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News Tag: WoW Classic Hardcore Gold

  • WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 40-50?

    Posted: Sep 22, 2023

    It’s time to talk about how to make gold from level 40 to level 50 in Classic WoW Hardcore


    By following the previous guides, I’ve released on how to make gold up until level 40. Most of you should have your level 40 mounts at level 40 and you can start farming the big gold now. Alternatively, if you don’t have the mount just yet, you can use some of these methods to get you past that final stretch and get that mount! 

    Level 40 to 50 is actually quite an interesting level bracket for farming WOW Classic Hardcore Gold. Because up until level 44, you technically never have to grind any mobs at all, you can quest all the way necessary. 

    But, in level 40 to 50, at some point, you will need to grind some mobs as there simply are not enough quests to do in order to level up, even if you do every dungeon possible including every dungeon quest. 

    By combining this grinding period with a lucrative gold farm, you can also secure yourself a couple hundred gold while doing the grinding that you’re already doing for experience, so it’s a win-win, really. 

    Gold Farming Locations

    With that said, let’s take a look at some locations where you are combining farming for Hardcore Gold while also grinding experience at the same time.


    The first farm worth highlighting is the Hatecrest Nagas in Feralas

    This is where many leveling guides will also tell you to grind, but they are actually worth grinding, because they drop Clams that can drop Golden Pearls. 

    However, since most leveling guides will tell you to grind here, there will be a lot of competition.


    Option number two is the Wastewanderers in Tanaris. Not the Pirates, but the Bandits

    These guys are actually quite good to farm. They drop a steady amount of raw silver. They can drop Journeyman’s Backpacks. They drop Mageweave Cloth and they can drop Potions! They also drop Wastewander Water Pouch. And you can hand in 5 of these through a repeatable quest, which gives you a small amount of experience + a goodie bag, giving you food, drinks, and more potions. 

    All of this combined means you will get a hefty amount of Healing Potions & Mana Potions from these guys, which might actually sell for a decent amount on Hardcore Servers where people want to have Potions ready just in case. 

    You also have another location in Tanaris, which is killing the Turtles in the North East for Turtle Meat, Golden Pearls, and overall vendor items. This one is even better if you have Skinning.

    Speaking of Turtles & Skinning, you also have this one in the Hinterlands on the shore. These Turtles are quite high level, so they are suitable for the upper part of this level bracket. 

    On top of Turtle Meat, they also give Turtle Scales when Skinned, which Leatherworkers will need for Tribal Leatherworking


    Sticking with The Hinterlands, you can also farm for Wildvines in these locations, which are used in many popular crafts, such as Wildvine Goggles and other pre-bis items for Raiding, mostly for Casters. 

    One more farm in the Hinterlands is this one for Thick Wolfhides, which especially Feral Druids need for their Wolfshead Helm, so it’s a pretty niché goldfarm.


    If you have Mining, you can make insane amounts of Classic Hardcore Gold in this level bracket. This is thanks to farming Mithril, one of the Mining Ores that are in the highest demand and also lowest supply, creating the perfect scenario for an item that could sell for a lot of gold. 

    You could either take one of the Mithril farming routes and specifically run laps and look for Mithril Veins, or you can do what I personally do: Check high-density locations for Mithril roughly every half hour, while also doing quests or doing other farms. 

    For the purpose of that strategy, I will show you guys my two personal favourite high-density spawn locations for Mithril right here, one of which is in the Hinterlands in the famous Ghost Mushroom Cave, the other are the underground hives in Tanaris, which are worth checking.

    Here are two other Mining routes, specifically aimed at farming Mithril Ore & Truesilver.

    Leftover Gold

    Because we are moving past level 40 now and into level 50, this is also the level bracket where you will start accumulating more gold than you currently need, and you will have what I personally refer to as “Leftover Gold”. 

    This is where you need to start buying items that can go up in price later down the line, like in a few weeks or a few months, just to make some very easy gold. 

    Personally, I’ve seen items go up in price more than 10 times over during the timespan of a month in Classic WoW, which is because of how inflation works. More players get to level 60, people get access to more gold and items that are in demand go up in price. 

    So, let’s say you, for example, have 500 gold left over. By not investing, logging out, and logging back in in 2 months, you will have 500 gold. But, if you invest into items that go up in price 10 times, you can invest in those items, log back in 2 months, and have 5000 gold, effectively giving you 4500 gold for free in pure profit. 

    Since Classic WoW is a fairly solved game, having run through this game multiple times, counting only Official Blizzard Server’s. We’ve had Original Vanilla, Classic WoW, Season of Mastery and now Hardcore. So, this is our 4th Vanilla WoW Launch. 

    You also have numerous Private Servers. So, we know what’s popular at which times and which consumables are used in which raids, plus for Hardcore, any items related to your character’s survival will be in even higher demand. 

    For the purpose of giving you some easy investments, I usually put almost all of my early leftover gold into Small Flame Sacs & Elemental Fires. But if you want a list of all of my investments, which have given me tens of thousands of gold in Classic WoW, you can check out my previous WOW Classic Hardcore gold farming guide. 

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    Other Professions With Potential

    This is also the level bracket where Professions start really skyrocketing in terms of profitability, so let’s speak about that for a second.


    This is also the level bracket where you can start pulling in decent amounts of gold through Herbalism, specifically through Ghost Mushrooms & Firebloom, and I’ll show you my favourite routes right here: 

    I usually farm Firebloom in Tanaris & Searing Gorge, just running around the zone. Ghost Mushrooms can be found in the Hinterlands in the cave, x marks the spot and you need 245 skill to pick it up. It’s worth doing the entire lap around the zone and check the cave every single lap. 

