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General News

  • Myth Of Empires: How To Avoid Detours In This Survival Game? - 5 Essential Tips

    Posted: Mar 08, 2024

    Embarking on the adventure of Myth of Empires promises thrilling quests, formidable challenges, and countless opportunities for exploration. However, amidst the vast landscapes and treacherous terrain, avoiding detours is essential for maintaining momentum and achieving success. In this survival game, strategic navigation is paramount. Here, we present 5 indispensable tips to help you stay on course and navigate the complexities of Myth of Empires with confidence and efficiency.

    1. Tame A Horse At Your Earliest Opportunity

    After unlocking the reign recipe, your first task is to tame a horse

    Regardless of your level, craft your reign and set out in search of a horse. Trust me, you can tame any horse of any level and quality without crafting the bait. Just approach the horse and ensure you've built a small structure beforehand to safely contain it during the taming process.

    Remember to close the door to prevent the horse from escaping, ensuring a safe and successful taming experience. This method comes highly recommended for everyone. If the anger meter fills, prepare for a simple minigame. Failing it will result in the horse throwing you off, but fret not, as with proper fencing, the horse won't stray far.

    Wait for the anger meter to decrease to at least 50% to fill the obedience meter. Failing to do so will only agitate the horse further. Once the horse calms down, remount it to fill the obedience meter. Taming a horse expedites exploration, farming, and combat. Otherwise, it's akin to traversing GTA on foot.

    2. Keep Your Distance From Crocodiles

    Avoid engaging with crocodiles until you possess sufficient strength to confront them.

    Crocodiles currently rank as the most perilous creatures in the game. They boast swift swimming capabilities and surprisingly outrun even the average horse. A single encounter with them spells instant doom for both you and your mount.

    Steer clear of swampy areas and avoid establishing settlements nearby. While you can lure crocodiles to other players' bases to cause annoyance, such attempts will likely result in your demise. If you find yourself pursued by a crocodile, seek refuge by climbing or fleeing, especially if you possess a speedy horse.

    3. NPCs Can Be Tamed And Utilized According To Your Preferences

    There are 2 methods to accomplish this task.

    The simpler approach involves locating a small campfire where you'll encounter 2 to 3 NPCs. Avoid hostility and instead engage in conversation with them, fulfilling their requests. Upon satisfying their needs, they will pledge allegiance to you.

    Alternatively, the more challenging route involves taming them through coercion. While this method allows for the taming of high-level NPCs, it's not recommended for inexperienced players. Building your NPC army presents an opportunity to leverage their unique abilities and skills, such as farming, combat, or crafting.

    Outfitting your NPCs with armor, weapons, and ammunition enables them to utilize the provided gear effectively. Notably, you can employ them in formations reminiscent of those seen in Mount & Blade, issuing commands as needed. To ensure their well-being, maintain a regular feeding schedule to prevent starvation.

    4. Utilize Boundary Markers

    To access boundary markers, either join a guild or establish one of your own.

    Boundary markers offer an anti-decay zone and safeguard for your structures. Enhance this coverage by upgrading your marker, gathering the necessary items, and selecting the "tribute" option. Additionally, set a protection timeframe to deter raiders from targeting your base within the designated period.

    Of utmost significance, boundary markers facilitate the sale of various items, albeit with a daily cap of Myth of Empires Copper Coins. Furthermore, consider purchasing blessings from the marker, including experience buffs that expedite leveling during activities like gathering and crafting. While these buffs are stackable, note that their cost escalates with each subsequent purchase.

    5. Play On A PvP Server

    Opt for a PvP server for the full gaming experience, as this game is tailored for PvP engagements.

    Notably, PvP servers offer a significant 50% progression boost, effectively doubling your advancement.

    Raiding stands out as a highlight of the game, allowing you to raid different bases across various servers without restriction. Joining or creating a guild is essential, enabling you to recruit members, foster alliances, and engage in diplomatic negotiations.

    Why restrict yourself to non-PvP servers when you could immerse yourself fully in the game's dynamic PvP environment? Even if your focus is on farming or collecting, PvP encounters are inevitable in this game.

  • Myth Of Empires: 8 Things Newbies Need To Pay Attention To Before Diving Into The Game

    Posted: Mar 07, 2024

    Myth of Empires, developed by Angela Game, is a sprawling multiplayer sandbox set in an Ancient Eastern-inspired continent, challenging players to survive and prosper by gathering resources and crafting various items to build their own empire from scratch. Initially starting in a PvE environment, players learn the game's basics before deciding whether to transition to a PvP server for interaction with other players, although this is optional and players are free to enjoy the game solo or with companions. Regardless of the chosen path, there are important aspects to consider before embarking on the journey of Myth of Empires.

