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WoW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 10-20?

Posted: Sep 02, 2023

Here, we are covering how to make gold from level 10 to level 20 in Classic WoW Hardcore.WoW Classic Hardcore How To Make Gold From Level 10-20

Good Farms

First, let’s cover different locations you can grind for mobs while also farming WoW Classic Hardcore Gold at the same time.

From level 10 to 20, you can actually level up very effectively while grinding mobs, pretty much leveling just as fast as you would by questing by not needing to compete for quest mobs or quest objectives. 

You can also farm for specific items required for quests and sell those items to people doing the quests for those items, which we will also get into. 

So, let’s cover farms on an item-by-item basis: 

Wool Cloth

This will be wanted by people skilling up First Aid, plus eventually you can even hand in different types of Cloth for Experience and Reputation, which starts with Wool Cloth. 

Wool Cloth can be farmed by pretty much all humanoids above level 16, but the mobs in this level bracket that drop Wool Cloth will also drop Linen Cloth, so it’s a roll of the dice if you get Linen or Wool. Both will be useful and will definitely sell, but Wool will get you more gold than Linen based on higher demand for Wool. 

Alternatively, if you have Tailoring, you can also turn the Wool Cloth into 8-slot bags and sell them slightly under the vendor price for 8-slot bags. 

Light Feathers

You also have Light Feathers, which we covered briefly in the last guide. And these will be even more profitable this time around as you can combine them with farming Wool Cloth and Small Eggs at the same time. 

Light Feathers will not sell for the highest amount of gold, but there will be a constant demand for them and it will give you a steady gold income over time. 

Back in Classic WoW & Season of Mastery, I made 10 gold per hour while leveling from 10 to level 20 simply by farming Light Feathers, so there’s at least some gold to be made here. 

WoW Classic Hardcore 2 locations worth highlighting for Light Feathers from level 10-20

Personally, there’s only really 2 locations worth highlighting for Light Feathers in this level bracket, one for each faction. You have the one on the left in Darkshore and the one on the right in the Barrens

Quest Materials

So let’s cover some Quest Materials you can farm for and sell to people that are doing their quests: 

Tough Condor Meat

This is related to a quest in Redridge Mountain on the Alliance side, where people need to acquire 5 of 3 different types of meat, including these Tough Condor Meat

This means that everyone doing this quest will want 5 Tough Condor Meat. And these are the most annoying ones to farm, which means as long as you sell them cheap enough, some people might buy them from you to just get their quest complete. This could allow you to stand in one place, farm mobs, get experience, and get gold at the same time. 

WoW Classic Hardcore my recommended place to go to farm Tough Condor Meat

Personally, I like farming them in the circle outlined right here as they seem to have a Dynamic Hyperspawn effect, making them spawn faster. 


Next, you have the Goretusks in Westfall.

These are very useful to farm because a lot of Alliance players will be questing in Westfall, which means there will be a big demand for items related to quests in that zone. 

These Goretusks are particularly interesting because they drop 2 different items that are used in Westfall Quests: Goretusk Snouts & Goretusk Liver. Players need 3 Goretusk Snouts for their Westfall Stew Quest, and 8 Goretusk Livers for their Goretusk Liver Pie Quest. 

The most profitable item here will be the Goretusk Livers, as they have the lowest drop rate and you need more of them. 

These materials are also good to farm for because not only are they used in quests, but the rewards from those quests are Cooking Recipes, meaning these materials will also be used in further skilling up cooking, creating an endless demand outside of just completing the quests. 

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Crawler Meat & Clam Meat

Keeping in line with Materials Required for Cooking, you also have Crawler Meat & Clam Meat, both looted from Crabs.

These are used to skill up cooking usually past 95 skill and upwards towards 150 skill.

Sadly, Horde Characters don’t have the easiest access to this material. You pretty much have to kill Crabs outside or inside BFD for it. But if you’re playing Alliance, you got a couple of good locations to farm for them right here in Darkshore and Westfall, respectively. 

WoW Classic Hardcore Darkshore and Westfall

For the most part, these crabs are also not part of any quests, except for the Darkshore ones, but even then there should be plenty of crabs available. 

At the left circle in Westfall, there’s even a Hyperspawn effect on the crabs, making them respawn very fast, making it a good farm both for experience & gold. 

Magic Dusts

Another decent gold farm will be hunting Dust Devils in Westfall for those Magic Dusts, an item you can use to sleep a mob to basically make it CC’d. 

This is an incredible item for survival for Hardcore. So, if you can, for example, combine this with some of the other farms we talked about for Westfall, you can make a pretty good amount of gold this early. 

This item is actually incredibly useful for Hardcore as you can use it for survival, or to incapacitate a mob to loot an object. 

This is also the Level Bracket where you can start using your professions and make pretty decent gold with professions. If you have Herbalism and Mining for example, you can start finding some pretty solid materials running through Westfall or the Barrens and looking for Mining Veins or Herbalism Spawns. If you have Crafting Professions, you can use Leatherworking to craft gear and sell to Rogues & Hunters leveling up. If you have Tailoring, you can craft bags and sell them. 8 slot bags are in pretty decent demand at this level bracket since bag space is important to literally everyone. 

Blacksmiths can make weapons, and Weapon Upgrades are huge, so you can make some solid gold here as well. Alchemists can take advantage of making Health Potions and sell those. People definitely want to keep at least one stack of Health Potions on hand at all times in order to increase their survivability. So, being an Alchemist and posting a macro in General Chat once every 30 minutes could help you generate some sales, especially since you’re in that zone and posting in general chat. You can even advertise that you will come to them. That way, they don’t need to go to the Auction House either. Plus, you can charge a premium rate. 

Do not underestimate the demand for Healing Potions on-demand. Once again, these are Hardcore Servers with one life, so people will value their one life incredibly highly and will definitely want to have a couple of Healing Potions in their bags. 


Once again, I will say: From level 1 to 20, I personally focus on just leveling as fast as possible, as most of the profits come from being higher level. But, getting that big profit at a higher level also requires you to level fast and get to those high levels quickly. 

If you’re not planning on speedleveling, getting some early gold in early levels and spending those golds on investments could benefit you greatly, which is why I’m writing this guide as I personally think farming some gold in these level brackets can be incredibly beneficial for some people, especially those of you who will level a little slower than the typical speedleveler or streamer out there. 


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