    Big plus if you have mining as well as there can spawn up to 4 Mithril Veins inside this cave, plus 3 Ghost Mushrooms. 

    If you have both Herbalism & Mining on the same character, I recommend using the addon called “SwitcherTracking”, which will switch which material you’re tracking every 2 seconds on an automated basis. This makes it feel like you’re tracking both Herbs & Mining veins at the same time. 


    If you’ve kept your Fishing Skill up to date you can fish at the shore of Tanaris for both Stonescale Eel & Firefin Snappers, both of which are used in crafting endgame consumables used for level 60 raiding. 

    It is not really useful for making gold while leveling as you get no experience from Fishing. But if you desperately need gold and don’t mind sacrifising that experience per hour, Fishing can give you some good amounts of gold.

  • WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 30-40?

    Posted: Sep 19, 2023

    It’s time to get you ready to get that Level 40 mount! A lot of you might have leveled up in Classic WoW before, and when reaching level 40 you suddenly realize: You’re nowhere near having enough gold for that mount!


    Personally, on my Druid, which I got to level 60 in Hardcore Classic WoW when playing on Classic Era, I got my Level 40 mount at level 48. I know several Warrior friends who didn’t get their mount before level 50. And a bunch of people get their level 40 mount a couple of levels after level 40. We’ve all been there, and it’s annoying.

    So, if you want to get your mount by level 40, that’s what this guide series is for! Over the past few days, I’ve been updating guides on how to make gold in every level bracket, and today we are covering how to make gold from Level 30-40 in Classic WoW Hardcore!

    Here, I mostly focus on showing you farming locations. That way you can literally make gold while leveling by farming mobs that you know drop valuable items. That way you are directly hitting two birds with one stone, farming Hardcore Gold & experience at the same time. But we will also touch base on some Profession usage and how to save yourself some gold at the same time to really help you minmax your gold while leveling.

    Gold Farming Locations

    So, let’s get into some goldfarming:

    Elemental Fire

    For this level bracket, you have an absolutely incredible farm for Elemental Fire located in Arathi Highlands, suitable for the high level 30s.

    Elemental Fire is used in crafting Greater Fire Protection Potions, which will be in high demand.

    Elemental Water

    You also have an Elemental Water location in the same zone but on the other side, so on the eastern side, also suitable for high 30s or mid 30s.

    Farm number two is this Island right here in Stranglethorn Vale, which is a very good Island for farming both WOW Classic Hardcore Gold & experience. Because there are a lot of Water Elementals here. They spawn pretty quickly, and you’re in a location where a lot of people choose not to go, as there’s only really 1 quest to do here. And this quest in some cases is not worth doing because of the travel time.

    Elemental Water is used in crafting Greater Frost Protection Potion, which will be useful later.

    Elemental Earth

    You also have the Earth Elementals in Badlands, which can be farmed for Elemental Earth. Over here, you have 3 different types of Earth Elementals ranging from level 35 to level 43.

    All of these Earth Elementals are also tied to quests, so there will be some competition, but it’s still highly profitable and good farms.

    Once again, Elemental Earth is used in Greater Nature Protection Potions & Restorative Potions, for example.

    Small Flame Sacs

    You also have Small Flame Sacs, which in this level bracket can be combined with Dark Whelplings & Emerald Whelplings Farming, which can be done in the locations shown right here.

    For Dark Whelps, I personally usually farm in Badlands, but you can also do it in Dustwallow Marsh. And for Emerald Whelplings, you can do that in the Swamp of Sorrows.

    Once again, your main gold income source from these farms will be the Small Flame Sacs. The Whelplings are just extra.


    Also, if you happen to have Skinning, farming the Turtles in Dustwallow Marsh is actually quite incredible for Classic Hardcore Gold.

    They can drop Turtle Meat, which can be handed in for a quest in Hillsbrad Foothills for both factions, causing a decent demand for Turtle Meat by itself since people need 10 of them for a quest. Plus, they will constantly be in demand because people can use them to skill up cooking.

    Outside of that, you can also loot Bags and Greens. And by using Skinning, you can get Turtle Scales, which Leatherworkers need a lot of in order to unlock Tribal Leatherworking, which a lot of Leatherworkers will go for.

    Raw Gold Farming

    This is also the level bracket where you might want to start focusing a little more on Raw Gold Farming, just to make sure you have enough gold for that level 40 mount no matter if you’re able to trade or sell materials.

    For that purpose, here are some of my favourite Raw Goldfarms for this level bracket. You have these 2 locations for Gorillas in Stranglethorn Vale, and Gorillas have a pretty solid loot-table for items that vendor for a hefty chunks.

    Quick note is that your bags become full pretty quickly while farming Gorillas as they drop some barrels that vendor for a lot and only stacks up to 5 per stack.

    You also have the Tigers in Badlands and the Tigers in Swamp of Sorrows, both of which drop pretty high vendor value items.

    The Tigers in Swamp of Sorrows are also surrounded by Spiders which also have a decent loot-table.

    You might also notice that all 4 of these Raw Goldfarms are based on farming beasts. So, if you have Skinning, you can make even more gold from these goldfarms, whether that is Raw Gold from vendoring the Leather you get from Skinning, or if you want to sell the Leather on the Auction House for more gold, either way it’s just more gold.

    Grinding Mobs

    There is also another farm I personally am quite a fan of doing while leveling, especially because many of the quests in this level range are incredibly competitive. So, grinding mobs will often be just as efficient, if not more efficient, than questing will be.

