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WoW Classic Hardcore: An Elwynn Forest Survival Guide

Posted: Aug 28, 2023

Here is an Elwynn Forest Hardcore Survival Guide, where you’ll learn everything you need to know about Elwynn Forest so that you can survive and thrive in your Hardcore World of Warcraft adventure.

WoW Classic Hardcore: An Elwynn Forest Survival Guide

Starting Out

As a human, you will enter the Elwynn Forest here, south of Northshire Valley.

WoW Classic Hardcore Elwynn Forest Location

Dwarves and Gnomes who’ve ventured this way will arrive at the gates of Stormwind. Your first destination will be Goldshire and the short run to get there should be easy and uneventful.

The only potential dangers in this area are level five and six Defias Cutpurses that have set up camp in the area between the two roads. The most regular casualty to these mobs are low-level bank alts looking to make a quick dash to Stormwind.

It’s important to remember that these Cutpurses patrol very close to the roads and will ambush a low-level victim easily and end your run.

Crazy Cat Lady (Pet Vendor)

In this area, our first person of interest can be found, Danny Anthania, aka The Crazy Cat Lady.

Danny is a pet vendor and for only 36 silver will sell you a cute little companion cat.

Goldshire Vendors

Goldshire is the first main quest hub in the zone and you will set your Hearthstone with Inkeeper Farley at the Lion’s Pride Inn.

Farley sells the usual food and drink you will need to keep you in good health throughout the zone. The guys behind the bar are Barkeep Dobbins and Brog Hamfist.

Dobbins sells a variety of drinks and brews, including a Skin of Sweet Rum. This will be required in a gathering quest from Redridge later in the game. Brog Hamfist is a General Supplies vendor who sells Throwing Weapons, Arrows and Shot, Flint and Tinder and, most importantly, Bags.

My first big tip for any new character in any zone is to get all of your bag slots filled as soon as possible.

The guys in the kitchen are Todrick and Thomas. Todrick is a Butcher that sells a selection of meats and Thomas is a Cooking Trainer who will teach you Apprentice Cooking for one silver.

As a Cooking Apprentice, you will be able to cook both Roasted Boar Meat and Charred Wolf Meat, so it’s wise to spend some time gathering the meat required to level your cooking skills while you’re here.

Underneath the kitchen are the Warlock and Demon trainers. Upstairs, we can find Trainers for Mages, Priests, and Rogues as well as the First Aid Trainer Michelle Belle.

In front of the Inn, we find Erma, the Stable Master for those Hunters who have multiple pets. Across the road from the inn, we have the local forge for all your Smelting and Blacksmithing needs. If you want to train Blacksmithing, then Smith Argus is your man. Here, we can also buy Mail armor and shields, a variety of weapons and cloth and leather armor.

Out of the back of the forge, we can find Paladin Trainer Brother Wilhelm and Warrior Trainer Lidia Du Lac.

Trade supplies can be bought off of Tharin Bowden, who stands next to his Cart at the intersection. If you’re looking for a skinning knife or a blacksmith’s Hammer, then he’s your man.

Skinning and Leatherworking trainers are a little out of the way in the building Northeast of the Inn. If you want to make some nice early silver selling Leathers, then Hannah Peltskinner is your girl. If you want to craft leather equipment, then speak to Adelle Fielder.

The fishing trainer is on the Crystal Lake Jetty, a rod and lure can be bought off Tharyn Bowden as well as a couple of early fish cooking recipes.

The Herbalism and Alchemy trainers are hiding way up North in this house. Again, be aware of the patrolling Defias if you’re coming this way at early levels.

There is a Tailoring Trainer in Elwynn Forest, but he hangs out at the Eastvale Logging Camp. If you want to train Tailoring straight away, I would suggest you go to Stormwind as the journey there will be much safer.

And finally, for Engineering, Mining and Enchanting, you will have to go to Stormwind as there are no Journeyman Trainers for these professions in Elwynn Forest.

Antonio Perelli (Traveling Salesman)

The next person of interest is Antonio Pirelli, the Traveling Salesman that patrols the main road from Lakeshire in Redridge to Sentinel Hill in Westfall.

When in stock, you can pick up some really nice items from Antonio, including green bracers and weapons.

Questing Level 5-8

The best area to start questing are the fields that flank the Fargodeep Mine, just south of Goldshire.

On your way there, however, be aware level eight and nine aggressive creatures exist on the Eastern side of this ridge and they will easily take out a low-level character.

The safest route to take is the Western side of this Ridge where the level and the density of aggressive creatures is much lower. These fields are occupied by level five and six non-aggressive boars and in my opinion is the best area to get some early XP.

As I mentioned, these boars are non-aggressive, so you can take them on one at a time. They’re also a hyperspawn, so no matter how many people are farming, there’s always something to kill.

With the boar meat, you can level your cooking, stock up on food and sell the rest for a little silver. Also, the area will be littered with skinnable boar corpses, so I strongly recommend that you train skinning and spend your first two levels killing boars, skinning and selling everything to the nearby vendors.

Within two easy, no stress levels, you’ll have cooking leveled to at least 50. Have all your skills trained and have four six-slot bags with silver left over.

There’s also a vendor here that you may not be aware of. His name is Gerard Tiller and he’ll exchange one water for one apple. It’s probably useless to you, but he’s there if you need him.

The Fargodeep Mine, situated in between Stonefield Farm and Maclure Vineyards, is the next quest location. Do not underestimate the dangers of questing in this mine. It is easy to become overwhelmed by mobs and respawns happen quickly here. This location will regularly end hardcore runs.

