that displays statistics and locating mission objectives are still lacking.

    However, the existence of addons greatly improves the player’s gaming experience, and choosing the best SOD addons can often make players feel that the season is more meaningful and easier to understand.

    Currently, addons have a variety of functions, whether you want to improve the mission experience, automate repairs, or get hints on raid mechanics. In this guide, we’ll provide 8 of the most worth-trying addons in SoD Phase 3.

    1. RestedXP

    The first thing we want to mention is RestedXP. Although it’s technically a fast-running addon, it doesn’t run like a plugin unless you want it to.

    It’s essentially a GPS that’s reminiscent of more modern gaming quality-of-life tools, with brief explanations about what you have to do in certain situations. It will provide you with detailed routes from mission to mission and area to area.

    It works really well and saves you a ton of time and WOW Classic SOD without making you feel like you’ve been rushed through it all. RestedXP is your experienced guide leading you through the seemingly endless regions of Azeroth.

    2. Ranker

    PVP is the core function of Season of Discovery. Each Phase will have a new SoD level cap and new vanilla battlegrounds. Besides this, they will also add new open world PVP activities such as Battle for Ashenvale or Blood Moon in STV.

    With Ranker addon, a new button appears on Honor screen that shows your progress in PVP in more detail. This way, you can know exactly where your ranking will be when the weekly PVP resets based on your current honor.

    You can also set a target level and see how many honors you need to earn to reach that target. The base game doesn’t offer an easy way to tell you your weekly PVP progress, so if you plan on doing a lot of PVP in SoD, Ranker is a must-have tool for efficiency.

    3. Atlas Loot

    If you’ve ever played Retail WoW, you may be familiar with Dungeon Journal. It shows you information about every raid and dungeon in the game, including all boss battle mechanics and loot pools. Unfortunately, Dungeon Journal did not appear after 2004, so it does not appear in Season of Discovery.

    This is why Atlas Loot is a must-have. While it doesn’t have a fight-side of Journal, it does have a very detailed list of all the loot present in every dungeon and raid, with some sweet rewards attached.

    4. Leatrix Plus

    As one of the most useful quality of life mods in vanilla WoW, Leatrix Plus is still a must-have addon for most players in Season of Discovery.

    It provides a set of options that provide greater control over the game’s UI and backend systems. Examples include the ability to mute specific sounds, automatically repair and sell vendor items, display remaining time on Flight Paths, and customize the size and position of various UI elements.

    5. Better Bags

    The bag system in Vanilla WoW can be visually unpleasant and requires players to carefully sort items piece by piece to feel organized. And Better Bags has an overhaul of the bag and bank UI that automatically sorts items into various categories, completely simplifying inventory management in SoD.

    Better Bags will divide your inventory into sections such as Consumables, Reagents, Crafting Materials, Armor, Weapons, and Junk. While it doesn’t quite correctly sort all new items in SoD, it does allow you to create custom categories and assign items to them for future organization.

    6. Extended Character Stats

    For players who want to maximize their character’s stats, one of the most frustrating things in Classic WoW is the lack of information on the character screen.

    Typically, you only see basic stats and some secondary stats, such as Attack Power and Block Chance, depending on your class. However, Hit Chance, Crit Chance, Crit Damage and other stats cannot be viewed directly.

    At this time, the importance of Extended Character Stats addon is self-evident. It adds a new window to the character screen that displays all this information.

    You can customize which stat groups are visible. For example, if you typically play DPS in SoD, you probably don’t care about your healing stats. This makes it easier for you to calculate whether a piece of gear is actually an upgrade without having to simulate the build outside of the game.

    7. Deadly Boss Mods

    Besides new PVP events, each new phase introduces new PVE content in the form of improved raids.

    In Phase 1, the developers offered a Raid version of Blackfathom Deeps for level 25 players, in Phase 2, Gnomeregan has become a level 40 raid, and in Phase 3, it’s Nightmare Incursions!

    But since these raids are retreads of older content, players can’t rely on their previous knowledge of how to run these dungeons.

    Deadly Boss Mods is an all-in-one package that guides players through Raids and other PVE content in Season of Discovery. It is one of the most popular SoD addons because its tips are useful for both new and experienced players.

    During boss battles, DBM will remind you of the mechanics you must follow. It also has regular updates for SoD, able to walk players through the mechanics of Nightmare Incursions less than a week after Phase 3 launched. Ultimately, DBM is just as useful to new players as a regular walkthrough because it’s both intuitive and customizable.

    8. Questie

    As mentioned before, since there is no quest log in Season of Discovery, the only indication the player gets of where to go comes from the pointers in the quest text.

