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WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 30-40?

Posted: Sep 19, 2023

It’s time to get you ready to get that Level 40 mount! A lot of you might have leveled up in Classic WoW before, and when reaching level 40 you suddenly realize: You’re nowhere near having enough gold for that mount!

WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 30-40?


Personally, on my Druid, which I got to level 60 in Hardcore Classic WoW when playing on Classic Era, I got my Level 40 mount at level 48. I know several Warrior friends who didn’t get their mount before level 50. And a bunch of people get their level 40 mount a couple of levels after level 40. We’ve all been there, and it’s annoying.

So, if you want to get your mount by level 40, that’s what this guide series is for! Over the past few days, I’ve been updating guides on how to make gold in every level bracket, and today we are covering how to make gold from Level 30-40 in Classic WoW Hardcore!

Here, I mostly focus on showing you farming locations. That way you can literally make gold while leveling by farming mobs that you know drop valuable items. That way you are directly hitting two birds with one stone, farming Hardcore Gold & experience at the same time. But we will also touch base on some Profession usage and how to save yourself some gold at the same time to really help you minmax your gold while leveling.

Gold Farming Locations

So, let’s get into some goldfarming:

Elemental Fire

For this level bracket, you have an absolutely incredible farm for Elemental Fire located in Arathi Highlands, suitable for the high level 30s.

Elemental Fire is used in crafting Greater Fire Protection Potions, which will be in high demand.

WoW Classic Hardcore Elemental Fire Location

Elemental Water

You also have an Elemental Water location in the same zone but on the other side, so on the eastern side, also suitable for high 30s or mid 30s.

WoW Classic Hardcore Elemental Water Location

Farm number two is this Island right here in Stranglethorn Vale, which is a very good Island for farming both WOW Classic Hardcore Gold & experience. Because there are a lot of Water Elementals here. They spawn pretty quickly, and you’re in a location where a lot of people choose not to go, as there’s only really 1 quest to do here. And this quest in some cases is not worth doing because of the travel time.

WoW Classic Hardcore Elemental Water Location 2

Elemental Water is used in crafting Greater Frost Protection Potion, which will be useful later.

Elemental Earth

You also have the Earth Elementals in Badlands, which can be farmed for Elemental Earth. Over here, you have 3 different types of Earth Elementals ranging from level 35 to level 43.

WoW Classic Hardcore Elemental Earth Location

All of these Earth Elementals are also tied to quests, so there will be some competition, but it’s still highly profitable and good farms.

Once again, Elemental Earth is used in Greater Nature Protection Potions & Restorative Potions, for example.

Small Flame Sacs

You also have Small Flame Sacs, which in this level bracket can be combined with Dark Whelplings & Emerald Whelplings Farming, which can be done in the locations shown right here.

WoW Classic Hardcore Small Flame Sacs Location

For Dark Whelps, I personally usually farm in Badlands, but you can also do it in Dustwallow Marsh. And for Emerald Whelplings, you can do that in the Swamp of Sorrows.

Once again, your main gold income source from these farms will be the Small Flame Sacs. The Whelplings are just extra.


Also, if you happen to have Skinning, farming the Turtles in Dustwallow Marsh is actually quite incredible for Classic Hardcore Gold.

WoW Classic Hardcore Turtles Location

They can drop Turtle Meat, which can be handed in for a quest in Hillsbrad Foothills for both factions, causing a decent demand for Turtle Meat by itself since people need 10 of them for a quest. Plus, they will constantly be in demand because people can use them to skill up cooking.

Outside of that, you can also loot Bags and Greens. And by using Skinning, you can get Turtle Scales, which Leatherworkers need a lot of in order to unlock Tribal Leatherworking, which a lot of Leatherworkers will go for.

Raw Gold Farming

This is also the level bracket where you might want to start focusing a little more on Raw Gold Farming, just to make sure you have enough gold for that level 40 mount no matter if you’re able to trade or sell materials.

For that purpose, here are some of my favourite Raw Goldfarms for this level bracket. You have these 2 locations for Gorillas in Stranglethorn Vale, and Gorillas have a pretty solid loot-table for items that vendor for a hefty chunks.

WoW Classic Hardcore Gorillas Location

Quick note is that your bags become full pretty quickly while farming Gorillas as they drop some barrels that vendor for a lot and only stacks up to 5 per stack.

You also have the Tigers in Badlands and the Tigers in Swamp of Sorrows, both of which drop pretty high vendor value items.

WoW Classic Hardcore Tigers Location

The Tigers in Swamp of Sorrows are also surrounded by Spiders which also have a decent loot-table.

You might also notice that all 4 of these Raw Goldfarms are based on farming beasts. So, if you have Skinning, you can make even more gold from these goldfarms, whether that is Raw Gold from vendoring the Leather you get from Skinning, or if you want to sell the Leather on the Auction House for more gold, either way it’s just more gold.

Grinding Mobs

There is also another farm I personally am quite a fan of doing while leveling, especially because many of the quests in this level range are incredibly competitive. So, grinding mobs will often be just as efficient, if not more efficient, than questing will be.

The farm I reference here is the Jungle Remedy farm, which you can farm from the Witch Doctors & Medicine Men in the North Eastern part of Stranglethorn Vale, a farm suitable for level 32 to 38. These guys have quite an incredible loot table:

First off, they drop Jungle Remedy. Players need 7 of these for a Stranglethorn Quest, giving a pretty significant demand for this at launch.

On top of that, they drop Stranglethorn Pages, which you can advertise for sale in General Chat while farming, or post on the Auction House. And players will definitely buy the pages they need instead of farming for them, because the Stranglethorn Chapter Questline gives quite a lot of experience.

On top of that, they can drop Healing Potions & Silk Cloth. And they can even straight up drop herbs!

It is worth noting that this is a quest location, so there will be some competition and you should expect more competition here than in most other grinding locations.

How To Save Gold?

This is also the perfect time to start talking about saving gold by not Training all of your Class Abilities.

This is where training your abilities start ramping up in costs. So, in order to be able to afford that level 40 mount, you should really look into which abilities are worth training and which ones you really don’t need while leveling.

Some classes can survive without many abilities, like, for example, as a Hunter, you can skip so many different abilities that you do not need while questing. As a Mage, you can opt to skip Fire & Arcane Abilities and only train Frost Abilities until you get to like level 50+ just to get your mount at level 40, and so on.

Personally, I also use the addon called “What’s Training”, which shows me which abilities I get at which level, so I don’t have to go to my trainer all the time. This way I can scout for important upgrades and visit my trainer whenever I have some significant abilities available for training.


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