The mine and the surrounding area is guarded by level five and six Cobold Miners and Tunnelers with a level eight named mob called Goldtooth residing deep within the mine. The loot that drops here isn’t that bad and a little time spent farming can get you started on your First Aid, get you a few healing pots and a little silver saved up.

The next questing area is Crystal Lake located on the Eastern edge of goldshire Crystal Lake is defended by extremely territorial level seven Murlocs who will call on all other Murlocs in the area when in combat. Being swarmed by Murlocs when swimming away will often result in an early death.

In my hardcore runs, I often skip this area completely and instead opt to quest in Deeprun Tram Skip Dun Morogh until about level 10.

Questing Level 9-10

North of Crystal Lake, you will find the hilly border to the zone. These hills are a great place to level mining, as copper veins will spawn all along the zone to the border of Redridge.

Make sure to take care though, as there are Defias, Cobold and Riverpaw camps all along the route.

Down on the river sits Jerod’s Landing, patrolled and camped by many Defias up to level 10.

Red Linen Goods Hack

Inside the boat house waits the Defias Dockmaster who can be pick pocketed by Rogues as part of the weapons quest.

If aggrod, the Dockmaster will spawn three level 10 bodyguards to attack you. This mechanic can be used over and over again if you’re struggling to find mobs for the Red Linen Goods quest.

Traveling East - Safe Zone

As we head east, the safest part of the zone is South of the road where the only aggressive mob you will see is the odd level 9 bear.

At the very south of the zone, level 9 and 10 Murlocs defend the riverside, but they’re well spaced out and shouldn’t cause you any problems.

North of the road is more dangerous. Wandering wolves and bears are more common in this area, and level 10 Prowler Dens can be fatal if you wander into them.

In the far north, we have the Jasperlode Mine, this area is teaming with Cobold Miners and Geomancers between level six and 8. The Scout quest for this mine will definitely end some runs early so as with all mines proceed with caution and go in over-leveled. It’s a great place to farm linen cloth if you need it and they also drop Magic Candles.

The next area is Brackwell Pumpkin Patch, where a level nine boar called Princess and her Entourage patrol. Again, these boars are non-aggressive, but the whole pumpkin patch is surrounded by level 9 Defias Bandits.

Inside this house resides Morgan The Collector, Serena Kaledan and Erin and Drudgemore. This lot will make quick work of ending your run if you get too close, so keep a safe distance and you should be fine.

Eastvale Logging Camp

At the far east of the map, we have Eastvale Logging Camp, which is the other main quest hub for the Zone.

In the paddock, we can find the Horse Riding Instructor who will train level 40 or above humans, horse riding for 18 WoW Classic Hardcore Gold.

Horse mounts can be bought off Katie Hunter, the Horse Breeder for 72 gold for a normal mount, and 900 gold for an epic mount.

Rallic Fin - (Green Bow Vendor)

Relic Finn is another point of interest.

Relic is a Hunter Equipment vendor who sometimes offers the green level 11 Fine Short Bow for 28 Silver, definitely a vendor to remember.

Drake Lindgren (Blue Linen Robe Pattern)

Inside this house, Drake Lindren is a general and trade supplies vendor who sometimes offers the pattern for Blue Linen Robe.

The journeyman Tailoring Trainer is Eldrin. And Terry Palin is a Lumberjack and sells wood.

Questing Level 10-12

To the north of Eastvale Logging Camp sits Stone Cairn Lake, which is surrounded by mobs.

Riverpaw Runts and Outrunners can be found in the North and Northwest and Murlock camps in the east andsouth. This is a great alternative location to quest if you need those Murloc Fin drops or Riverpaw Armbands and everywhere else is stacked out with players.

The island at the center of Stone Cairn Lake, Hero’s vigil, is defended by level 10 Defias Wizards. The Wizards on the outer perimeter are widely spaced and don’t pose much of a threat when taking on one by one. The Inner Circle, however, is more densely packed and can be hazardous if multiple mobs have been pulled.

South of the Eastvale Logging Camp is mainly patrolled by level 10 bears and prowlers and a great place to farm some more leather and meat.

The far southwest is home to a camp of Defias Bandits led by a named mob called Dead Tooth Jack.

Murlocs still defend the river bank to the south and at the river intersection there’s a Murloc camp that should be avoided if possible. These boys are tightly packed and will mess you up fast if you’re not prepared.

Redridge XP Boost

Try to plan your leveling so that you ding 12 in the area called the Eastvale Logging Camp.

At level 12, you can safely run to the Redridge flight path and also complete the necklace quest for some easy XP.

Final Questing Areas

Back over to the west side of the map lies Mirror Lake.

This area houses a variety of Defias ranging from level five Cutpurses to level 9 Bandits and is an alternative area to completing the Red Linen Goods quest.

A rare named mob called Morgrain the Sly inhabits this building so enter this area with caution.

The final questing location is the area south of Westbrook Garrison. In this area, you’ll come across several camps of Riverpaw Runts and Outrunners. Take care not to pull the whole group and you’ll be fine.


Our final point of interest is the infamous Hogger, the level 11 humanoid Elite.

Hogger will Headbutt for 250 damage and interrupt spellcasting for 5 seconds, he can do a Rushing Charge, which increases his movement speed by 80% for 3 seconds and will do 70 additional damage on the first attack and he can also Pierce Armor reducing his target’s armor by 50% for 20 seconds, which means he’s an absolute badass.

Ideally, you will join a group to take Hogger down, although there are fence hopping techniques that can be used to keep him at a distance while you used ranged weapons to take him down solo.


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