    The benefit of Questie addon is that it adds a full-fledged task tracker to the game. Questie displays your target in a side window, highlights the quest location on the map, and displays quest information about the target creature itself.

    For SoD, Questie also provides tips on how to get new runes for each class. Of course, you can turn this off to retain the mystery, but it’s great for getting runes for your alts quickly.

    Those are all the addons worth trying in Phase 3. Is there anything else that you think would be a better addon option that I haven't considered? Might as well share it!

  • WOW Classic SOD: Maximize Your DPS Under The Boss Mechanics Of Sunken Temple

    Posted: May 08, 2024

    Allow me to present to you a Sunken Temple boss guide for WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3. Today, our primary objective is to optimize your damage output and implement strategies to minimize kill times effectively. So, without wasting time, let's delve right into it.


    When we reach the Sunken Temple, the first boss we will encounter is the Atal'alarion. This fight is ultimately just a DPS fight. You're going to be trying to beat the boss before the first Demolishing Smash is cast.

    This happens anywhere between 27 and 30 seconds. If your kill time is not quite under 30 seconds, you could pop a Limited Invulnerability Potion. This negates the knock back entirely and ensures that you have higher raid damage and more uptime on the boss.

    Festering Rotslime

    For the Festering Rotslime fight, you want to either destroy the 5 objects normally, or you could sacrifice some of your melee and let them get devoured. This will count as an additional object. Just make sure that you give all of your melee that are getting devoured by the Water Breathing buff.

    Everyone will also want to pop a Free Action Potion in this fight. This will allow you to completely avoid the Gunk debuff and not have to get dispelled. When you get dispelled, it leaves a pool of slime on the ground, causing you to have more raid damage and less movement.

    Atal'ai Defenders

    The next boss we encounter is the Atal'ai Defenders. In this fight, you're going to have to have another Mage or another class put up debuffs for you. Since you're having to start from zero every single time, a new Atal'ai Defender comes out. Prepare for a sufficient amount of WoW SOD Gold is also essential.

    You need to have 1 Mage to Scorch, and let the other Mages just casting Frost Firebolt the entire time. That's kind of how this fight works at the moment, with the encounters lasting a very short amount of time for every single new defender that comes out.

    Dreamscythe & Weaver

    This fight's very straightforward. In the first phase, you focus down Dreamscythe. In the second phase, you focus down Weaver. And in the third phase, you keep focusing on Weaver and pop all your CDs, and then add Cleave into your rotation if you have any Cleave.

    Make sure you do it now since they share a health pool. The only thing to add on to this fight is you can target yourself with a Snowball to mitigate the knock back for when the dragons cast the Acid Breath.

    Jammal'an & Ogom

    The dynamics of the second phase vary depending on the adversary encountered in the first phase. While the first phase consistently presents the challenge of dealing with the Agonizing Weakness debuff, which remains constant across encounters, there are distinct strategies to employ for the second phase.

    Ideally, you'll aim to face Jammal'an in the second phase. This scenario entails coping with significant AoE damage and a fear effect particularly impactful for melee DPS. Conversely, should Ogom emerge in the second phase, preemptive consumption of a Free Action Potion can circumvent the adverse effects of the Hammer of Justice stun, ensuring smoother progression through the encounter.

    Morphaz & Hazzas

    For the first phase, you'll want to preposition for where the Morphaz will spawn. In the second phase, once the Fire Elementals come out, make sure you don't kill any of them, so everyone gets sent down and receives the Lucid Dreaming debuff. Once everyone's sent down, pop all of your cooldowns and burn the boss before they cast the Eternal Slumber.

    Shade Of Eranikus

    You may want to have 3 range players bait the puddle so that everyone else can stand still and do maximum damage. Make sure that you keep debuffs when the Shade of Eranikus goes invulnerable. This will be whenever the Shade of Eranikus is casting the Deep Slumber.

    Make sure you bring some Elixir of Poison Resistance with you to get rid of the Lethargic Poison debuff. Dispelling it yourself will yield you much more damage, since you're not having to wait for someone to manually dispel it off.

    Avatar Of Hakkar

    In the encounters, melee DPS should stack directly behind the boss, while ranged attackers and healers should position themselves slightly farther back, prepared to adjust their positioning in response to the Bubbling Blood.

    Ranged attackers and healers should initially stand at the upper part of the boss arena, behind the melee DPS, and then gradually move downward as the Bubbling Bloods emerge.

  • WOW Classic SOD: The Best Cheese Strategy To Solo Bosses & Earn Coins In Phase 3!

    Posted: Apr 30, 2024

    Do you often have trouble defeating some of the toughest bosses in WOW Classic SOD Phase 3? Don’t worry! Here, we’ve got you covered with our best tips for tackling tough boss fights and grabbing the loot with ease.

