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News Tag: WOTLK Classic Phase 3

  • WOTLK Classic Phase 3: How To Get Full Gear In One Week Or Less?

    Posted: Jul 27, 2023

    So, you want to get fully caught up with 5000 gearscore in a single week. You want to be comfortably raining Trial of the Grand Crusader and getting full base in time for Phase 4. You probably also don't want to be missing out on a chance to kill the Lich King or get the legendary Shadowmourne or an invisible Mount.

    I'm gonna break down the exact step-by-step process that has gotten countless players I know as well as my own characters fully caught up in record time.

    Get To Level 80

    Step one is to get level 80. Whatever method you prefer, Questing, Battlegrounds or boosting, as you level up, you'll be stockpiling enough WOTLK Classic Gold since we'll be using both at level 80. Please note: If you use the coupon code “Lich” here, you can also get a 3% discount.

    Also, while you level, you should be liquidating all your Wintergrasp Marks and Stonekeeper's Shards in your main characters and accommodations. We'll be mailing all these directly to our new level 80 to cut a huge chunk of time out of the next step.

    So, we've ding dating we've opened our mail.

    Pick Up Dailies

    Now, it's time to pick up all the weekly Wintergrasp quests and start hitting Wintergrasp every three hours.

    I usually pick up five weekly quests, which give me 18,000 Honor with a hundred gold and 50 bonus Stonekeeper's Shards. Not only will we be generating around 10 thousand Honor from a typical Wintergrasp game, but we'll also be getting the quest done at the same time. That's going to speed up the process by at least 50%.

    Get These Items First

    As a rule of thumb, we're going to prioritize getting Deadly weapons.

    First, you can get them from Zom Bocom and the Circle of Wills in the Dalaran Sewers. Going from a blue staff to a 213 staff will jump your gearscore from 350 to 696 just by itself.

    After the weapon, the highest weighted and highest priority items are the helmet, the chest, and the legs. After that, we have the belt, the boots, the gloves, and the shoulder at 261 gearscore each. Then, finally, we have the 213 items that give the lowest gearscore and are the lowest priority. These are the Necklace, the Back, the Bracer, the Rings and the Trinkets at 195 gearscore each.

    There's a really useful tool to play around with to decide which pieces to prioritize first. That's why we choose online Gearscore Calculator. I really want you to be aware of the priority of items right now. But don't buy anything yet. So, back to the reason we held off on buying anything other than the weapon.

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    Buy Crafted BOEs

    That's because in Step 3, we're going to buy BOEs first.

    The BOEs were going to be focusing on the Crusader and Runecloth items, which are the bracers, the chest, the boots, and the belts.

    Note that you should never be buying these BOEs from the Auction House. Instead, I recommend farming or buying the raw materials and then getting a crafter to make the item. With a tip of just 50 gold to the crafter, you can save a lot of money in most cases.

    Assuming you were able to afford at least a couple of key BOEs like the 245 chest, we can now fill out the rest of the slots with PVP gear. We can grab the 245 Relentless gear for bracers, necklace, rings, cloaks, and trinkets. We can also grab the 232 belts and rings as well.

    Naturally, some of these slots will overlap with the BOE gear. And as a general rule, I wouldn't recommend replacing a 232 or higher BOE with PVP gear. Though after you have all the high item level pieces filled in, you can definitely grab some Deadly pieces to complete your basic gear set.

    Trial Of The Champion Items

    On to step 4, while we're PVPing and hitting the Auction House, you'll have a lot of free time for dungeons.

    One problem you'll run into is that having full PVP gear on a gear dependent like a tank. It's pretty bad in that specific case. The single best recommendation I can give is to add in a few hours of Travel the Champion normal spam. This spam generates dozens of 200 item level armor pieces and trinkets since you can do five runs per hour.

    Just recently, I invited a fresh 2200 gearscore tank, and we were able to clear no problem once he understood the polls.

    So, now you should mostly have Deadly gear with BOEs and Relentless gear filling in slots like the back and the rings. Hopefully, you've also gotten a few pieces from the Trial of the Champion and maybe even a shiny trinket.

    This will easily put you over 4400 gearscore, which is more than enough to make your own Heroic Plus groups. At this point in the gearing process, you should really be hitting the daily heroic quest and as many heroic plus dungeons as possible. You’ll be getting Emblems of Triumph from the daily quest, which you can use to work towards high item level pieces like the 245 rings.

    We can also buy tier gear with the emblems. But you should really avoid 232 Tier 9 unless it’s filling a really weak slot. That’s because it’ll be replaced really fast once you start ToC rating. Every heroic will also give us one Sidereal Essence from the last boss to work towards a 239 piece of gear at the new gear vendor.

    As for which piece of gear to buy, I definitely recommend checking out the Phase 3 and even the Phase 2 business on Wowhead to see which pieces show up.

    For my Fury Warrior, I’ll be grabbing the Mjolnir Runestone and the Dark Matter, which are both top four BiS on the Phase 3 Fury list.

    Ulduar Items

    In between Heroic Plus Dungeons and PVP, we can also start looking for Ulduar soft reserve runs or even GDKPs if you have the gold.

    Many of the Ulduar runs going on nowadays are focused on normal mode, so the gear requirements are usually around 4,500 gearscore or even lower.

    This is also where I love to start hitting lockouts for Vault of Archavon in Onyxia. I haven’t missed a single 10 or 25 man Vault of Archavon Irani on any of my three healers so far and I’ve been rewarded with multiple 245 drops. That includes weapons, thousands of gold and gems. It’s just crazy how good these runs are and nobody even does gear checks.

    One tool I’ve been using to make sure I don’t miss any lockouts is my Raid Lockout Checklist:

    Character 1:

    • VoA 10
    • VoA 25
    • Onyxia 10
    • Onyxia 25
    • ToC 10
    • ToC 25

    Character 2:

    • VoA 10
    • VoA 25
    • Onyxia 10
    • Onyxia 25
    • ToC 10
    • ToC 25

    Character 3:

    • VoA 10
    • VoA 25
    • Onyxia 10
    • Onyxia 25
    • ToC 10
    • ToC 25

    I just make a copy each week and I check the boxes for each raid as I do them to keep things organized. This is also the great point at which we can start finally looking for normal mode ToC runs for both 10 and 25 man. These runs are your best key to grab more emblems, trophy tier tokens (Trophy of the Crusade) and of course the higher item level gear to get into those hard mode runs.

    With around 4,600 gearscore, you can start making or even joining 10 man hard mode runs. Although you likely won’t get 50 out of 50 in the first few weeks, you’ll be generating a huge amount of relevant upgrades then at about 4 800 gearscore. It should be no problem to get into hard mode runs or to even join a guild.

