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WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 40-50?

Posted: Sep 22, 2023

It’s time to talk about how to make gold from level 40 to level 50 in Classic WoW Hardcore


By following the previous guides, I’ve released on how to make gold up until level 40. Most of you should have your level 40 mounts at level 40 and you can start farming the big gold now. Alternatively, if you don’t have the mount just yet, you can use some of these methods to get you past that final stretch and get that mount! 

Level 40 to 50 is actually quite an interesting level bracket for farming WOW Classic Hardcore Gold. Because up until level 44, you technically never have to grind any mobs at all, you can quest all the way necessary. 

WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 40-50?

But, in level 40 to 50, at some point, you will need to grind some mobs as there simply are not enough quests to do in order to level up, even if you do every dungeon possible including every dungeon quest. 

By combining this grinding period with a lucrative gold farm, you can also secure yourself a couple hundred gold while doing the grinding that you’re already doing for experience, so it’s a win-win, really. 

Gold Farming Locations

With that said, let’s take a look at some locations where you are combining farming for Hardcore Gold while also grinding experience at the same time.


The first farm worth highlighting is the Hatecrest Nagas in Feralas

This is where many leveling guides will also tell you to grind, but they are actually worth grinding, because they drop Clams that can drop Golden Pearls. 

However, since most leveling guides will tell you to grind here, there will be a lot of competition.


Option number two is the Wastewanderers in Tanaris. Not the Pirates, but the Bandits

These guys are actually quite good to farm. They drop a steady amount of raw silver. They can drop Journeyman’s Backpacks. They drop Mageweave Cloth and they can drop Potions! They also drop Wastewander Water Pouch. And you can hand in 5 of these through a repeatable quest, which gives you a small amount of experience + a goodie bag, giving you food, drinks, and more potions. 

All of this combined means you will get a hefty amount of Healing Potions & Mana Potions from these guys, which might actually sell for a decent amount on Hardcore Servers where people want to have Potions ready just in case. 

You also have another location in Tanaris, which is killing the Turtles in the North East for Turtle Meat, Golden Pearls, and overall vendor items. This one is even better if you have Skinning.

Speaking of Turtles & Skinning, you also have this one in the Hinterlands on the shore. These Turtles are quite high level, so they are suitable for the upper part of this level bracket. 

On top of Turtle Meat, they also give Turtle Scales when Skinned, which Leatherworkers will need for Tribal Leatherworking


Sticking with The Hinterlands, you can also farm for Wildvines in these locations, which are used in many popular crafts, such as Wildvine Goggles and other pre-bis items for Raiding, mostly for Casters. 

One more farm in the Hinterlands is this one for Thick Wolfhides, which especially Feral Druids need for their Wolfshead Helm, so it’s a pretty niché goldfarm.


If you have Mining, you can make insane amounts of Classic Hardcore Gold in this level bracket. This is thanks to farming Mithril, one of the Mining Ores that are in the highest demand and also lowest supply, creating the perfect scenario for an item that could sell for a lot of gold. 

You could either take one of the Mithril farming routes and specifically run laps and look for Mithril Veins, or you can do what I personally do: Check high-density locations for Mithril roughly every half hour, while also doing quests or doing other farms. 

For the purpose of that strategy, I will show you guys my two personal favourite high-density spawn locations for Mithril right here, one of which is in the Hinterlands in the famous Ghost Mushroom Cave, the other are the underground hives in Tanaris, which are worth checking.

WOW Classic Hardcore locations for Mithril

Here are two other Mining routes, specifically aimed at farming Mithril Ore & Truesilver.

WOW Classic Hardcore two other Mining routes

Leftover Gold

Because we are moving past level 40 now and into level 50, this is also the level bracket where you will start accumulating more gold than you currently need, and you will have what I personally refer to as “Leftover Gold”. 

This is where you need to start buying items that can go up in price later down the line, like in a few weeks or a few months, just to make some very easy gold. 

Personally, I’ve seen items go up in price more than 10 times over during the timespan of a month in Classic WoW, which is because of how inflation works. More players get to level 60, people get access to more gold and items that are in demand go up in price. 

So, let’s say you, for example, have 500 gold left over. By not investing, logging out, and logging back in in 2 months, you will have 500 gold. But, if you invest into items that go up in price 10 times, you can invest in those items, log back in 2 months, and have 5000 gold, effectively giving you 4500 gold for free in pure profit. 

Since Classic WoW is a fairly solved game, having run through this game multiple times, counting only Official Blizzard Server’s. We’ve had Original Vanilla, Classic WoW, Season of Mastery and now Hardcore. So, this is our 4th Vanilla WoW Launch. 

You also have numerous Private Servers. So, we know what’s popular at which times and which consumables are used in which raids, plus for Hardcore, any items related to your character’s survival will be in even higher demand. 

For the purpose of giving you some easy investments, I usually put almost all of my early leftover gold into Small Flame Sacs & Elemental Fires. But if you want a list of all of my investments, which have given me tens of thousands of gold in Classic WoW, you can check out my previous WOW Classic Hardcore gold farming guide. 

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Other Professions With Potential

This is also the level bracket where Professions start really skyrocketing in terms of profitability, so let’s speak about that for a second.


This is also the level bracket where you can start pulling in decent amounts of gold through Herbalism, specifically through Ghost Mushrooms & Firebloom, and I’ll show you my favourite routes right here: 

WOW Classic Hardcore Herbalism

I usually farm Firebloom in Tanaris & Searing Gorge, just running around the zone. Ghost Mushrooms can be found in the Hinterlands in the cave, x marks the spot and you need 245 skill to pick it up. It’s worth doing the entire lap around the zone and check the cave every single lap. 

Big plus if you have mining as well as there can spawn up to 4 Mithril Veins inside this cave, plus 3 Ghost Mushrooms. 

If you have both Herbalism & Mining on the same character, I recommend using the addon called “SwitcherTracking”, which will switch which material you’re tracking every 2 seconds on an automated basis. This makes it feel like you’re tracking both Herbs & Mining veins at the same time. 


If you’ve kept your Fishing Skill up to date you can fish at the shore of Tanaris for both Stonescale Eel & Firefin Snappers, both of which are used in crafting endgame consumables used for level 60 raiding. 

WOW Classic Hardcore Fishing

It is not really useful for making gold while leveling as you get no experience from Fishing. But if you desperately need gold and don’t mind sacrifising that experience per hour, Fishing can give you some good amounts of gold.


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