    The farm I reference here is the Jungle Remedy farm, which you can farm from the Witch Doctors & Medicine Men in the North Eastern part of Stranglethorn Vale, a farm suitable for level 32 to 38. These guys have quite an incredible loot table:

    First off, they drop Jungle Remedy. Players need 7 of these for a Stranglethorn Quest, giving a pretty significant demand for this at launch.

    On top of that, they drop Stranglethorn Pages, which you can advertise for sale in General Chat while farming, or post on the Auction House. And players will definitely buy the pages they need instead of farming for them, because the Stranglethorn Chapter Questline gives quite a lot of experience.

    On top of that, they can drop Healing Potions & Silk Cloth. And they can even straight up drop herbs!

    It is worth noting that this is a quest location, so there will be some competition and you should expect more competition here than in most other grinding locations.

    How To Save Gold?

    This is also the perfect time to start talking about saving gold by not Training all of your Class Abilities.

    This is where training your abilities start ramping up in costs. So, in order to be able to afford that level 40 mount, you should really look into which abilities are worth training and which ones you really don’t need while leveling.

    Some classes can survive without many abilities, like, for example, as a Hunter, you can skip so many different abilities that you do not need while questing. As a Mage, you can opt to skip Fire & Arcane Abilities and only train Frost Abilities until you get to like level 50+ just to get your mount at level 40, and so on.

    Personally, I also use the addon called “What’s Training”, which shows me which abilities I get at which level, so I don’t have to go to my trainer all the time. This way I can scout for important upgrades and visit my trainer whenever I have some significant abilities available for training.

  • WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 20-30?

    Posted: Sep 18, 2023

    Let’s talk about making gold from Level 20 to Level 30 in Hardcore Classic WoW!


    Now is where the real fun starts, as you start getting access to a lot more farms that are viable for a long time to come and you can start making some serious gold while you’re leveling up.

    By this point, some players will probably be close to level 60 as well, so you can take advantage by farming some items that people will want to have at max level or even to skill up their profession. And because they will have some raw gold laying around, you can start making pretty good pocket-change while farming at this level bracket.

    In this level bracket, you can also level up almost as quickly by farming mobs as you will by questing, unless you’re a Hunter or a Druid or a class with significant movement speed bonuses, since a lot of quests in this level bracket requires a lot of running.

    By grinding mobs, you can find one location and literally grind for several levels without requiring much movement.

    Like I just said, level 20 to 30 is where you start getting access to some pretty sick materials:

    Elemental Fire

    The First one is Elemental Fire.

    This is used for Endgame Potions, specifically related to Fire Protection, which is useful inside Molten Core & Blackwing Lair, the first raids in Classic WoW and will be on incredibly high demand for Hardcore.

    In this level bracket, you only have one location to really farm for these, which is on Stonetalon Mountains. Thankfully, both factions have a reason to go to Stonetalon, as both Horde and Alliance have quests both in this zone and it also leads into Desolace. So, you’re most likely going here anyway, and this farm is honestly insane.

    Over here, you have several mobs, ranging from level 23 to 27 as you have Lesser Fire Elementals, Regular Ones, and Greater Ones. The lower level ones are more north in this circle, the greater ones are south, so you can literally grind mobs here from level 23 to 30 if you really want to. And that would also give you a ton of WOW Classic Hardcore Gold if you sell these Elemental Fires when people start raiding.

    Crimson Whelps

    You also have the Crimson Whelps in Wetlands, which can drop two very lucrative items: Small Flame Sacs & The Tiny Crimson Whelpling.

    Small Flame Sacs are also used in Fire Protection Potions, and in Season of Mastery. I was able to sell some of these for up to 7 gold per piece, showing there’s an obvious demand for these when raids become available and people start raiding.

    And I suspect that on Hardcore Servers, these will be even more lucrative as people will be spamming those Protection Potions for survival. 7 gold per item in a mid-level 20 zone is pretty insane. These mobs are level 25 to 26, so you can pretty much grind here from level 24 to level 30, making insane amounts of gold.

    Also, if you happen to get the Tiny Crimson Whelpling, you could also sell that one for a pretty hefty chunk of gold, though that one is what I personally categorize as a “luxury item” and it could take a long time to sell. But when someone wants it, they will drop some decent gold on it.

    I’ve sold some of these for a couple hundred gold each, but they’re definitely not the main source of gold income from this farm. The Small Flame Sacs will give most of the Hardcore Gold here.

    There is also a vendor in the middle of Wetlands where you can vendor things when your bag becomes full, and this guy even sells you Potions and Herbs on a Limited Stock basis. So, make sure to grab any of those if they’re available!

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    Elemental Earth

    Another incredibly good item you can start farming for during this level bracket is Elemental Earth.

    This is also used in, for example, different types of Elemental Protection Potions, as well as a bunch of other stuff. These are constantly on high demand. And the good thing here is that you can combine Elemental Earth farming with Elemental Fire farming in Stonetalon Mountains, where mobs are level 23 to 27.

    Thousand Needles

    You also have two locations in the Thousand Needles, where mobs are level 28 to 29, where you can specifically target Elemental Earth without mixing it with anything else.

    Personally, I really like farming for Elemental Earth and Elemental Fire in this level bracket. Because even though you also get access to them in Arathi Highlands & Badlands, those spots are incredibly overfarmed and very popular, while the locations listed here are usually less competitive and therefore could be more lucrative and better in terms of farming for both gold and experience.

    Large Venom Sacs

    This is also the level bracket where you can start farming for Large Venom Sacs.