    Just don’t get too comfortable though because phase four is coming and you don’t want to be playing catch-up all over again. And that’s why you should also read my Phase 4 Investments guide, so you don’t get way behind on gold.

  • WOTLK Classic: How To Get Rich In Phase 3? - Five Most Profitable Professions

    Posted: Jul 20, 2023

    Have you been stuck with the same unprofitable professions in Wrath for the last eight months? Don’t let other players with actually profitable professions steal your Shadowmournes away from you and those big Icecrown GDKPs. And don’t even think about pulling out your credit card to buy a WoW Token because your same old min max professions are paying the builds. 

    WOTLK Classic Phase 3 Changes

    Phase 3 is the single best phase to change up your professions and make thousands of WOTLK Classic Gold per day. Let’s dive into the five most profitable professions that are making me rich and why you should make the switch.

    First, we need to talk about why min maxing professions matters a lot less than in previous phases. In Phase 3, we have new Epic Gems, which massively closes the gap between Jewel Crafting and other professions. 

    Before having Jewel Crafting gems gave me 60 extra Spellpower and now that gap is down to only 48, which leaves more room for things like Blacksmithing as some players and speedruns are even preparing leather working for Icecrown since you’ll be able to use the Greater Drums of Speed

    Of course, engineering is still overpowered in PVE. We’ve got the 27 spellpower, cloak enchant, the Mana Injectors, the Nitro Boost, the sappers and the Saronite Bombs.

    But jump over to Arenas and you’ll start to notice professions like Blacksmithing are much more common. That’s because you can’t even use most of the relevant engineering consumes and Arenas. 

    Plus, just look at the Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket. That thing has scaled worse and worse throughout the expansion. So, the gap between professions is at an all-time low and it’s a great time to switch your professions up. 

    But you’re probably wondering: which professions are actually the most profitable and which ones are making me rich?


    The number five profession, making me rich, is Engineering. Most serious raiders have engineering, but there’s so much money being left on the table. 

    As for which engineering items to craft for profit, I love to use TradeSkillMaster. With the regional sales rate tool tip, it shows me which items are likely to sell quickly and which ones to avoid.

    One thing I love to do is to craft a few dozen stacks of Runic Mana Injectors every single week. They don’t sell that well in Phase 3 like they will in Phase 4 since the rate is so short. But you can still consistently double your money. I also like to craft Global Thermal Sapper Charges and Saronite Bombs and I sell them during raid times. 

    Another thing I’ve been doing lately when I get bored waiting for raids to form as Gas Cloud Harvesting. If you go to Sholazar Basin with goggles and a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor, you can harvest Gas Clouds, which give Eternal Fires for around 400 gold per hour. 

    We should definitely also mention the new Shatter Rounds and Iceblade Arrows coming next phase using Crystallized Earth and Crystallized Shadow. These require either Goblin or Gnomish Engineering. So, I’ll be switching at least one all to Gnomish to maximize the profit.

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    The number four profession making me rich is Enchanting. Enchanting is definitely becoming a more popular choice, especially with Jewel Crafting falling in relevance.

    But don’t let that newfound popularity stop you from making a profit. They’re selling vellums on the Auction House. There’s disenchant searches and the Saronite Shuffle, making enchanting vellums is one of the highest profit drivers.

    Just set up a TSM group for all the relevant vellums and then I use the TSM crafting panel to automatically restock a certain number of recipes. That way, I can ensure I have obscure twink enchants, like the Minor Speed, stocked up without making 20 of them that never sell. 

    Another great money making option I use involves the TradeSkillMaster desktop app. That app will give you the data to do disenchant searches to make free disenchanting profit.

    Another good option we shouldn’t forget is the Saronite Shuffle. We all know I love prospecting on my Jewel Crafting characters. But unfortunately, this is a far more competitive method than it used to be. 

    Lastly for enchanting, we also have the Abyssal Shatter, which can be free profit depending on the prices of the Greater Cosmic Essence.


    The number three profession that’s going to make me rich is Mining.

    This is the only gold making profession I don’t have on any alt. That being said, I’m currently leveling mining on my Death Knight and he should be ready to blast next week. With mining, I’m looking to profit from the sky high Titanium prices. That means I’ll be hitting up locations like Icecrown to mine serenade and titanium. On paper at least, I haven’t verified it myself that should be over 500 gold per hour.

    The other and more important reason I’m leveling mining is to take advantage of Smelt Titansteel. Every 20 hours, I can turn about 40 gold worth of supplies into a 230 gold Titansteel Bar. The catch to look out for is that the cooldown got removed during Phase 4. 

    We have to keep in mind that it came out during 3.3.3, which is four months after Icecrown Citadel came out. If for whatever reason, Smelt Titansteel doesn’t get nerfed immediately on Phase 4 launched. The profit could spike even higher up to 300 gold per bar. 


    The second best profession making me rich is Alchemy

    Alchemy is such a hot gold maker right now that I’m running it on all my upcoming alts. Once you do an initial questline, you can transmute a Cardinal Ruby every 20 hours from a Scarlet Ruby. You could really do any color, like orange. It might be more profitable, but only one gem for 20 hours. That means right now, just by logging in, I can buy Scarlet Rubies at 50 gold and flip them to over 300 gold on every single character.

    On top of that, I’ve also used Northrend Alchemy Research to get new potions, like Potion of Wild Magic and Potion of Speed. I like to stock up throughout the week on supplies and then I sell my potions whenever they spike near raid days. Don’t even think about forgetting Potion Mastery though it really is a big difference maker for profit.

    Best Goldmaking Profession - Jewel Crafting

    My number one gold maker making me rich right now is Jewel Crafting.

    I love to pre-farm the Jewel Crafting daily on all my characters and I love getting that free 130 gold profit every single day. Then, we have the Icy Prism, which costs about 30 gold per day and it can give you all sorts of Epic Gems, including Reds. 

    There are the jewel crafting cuts, which drive so much of my daily profit from the Runed Cardinal Ruby to the Solid Majestic Zircon. Just like with enchanting, I use TSM groups to automatically restock gems whenever they’re at least 20 gold profit to cut. I’m not just buying other people’s gems though, since I love to prospect. I’m such a huge fan of prospecting Titanium on Faerlina even though it’s currently overpriced right now at 15 gold each.

    Walleye wait for prices to stabilize again, I’ve been prospecting Saronite Ore instead. Although saronite prospecting seems dead on the surface, the Scarlet Rubies are spiking high for Alchemy transmutes.

    Plus, you just get a huge amount of low value green and blue quality gems. I can typically make over 200 gold from prospecting a thousand Saronite Ore depending on prices. Really, all of these professions are great for making gold. But you definitely need investments to keep you making profit passively, too. Regarding investment issues, there are also relevant guides on this site, you can find and read them yourself.