    The Survival Challenge In Myth Of Empires Is Harsh

    One of the most striking aspects of this sandbox game is its survival element, which becomes apparent upon starting the game despite being one of its selling points. 

    While players have the freedom to explore, build, and act as they please to a certain extent, there are inherent limitations to consider. In Myth of Empires, survival hinges on hunting, farming, and crafting, as resources are finite, and players start with nothing, all while contending with the presence of potentially hostile fellow players.

    Weather Challenges

    In the realm of survival games, the focus typically lies on acquiring weapons and armor, a trend established by popular titles like Minecraft and Terraria, where rapid power growth is key. However, in Myth of Empires, threats extend beyond hostile NPCs to encompass the forces of nature itself.

    Weather conditions play a significant role in the game, with benign occurrences such as sunny days and scattered showers contrasting with more perilous phenomena like frigid blizzards, relentless sandstorms, and noxious miasmas. Given these environmental hazards, prioritizing the construction of a sturdy shelter becomes essential before delving into weapon crafting.

    Strategies For Resource Management

    At the onset of the game, players are granted a carrying capacity of 150 pounds, which initially appears generous, but quickly becomes insufficient as exploration and resource gathering commence. Given that all crafted items are made from scratch, necessitating the collection of every found item, managing inventory space becomes vital. However, there are strategies to preserve valuable resources.

    Upon reaching level four, players unlock the ability to craft a wooden chest for item storage at their base, with the option to upgrade for increased capacity in later levels. Additionally, owning a horse proves advantageous while on the move, as they possess a significantly larger carrying capacity compared to the player's own. Lastly, enhancing the character's Physique Skill progressively boosts their carrying capacity.

    The Mechanics Of Fast Travel

    The Myth of Empires world is vast and diverse, encompassing mountain ranges, forests, plains, and various natural biomes. While initially enjoyable, navigating such a vast landscape can quickly become tiresome, particularly when traveling back and forth between distant locations. To address this, developers introduced fast travel mechanics.

    By placing a Bedroll or Wooden Bed, players gain the ability to teleport to these locations from anywhere on the map, regardless of distance. However, there's a caveat: teleportation requires players to forfeit their entire inventory. To avoid starting anew, it's advisable to leave a chest or cabinet near a bedroll to store essential items.

    Maximizing Experience Points

    Earning experience points (XP) in Myth of Empires is straightforward, primarily acquired through activities like resource gathering, crafting, and even mundane tasks like pulling up blades of grass, though the process can be slow. While quests offer an alternative, they provide only minimal XP rewards, potentially leading players to explore PvP servers for faster progression.

    Despite the initial apprehension of entering player-populated servers, the advantages outweigh the risks. PvP servers offer abundant resources with significantly higher XP yields for gathering. Joining a guild grants access to Boundry Markers, providing Blessings that boost XP gains for up to an hour, with the option to enhance the increase to 300 percent for a fee.

    Crafting In Myth Of Empires Is Crucial For Progression

    Similar to many survival games, crafting in Myth of Empires is crucial for progression, particularly in creating weapons to combat the diverse array of adversaries

    However, the crafting system in this game is notably distinctive, boasting over 1,000 recipes encompassing not just food items but also various tools, weapons, armor, and even medicinal items crafted from abundant minerals and resources, all authentically reflecting the Ancient Eastern period for added immersion.

    Mastering Combat Mechanics

    When engaging in combat in Myth of Empires, it's important to understand that it's not merely a matter of mindlessly swinging your weapon. 

    Each weapon in the game is intricately designed to emulate its real-world counterpart, not just in appearance but also in weight and handling characteristics. Some weapons prioritize speed over damage output, while others have a slower attack speed but deal more damage.

    Moreover, Myth of Empires features a multi-directional combat system, providing players with a level of versatility seldom seen in traditional MMORPGs. Players must contend not only with individual adversaries but also face entire battalions and hordes of hostile mobs, presenting dynamic and challenging combat scenarios. Both offensive and defensive actions are possible, requiring players to strategically select the appropriate weapon for each encounter based on their preferred combat approach.

    How To Earn MoE Copper Coins?

    As in any society, currency drives the economy in Myth of Empires, with Myth of Empires Copper Coins serving as the primary medium of exchange for various transactions such as taxes, hiring protection, and purchasing Blessings. 

    While traditional methods like completing quests or selling items to merchants can yield income, a more lucrative and efficient approach exists, albeit requiring participation in PvP servers.

    Utilizing the Boundary Marker's Resource Transfer feature, players can function akin to standard merchants by selling gathered resources such as bark, grass, and rubble for significant profits. Given the ease of acquiring these resources, this method offers a virtually unlimited source of income.

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