    These might not be incredibly profitable at the start of Hardcore Servers. But they are used in crafting for example Strong Anti-Venom through First Aid, as well as Elixir of Poison Resistance, which is actually very useful in many situations, especially later in the game such as in Ahn’Qiraj, for example. And depending on when people actually start doing Ahn’Qiraj and do those difficult bosses, these could be in pretty high demand pretty quickly. So, it’s definitely a goldfarm worth knowing about in this level bracket.

    Many of these farms for Large Venom Sacs are also not tied to any quests, so they are great locations to grind for mobs either way. Plus, you can get some pretty good Classic Hardcore Gold at the same time while grinding.

    Just make sure to keep these Large Venom Sacs stored in your bank or on an alt and actually sell them when people start doing Ahn’Qiraj because that is when the demand will skyrocket.

    Silver Veins

    Additionally, if you have Mining, this is an incredible level bracket for you as you will start encountering some Silver Veins as long as you’ve got your Mining Skill up to date.

    The skill required to mine Silver Veins is 75. And my favourite zones for farming Silver Veins are Redridge Mountains, Hillsbrad Foothills and The Barrens.

    Alternatively, if you’re already farming in these zones for a different reason, like you have 1 farm in The Barrens and 1 farm in Redridge Mountains, you can combine farming for Silver Veins with those Goldfarms, using the farming routes shown on the picture below and simply looking around the area where you’re already farming instead of following the whole route.

    Bronze Tube

    It’s also worth noting that Alliance has access to a pretty significant questline in Duskwood, which is started by handing in a Bronze Tube, an item crafted by Engineering.

    So, anyone with the combination of Mining & Engineering can farm the materials to craft this item and sell it to people who want to do that questline.

    A bonus tip here would be to stand in Duskwood and post in General Chat. That way, you make it more convenient for people to buy it from you.

    Additionally, if you don’t have Engineering but still want to try to capitalize on this strategy, here’s a map with 7 different vendors that all sell Bronze Tubes. But it’s in Limited Stock and has a re-stock timer, so you have to be lucky to get one from any of these vendors.


    It’s also worth noting that you can get a lot of gold from Fishing in this level bracket through, for example, Blackmouth Oil & even Firefin Snappers.

    But since nobody will be Fishing while leveling anyway, I’m not gonna talk about it too much. But it’s worth knowing about if you really need some gold.

  • WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Easily Earn Thousands Of Gold By Grinding Reputation? - Gold Making Guide

    Posted: Sep 14, 2023

    Today, we will introduce a very advanced WOW Classic gold making strategy. You can incorporate this into your gold rush plans for upcoming Hardcore Servers.

    This theme of the guide is to grind your reputation of Profession-specific recipes and then craft and sell those items for profit. The harder the recipe is to get, the higher the profit margin. The earlier you acquire recipes over the life of the game, the more WOW Classic Hardcore Gold you’ll earn.

    Grind Reputation

    A simple example here is Bloodvine Vest. It requires Zandalar Tribes Revered Reputation, Zul’Gurub Reputation. This is a high demand item for Cloth Users in the ancient game. Grinding out Reputation and selling Bloodvine Vest as quickly as possible will yield huge profits. And the key here is really to get the formula as quickly as possible in order to capitalize.

    If you are the only supplier, you can set a profit margin. However, the more people who get the formula, the more competition for sales becomes, and profit margins will soon plummet.

    Professions & Reputations

    Next, let’s talk about Professions and Reputations. I’ll discuss this on a Professors-by-Professions basis. I won’t go into detail about every recipe in the game, but I will cover most of the ones I find profitable.


    For Enchanting, there are mainly 2 different Reputations that you need to look at. The first is Timbermaw Hold, which will reward you with 1-handers and 2-handers of Agility Enchant Formulars.

    These enchants are usually what Rogues, Hunters and Enhancement Shamans want. The nice thing about this reputation is that you can actually farm it as you level up, although this requires a lot of grinding. These Reputations are obtained from Furbolgs in Felwood and Winterspring. They also drop items you can trade for extra XP and reputations.

    If you are an Enchanter and you are looking for these recipes, I recommend doing this grind while leveling. Because not only can you upgrade quickly, but you can also get the reputation. Plus items you turn in can again reward you with extra XP and extra reputations.

    So you can double dip by gaining XP and Reputations, instead of farming at level 60 when you only gain Reputations and no XP.

    You may need to check out Zandalar Tribe’s Reputation in Enchanting, Zul’Gurub Reputation. From here, you can get the recipes for Brilliant Wizard Oil and Brilliant Mana Oil. This will be very popular and will be in high demand for almost every spellcaster and healer right from the start. Getting these early can make you a lot of money. In order to get this reputation, you just need to complete Zul’Gurub raid.


    For Zul’Gurub Reputation, here are some Blacksmithing recipes too. If you have a Darksoul Set and Bloodsoul Set, this will increase critical strike rating and hit rating, mainly for mail and plate users.

    It’s worth mentioning that you also have access to Devilsaur Set early in the game, as well as many other craftable items that are probably better. These can provide some cheap alternatives to pre-raid items, as the hit and critical hit rates of these sets are amazing.

    For Blacksmithing, you also have the blueprints for Obsidian Mail Tunic and Jagged Obsidian Shield. Both are available from Cenarion Circle Reputation.

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    For Leatherworking, you can also get some noteworthy items from Zul’Gurub Reputation, namely Primal Batskin Set. This is a Leather Set with pretty decent agility, adding 4% to hit chance, with the gloves adding 2% and the other two pieces adding 1%.

    Now, should you choose this set over a Devilsaur Set? Really depends on how easily you can hit the hit cap, and how seriously you value hit rating vs. critical strike rating.