    Imagine defeating bosses single-handedly and earning hundreds of WOW Classic SOD Gold every day using just Enchanting Materials. We’ll also show you how to get the rarest and most expensive recipes in minutes instead of hours. So, let’s uncover the secrets of Phase 3 cheese strategy.


    SOD Phase 3 is very different from the previous phases. Although it feels like the game is trying to maximize your agency as a main character, whether it’s epic weapons that take 100 hours to acquire or trinkets that cost thousands of gold to purchase. But more often than not, we’ll be forced to do all kinds of solo grinding stuff that we didn’t have to do in the first two phases.

    That’s where the cheese strategy in this guide comes in, which will show you how to save time and hassle grinding the rarest and most powerful items in the game.

    We’ll discuss how to easily solo a tough boss like the infamous Princess in any class. Even if you don’t want her Epic Best in Slot dagger, she still drops some of the highest value disenchanting materials in the entire game.

    Plus, we’ll also discuss some of the best ways to solo farm ultra-rare items, such as Mighty Rage Potion Recipe and Libram of Voracity.

    Loot Strategy Breakdown

    Let’s start by talking about loot farming strategies for Princess Theradras boss. You can earn 60 gold per hour by breaking down the blue items she drops, and you can farm 5 Wild Offerings at the same time to buy Best In Slot Raiding Gear.

    The most we did, though, was gamble 10 cards from Felwood’s vendors, which gave you the chance to get cards worth over 900 gold each. This is really attractive.

    It’s worth noting that while Blade of Eternal Darkness dropped by this boss is indeed suitable for every spellcaster in the game, the biggest problem is that there is a group of spellcasters in every group that wants to kill Princess. So if you want to make sure you get this epic BiS gear, going solo is almost always your best option.

    In order to solo Princess, you’ll definitely want to get Scepter of Celebras first, which allows you to skip the entire questline and jump straight to the last section where Princess is. The entire group only takes about 15 minutes to complete, so I highly recommend it.

    Key Tips For Soloing Maraudon

    Once you acquire Scepter, you can now easily start farming Maraudon solo at any level. The first key tip for soloing Maraudon is that you absolutely need to have 8% movement speed with your boots. This is very important to not get knocked down by Princess.

    If you don’t have any pets or summoning abilities, then you’ll need Swiftness Potion to actually reach Princess and optional Target Dummy. You’ll also need Agamaggan’s Roar, which you can later use to farm Wild Offerings, if you wish.

    When teleporting to Maraudon, the tip here is that speed is really key. If you wait too long, the patrol will start to look a little weird. If you’re playing as Priest, you can use pets, or if you’re Mage, you can use Blink spell to get over. But if you don’t have any of these things, this is also a good time to pop a Swiftness Potion.

    Then at this point we go directly across the bridge to the reset point, which is the rock near the cave entrance. Once we reached the reset rock, we immediately logged out and when we logged back in, all the mobs were gone.

    Another tip is that if you don’t have any pets, using items like Nifty Stopwatch or Skull of Impending Doom is also critical. Like Princess battle itself, you’ll definitely want to use any kind of instant spell-casting ability you have.

    So for my Priest, I mainly use Shadow Word: Pain. I also rotate my pets. The reason being is that whenever a pet is on her, she will temporarily start stamping. And these items will give you a really good window into maximizing your pet’s DPS.

    My favorite way to play the game is to walk around the outside of the room, but the real trick here is by jumping onto the side walls so you can temporarily hide from Princess. But the key is not to do this too many times in a row, because if you do, Princess will be more difficult to deal with once she’s back to full health.

    If I’m ready, I’ll also summon the nearby Delirious Ancient, which makes this boss easier to kill, at least for Priest. And once that Delirious Ancient dies, he’s not immune to most of my DoTs. If I choose to kill him, I’ll go back to the reset point and go again to maximize loot.

    High Chief Winterfall Is Also Worth The Cheese

    But Princess is indeed not the only boss that can be cheesed. High Chief Winterfall in Phase 3 is one of the most profitable boss spawns in the entire game.

    He is almost guaranteed to drop Winterfall Firewater, which is currently worth 22 gold on my server and can be sold immediately. What’s more, the boss’s respawn time is only 5 to 10 minutes. Therefore, there is no doubt that High Chief can be said to have the highest gold coin drop rate per hour in the entire game.

    How To Farm Rare Recipes?

    We’ve discussed the coolest boss cheese strategies in Phase 3. Now let’s talk about some ways to farm very expensive rare items and recipes.

    One of my favorite things to do in the game these days is farming all Alchemy recipes. For my Priest, almost all the good formulas are very expensive, like those from Blasting Warriors’ Mighty Rage Potion.

