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WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 50-60?

Posted: Sep 27, 2023

Here, we are covering how to level from 50 to 60 while effectively making WOW Classic Hardcore Gold at the same time. 

For the purpose of that, we are focusing a lot on locations where you grind experience by killing mobs while combining that with goldfarming by killing mobs that drop lucrative items, but we will also touch base on professions. 

WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 50-60?

Un’Goro Crater

First off, you have Un’Goro Crater. 

Un’Goro Crater is a location most of you will go to twice in this level bracket (probably at level 51 and 54). This is a great place to make gold in this level bracket. Let’s cover it step by step: 

WOW Classic Hardcore Un'Goro Crater

First, you have Various items found all throughout Un’Goro like the Power Crystals & Un’Goro Soil, all of which are worth gathering and selling to other players for Hardcore Gold

Then, you have Living Blaze, the Fire Elementals around the Volcano in the middle of Un’Goro. These are incredible to farm for Elemental Fire. They spawn pretty quickly, and there’s a bunch of them available over here as well. 

Then, you have Devilsaurs. This one is a little more risky. If you know, you know Devilsaurs are elites and hit pretty hard, but many classes can actually solo them quite easily. By having Skinning, you can skin them for Devilsaur Leather, which is used in crafting Devilsaur Gauntlets & Devilsaur Leggings, which is pre-raid best in slot for a lot of classes, creating a massive demand for Devilsaur Leathers & the actual items crafted from the Devilsaur Leathers in an early launch environment where people want to gear up their characters before entering raids. 

For the purpose of Devilsaur Leather, it’s also worth mentioning Nergal, an NPC in the Un’Goro Camp, which sells the recipe for Devilsaur Gauntlets on a Limited Supply basis. So, it’s worth checking if he has this item available whenever you stop by. And if it is available, buy it. You can re-sell it for a guaranteed profit. 

On the topic of Vendor Flips, since you’re probably going to go to Tanaris quite a few times throughout your Un’Goro Journeys, anyway, I’ll mention it now.

There’s an NPC in Tanaris called Pestlezugg, which sells many Alchemy Recipes, including the Transmute Arcanite Recipe. This is not a limited supply, meaning you can buy 10 of these. And I always make some easy gold re-selling these on the Auction House for profit because some people either can’t be arsed going to Tanaris to get the recipe, or they simply don’t know where it’s from and they just check the Auction House and buy it for whatever price it’s listed for. Don’t underestimate how lazy some people are. 

It’s also worth noting Qia in Winterspring, which sells the Patterns for Mooncloth, Runecloth Bag & Runecloth Gloves on a Limited Supply Basis. Once again guaranteed profit & free gold by buying them from the vendor if they are available and selling them on the Auction House.

And you also have Xizzer in Winterspring offering Engineering Recipes. It’s worth knowing about if you’re questing or grinding in Winterspring. 

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Grinding Mobs

Going back to farming gold & grinding mobs for Experience, you also have the Powerful Mojo farming in Eastern Plaguelands, a very suitable goldfarm for the Higher Levels. We’re talking 57 to 60, and these are used in a couple of endgame crafts. 

Farming for the Crusader Formula, this one ain’t that great for experience, but is very good for gold. 

Water Elementals in Eastern Plaguelands for Elemental Water & Essence of Water. These are actually incredible and have been my go-to goldfarms for Classic WoW for quite some time. 

You also have the Felwood Bears, which are incredible for raw gold as they have a very lucrative loot-table. This one will also very obviously be even better if you combine it with Skinning, especially because they can give Warbear Leather. 

My Personal Grinding Locations

Now, I can’t really talk about Level 50-60 without showing my personal grinding locations, which I used on my Druid on Classic Era when playing Hardcore myself: The Furbolgs in Felwood & Winterspring

WOW Classic Hardcore The Furbolgs in Felwood & Winterspring

These you can effectively farm all the way from level 48 to level 60 if you want to, as one of the locations offers mobs level 48, another one level 53, and Winterspring level 55 and upwards. 

An added benefit is that the Furbolgs in Felwood can drop Deadwood Feathers, which can be handed it for even more experience as well as Timbermaw hold reputation. 

The Winterspring Furbolgs have a similar item called Spirit Beads, which can also be handed in for additional experience as well as reputation. 

On top of that, the Furbolgs in Winterspring can drop E’kos, as long as you do the Prequest for E’kos first, giving you even more gold. Plus, they can drop Winterfall Firewater! All of these Furbolgs can also drop Journeyman’s Backpacks or Traveler’s Backpacks, aka 14-slot and 16-slot bags. Plus, they drop a lot of Potions! 

They are incredibly easy to call. Just watch out for the “Den Watchers”, which will let out a cry at half health calling for back-up, so just pull them away from other mobs and it’s incredibly safe and easy. 

Timbermaw Hold Reputation can be incredibly helpful for a bunch of people, specifically those of you with Enchanting, as you need this reputation to get access to Agility Enchants, which can help you make gold through having access to exclusive enchants. Plus, Alchemists get access to the Essence of Earth to Essence of Water Recipe, which can be pretty profitable. 


It is also worth noting that if you kept your professions up to date, then Herbalism & Mining will start pulling in some pretty significant amounts of gold in this level bracket.

And here’s a Herbalism farming route for Felwood, which you can also use for Mining.

WOW Classic Hardcore a Herbalism farming route for Felwood

And here you have a Mining farming route for Un’Goro, which once again also works with Herbalism, though the Mining Veins are usually closer to the mountains while the Herb spawns are more in the middle. So, focus on whatever you want based on that knowledge. 

WOW Classic Hardcore a Mining farming route for Un'Goro

Plus, you also have this Mining route in Eastern Plaguelands, which once again works with Herbalism.

WOW Classic Hardcore a Mining route in Eastern Plaguelands

And farming for Herbalism & Mining at the same time in Eastern Plaguelands is actually incredibly profitable.


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