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WoW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 1-10?

Posted: Aug 29, 2023

How to make gold from Level 1-10 in WoW Classic Hardcore? If you are at this stage, you must feel very headache. Because at this moment you are very short of various resources, especially gold.

Since we are focusing on Level 1-10, you should not expect to make lots of gold in this level bracket, but there are certainly a lot of things you can do in order to make more WoW Classic Hardcore Gold than most people.

WoW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 1-10 ?

Grinding Mobs

Let’s take a look at Grinding Mobs first.

Grinding mobs can in many cases be either faster or just as fast as leveling, even from level 1-10, especially in a Launch Environment where many quest mobs will be highly competitive, in which case sometimes it’s better to grind mobs in a location where there are less competition.

Materials Worth Collecting

So, let’s take some time to look at some materials that are worth targeting while grinding mobs while leveling in this level bracket, including a couple of locations for where to farm them.

I’ll try to include as many different locations as possible to give some alternatives to everyone regardless of Race & Faction:

Small Eggs

These are used for Cooking and are arguably one of the cheapest and easiest ways for people to skill up Cooking. Plus, they can be used for the Winter Veil Event coming in December, which is coming up pretty soon after the launch of these official hardcore servers.

There are only a handful of locations where these eggs can be farmed for under level 10, but there are multiple locations in the level 10-20 bracket.

Other Types of Meat for Cooking

The exact type of meat here depends on your Faction & Race.

For example, for Alliance, Humans & Gnomes has easier access to Boar Meat than Night Elves has, just like Orcs & Trolls have easier access to Boar Meat than Taurens & Undead Players. Taurens also has easier access to Strider Meat from all the Plainstriders in Mulgore.

Cooking will be a profession a lot of players will opt to go for during their Hardcore Journey. And not everyone will take the time or effort to farm the materials they need by themselves, so they will opt to buy it from other players, whether that be through Trading or the Auction House.

So, cooking materials is a pretty safe way to secure yourself some early pocket-change.

Linen Cloth

This is incredibly obvious. You can just find any humanoids really and they can drop them. These Linen Cloth can either be sold directly as people need Linen Cloth to make Bandages and First Aid will be a profession pretty much everyone will have. Or, you can use the Linen Cloth for Tailoring, which we will cover in a little.

Light Feathers

This one is more of a long-term farming possibility, as they will be used by Mages for Slow Fall later down the line.

Professions with Goldmaking Potential

So, let’s talk about Professions with Goldmaking Potential:

Engineering & Alchemy

Obviously, having Herbalism & Mining will benefit you greatly, but they both take time to skill up. Plus, they will be very competitive.

But, Engineering & Alchemy will most likely be the most popular professions on these Hardcore Servers as they directly increase your survivability, and they need Herbalism & Mining Materials respectively in order to skill up.

Personally, I would not choose Herbalism & Mining on launch due to the competitiveness of nodes in the Open World. But if you’re starting a week or two after the launch, it might be worth considering.


Picking up Skinning will also offer you more raw gold from skinning beasts and vendoring the leather.

Even though this is not really significant at lower levels and gets better and better as you move up in levels, but it could still be worth setting up.

Level 1-10 is more about setting yourself up for future success, anyway.

Crafting Bags

Another great way to make some extra change in the early levels is Crafting Bags. Pick up Tailoring, and use the Linen Cloth you farmed and make some 6 Slot Bags and sell them just under vendor price for bags.

This way, you capitalize on people who were unlucky and didn’t loot all of their bags while leveling, while also providing those people with cheaper bags than they would have gotten by buying them from the vendor.

Personally, I usually speed through Level 1-10 as quickly as possible in order to make more gold later down the line. But that only really works for those of you aiming to hit a somewhat high level pretty quickly.

So, if you plan on taking a more relaxed leveling approach, you can actually use these methods to make some decent pocket-change during your early leveling adventure, and the later you start, the more gold materials from for example Herbalism & Mining will be worth.


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