    Please note: If you use the coupon code “Lich”, you can also get a 3% discount.

  • WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Spend As Little As 20 Minutes Farming Gold Per Day And Play For Free! - 5 Different Gold Farms

    Posted: Jul 14, 2023

    Wrath of the Lich King Classic Phase 3 has just hit the servers, and it’s a great time to farm some gold.

    This got me wondering: what is the minimum amount of gold farming I’d have to do a day to be able to play WoW for free through WoW Tokens?


    Now, if you’re not already aware, the WoW Token grants 30 days of game time and is available to buy on the WOTLK Classic Auction House. At the moment, prices are fluctuating between about seven and a half and nine thousand gold and weekday afternoons are the best time to buy as the price never goes above 8K. 

    Now 8000 gold divided by 30 days gives us 267 gold to farm per day to be able to play WoW for free. So, I tried out five different gold farms that anyone can do and couldn’t believe how easily and quickly this gold was to farm. 

    5. Daily Quests

    Now, daily quests come last in this list for gold making potential. But they’re easy and literally anyone can do them.   

    Daily quests reward around 20 gold each. So, at the moment, you’re going to need to do at least 14 to hit the 267 gold target. 

    I’m not much of a daily quest enjoyer and was particularly slow at getting them done. I started out at the Argent Tournament ground and then moved over to Icecrown. And just before my hour was up, I hearthed back to Dalaran and completed the cooking daily.   

    Now, I totaled a little over 280 gold in an hour. But if you have your root well practiced, I’m sure you could be getting well over 300 gold an hour.   

    4. Wintergrasp Eternal Fire 

    Coming in at number four, the Wintergrasp Eternal Fire farm.   

    Prices for Eternal Fire have really popped since Phase 3 released. So, I decided to farm the fire Elementals in Wintergrasp. 

    This farm can be done by anyone with any profession. But you’re gonna get the most out of it if you’re an Engineer with a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor. Cinder clouds often spawn in this area, so extracting these crystallized fires will really boost your Eternal count. 

    The main downside to this location is that it can become quite contested during peak hours. If the area is swarmed, then I suggest moving on to another farm higher up in this list. 

    In this location, I farmed 16 Eternal Fire, four greens and 34 gold worth of scrap in just less than an hour’s farming. I sent the greens to my enchanting alt for later and auctioned the Eternals for about 383 gold and all of these were bought out almost immediately.   

    My grand total was about 450 gold in just less than an hour. 

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    3. Botanica

    Botanica is a Burning Crusade dungeon located in the Eastern Netherstorm. And it’s populated by level 69 to 72 Elites and a steady run should take only about 15 minutes. It can be done with any class. And of course, the better geared you are, the faster the run will be. 

    At the end of an hour running this dungeon, I’d farmed around 195 gold from a scrap with some random auctions totaling 70 gold. All the green BOEs I collected were sent to my all for disenchanting and these items were put up on the Auction House for a total of 252 gold and were quickly bought out. 

    My total for this hour was 515 gold. But I think with practice I could clear well over 600 WOTLK Classic Gold an hour.

    2. Stratholme   

    Coming in at number two, Stratholme

    As I’m farming with the Paladin, I thought it is essential to give Stratholme a run. Stratholme is located in the Eastern Plaguelands and is packed with mobs between level 54 and level 60. 

    The raw gold potential of Stratholme makes this a great farm at any time. But with the price of Runecloth soaring at the moment, the earning potential is better than ever. 

    I decided to only farm the live side of the dungeon and was completing a run in about 15 minutes. At the end of an hour, I’d farmed 769 Runecloth, which was listed on the Auction House for 230 gold and bought out completely. 

    A heap of BOEs were sent to my ALT for disenchanting and these also sold out quickly for around 160 gold and I got myself 195 gold selling trash items. 

    I also had a few random items drop, and these were put up on the Auction House. But at the time of writing this guide, they hadn’t sold yet. But I’m confident that given time, they’ll bring in at least 100 gold. 

    All of this combined got me 685 gold for an easy one-hour farm and the price of Runecloth continues to rise. So, I predict Stratholme being a solid form for a while yet.   

    1. Wintergrasp Mining

    Coming in as the number one farm was surprisingly mining in Wintergrasp

    Ore and gems are in high Wintergrasp demand at the moment, so I set out on a basic loop to see how much I could farm. I decided to stay out of the water for everything apart from Titanium and found that the loot was coming in quite quickly. 

    I came at a time when the Wintergrasp event couldn’t interrupt my run. But unfortunately, at only 39 minutes of my farm, I was interrupted IRL and had to stop. 

    However, I’d farmed so many materials that I thought I’d head back to Dalaran and sell up. I crafted my daily Titansteel and auctioned that along with all my raw Titanium, Saronite, gems and Eternals and got a total of 664 gold. 

    If I’d done a full one-hour run, I could have easily earned myself 1000 gold here. It’s absolutely crazy. So, based on these results, you could be playing WoW for free for as little as 20 minutes gold farming a day. I hope you found this interesting.

    Please note: If you use the coupon code “Lich”, you can also get a 3% discount.

  • WOTLK Classic: How To Turbocharge Your Leveling To Get To 80 Fast In Phase 3? - Best Tips & Strategies

    Posted: Jul 13, 2023

    We all know what to do at level 80. Hit Wintergrasp, buy some Deadly weapons, buy some Crusader or BOEs, do Heroic Plus...... But what if you're stuck at level 65, slogging through Zangarmarsh? 

    Surely, there must be some solutions to level faster to get to level 80. That's where I come in as a self-diagnosed lazy leveler. I'll always be looking to take the easy way out on leveling. So with that, I've compiled all the fastest strategies and tips for leveling into one comprehensive guide. 

    We'll start with a foundation of strategies to speed up your leveling no matter what your level is and then we'll move into the more specific timesaving strategies. We'll also cover the most obscure and broken methods that can make you millions of experience per hour. Let's jump into our foundational strategy.


    The first foundational key to fast leveling is to have both the Shoulder and Chest Heirlooms. These give 10% bonus experience each and they're just non-negotiable.

    In Phase 3, you can get PVE Heirlooms from either the Emblems of Heroism or the Champion Seals. Aalternatively, if you have a lot of Stone Keeper's Shards lying around, you could turn those in for Heirlooms, too.

    I also highly recommend getting an Heirloom weapon since they automatically scale just like the armor. 

    For our Heirloom in chance, we can only put classic enchants on them. I would definitely recommend Greater Stats for your chest and Spellpower for your caster weapons.