    The real reason Mighty Rage Potion Recipe is so expensive is that only Blackrock Slayer can drop the recipe. There are many Slayers in Blackrock building to the northwest, but no one can reach them.

    My secret cheese strategy for getting recipes, though, is to use pets to easily pull out all Blasting Warriors at once, and then you can clear out all Slayers without taking damage by powering up on the outer edge of the building.

    So Phase 3 is really all about letting players maximize a character, making them as powerful and improved as possible for a better gaming experience.


    Now we’re ready to do it with all the strategies we’ve laid out, whether it’s soloing Princess to earn a bunch of gold, or farming Winterfall Firewater to collect Firewater.

    Of course, we are also ready to achieve maximum success in open world farming. However, there are so many farms to choose from, I’m really curious which one you will try first. Regardless, follow this guide and you will literally get rich.

  • WOW Classic SOD: Fishing Is Still A Worth Trying Profession In Phase 3! - Fishing Location Guide

    Posted: Apr 29, 2024

    Today, I'd like to discuss the WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3 fishing locations. In these spots, you have the opportunity to fish for the Ironbound Trunk and Mithril Bound Trunk. I believe the Mageweave is still quite lucrative in Phase 3, making these fishing locations particularly valuable.

    Iron Bound Trunk

    We'll start by talking about the Iron Bound fishing area. The fishing levels are usually around 150, with a plus 75 bobber. You can do this almost everywhere.

    Stranglethorn Vale

    In Northern Stranglethorn Vale, just along the little inlet around Grom'Gol, you'll find some of the best Iron bound fishing spots.

    Alterac Mountains

    Another location is going to be the Alterac Mountains, just north of Dalaran, and all the way up this coastline. It's easiest to get by either flying to Southshore and running up if you are Alliance, or Horde can go to Undercity and run across the lake. Or Horde can also go to Tarren Mill.

    Arathi Highlands

    Next, we have the Arathi Highlands. You can fish at Faldir's Cove, which is a great spot, and a bit up and down the coastline.


    Another location for Iron Bound is going to be Desolace. You can fish along the coastline all the way up and all the way down to Shadowprey Village. Pretty good fishing, but the only problem is that t are some high-level giants roaming around. But once you're level 50, it should not be a problem. They won't really attack you unless you stand right on them.

    Dustwallow Marsh

    The Dustwallow Marsh is actually a decent fishing area. You can go south from the Barrens, or if you're Alliance, you can go to Theramore Isle. I'm not sure if there is much fishing on the inner part and these island chains, especially in the Nat Pagle's area.

    Mithril Bound Trunk

    Next, we have the Mythril Bound Trunk areas. These are the high-end areas w you're going to be getting Magecloth, Runecloth, Rugged Leather, Thick Leather, and some really high-level potential items like World Drop recipes.

    Stranglethorn Vale

    In Southern Stranglethorn Vale, this is probably the best place to fish, with most pools along the entire coastline in Booty Bay and all up and down this coastline.


    Then we have Feralas. You can fish along the entire coastline, and t are some great pools that you can fish in to get the Mythril Bound Trunks.


    Moving on, let's talk about Tanaris, a prime fishing location stretching from Steamwheedle Port down to the southernmost area. It's important to note that the drop rates don't extend all the way down to the super southern region w numerous turtles reside. It's remarkably lucrative, as many players tend to flock to Stranglethorn Vale or Feralas, making Tanaris a hidden gem for making decent WoW SOD Gold through fishing.


    Lastly, we have Azshara. This is pretty much max-level fishing. If you are fishing in the Bay of Storms, you need at least Level 330 for fishing, so you also need to have pretty much max level with a bobber.

    If you're going for the elemental pools, which have Essences of Water and Elemental Water that can drop from them, you'll need even higher fishing levels. The Bay of Storms fishing is also just good for running along the coast and fishing up the same max-level pools that you need.

  • WOW Classic SOD Phase 3: This New Songflower Serenade Buff Will Be The Key To Your Success At Sunken Temple!

    Posted: Apr 29, 2024

    As we all know, Sunken Temple Raid introduced in Season of Discovery Phase 3 brings a whole new challenge to players. Therefore, it is very urgent to find ways to fully optimize its damage and parses to ensure that the dungeon runs successfully.

    For raiders, carrying the necessary consumables to enhance their stats is crucial, and getting the right World Buffs is a top priority. This will be the key to your team’s success in clearing all bosses as quickly as possible.

    Among them, Songflower Serenade as a newly added World Buff in WOW Classic SOD Phase 3 will provide power for your raids. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to quickly help you get this powerful Songflower Serenade Buff.