    It’s also worth noting that Devilsaur Leather and Devilsaur Armor are very expensive and controlled by the Devilsaur Mafia. So at least a Primal Batskin Set could provide a cheaper alternative to the pre-raid item set.


    There are another Professions that can benefit from Zul’Gurub Reputation, and that is Tailoring. He has access to Bloodvine Set that almost every spellcaster wants and provides a powerful item set in the early stages of the game.

    The entire purpose of this guide is to show you some of the different Profession’s secrets hidden behind reputation. And gives you a different way to make money than people usually do: grind Reputation.

    Just be the first one on the server to get the recipe, then sell the crafted item when demand is high and supply is low. Then you can get the maximum profit from each craft.

    You can limit professions to what you need to unlock your profession’s recipes, then start crafting and making money. So, with that being said, please let me know what other recipes you think are worthy and need to be unlocked sooner rather than later. We’ll see you again soon!

  • WoW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 10-20?

    Posted: Sep 02, 2023

    Here, we are covering how to make gold from level 10 to level 20 in Classic WoW Hardcore.

    Good Farms

    First, let’s cover different locations you can grind for mobs while also farming WoW Classic Hardcore Gold at the same time.

    From level 10 to 20, you can actually level up very effectively while grinding mobs, pretty much leveling just as fast as you would by questing by not needing to compete for quest mobs or quest objectives. 

    You can also farm for specific items required for quests and sell those items to people doing the quests for those items, which we will also get into. 

    So, let’s cover farms on an item-by-item basis: 

    Wool Cloth

    This will be wanted by people skilling up First Aid, plus eventually you can even hand in different types of Cloth for Experience and Reputation, which starts with Wool Cloth. 

    Wool Cloth can be farmed by pretty much all humanoids above level 16, but the mobs in this level bracket that drop Wool Cloth will also drop Linen Cloth, so it’s a roll of the dice if you get Linen or Wool. Both will be useful and will definitely sell, but Wool will get you more gold than Linen based on higher demand for Wool. 

    Alternatively, if you have Tailoring, you can also turn the Wool Cloth into 8-slot bags and sell them slightly under the vendor price for 8-slot bags. 

    Light Feathers

    You also have Light Feathers, which we covered briefly in the last guide. And these will be even more profitable this time around as you can combine them with farming Wool Cloth and Small Eggs at the same time. 

    Light Feathers will not sell for the highest amount of gold, but there will be a constant demand for them and it will give you a steady gold income over time. 

    Back in Classic WoW & Season of Mastery, I made 10 gold per hour while leveling from 10 to level 20 simply by farming Light Feathers, so there’s at least some gold to be made here. 

    Personally, there’s only really 2 locations worth highlighting for Light Feathers in this level bracket, one for each faction. You have the one on the left in Darkshore and the one on the right in the Barrens

    Quest Materials

    So let’s cover some Quest Materials you can farm for and sell to people that are doing their quests: 

    Tough Condor Meat

    This is related to a quest in Redridge Mountain on the Alliance side, where people need to acquire 5 of 3 different types of meat, including these Tough Condor Meat

    This means that everyone doing this quest will want 5 Tough Condor Meat. And these are the most annoying ones to farm, which means as long as you sell them cheap enough, some people might buy them from you to just get their quest complete. This could allow you to stand in one place, farm mobs, get experience, and get gold at the same time. 

    Personally, I like farming them in the circle outlined right here as they seem to have a Dynamic Hyperspawn effect, making them spawn faster. 


    Next, you have the Goretusks in Westfall.

    These are very useful to farm because a lot of Alliance players will be questing in Westfall, which means there will be a big demand for items related to quests in that zone. 

    These Goretusks are particularly interesting because they drop 2 different items that are used in Westfall Quests: Goretusk Snouts & Goretusk Liver. Players need 3 Goretusk Snouts for their Westfall Stew Quest, and 8 Goretusk Livers for their Goretusk Liver Pie Quest. 

    The most profitable item here will be the Goretusk Livers, as they have the lowest drop rate and you need more of them. 

    These materials are also good to farm for because not only are they used in quests, but the rewards from those quests are Cooking Recipes, meaning these materials will also be used in further skilling up cooking, creating an endless demand outside of just completing the quests. 

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    Crawler Meat & Clam Meat

    Keeping in line with Materials Required for Cooking, you also have Crawler Meat & Clam Meat, both looted from Crabs.

    These are used to skill up cooking usually past 95 skill and upwards towards 150 skill.

    Sadly, Horde Characters don’t have the easiest access to this material. You pretty much have to kill Crabs outside or inside BFD for it. But if you’re playing Alliance, you got a couple of good locations to farm for them right here in Darkshore and Westfall, respectively. 

    For the most part, these crabs are also not part of any quests, except for the Darkshore ones, but even then there should be plenty of crabs available. 

    At the left circle in Westfall, there’s even a Hyperspawn effect on the crabs, making them respawn very fast, making it a good farm both for experience & gold. 

    Magic Dusts

    Another decent gold farm will be hunting Dust Devils in Westfall for those Magic Dusts, an item you can use to sleep a mob to basically make it CC’d. 

    This is an incredible item for survival for Hardcore. So, if you can, for example, combine this with some of the other farms we talked about for Westfall, you can make a pretty good amount of gold this early. 

    This item is actually incredibly useful for Hardcore as you can use it for survival, or to incapacitate a mob to loot an object. 