    For melee though, you'll want to run Fiery Weapon until at least about level 30 and then switch to the Crusader enchant. We also want to throw Minor Speed on any pair of boots we get since that'll really speed up our leveling by speeding up travel time.

    One of my other favorite tricks is to put the Minor Haste enchant on your gloves until at least level 20. That'll make you feel like you have a permanent bloodlust.

    Free PVP Gear

    On top of Heirlooms, we can also abuse the Honor system to get free gear quickly.

    We can farm Wintergrasp Commendations and then mail them to our alts and then we can turn those in for easy PVP gear. I set my DK enough for a full set of level 70 PVP gear. It took the leveling process from slow and choppy to smooth and relaxed.

    A Fast Leveling Strategy - Questing

    With our gear sorted, we also need a good leveling strategy.

    The simplest and most effective leveling strategy is to quest using a leveling guide. With Heirlooms, questing really does give you excellent experience. It feels a whole lot more like retail and the mobs really just die in a few hits no matter what class you're playing.


    I'd also definitely recommend a free leveling addon like Guidelime to get to 80 with less stress and then you can just follow the steps one by one with an arrow pointing you to each location.

    Alternatively, of course, you could use Rested XP whichever addon works for you.

    Timesaving Strategies

    Now that our foundation is set, we can save a lot of time with various strategies. 

    *The first timesaving strategy I love is the Thorns exploit. A thorn scales with your Spellpower. So, you or a Boomkin friend can buff your low character and then one shot mobs from 1 to 20. 

    A friend of mine managed to get to level 30 in under five hours during Joyous Journeys. Even without that, this buff is an insane timesaver. If you do only have one account, you can still:

    1. Open two clients
    2. Log into lowbie
    3. Force log (Alt + F4) 
    4. Log into main
    5. Buff yourself

    I even recommend using Thorns all the way up until about level 70 since it doesn't really fall off. If you don't have Thorns or if you want another early level timesaver, another option is a World Tour, not the Heroic World Tours.

    I'm talking about taking a ride on a Mammoth or Mechano-hog and picking up all the flight paths. While you pick up those flight paths, you'll also be getting Explorer experience. And that way, you can skip the early one through six leveling at the same time. Just be really careful not to drive through any ranged mobs or your partner might just end up dead in the sidecar.

    *Back on leveling, another nice way to use gold year advantage is consumables

    Having an inventory of consumables will massively speed up your leveling speed. That's things like using Grenades on cooldowns, Sappers, Health Potions, Rage Potions or everything. All of these consumables will also put you in a very good place for AOE leveling.

    We all know Mages are God AOE levelers but pretty much every class can AOE with enough consumes. I leveled my priest initially with a Holy Nova build and just spammed through the backs on cooldown. Even though Priest is pretty weak, being able to use Grenades and Potions makes it really easy. 

    Any of the typical classic AOE farming spots will work really well. My favorite though are hyperspawns like the Wool Cloth, hyperspawn of the Wetlands. 

    Of course, classes like Mages, Paladins, and Warriors have even more powerful strategies. On my Warrior, I did a Slave Pens method and got nearly 800,000 XP per hour. 

    Also Read: WOTLK Classic: How To Get The Most Out Of Phase 3 Call of the Crusade? - 5 Must-Know Tips

    WOTLK Classic Boosting

    If even 800,000 XP seems a little too slow for you, you might prefer boosting instead. If you go to the group browser and you go to the Custom tab, you can quickly find all the boosters currently advertising. Most of the boosts require at least one level 68. But there are also twink boosters out there, too.

    You may have to ask around on your server. But some players have low level characters set up just to boost and bypass the boosting experience penalties. 

    My biggest tip for boosting is to alternate leveling 2 characters at the same time. That way you can rack up Rested XP to cut your costs in half.

    Secret Leveling Method

    Now, it's time to get more obscure with the fastest leveling methods in the game. 

    The first is the Sealed Vial of Poison. You can get these from the fishing daily or from the Auction House. They give 26,000 experience per turn in with Heirlooms.

    Unfortunately though, sometimes these vials will cost you lots of WOTLK Classic Gold. So, my other secret weapon is Waterlogged Recipes. These are also from the fishing daily and they're consistently on the Auction House on Fairlane and for 120 gold.

    People don't value them nearly as much as a poison because you need 350 Cooking to turn them in. My secret is that 350 Cooking only takes about 30 minutes to get. You'll get another 32,000 XP per turn and on top of five dollar in Cooking awards. That means 50 Northern Spices per turn in the spices are typically 2.2 gold each and they're going up every single day. I actually break even and even make some gold on some day is doing this method. 

    Please note: If you use the coupon code “Lich”, you can also get a 3% discount.

  • WOTLK Classic: How To Optimize Your Time In Phase 3? - 5 Ways To Help You Make 1000 Gold Per Day!

    Posted: Jul 10, 2023

    In WOTLK Classic Phase 3, being able to make thousands of gold is extremely important. You’ll want to be able to gear up your fresh alts with BOEs and load up your existing characters with full BIS. With that in mind, you need a daily route that can bring in at least 5,000 gold per week.

    Here, I will share my exact daily route. That’ll make you over a thousand gold in an hour every single day.

    1. Pick Up The Daily Heroic

    Since ToC is the phase for alts with 30 minute raids, I’ve been taking advantage of my various level 80 characters to make more WOTLK Classic Gold in less time.

    The first thing I always do is I pick up the Daily Heroic quest. This is the first quest I’ll do every single day on every character. Doing the Daily Heroic quest gives me 49 gold and 5 Emblems of Triumph. And that puts me a third of the way towards the Crusader Orb, which is still over 300 gold each on my server.

    I’m also getting a Sidereal Essence from every completed dungeon. So, that’s another third of a conquest or right there. Of course, if it’s the daily normal in the same dungeon, I’ll always try to stack them together as well.

    2. Jewel Crafting Daily

    When I’m cued for the Daily Heroic, I’m always trying to pick up the Jewelcrafting Dailies at this point right now, which is over 150 gold per day.

    I’ve already pre-farmed at least 10 of every Jewelcrafting Daily in advance and I restock every single month. Another nice trick is that you can farm the Scourge Curio from Heroic Dungeon, so I can get two things done at the same time.

    Whenever I go to turn in the quest, I can just put my Jeeves down and then pull out the relevant item and hand it in. With five characters right now, you’d be making over 750 gold per day in under two minutes.

    Also, at this point, I like to craft an Icy Prism, which sometimes can contain Epic Gems, which makes them really worth it. Speaking of Icy Prisms, I have been stocking up Frozen Orbs every day for investment purposes. Those Frozen Orbs have some good uses next phase and they should go up in value.

