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WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 20-30?

Posted: Sep 18, 2023

Let’s talk about making gold from Level 20 to Level 30 in Hardcore Classic WoW!


Now is where the real fun starts, as you start getting access to a lot more farms that are viable for a long time to come and you can start making some serious gold while you’re leveling up.

By this point, some players will probably be close to level 60 as well, so you can take advantage by farming some items that people will want to have at max level or even to skill up their profession. And because they will have some raw gold laying around, you can start making pretty good pocket-change while farming at this level bracket.

In this level bracket, you can also level up almost as quickly by farming mobs as you will by questing, unless you’re a Hunter or a Druid or a class with significant movement speed bonuses, since a lot of quests in this level bracket requires a lot of running.

By grinding mobs, you can find one location and literally grind for several levels without requiring much movement.

Like I just said, level 20 to 30 is where you start getting access to some pretty sick materials:

WoW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold From Level 20-30?

Elemental Fire

The First one is Elemental Fire.

This is used for Endgame Potions, specifically related to Fire Protection, which is useful inside Molten Core & Blackwing Lair, the first raids in Classic WoW and will be on incredibly high demand for Hardcore.

In this level bracket, you only have one location to really farm for these, which is on Stonetalon Mountains. Thankfully, both factions have a reason to go to Stonetalon, as both Horde and Alliance have quests both in this zone and it also leads into Desolace. So, you’re most likely going here anyway, and this farm is honestly insane.

Over here, you have several mobs, ranging from level 23 to 27 as you have Lesser Fire Elementals, Regular Ones, and Greater Ones. The lower level ones are more north in this circle, the greater ones are south, so you can literally grind mobs here from level 23 to 30 if you really want to. And that would also give you a ton of WOW Classic Hardcore Gold if you sell these Elemental Fires when people start raiding.

Crimson Whelps

You also have the Crimson Whelps in Wetlands, which can drop two very lucrative items: Small Flame Sacs & The Tiny Crimson Whelpling.

Small Flame Sacs are also used in Fire Protection Potions, and in Season of Mastery. I was able to sell some of these for up to 7 gold per piece, showing there’s an obvious demand for these when raids become available and people start raiding.

And I suspect that on Hardcore Servers, these will be even more lucrative as people will be spamming those Protection Potions for survival. 7 gold per item in a mid-level 20 zone is pretty insane. These mobs are level 25 to 26, so you can pretty much grind here from level 24 to level 30, making insane amounts of gold.

Also, if you happen to get the Tiny Crimson Whelpling, you could also sell that one for a pretty hefty chunk of gold, though that one is what I personally categorize as a “luxury item” and it could take a long time to sell. But when someone wants it, they will drop some decent gold on it.

I’ve sold some of these for a couple hundred gold each, but they’re definitely not the main source of gold income from this farm. The Small Flame Sacs will give most of the Hardcore Gold here.

There is also a vendor in the middle of Wetlands where you can vendor things when your bag becomes full, and this guy even sells you Potions and Herbs on a Limited Stock basis. So, make sure to grab any of those if they’re available!

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Elemental Earth

Another incredibly good item you can start farming for during this level bracket is Elemental Earth.

This is also used in, for example, different types of Elemental Protection Potions, as well as a bunch of other stuff. These are constantly on high demand. And the good thing here is that you can combine Elemental Earth farming with Elemental Fire farming in Stonetalon Mountains, where mobs are level 23 to 27.

Thousand Needles

You also have two locations in the Thousand Needles, where mobs are level 28 to 29, where you can specifically target Elemental Earth without mixing it with anything else.

Personally, I really like farming for Elemental Earth and Elemental Fire in this level bracket. Because even though you also get access to them in Arathi Highlands & Badlands, those spots are incredibly overfarmed and very popular, while the locations listed here are usually less competitive and therefore could be more lucrative and better in terms of farming for both gold and experience.

Large Venom Sacs

This is also the level bracket where you can start farming for Large Venom Sacs.

These might not be incredibly profitable at the start of Hardcore Servers. But they are used in crafting for example Strong Anti-Venom through First Aid, as well as Elixir of Poison Resistance, which is actually very useful in many situations, especially later in the game such as in Ahn’Qiraj, for example. And depending on when people actually start doing Ahn’Qiraj and do those difficult bosses, these could be in pretty high demand pretty quickly. So, it’s definitely a goldfarm worth knowing about in this level bracket.

Many of these farms for Large Venom Sacs are also not tied to any quests, so they are great locations to grind for mobs either way. Plus, you can get some pretty good Classic Hardcore Gold at the same time while grinding.

Just make sure to keep these Large Venom Sacs stored in your bank or on an alt and actually sell them when people start doing Ahn’Qiraj because that is when the demand will skyrocket.

Silver Veins

Additionally, if you have Mining, this is an incredible level bracket for you as you will start encountering some Silver Veins as long as you’ve got your Mining Skill up to date.

The skill required to mine Silver Veins is 75. And my favourite zones for farming Silver Veins are Redridge Mountains, Hillsbrad Foothills and The Barrens.

Alternatively, if you’re already farming in these zones for a different reason, like you have 1 farm in The Barrens and 1 farm in Redridge Mountains, you can combine farming for Silver Veins with those Goldfarms, using the farming routes shown on the picture below and simply looking around the area where you’re already farming instead of following the whole route.

WoW Classic Hardcore Silver Veins

Bronze Tube

It’s also worth noting that Alliance has access to a pretty significant questline in Duskwood, which is started by handing in a Bronze Tube, an item crafted by Engineering.

So, anyone with the combination of Mining & Engineering can farm the materials to craft this item and sell it to people who want to do that questline.

A bonus tip here would be to stand in Duskwood and post in General Chat. That way, you make it more convenient for people to buy it from you.

Additionally, if you don’t have Engineering but still want to try to capitalize on this strategy, here’s a map with 7 different vendors that all sell Bronze Tubes. But it’s in Limited Stock and has a re-stock timer, so you have to be lucky to get one from any of these vendors.

WoW Classic Hardcore 7 different vendors that all sell Bronze Tubes


It’s also worth noting that you can get a lot of gold from Fishing in this level bracket through, for example, Blackmouth Oil & even Firefin Snappers.

But since nobody will be Fishing while leveling anyway, I’m not gonna talk about it too much. But it’s worth knowing about if you really need some gold.


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