    This is also the Level Bracket where you can start using your professions and make pretty decent gold with professions. If you have Herbalism and Mining for example, you can start finding some pretty solid materials running through Westfall or the Barrens and looking for Mining Veins or Herbalism Spawns. If you have Crafting Professions, you can use Leatherworking to craft gear and sell to Rogues & Hunters leveling up. If you have Tailoring, you can craft bags and sell them. 8 slot bags are in pretty decent demand at this level bracket since bag space is important to literally everyone. 

    Blacksmiths can make weapons, and Weapon Upgrades are huge, so you can make some solid gold here as well. Alchemists can take advantage of making Health Potions and sell those. People definitely want to keep at least one stack of Health Potions on hand at all times in order to increase their survivability. So, being an Alchemist and posting a macro in General Chat once every 30 minutes could help you generate some sales, especially since you’re in that zone and posting in general chat. You can even advertise that you will come to them. That way, they don’t need to go to the Auction House either. Plus, you can charge a premium rate. 

    Do not underestimate the demand for Healing Potions on-demand. Once again, these are Hardcore Servers with one life, so people will value their one life incredibly highly and will definitely want to have a couple of Healing Potions in their bags. 


    Once again, I will say: From level 1 to 20, I personally focus on just leveling as fast as possible, as most of the profits come from being higher level. But, getting that big profit at a higher level also requires you to level fast and get to those high levels quickly. 

    If you’re not planning on speedleveling, getting some early gold in early levels and spending those golds on investments could benefit you greatly, which is why I’m writing this guide as I personally think farming some gold in these level brackets can be incredibly beneficial for some people, especially those of you who will level a little slower than the typical speedleveler or streamer out there. 

  • WoW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 1-10?

    Posted: Aug 29, 2023

    How to make gold from Level 1-10 in WoW Classic Hardcore? If you are at this stage, you must feel very headache. Because at this moment you are very short of various resources, especially gold.

    Since we are focusing on Level 1-10, you should not expect to make lots of gold in this level bracket, but there are certainly a lot of things you can do in order to make more WoW Classic Hardcore Gold than most people.

    Grinding Mobs

    Let’s take a look at Grinding Mobs first.

    Grinding mobs can in many cases be either faster or just as fast as leveling, even from level 1-10, especially in a Launch Environment where many quest mobs will be highly competitive, in which case sometimes it’s better to grind mobs in a location where there are less competition.

    Materials Worth Collecting

    So, let’s take some time to look at some materials that are worth targeting while grinding mobs while leveling in this level bracket, including a couple of locations for where to farm them.

    I’ll try to include as many different locations as possible to give some alternatives to everyone regardless of Race & Faction:

    Small Eggs

    These are used for Cooking and are arguably one of the cheapest and easiest ways for people to skill up Cooking. Plus, they can be used for the Winter Veil Event coming in December, which is coming up pretty soon after the launch of these official hardcore servers.

    There are only a handful of locations where these eggs can be farmed for under level 10, but there are multiple locations in the level 10-20 bracket.

    Other Types of Meat for Cooking

    The exact type of meat here depends on your Faction & Race.

    For example, for Alliance, Humans & Gnomes has easier access to Boar Meat than Night Elves has, just like Orcs & Trolls have easier access to Boar Meat than Taurens & Undead Players. Taurens also has easier access to Strider Meat from all the Plainstriders in Mulgore.

    Cooking will be a profession a lot of players will opt to go for during their Hardcore Journey. And not everyone will take the time or effort to farm the materials they need by themselves, so they will opt to buy it from other players, whether that be through Trading or the Auction House.

    So, cooking materials is a pretty safe way to secure yourself some early pocket-change.

    Linen Cloth

    This is incredibly obvious. You can just find any humanoids really and they can drop them. These Linen Cloth can either be sold directly as people need Linen Cloth to make Bandages and First Aid will be a profession pretty much everyone will have. Or, you can use the Linen Cloth for Tailoring, which we will cover in a little.

    Light Feathers

    This one is more of a long-term farming possibility, as they will be used by Mages for Slow Fall later down the line.

    Professions with Goldmaking Potential

    So, let’s talk about Professions with Goldmaking Potential:

    Engineering & Alchemy

    Obviously, having Herbalism & Mining will benefit you greatly, but they both take time to skill up. Plus, they will be very competitive.

    But, Engineering & Alchemy will most likely be the most popular professions on these Hardcore Servers as they directly increase your survivability, and they need Herbalism & Mining Materials respectively in order to skill up.

    Personally, I would not choose Herbalism & Mining on launch due to the competitiveness of nodes in the Open World. But if you’re starting a week or two after the launch, it might be worth considering.


    Picking up Skinning will also offer you more raw gold from skinning beasts and vendoring the leather.

    Even though this is not really significant at lower levels and gets better and better as you move up in levels, but it could still be worth setting up.

    Level 1-10 is more about setting yourself up for future success, anyway.

    Crafting Bags

    Another great way to make some extra change in the early levels is Crafting Bags. Pick up Tailoring, and use the Linen Cloth you farmed and make some 6 Slot Bags and sell them just under vendor price for bags.

    This way, you capitalize on people who were unlucky and didn’t loot all of their bags while leveling, while also providing those people with cheaper bags than they would have gotten by buying them from the vendor.

    Personally, I usually speed through Level 1-10 as quickly as possible in order to make more gold later down the line. But that only really works for those of you aiming to hit a somewhat high level pretty quickly.

    So, if you plan on taking a more relaxed leveling approach, you can actually use these methods to make some decent pocket-change during your early leveling adventure, and the later you start, the more gold materials from for example Herbalism & Mining will be worth.