    Songflower Serenade Buff Explained

    Simply put, Songflower Serenade Buff increases the character’s chance of critical hits and increases all attributes by 15 points for 1 hour. Another important thing to note is that this buff can be reduced on cooldown by using Chronoboon Displacer. This item is sold in all major cities and can be purchased from Reagent Vendor for WOW Classic SOD Gold.

    You receive this buff after interacting with Cleansed Songflower in Felwood after completing a small quest chain that allows you to harvest the flower after its respawns.

    Start Quest Chain

    First, you need to go to Felwood to start the quest chain. Depending on your faction, you will need to talk to NPC near Emerald Sanctuary. Among them, Alliance players need to find Arathandris Silversky, while Maybess Riverbreeze is the goal of Horde players.

    This quest will require you to collect 15 Blood Amber. You can get all Ambers by killing Dessecus, Warpwood Shredder, and Warpwood Moss Flayer mobs in Felwood.

    After turning in Blood Amber, you’ll receive Cenarion Beacon, which you’ll need to keep in your inventory if you want to get the buff again later. But if you accidentally lose it, just talk to NPC corresponding to your faction to get another one.

    You’ll then be given a series of quests to choose from, depending on your character’s profession. Here are all the quests available, as all quests are given to Horde and Alliance factions:

    • Salve via Hunting: Collect 6 Corrupted Soul Shard when killing mobs
    • Salve via Mining: Collect 4 Tainted Vitriol at the mining node
    • Salve via Gathering: Pick up herbs to collect 4 Fel Creep
    • Salve via Skinning: Collect 5 Patch of Tainted Skin via skinning beasts
    • Salve via Disenchanting: Disenchanting Uncommon items to collect 1 Lesser Nether Essence

    Once you turn in any of the listed tasks, you will receive 2 Cenarion Plant Salve, which will help transform Corrupted Songflower into a Cleansed Songflower. You can find flowers in these areas as their respawn time is around 20 minutes.

    Available Addon

    You can also install Nova World Buffs addon, which will help you track respawn times and show you the location of each flower. That’s everything you need to know about how to arm yourself with powerful buffs to help you when raiding.

    While this buff is optional, it’s worth it, as some of the group’s encounters have considerable DPS requirements, especially on the ultimate boss. Good luck to you, heroes of Azeroth, and may you be rewarded with some amazing loot as you explore Season of Discovery Phase 3!

  • WOW Classic SOD: How To Find This New Secret Toy In Phase 3 Blackrock Depths? - Rainbow Generator

    Posted: Apr 28, 2024

    In WOW Classic SOD, many players are enjoying exploring the world and finding fresh content that has been added to the game. Because each phase so far has been filled with a mysterious atmosphere, and players can obtain interesting or useful new items by completing these hidden tasks, such as Cozy Sleeping Bag questline in Phase 2.

    As always, players can also discover a new hidden quest line in Blackrock Depths in Phase 3 and be rewarded with a brand new item: Rainbow Generator.

    This is an on-use Trinket, a fun toy-like item that can create a rainbow between two players. It may not be as useful as Cozy Sleeping Bag, but the gorgeous effect is eye-catching!

    But to get it, you have to complete the most criticized challenge among players, Jumping Puzzles. In this guide, we’ll give you step-by-step tips on how to complete this questline and ultimately get this Rainbow Generator Trinket.

    What Does Rainbow Generator Do?

    Rainbow Generator, as a Trinket, must be equipped to use its abilities. It can cast a giant rainbow to connect two players. All you have to do is click on another player, activate Trinket, and see this gorgeous and stunning effect.

    Just something to note, since this is a Channeled effect, it will end when you are interrupted, a fight starts, or the channel ends after about 30 seconds.

    How To Get A Rainbow Generator?

    The first thing most players will need to do is spend WOW Classic SOD Gold to buy some Noggenfogger Elixirs from a merchant and assemble a team capable of making it through Blackrock Depths without dying. Because if a player dies while trying to get Rainbow Generator, the party will have to leave the instance and reset it for another attempt.

    Go To Blackrock Depths

    Enter BRD and open the locked door. Continue forward and open the second locked door on the right. Go down the sloping corridor and open the locked door on the left wall. Go up the stairs, go right, and continue up into Ring of Law. Then go to the other side, enter the hallway, and turn left.

    At this point, you should see a bridge over the lava in the distance. On the bridge, you’ll see a small ledge below with a green name on it. Next, your goal is to jump down safely and talk to this NPC.

    Jumping Puzzles Challenge

    The rest of Rainbow Generator questline mostly takes the form of lengthy Jumping Puzzles. Like all the previous steps, if someone misses the jump and dies, you’ll have to start over from outside the dungeon.