    3. Check The Auction House

    The next thing I do every day is to check my 10 favorite jewelcrafting cuts. Depending on the profit margins, I could make even up to 3,000 gold per day.

    If you’re an Enchanter or an Alchemist or any other profession on your alts, you can replicate the step on those characters, too. I highly recommend an addon called “TradeSkillMaster”, which can automate a lot of the processes like checking crafting profit per item. I made a TradeSkillMaster Group, which made things a lot easier.

    But first, I typed TSM craft and then I loaded the jewelcrafting group. Then, I went to the TSM settings by typing TSM and I made a new group. In the new group, I added all the relevant recipes and gems. That means I’m able to scan all my gems, my recipes, and my investments in three seconds. And then, I can just eyeball which gems I should cut for profit.

    If that feels a little too clunky for you though, you could get the TradeSkillMaster desktop app. The TradeSkillMaster desktop app basically gives you the data you used to get from scanning the Auction House. Then, you can set up TSM crafting like I did to auto restock if you make at least a certain amount of gold profit.

    I set my profit margin on Epic Gems to at least 30 gold each and I restock up to five. Then, I use the TSM task list, which gives me a shopping list of exactly what to buy. And then, I can just post everything in a minute every day after my Auction House flips and the Heroic Daily is done.

    4. Go To Wintergrasp

    Depending on what day of the week it is and what time it is, I’ll often hit up Wintergrasp, too.

    Wintergrasp is definitely worth it from a gold making perspective if you can pick up all the different weekly quests in advance. In total, if you can pick up at least five weekly quests, you can make 100 gold and nineteen thousand Honor. Combining that with a ten thousand Honor you get from one Wintergrasp win, you could easily grab three Epic Gems from one game per week.

    One tip to pay attention to is the gem color prices. For example, you could buy two orange gems for twenty thousand Honor. Depending on your server, that could be more profit than one red gem for the same price.

    Back on the topic of weekly quests, I also make sure to hit up Onyxia twice every week per character. That’s specifically because the Onyxia gem bag is worth quite a bit of gold. There are so many Soft Reserve runs and barely anybody reserves a bag. So, you can make an extra 300 to 500 gold per week from just one Onyxia run. With those quests out of the way, it’s time to head to Icecrown.

    5. Icecrown Citadel

    Next, I fly to the Argent Tournament and I pick up all the quests in the Western and the Eastern tents.

    The key thing to keep in mind is that several of the quest givers can give one of multiple quest options. At this point, your route is going to vary every single day. That being said, though, if you have two characters on different accounts, the quest will be exactly the same on your server. So, Dual-Boxing is a really good way to double your gold per hour.

    I like to start the Argent Dailies by using my MOLL-E mailbox and then I retrieve four Marks of the Champion. That way, I can immediately turn in the Jousting Quest without even doing it that day. Then, if I’ve got the quest, I head outside of the Hippogryphs and I do “Get Kraken!”.

    I use a macro with an old modifier to make this quest extremely mindless:

    #showtooltip Flaming Spears

    /targetexact [nodead,mod:alt] Kvaldir Deepcaller; [nodead] North Sea Kraken

    /cast Flaming Spears


    /run UIErrorsFrame:clear()

    You should have a goal though, to always kill the Kraken if you can. Because you’ll get a Kraken Tooth for 20 bonus gold. After “Get Kraken!”, I fly up and I do any of the relevant boat quests.

    “What Do You Feed a Yeti Anyways?” just involves clicking the chum bucket on your factions boat. Then, you just jump in the water and spam the quest item to attract sharks to kill.

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    Alternatively, though, you might have picked up “Rescue at Sea”. That’s where you fly to your factions boat and you kill Kvaldir. Just make sure to land on the correct boat or you’re going to get killed.

    At this point, I just head north and I do all the Hrothgar daily quests. I likely have an assassination quest to kill either Drottinn Hrothgar or Mistcaller Yngvarr.

    I also likely have either “Stopped the Aggressors” or “A Leg Up”. Both these questions simply involve killing Kvaldir on the island.

    The last activity I would possibly have to do is the “Light’s Mercy”. That’s where you target the slain villagers and you use your book item on them. This is where I use the Argent Tabard to teleport back and I head directly west to the new Cultist area.

    We’ll be able to do up to three quests at the same time and it feels amazing. We can do:

    • You’ve Really Done It This Time, Kul
    • Taking the Battle to the Enemy
    • Deathspeaker Kharos

    You’ll want to slay at least 15 cultures and elute them. Keep opening the cages at the same time and rescue call at the end.

    After these quests, I fly Southwest to Aldurthar and I do the “Fate of the Fallen” if I pick that quest up. After clicking the purple squares, I just use the quest item on the Champion Spirits to get the quest done in a minute.

    Chillmaw is the next quest, and he’s just slightly North. I can solo him easily, but I’ll always try to group up if possible then itself to “Battle Before the Citadel”. If I couldn’t find someone to grow up with for Chillmaw, I often skip this quest. It’s insanely fast for the partner, but it’s a miserable solo.

    Either way afterwards, if I have either “Breakfast of Champions” or “Gormork Wants His Snobolds”, it’s a wormhole of Storm Peaks and get to work. Breakfast of Champions is just spamming your drum near the snow piles at the giant circle on the map. Gormork Wants His Snobolds is just targeting snobolds and spamming your net. I always like to combine that quest with Overstocked for double the gold profit.

    You may notice at this point in the route that we still have plenty of more daily quests we could do. But that’s the beauty of this route. We can swap to another character and do as much or as little as we want to. For example, you could easily fit this in as a quick run on all between ToC clears to keep your gold stocked up.

    Please note: If you use the coupon code “Lich”, you can also get a 3% discount.

  • WOTLK Classic Phase 3: My Fully Optimized Route To Farm Champion’s Seals

    Posted: Jul 03, 2023

    Do you want to get the Argent Tournament mounts as quickly as humanly possible, or maybe you want the Argent Pony Bridal, the only non-engineering remote bank in the game? I’ll walk you through my exact optimized route to earn Champion’s Seals so you can get everything fast.

    What To Buy With Champion’s Seals?

    First, we need a quick bit of context to get the 14 total match. You’ll need 1025 seals. I personally want them out so I can eventually get the 100 mount achievement in the Dragonhawk, which is so rare I’ve never even seen one in the game.

    If you want the pets as well, there are six possible pets for your faction for an additional 240 seals. If you want to grab the Argent Pony Bridal bank and the Teleport Tabard like me, that’s an additional 200 seals for a total of 1,465. With my fully optimized seal farming route, you’ll get between 15 and 17 seals per day. That means you’ll get everything in exactly three months or 91 days.

