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WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Easily Earn Thousands Of Gold By Grinding Reputation? - Gold Making Guide

Posted: Sep 14, 2023

Today, we will introduce a very advanced WOW Classic gold making strategy. You can incorporate this into your gold rush plans for upcoming Hardcore Servers.

This theme of the guide is to grind your reputation of Profession-specific recipes and then craft and sell those items for profit. The harder the recipe is to get, the higher the profit margin. The earlier you acquire recipes over the life of the game, the more WOW Classic Hardcore Gold you’ll earn.

WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Easily Earn Thousands Of Gold By Grinding Reputation?

Grind Reputation

A simple example here is Bloodvine Vest. It requires Zandalar Tribes Revered Reputation, Zul’Gurub Reputation. This is a high demand item for Cloth Users in the ancient game. Grinding out Reputation and selling Bloodvine Vest as quickly as possible will yield huge profits. And the key here is really to get the formula as quickly as possible in order to capitalize.

If you are the only supplier, you can set a profit margin. However, the more people who get the formula, the more competition for sales becomes, and profit margins will soon plummet.

WOW Classic Hardcore: Bloodvine Vest is Insane

Professions & Reputations

Next, let’s talk about Professions and Reputations. I’ll discuss this on a Professors-by-Professions basis. I won’t go into detail about every recipe in the game, but I will cover most of the ones I find profitable.


For Enchanting, there are mainly 2 different Reputations that you need to look at. The first is Timbermaw Hold, which will reward you with 1-handers and 2-handers of Agility Enchant Formulars.

These enchants are usually what Rogues, Hunters and Enhancement Shamans want. The nice thing about this reputation is that you can actually farm it as you level up, although this requires a lot of grinding. These Reputations are obtained from Furbolgs in Felwood and Winterspring. They also drop items you can trade for extra XP and reputations.

If you are an Enchanter and you are looking for these recipes, I recommend doing this grind while leveling. Because not only can you upgrade quickly, but you can also get the reputation. Plus items you turn in can again reward you with extra XP and extra reputations.

So you can double dip by gaining XP and Reputations, instead of farming at level 60 when you only gain Reputations and no XP.

You may need to check out Zandalar Tribe’s Reputation in Enchanting, Zul’Gurub Reputation. From here, you can get the recipes for Brilliant Wizard Oil and Brilliant Mana Oil. This will be very popular and will be in high demand for almost every spellcaster and healer right from the start. Getting these early can make you a lot of money. In order to get this reputation, you just need to complete Zul’Gurub raid.

WOW Classic Hardcore: How to farm rep and rewards for Zandalar Tribe?


For Zul’Gurub Reputation, here are some Blacksmithing recipes too. If you have a Darksoul Set and Bloodsoul Set, this will increase critical strike rating and hit rating, mainly for mail and plate users.

It’s worth mentioning that you also have access to Devilsaur Set early in the game, as well as many other craftable items that are probably better. These can provide some cheap alternatives to pre-raid items, as the hit and critical hit rates of these sets are amazing.

For Blacksmithing, you also have the blueprints for Obsidian Mail Tunic and Jagged Obsidian Shield. Both are available from Cenarion Circle Reputation.

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For Leatherworking, you can also get some noteworthy items from Zul’Gurub Reputation, namely Primal Batskin Set. This is a Leather Set with pretty decent agility, adding 4% to hit chance, with the gloves adding 2% and the other two pieces adding 1%.

Now, should you choose this set over a Devilsaur Set? Really depends on how easily you can hit the hit cap, and how seriously you value hit rating vs. critical strike rating.

It’s also worth noting that Devilsaur Leather and Devilsaur Armor are very expensive and controlled by the Devilsaur Mafia. So at least a Primal Batskin Set could provide a cheaper alternative to the pre-raid item set.

WOW Classic Hardcore: Best Grind Reputation Location


There are another Professions that can benefit from Zul’Gurub Reputation, and that is Tailoring. He has access to Bloodvine Set that almost every spellcaster wants and provides a powerful item set in the early stages of the game.

The entire purpose of this guide is to show you some of the different Profession’s secrets hidden behind reputation. And gives you a different way to make money than people usually do: grind Reputation.

Just be the first one on the server to get the recipe, then sell the crafted item when demand is high and supply is low. Then you can get the maximum profit from each craft.

You can limit professions to what you need to unlock your profession’s recipes, then start crafting and making money. So, with that being said, please let me know what other recipes you think are worthy and need to be unlocked sooner rather than later. We’ll see you again soon!


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