    First, go to the far end of the bridge and then to the left, where you should see a rooftop around the corner that you can jump on. Spend your Noggenfogger Elixirs or use your Slow Fall ability, and jump over.

    I would like to remind you that you need to step back a few times to position yourself for the perfect jump. The jump isn’t difficult, but if you jump too far to the right, you’ll hit rocks and lose momentum.

    After jumping to the other rooftop, you’ll need to move forward almost straight while hugging the right wall. Turn around and look down, and you should see the ledge you saw earlier almost directly below.

    If you aim well, you can jump out of here without using Slow Fall. But I would say it’s safer to jump to the ledge from a distance. Don’t forget to consume Noggenfogger Elixirs before landing, so you don’t go over the platform.

    Find & Talk To Rugged Traveler

    Once you reach the bottom, you’ve completed the most hard part of Rainbow Generator questline, and now all you have to do is talk to NPC.

    After the last jump, walk into the room to find an NPC named Rugged Traveler. Please note that according to April 5th WOW Classic SOD patch notes, if there are more than two people in the room at the same time, Rugged Traveler will be frightened and unable to interact.

    Therefore, in order to ensure that the mission is completed, only two team members can be sent to complete the last jump at a time to complete Rainbow Generator mission.

    Mission Rewards

    Besides Rainbow Generator, the rewards for this questline include three Student Fodder consumables and Premo’s Poise-Demanding Uniform.

    Poise-Demanding Uniform is a cosmetic shirt, and Student Fodder can be used to instantly gain 20% Rested XP. Since the upgrade process from level 50 to 60 becomes significantly longer, it would be a wise move to keep these consumables until SOD Phase 4.

    That’s everything you need to know about getting a Rainbow Generator. Like I said before, it may not be a great buff, but it can be a great addition to your adventure!

  • WOW Classic SOD: How To Complete The Sunken Temple Raid As A Frost Mage In Phase 3?

    Posted: Apr 25, 2024

    Welcome, fellow players! Allow me to present a guide on Frost Mage raid DPS in WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3. The Frost Mage has undergone a significant transformation, developing from one of the least effective DPS specs for raiding to a pivotal role in your raid, particularly if you have multiple Mages. At the highest level, Frost Mage performance is currently highly competitive.

    Frost Mage Explained

    Frost Mage is now using Frostfire Bolt for its main rotation. Frostfire Bolt is scaling insanely hard, and it gains 100% bonus from your spell power. As the name suggests, Frostfire Bolt is both Frost and Fire damage. This means it benefits from both Winter's Chill and Improved Scorch. Your Frostfire Bolt will benefit from the 10% increased critical strike chance from Winter's Chill and the 15% increased fire damage from Improved Scorch.

    The cool thing about Frostfire Bolt is it will stack Winter's Chill for you. So, unlike with Fire, where you have to maintain Scorch stacks, Frost can face roll Frostfire Bolt. If you have 2 or more Mages in your raid, it is better overall raid DPS for you to have 1 Fire Mage and 1 Frost Mage to maintain these debuffs.

    Talents & Runes

    Let's then talk about the talents. The main debate here is whether you take the Ice Barrier or not. I found the Ice Barrier very helpful in Sunken Temple. Though there are many bosses that do AOE damage that will cause pushback, pre-casting Ice Barrier on pull was preventing that pushback quite a lot and helping the DPS.

    If you do not want to play Ice Barrier, you can put a point in Flame Throwing for the 3 extra yards on your Fire spell, or maybe Burning Souls for the reduced threat. To aid you more when encounter the bosses, take some WoW SOD Gold along with you is essential.

    For runes, we are using Living Bomb, Molten Armor, Spell Power, Icy Veins, Frostfire Bolt, Fingers of Frost, and Deep Freeze. There can be an argument to run Burnout and just ignore Fingers of Frost and Deep Freeze, since there's a lot of RNG around Fingers of Frost proc.

    World Buffs & Consumables

    For consumables, you want the following buffs: the Sunken Temple World Buff, Darkmoon Faire buffs, Songflower Serenade Buff, and Atal'ai Mojo of Forbidden Magic. Keep in mind that these do not stack with Blasted Lands Flask, so I will not be listing Blasted Lands Flask.

    Additionally, you'll need Lesser Wizard Oil, Superior Mana Potions, Greater Arcane Elixir, Nightfin Soup, Dragonbreath Chili (which scales with spell damage), Elixir of Firepower, and Elixir of Frost Power.