    But here’s the good news. The pets are completely tradable, so you can save a chunk of time here just by having an extra character or by spending WOTLK Classic Gold on the Auction House.

    Before we talk about the fastest seal farming, I do want to note that this route is best done with all the dailies unlocked. That includes the Sunreaver or the Silver Covenant dailies as well as the Crusader dailies as well. That being said, you can still do the route with fewer dailies unlocked. You’ll just be missing out on some possible seals and gold. Overall, the new quests are insanely fast and the whole route for seals takes less than 30 minutes.

    Step One: ToC Heroic Plus

    First thing I like to do when I start my Champion’s Seals farming route is to list myself on the dungeon finder for Trial of the Champion Heroic Plus.

    You could do Heroic Plus or Heroic. It really doesn’t matter to seals. Either way, the dungeon takes less than 15 minutes a day and it awards three Champion’s Seals. So, I do it on multiple characters. I also get a Crusader Orb every three days just from Sidereal Essence running this dungeon. So, it’s very worth it. Selling those orbs means more profit. So, I can buy pets even faster.

    Sunreaver Quests

    While I’m waiting in a group and doing Trail of the Champion, I like to pick up all the Sunreaver quests in the eastern town. That’s, of course, the Silver Covenant quest for Alliance as well.

    I can get three Champion’s Seals and 63 gold from these quests and they’re extremely easy. Since I’m Horde, I always like to talk to Girana the Blooded at first and pick up ‘You’ve Really Done It This Time, Kul’.

    You’ll also be given one of four other possible quests:

    • Stop the Aggression
    • Light’s Mercy
    • Rescue at Sea
    • A Leg Up

    The same NPC for Alliance is called Narasi Snowdawn. It gives the exact same quest. The other NPC I talked to in the eastern town is Tylos Dawnrunner. For Alliance, that is Savinia Loresong. This NPC offers another one of three possible quests:

    • Breakfast Of Champions
    • Gormok Wants His Snobolds
    • What Do You Feed a Yeti, Anyway?

    Those first two quests will take you to Storm Peaks. If you get them, the best option is to Wormhole to them at the end of your route. Then, you can Hearthstone back to the tournament afterwards. That’s also why I always recommend setting your Hearthstone to the Argent Tournament to save time.

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    Crusader Tent Quests

    Anyway, now we’re heading west to the Crusader Tent, we’ll be picking up six more quests for seven more seals and 138 more gold.

    First, I like to grab among the champions from Lurri. Then, I pick up Battle Before The Citadel and Threat From Above from Eadric the Pure. I also pick up Taking the Battle to the Enemy from Cellian Daybreak at the same time.

    If you max out all the different factions and you’re Exalted with them, you’ll also have access to two more daily quests. If you aren’t Exalted with every faction yet, you should definitely check out my Runecloth farming guide since Runecloth is insanely expensive for reputation right now.

    Anyway, Crusader Silverdawn offers one of two quests:

    • The Fate Of The Fallen
    • Get Kraken!

    High Crusader Adelard nearby also offers one of four possible quests.

    • Drottinn Hrothgar
    • Mistcaller Yngvarr
    • Ornolf The Scarred
    • Deathspeaker Kharos

    Once we’ve picked up all the quests, I always like to start by doing ‘Get Kraken!’ if I haven’t. That quest can be completed directly outside the western channel, one of the Argent Hippogryphs.

    I have a macro I spam that makes the quest extremely easy, and it has an Alt modifier to target both the Kvaldir and the Kraken.

    Use macro:

    /targetexact [nodead,mod:alt] Kvaldir Deepcaller; [nodead] North Sea Kraken

    /cast Flaming Spears


    /run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

    I also try to always kill the Kraken since the Kraken Tooth is 14 bonus gold. This is also jousting time. So, I mount up with my lance and win four duels as quickly as possible.

    If you want max efficiency, you should definitely fill your inventory up. Then, you can save 30 days with the marks (Mark of the Champion) in your mailbox. That’ll save you a few minutes every day.

    After jousting, I always head directly north and do any of the boat quests. I might have gotten this is the time to do ‘What Do You Feed a Yeti, Anyway?’ You just land on your factions’ boat and click the Chum Buckets. Then, you jump in the water and spam your universal macro and kill the sharks.

    Having a universal macro is highly recommended since you can just press one button for every quest and you never have to go to your inventory.

    This is also the time to do Rescue at Sea. Land on your factions’ boat and single target the Kvaldir down as quickly as you can. I highly recommend Elixir of Water Walking for after you complete the quest. Because otherwise you’ll be stuck in combat for ages.

    Crusader Kill Quests

    After completing the boats, I fly directly to Hrothgar’s Landing. If I have ward off as my Crusader daily, I make a detour southeast of the island to finish them off quickly.

    All the kill Crusader quests are basically just to press your universal macro in the correct location and then kill the name mop. Once I get to the island if I’ve got Stop the Aggression, I’ll just AOE down the Kvaldir.

    If I got a Leg Up, this is even better, since the Kvaldir will drop the Stolen Tallstrider Legs. Of course, you can also just loot them off the ground as well.

    To the Southwest, if I picked up Light’s Mercy, I’ll use my specific macro. I have to target the Slain Tualiq Villager. If he’s your kill quest, this is also a great time to kill Yngvar. He’s chilling in the western cave on the map.

    The last possible Hrothgar activity would be killing Drottinn. If he’s your kill quest, you should head up to the statue looking at things on the map.

    After finishing all the Hrothgar dailies, I like to use my Argent Tabard to teleport back to the western tent. If you don’t have the tabard, you can just fly back instead. Then, I go directly west to the new location full of Cultists. This is where you can kill Deathspeaker Kharos if he’s your daily kill quest.

    At the same time, you can kill Cultists to get Black Cage Keys for ‘You’ve Really Done It This Time, Kul’. What’s awesome about this question is that you’ll be completing ‘Taking the Battle to the Enemy’ at the same time.

    After getting my five keys and finishing that quest, I always fly up on a lock call last.

    After that, if I’ve got the Fate of the Fallen and I’ll fly directly Southwest below Aldur’thar. All you have to do is click the square purple objects on the ground. Once you collect six, just target the champion spirits and use your Universal macro to complete the quest. Then, I always head slightly Northwest at Shadow Vault. I buffed up.

    I’m finally able to solo chill more on my Boomkin, but there are constantly people doing this quest. So, if you’re struggling, just invite whoever shows up.

    My favorite thing to do is to keep the group momentum going by asking if my new friend wants to do the Battle Before The Citadel quest. Next, I’ll be flying down and completing that quest next either way. So, it’s really nice to be able to have someone to group up with for it, really.