  • WoW Classic Hardcore: An Elwynn Forest Survival Guide

    Posted: Aug 28, 2023

    Here is an Elwynn Forest Hardcore Survival Guide, where you’ll learn everything you need to know about Elwynn Forest so that you can survive and thrive in your Hardcore World of Warcraft adventure.

    Starting Out

    As a human, you will enter the Elwynn Forest here, south of Northshire Valley.

    Dwarves and Gnomes who’ve ventured this way will arrive at the gates of Stormwind. Your first destination will be Goldshire and the short run to get there should be easy and uneventful.

    The only potential dangers in this area are level five and six Defias Cutpurses that have set up camp in the area between the two roads. The most regular casualty to these mobs are low-level bank alts looking to make a quick dash to Stormwind.

    It’s important to remember that these Cutpurses patrol very close to the roads and will ambush a low-level victim easily and end your run.

    Crazy Cat Lady (Pet Vendor)

    In this area, our first person of interest can be found, Danny Anthania, aka The Crazy Cat Lady.

    Danny is a pet vendor and for only 36 silver will sell you a cute little companion cat.

    Goldshire Vendors

    Goldshire is the first main quest hub in the zone and you will set your Hearthstone with Inkeeper Farley at the Lion’s Pride Inn.

    Farley sells the usual food and drink you will need to keep you in good health throughout the zone. The guys behind the bar are Barkeep Dobbins and Brog Hamfist.

    Dobbins sells a variety of drinks and brews, including a Skin of Sweet Rum. This will be required in a gathering quest from Redridge later in the game. Brog Hamfist is a General Supplies vendor who sells Throwing Weapons, Arrows and Shot, Flint and Tinder and, most importantly, Bags.

    My first big tip for any new character in any zone is to get all of your bag slots filled as soon as possible.

    The guys in the kitchen are Todrick and Thomas. Todrick is a Butcher that sells a selection of meats and Thomas is a Cooking Trainer who will teach you Apprentice Cooking for one silver.

    As a Cooking Apprentice, you will be able to cook both Roasted Boar Meat and Charred Wolf Meat, so it’s wise to spend some time gathering the meat required to level your cooking skills while you’re here.

    Underneath the kitchen are the Warlock and Demon trainers. Upstairs, we can find Trainers for Mages, Priests, and Rogues as well as the First Aid Trainer Michelle Belle.

    In front of the Inn, we find Erma, the Stable Master for those Hunters who have multiple pets. Across the road from the inn, we have the local forge for all your Smelting and Blacksmithing needs. If you want to train Blacksmithing, then Smith Argus is your man. Here, we can also buy Mail armor and shields, a variety of weapons and cloth and leather armor.

    Out of the back of the forge, we can find Paladin Trainer Brother Wilhelm and Warrior Trainer Lidia Du Lac.

    Trade supplies can be bought off of Tharin Bowden, who stands next to his Cart at the intersection. If you’re looking for a skinning knife or a blacksmith’s Hammer, then he’s your man.

    Skinning and Leatherworking trainers are a little out of the way in the building Northeast of the Inn. If you want to make some nice early silver selling Leathers, then Hannah Peltskinner is your girl. If you want to craft leather equipment, then speak to Adelle Fielder.

    The fishing trainer is on the Crystal Lake Jetty, a rod and lure can be bought off Tharyn Bowden as well as a couple of early fish cooking recipes.

    The Herbalism and Alchemy trainers are hiding way up North in this house. Again, be aware of the patrolling Defias if you’re coming this way at early levels.

    There is a Tailoring Trainer in Elwynn Forest, but he hangs out at the Eastvale Logging Camp. If you want to train Tailoring straight away, I would suggest you go to Stormwind as the journey there will be much safer.

    And finally, for Engineering, Mining and Enchanting, you will have to go to Stormwind as there are no Journeyman Trainers for these professions in Elwynn Forest.

    Antonio Perelli (Traveling Salesman)

    The next person of interest is Antonio Pirelli, the Traveling Salesman that patrols the main road from Lakeshire in Redridge to Sentinel Hill in Westfall.

    When in stock, you can pick up some really nice items from Antonio, including green bracers and weapons.

    Questing Level 5-8

    The best area to start questing are the fields that flank the Fargodeep Mine, just south of Goldshire.

    On your way there, however, be aware level eight and nine aggressive creatures exist on the Eastern side of this ridge and they will easily take out a low-level character.

    The safest route to take is the Western side of this Ridge where the level and the density of aggressive creatures is much lower. These fields are occupied by level five and six non-aggressive boars and in my opinion is the best area to get some early XP.

    As I mentioned, these boars are non-aggressive, so you can take them on one at a time. They’re also a hyperspawn, so no matter how many people are farming, there’s always something to kill.

    With the boar meat, you can level your cooking, stock up on food and sell the rest for a little silver. Also, the area will be littered with skinnable boar corpses, so I strongly recommend that you train skinning and spend your first two levels killing boars, skinning and selling everything to the nearby vendors.

    Within two easy, no stress levels, you’ll have cooking leveled to at least 50. Have all your skills trained and have four six-slot bags with silver left over.

    There’s also a vendor here that you may not be aware of. His name is Gerard Tiller and he’ll exchange one water for one apple. It’s probably useless to you, but he’s there if you need him.

    The Fargodeep Mine, situated in between Stonefield Farm and Maclure Vineyards, is the next quest location. Do not underestimate the dangers of questing in this mine. It is easy to become overwhelmed by mobs and respawns happen quickly here. This location will regularly end hardcore runs.