    To clarify how Frostfire Bolt works with spell damage scaling: it will only scale off of the highest of the 2 spell damages. So, if you have 13 fire damage and 42 Frost damage, Frostfire Bolt will only gain the +42 Frost damage. It doesn’t double dip into both Fire and the Frost damage. The only reason we are running Elixir of Firepower is because it buffs our Living Bomb.

    Read More: These Consumables For Alchemy You Can't Miss During WOW Season Of Discovery Phase 3


    For professions, I recommend you take 2 of the following 4 professions: Tailoring, Engineering, Enchanting, or Alchemy. All of them have amazing things that provide us with great raid buffs. The 2 I recommend most is the Tailoring and Engineering, but that is a personal choice. Pick any of the 2 you prefer.

    Tips And Tricks

    Cold Snap does so well for a number of reasons. One, it refreshes the cooldown on Icy Veins, so on fights you have Cold Snap up for, you can use 2 Icy Veins. You can save Cold Snap for Avatar of Hakkar, not because of Icy Veins, but because of Ice Block.

    You can Ice Block off the blood effect, and it won't transfer to your raid, which is a massive uptime increase if you happen to get blood twice. Having Cold Snap for this fight will allow you to Ice Block twice. Many bosses do random AOE damage. Pre-cast Ice Barrier on yourself before the pull, and if you're in a fight where loads of extra damage are going out, don't be afraid to recast it during the fight.

  • WOW Classic SOD Phase 3: Best Places & Tips For Farming Ghost Mushrooms Efficiently

    Posted: Apr 25, 2024

    Herbs, as an important crafting material in WOW Classic SOD, are distributed throughout the vast area of ​​Azeroth. Each herb has its own unique use. In fact, most herbs are relatively easy to find, but Ghost Mushroom is an exception. Because they can only be found in specific areas of the map.

    In this guide, we will mainly talk about how to effectively farm Ghost Mushrooms in Season Of Discovery.

    Is It Worth Spending Time Farming Ghost Mushroom?

    Ghost Mushroom is one of the most prized crafting materials in WOW Classic, as it can be used in various high-end Alchemy recipes.

    Potions, such as Elixir of Demonslaying, Elixir of Shadow Power, and Potion of Invisibility for Alchemists, all use Ghost Mushroom as the necessary reagent. All of these can be used against deadly enemies in SOD Phase 3. This also makes it one of the most versatile crafting items you can get in Season Of Discovery.

    Not only that, Elixir of Demonslaying also plays an important role in player efficiency in the new Nightmare Incursions PVE event. Therefore, Ghost Mushroom is particularly valuable in WoW Classic Season Of Discovery Phase 3, and farming and selling it can net you a decent amount of WOW Classic SOD Gold income.

    Both Alchemists and Herbalists need to obtain Ghost Mushrooms in large quantities, and thankfully, they are relatively easy to obtain.

    Main Farming Locations

    Ghost Mushrooms can be said to be one of the most popular crafting materials in WOW Classic, and can be used as a reagent for Alchemists to craft many high-tier potions. Although you can get this herb from many regions, they are mainly found in Arathi Highlands.

    While you can collect a lot of Ghost Mushrooms in Skull Rock, keep in mind that this area is also the most popular spot for Herbalists to collect these herbs, so your chances of running into trouble are higher.

    If this is the case, then you can also collect Ghost Mushrooms from the area south of Jintha’Alor. You can also find a limited number of them in the caves west of the same location. Beyond that, you can find them in several other regions, including:

    • Dire Maul: Killing enemies in Dire Maul Dungeon will also drop a large number of Ghost Mushrooms. While Gnarled Thistleshrub is the best creature to farm for this herb, you can also get it by defeating monsters like Whip Lasher and Bloodpetal Flayer.
    • Desolace: You can find numerous Ghost Mushrooms in the western Valley of Spears.
    • Maraudon: Farming this dungeon is guaranteed to drop at least 10 Ghost Mushrooms. If you play a profession such as Druid or Rogue, you can also use your skills to easily sneak past enemy mobs, greatly improving farming efficiency. If you’re not playing one of these two classes, you’ll need to run Maraudon the old-fashioned way and pick up any herbs along the way before resetting the dungeon after a traditional run.
    • Arathi Highlands: A few of these herbs can be found in a cave northeast of Hammerfall.

    Besides farming Ghost Mushrooms from the above locations, you can also find herbs for sale in Auction House. While its price may vary depending on your server, you may find it selling for around 2 gold. If you successfully farm an abundance of this resource, you can also exchange it for gold for extra profit.

    In short, the above are some locations and tips that can be used to farm Ghost Mushrooms efficiently. Mastering them can bring you unexpected gains. Good luck!