    The biggest tip I can give for this quest is to always do it with someone else. The other thing I recently realized is that I’ve been reflexively killing lieutenants in range mobs even though I’ve only been doing the Champions quest.

    Killing the three bone guard commanders should only take a minute or two, so don’t waste time on other enemies with all these quests done.

    Storm Peak’s Quests

    I always like to finish off with any of the Storm Peak quests I picked out.

    A Wormhole is perfect for Breakfast of Champions, which is east of the giant circle in the middle of the map. Just go to the snow piles and hit your universal macro and then kill the Jormungar Egg Sac. If you don’t get a Jormungar, but you get a Dark Iron Dwarf instead, just run away in Diego.

    If you got the ‘Gormok Wants His Snobolds’ instead, just use my included targeting macro to target the Snowballs and get this quest done in one minute.


    /tar snow

    /use Weighted Net

    I also love to combine this quest with overstocked for 21 more gold. You could easily do both quests at the same time.

    After getting all my quests done, I’ll always hearthstone back to the tournament to turn everything in. It is important to note that if you haven’t gotten Exalted with every city yet, you should definitely go with the rid us your reward. But for pure Champion’s Seals farming, the purse is the obvious choice.

    Please note: If you use the coupon code "Lich", you can also get a 3% discount.

  • WOTLK Classic Phase 3: How To Receive Generous Rewards From Midsummer Fire Festival?

    Posted: Jun 24, 2023

    Do you want to finish your Violet Proto-Drake and fly through the skies at 310 speed while everybody looks on with a combination of rage and envy? Or, maybe you want your “Flame Keeper” title in your scorching pet. But if none of that’s doing it for you, maybe a 232 cloak as a last-minute upgrade just in time for ToC is just what you need.

    Here, I’ve got the quickest possible route to get every required achievement done. 

    Midsummer Fire Festival Overview

    The Midsummer Fire Festival runs from June 21st to July 5th.

    On top of the “Flame Keeper” achievement being the final required achievement for the Violet Proto-Drake. There are also several cosmetic rewards to set you on fire. There’s also 232 nearby cloaks. And, of course, the scorching pet. This is also a great event for all since you can run a 10% XP bonus for faster leveling.

    In total, we’ll need to complete six achievements to get our Flame Keeper title. We’ll also need to get 400 Burning Blossoms to get all the items and all the achievements done.

    The Fires Of Azeroth

    Let’s start by getting our 400 required Burning Blossoms and by knocking out the first two achievements. 

    These two achievements will be to honor and extinguish different Flames across the game. You’ll have to honor the Flames of Kalimdor Eastern Kingdoms in Outlands.

    There are three main options to make this easier. First, we have Questie, which will show you the locations of every flame on the map if you type slash Questie to map bonfire. That being said, they’re kind of hard to see.

    Your second option is the included map. That requires you to tap out a lot. So, I’d use that as a backup option. 

    Eastern Kingdoms

    • Arathi Highlands
    • Blasted Lands
    • Burning Steppes
    • Dun Morogh
    • Duskwood
    • Elwynn Forest
    • Hillsbrad Foothills
    • Loch Modan
    • Redridge Mountains
    • Stranglethorn Vale
    • The Hinterlands
    • Western Plaguelands
    • Westfall
    • Wetlands


    • Ashenvale
    • Azuremyst Isle
    • Bloodmyst Isle
    • Darkshore
    • Desolace
    • Durotar
    • Dustwallow Marsh
    • Feralas
    • Silithus
    • Tanaris
    • Teldrassil
    • The Barrens
    • Winterspring


    • Hellfire Peninsula
    • Shadowmoon Valley
    • Terokkar Forest
    • Nagrand
    • Zangarmarsh
    • Blade’s Edge Mountains
    • Netherstorm

    The third and recommended option is to use the Bonfire WeakAuras in combination with TomTom. To get started, first you need to install WeakAuras and also TomTom as well. Then, import the WeakAuras. Then, you can type slash WeakAuras and go to the custom options. As you can see, you can select which region you want to work on under the show section. Then, you just have to travel to every bonfire location and interact with a Flame Warden. 

    As a personal preference, I like to start at the top of zones and works out. I’d also definitely recommend a mage friend to speed things up. While we honor all the Flames, we also need to extinguish all the enemy faction Flames for achievement number two.

    To do that, we just go to the enemy flame faction locations just like we would for our own faction. Except the differences, here we’re going to right click and stomp them out. Instead, you will get 10 Burning Blossoms from every single enemy bonfire, which will be great progress towards the 400 we need. 

    King Of The Fire Festival

    Once we’re done on our honoring and desecrating all the Flames, we should work on achievement number three of six. That achievement will be the King of the Fire Festival. 

    We just need to travel to the four enemy faction cities and steal their Flames. For Alliance, that’s Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, Silvermoon City and Undercity. Also, for Horde, that’s Ironforge, Stormwind, Darnassus and Exodar.

    Once you finish the four cities and turned on the quest, you can talk to your factions’ Festival Lore Master or Talespinner again. That’ll give you a new quest called A Thief’s Reward. This quest will give you a Crown of the Fire Festival, as well as your third achievement.  

    Torch Juggler 

    So, we have three achievements done. It’s time to juggle our way to the top.

    For Torch Juggler, we have to complete the torch intro quest from the Master Flame Eater. The first quest is Torch Tossing. You just stand near the bonfire and throw torches at the pillars with the red arrow. If you do fail the quest, you just drop it and pick it up again. Then you’ll have to juggle the torch next. So, stand near the bonfire and throw your torch into the air. You just have to follow the shadow and catch the torch four times.

    Completing these quests will unlock two new daily quests to do the same thing again for WOTLK Classic Gold.

    New Daily Quests:

    • More Torch Tossing
    • More Torch Catching

    Now, we can also buy two stacks of torches from the vendor and head to Dalaran. I recommend first going to the sewers and then put your torches on your action bar. Then, just put your mouse there on the ground and spam as fast as you can. Also, these torches can be traded. So, if you want to get it all done, just mail them over to save blossoms. 

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    Ice The Frost Lord

    For achievement number five, it’s time to kill Ahune. It’s very possible you’ve already completed this since it was already done for me.

    Make a group of three to five people and head to Slave Pens. Historically, you could just click the ice shard in the second room of Slave Pens to summon Ahune. 

    Considering I just spent the last week leveling in Slave Pens by myself, I’m pretty sure you could trio this no problem. 

    Ahune can drop five different 232 item level cloaks (Clock of the Frigid Winds), which are good enough to use even in ToC. He also drops his Epic Frost set (Bind on Pickup), which is 232 item level and a pretty cool Flex. There’s also the Scorch Stone drop, which is extremely rare and allows you to summon the cute scorching pet. 