    The mine and the surrounding area is guarded by level five and six Cobold Miners and Tunnelers with a level eight named mob called Goldtooth residing deep within the mine. The loot that drops here isn’t that bad and a little time spent farming can get you started on your First Aid, get you a few healing pots and a little silver saved up.

    The next questing area is Crystal Lake located on the Eastern edge of goldshire Crystal Lake is defended by extremely territorial level seven Murlocs who will call on all other Murlocs in the area when in combat. Being swarmed by Murlocs when swimming away will often result in an early death.

    In my hardcore runs, I often skip this area completely and instead opt to quest in Deeprun Tram Skip Dun Morogh until about level 10.

    Questing Level 9-10

    North of Crystal Lake, you will find the hilly border to the zone. These hills are a great place to level mining, as copper veins will spawn all along the zone to the border of Redridge.

    Make sure to take care though, as there are Defias, Cobold and Riverpaw camps all along the route.

    Down on the river sits Jerod’s Landing, patrolled and camped by many Defias up to level 10.

    Red Linen Goods Hack

    Inside the boat house waits the Defias Dockmaster who can be pick pocketed by Rogues as part of the weapons quest.

    If aggrod, the Dockmaster will spawn three level 10 bodyguards to attack you. This mechanic can be used over and over again if you’re struggling to find mobs for the Red Linen Goods quest.

    Traveling East - Safe Zone

    As we head east, the safest part of the zone is South of the road where the only aggressive mob you will see is the odd level 9 bear.

    At the very south of the zone, level 9 and 10 Murlocs defend the riverside, but they’re well spaced out and shouldn’t cause you any problems.

    North of the road is more dangerous. Wandering wolves and bears are more common in this area, and level 10 Prowler Dens can be fatal if you wander into them.

    In the far north, we have the Jasperlode Mine, this area is teaming with Cobold Miners and Geomancers between level six and 8. The Scout quest for this mine will definitely end some runs early so as with all mines proceed with caution and go in over-leveled. It’s a great place to farm linen cloth if you need it and they also drop Magic Candles.

    The next area is Brackwell Pumpkin Patch, where a level nine boar called Princess and her Entourage patrol. Again, these boars are non-aggressive, but the whole pumpkin patch is surrounded by level 9 Defias Bandits.

    Inside this house resides Morgan The Collector, Serena Kaledan and Erin and Drudgemore. This lot will make quick work of ending your run if you get too close, so keep a safe distance and you should be fine.

    Eastvale Logging Camp

    At the far east of the map, we have Eastvale Logging Camp, which is the other main quest hub for the Zone.

    In the paddock, we can find the Horse Riding Instructor who will train level 40 or above humans, horse riding for 18 WoW Classic Hardcore Gold.

    Horse mounts can be bought off Katie Hunter, the Horse Breeder for 72 gold for a normal mount, and 900 gold for an epic mount.

    Rallic Fin - (Green Bow Vendor)

    Relic Finn is another point of interest.

    Relic is a Hunter Equipment vendor who sometimes offers the green level 11 Fine Short Bow for 28 Silver, definitely a vendor to remember.

    Drake Lindgren (Blue Linen Robe Pattern)

    Inside this house, Drake Lindren is a general and trade supplies vendor who sometimes offers the pattern for Blue Linen Robe.

    The journeyman Tailoring Trainer is Eldrin. And Terry Palin is a Lumberjack and sells wood.

    Questing Level 10-12

    To the north of Eastvale Logging Camp sits Stone Cairn Lake, which is surrounded by mobs.

    Riverpaw Runts and Outrunners can be found in the North and Northwest and Murlock camps in the east andsouth. This is a great alternative location to quest if you need those Murloc Fin drops or Riverpaw Armbands and everywhere else is stacked out with players.

    The island at the center of Stone Cairn Lake, Hero’s vigil, is defended by level 10 Defias Wizards. The Wizards on the outer perimeter are widely spaced and don’t pose much of a threat when taking on one by one. The Inner Circle, however, is more densely packed and can be hazardous if multiple mobs have been pulled.

    South of the Eastvale Logging Camp is mainly patrolled by level 10 bears and prowlers and a great place to farm some more leather and meat.

    The far southwest is home to a camp of Defias Bandits led by a named mob called Dead Tooth Jack.

    Murlocs still defend the river bank to the south and at the river intersection there’s a Murloc camp that should be avoided if possible. These boys are tightly packed and will mess you up fast if you’re not prepared.

    Redridge XP Boost

    Try to plan your leveling so that you ding 12 in the area called the Eastvale Logging Camp.

    At level 12, you can safely run to the Redridge flight path and also complete the necklace quest for some easy XP.

    Final Questing Areas

    Back over to the west side of the map lies Mirror Lake.

    This area houses a variety of Defias ranging from level five Cutpurses to level 9 Bandits and is an alternative area to completing the Red Linen Goods quest.

    A rare named mob called Morgrain the Sly inhabits this building so enter this area with caution.

    The final questing location is the area south of Westbrook Garrison. In this area, you’ll come across several camps of Riverpaw Runts and Outrunners. Take care not to pull the whole group and you’ll be fine.


    Our final point of interest is the infamous Hogger, the level 11 humanoid Elite.

    Hogger will Headbutt for 250 damage and interrupt spellcasting for 5 seconds, he can do a Rushing Charge, which increases his movement speed by 80% for 3 seconds and will do 70 additional damage on the first attack and he can also Pierce Armor reducing his target’s armor by 50% for 20 seconds, which means he’s an absolute badass.

    Ideally, you will join a group to take Hogger down, although there are fence hopping techniques that can be used to keep him at a distance while you used ranged weapons to take him down solo.

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