  • WOW Classic SOD: Check Out The Rogue Build Centered On The Saber Slash Rune In Phase 3

    Posted: Apr 24, 2024

    This time, I'd like to offer a brief introduction to the buffs of Saber Slash rune recently announced in WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3. I'll then show you the build of this rune and go over the talents setup, other rune choices, BiS and pre-raid weapon options for the Saber Slash build, as well as outline the rotation.

    Saber Slash Update

    The Saber Slash is changed from 3 stacks to 5 stacks, but the damage of the bleed at maximum stacks remains unchanged. Each stack of Saber Slash is now going to provide a substantial increase to the damage of your Saber Slash and Sinister Strike abilities used on that target. Given the right circumstances, this damage increase should put the Saber Slash a bit ahead of the Mutilate builds.

    How To Maximize Its Power?

    Let's dive into the specific conditions that can make Saber Slash effective. Firstly, having Thistle Tea available is crucial. Saber Slash requires significant ramp-up time to reach its maximum potential of 5 stacks, and Thistle Tea significantly speeds up this process.

    Secondly, Saber Slash performs best in fights with minimal target switching and a duration of at least 1 minute. Avoid situations like the third boss encounter with 6 different trolls, where frequent target swapping occurs, as the Saber Slash won't excel in such scenarios.

    Third, the Saber Slash relies heavily on the Honor Among Thieves head rune, which depends on your teammates. If your teammates frequently die or stop attacking, they won't generate combo points, weakening the effectiveness of Honor Among Thieves and, consequently, the Saber Slash spec. And with the help of SOD Gold, you can make full use of the updated Saber Slash rune.

    Talents & Runes

    Here's the recommended the talent: Invest 32 points in the Assassination talent tree and allocate 9 points in Combat. The Assassination tree offers compelling talents, particularly with the Deadly Brew rune. Vile Poisons and Improved Poisons are key talents, compelling us to heavily invest in the Assassination talent tree.

    The Relentless Strikes on the third tier prove to be another invaluable talent. Opting for full ranks of Seal Fate in this build enhances our ability to generate more combo points, which addresses a slight deficiency in this build. Prioritize Improved Sinister Strike to reduce the energy cost of both Sinister Strike and Saber Slash. Allocate 4 points in Precision to secure a noteworthy DPS boost.

    For our rune, we have Honor Among Thieves and Deadly Brew rune. Carnage on the wrist is going to be automatically activated by Saber Slash, our hand rune. We don't have to cast Ruptures or Garrotes to get the Carnage rune. For the waist, we've got Shadowstep for added mobility, for legs is the Rune of Venom, an amazing finishing move, and for our feet is the Master of Subtlety.

    Weapon Choices

    Next, let's delve into the weapons. The top picks for a Saber Slash build are Dragon's Cry and Degraded Dire Nail for an Orc, or Dragon's Cry and Inventor's Focal Sword for a Human. You can also consider the other weapon set: Cobra Fang Claw and Serpent’s Striker. While this setup is comparable in power to the Dragon's Cry combo.

    For the Blood Moon, prioritize acquiring the Bloodied Sword of Speed for Horde. Alliance players can obtain the White Bone Shredder from the Bone-Bladed Weapon Quests in Orgrimmar. Head to Maraudon for the Inventor's Focal Sword from Tinkerer Gizlock. Although soloing Tinkerer Gizlock might be challenging, teaming up with another Rogue can make it feasible, allowing both of you to loot the swords and be on your way.

    As for off-hand weapons, there's a variety of options available, all of which are relatively comparable. I recommend the Inventor's Focal Sword and White Bone Shredder, which rank near the top of the list and aren't overly difficult to acquire.


    For the rotation, the focus is on building up to 5 Saber Slashes on the target. Begin in stealth and activate all temporary attack power bonuses like Blood Fury, your alchemy potion, and the Roar of the Guardian trinket.

    Then execute 3 Saber Slashes to deplete your energy to zero. Quickly replenish to 100 energy and perform another Saber Slash, reaching 5 stacks or combo points for the Slice and Dice. This entire opener comprises 6 global cooldowns and is ideally executed within 6 seconds with the aid of Thistle Tea, ensuring no energy shortage.

    Without Thistle Tea, reaching the fifth Saber Slash and activating the Slice and Dice may take 12 to 13 seconds, significantly slowing down the ramp-up. Once the Slice and Dice is active and 5 Saber Stacks are achieved, maintain the Saber Slash debuff with one Saber Slash, followed by 1 to 2 Sinister Strikes and 2 to 3 points from Honor Among Thieves to reach 5 combo points.

    Cast either an Eviscerate or a Slice and Dice. It's essential to maintain full uptime of Slice and Dice while maximizing the Envenom casts, ensuring optimal damage output throughout the fight.

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