    Also, Ahune is guaranteed to drop the Shards of Ahune. This can be immediately turned in at the nearby Luma Skymother for a tabard of your choice.

    Go To The Vendor 

    With the previous five achievements done, we should have over 400 Burning Blossoms. It’s time to head to the vendor in Orgrimmar and Ironforge.

    You need to buy the Sandals of Summer as well as the Mantle of the Fire Festival. Then put them on and go to the burning pole nearby and click the pole and spin around it for 60 seconds for the achievement. 

    You’ll also get a 10% XP bonus for up to 60 minutes, depending on how long you spin at the pole. I highly recommend getting this buffer alts. Also, the Violet Proto-Drake is finally finished and it should arrive in your mail soon. If you missed an achievement, don’t worry. The whole cycle will start up really soon with Brewfest.

  • WOTLK Classic Phase 3: What New Dailies Will Be Added To The Argent Tournament?

    Posted: Jun 15, 2023

    If you want to do the insanely easy and rewarding new Argent Tournament dailies, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to earn the Argent Squire, the teleport Tabard, the Champion Seals and gold really fast, this is the guide for you. I’ll give you the best strategy for each quest, as well as new tricks for every quest you didn’t know yet.

    Updates Coming To The Argent Tournament

    With the Phase 3 launched June 22nd, we get a lot of new rewards from the Argent tournament. New items include the Arjent Warhorse as well as the Pony Bridal remote bank. There’s also the Argent Crusader’s Tabard that teleports you to the Arjent Pavilion next to the raid. And you won’t want to miss out on the new Sunreavers and Silver Covenant Dragonhawks. They’re just really pretty to look at.

    To earn all these new rewards, you’re going to need a lot of Champion Seals. But that’s just perfect. Because Phase 3 is packed with new daily quests. There are eight new daily quests for the newly added Sunreavers or Silver Covenant factions. You’ll also have access to six new quests from the Crusader NPCs in the western Pavilion. All of these rewards give 21 gold and a Champion Seal. They’re definitely a must if you want to get rewards from the Argent Tournament as quickly as possible. 

    Before we get to the quest though, I did set my Hearthstone of the Tournament, I flew into the wall and used interact with target to save my Hearthstone in a better location. The main reasons I like my Hearthstone at the Argent Tournament are the food and drink vendors, the reagent vendors, and the repair vendors. Plus, I can always fly back to Dalaran via the Flight Master whenever I need to. 

    Quest Givers

    Moving into the Sunreavers and Silver Covenant dailies, these do require you to be Exalted with the Sunreavers or the Silver Covenant.

    You’ll also need to be a Champion of at least one city. After getting Exalted, you can finally talk to Savinia Loresong or Tylos Dawnrunner, depending on if you’re Alliance or Horde. They are located in the eastern tents where you do the Valiant quests. 

    Breakfast Of Champions

    These NPCs will offer one quest for a day of three possible options.

    Option one is Breakfast of Champions. This quest throws in a nice Dune reverence and it’s simple enough. We just have to use the Earthshaker Drum near a Mysterious Snow Mound in the Foot Steppes. Jormungar will spawn and you’ll have to kill them for their egg sacs.

    Sometimes, though, mole machines will spawn as Saturn. You have to get into the habit of immediately flying after using the drum. That way, you won’t get stuck in combat with them.

    The other big tip is that there’s a Universal Macro that works for all the quests. It’ll try to use every item you get. So, you never have to drag items into your action bar.

    Gormok Wants His Snobolds

    Another possible quest you could get is Gormok Wants His Snobolds.

    For this quest, we have to restock snowballs so that they can wipe us during the Northrend beast fight. I recommend using my targeting macro: tar snow & use Weighted Net. Also, you can use the net while moving, which makes this even easier.

    I personally recommend combining this quest with the nearby overstock from K3 for more WOTLK Classic Gold

    What Do You Feed A Yeti Anyways

    The last of the possible three daily quests from these NPCs is What Do You Feed A Yeti Anyways.

    Just fly up to the boats, which are very close to the Argent Tournament Camp. loot the buckets of chum and jump in the water. Then I just Spam my Universal Macro and I kill the Sharks and Cavaliers as they come in. Once you get three shark meat, you’re good to go.

    One unfortunate note on this quest is that you can’t bring the buck as the chum to the dollar and found anymore.

    More Dailies

    There’s another NPC in both the Sunreavers and Silver Covenant tents that’ll give you more quests.

    Two different NPCs will give you two additional quests per day. 

    Save Kul The Reckless

    The first quest is always to Save Kul the Reckless. 

    For this quest, you’ll be heading to the newly added Cultist area west of of the Argent Tournament Camp. Just AOE down the Cultists and loot them for five Black Cage Keys

    Then, open up four cages on the ground level and fly up to open Cultists’ cage. I recommend combining this quest with taking the battle of the enemy since killing 15 of these Cultists is very convenient.

    A Leg Up

    The second possible quest you can get, one of four possible options.

    Option one is a leg up. Just kill Kvaldir and loot additional Stolen Tallstrider Legs on the ground. While you kill the Kvaldir, you’re very likely to get a drop called the Kvaldir Attack Plans. This is a one-time bonus quest that will give you 20 more gold. You just have to go to the cave on the western side of the island and click on the blue crystal. Then turn this quest in at Mariel Trueheart in the Argent Pavilion.

    Rescue At Sea

    Another possible quest you might get is Rescue at Sea.

    The key here is to land on the correct boat. Alliance is on the right and Horde is on the left. The way this quest works is that the Kvaldir board from their boat on the side and then you can just pick them off or just get in there and starfall everything at once. It’s up to you.

    One big recommendation is Elixir of Water Walking. That way, you can jump off the boat and then fly from the water without ever getting stuck in combat. You could also be given the Light's Mercy quest. You’ll have to put the slain test guard to rest by using the Confessor’s Prayer Book on the slain two Elite villagers. The villagers are all around the southern part of the island. 

    While I’m locating the villagers, I try to avoid combat as much as possible. Then, I have a macro for this quest that I can just spam that makes it effortless.

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    Stop The Aggressors

    The fourth and final possible Sunreavers and Silver Covenant quest is Stop the Aggressors. 

    This is a really simple kill quest and I recommend grouping up for it.

    Also, the mobs on the boats don’t count. It has to be on the island.

    Crusader Dailies

    On top of the new Sunreavers and Silver Covenant quest, we have the new Crusader Dailies as well.

    The requirement for the Crusader Dailies is really steep since you have to reach the Crusader rank first. We have six possible new quests.

    Get Kraken

    The first set is one of two possible options from Crusader Silverdawn. One quest he can give you is Get Kraken. 

    This is a bombing run quest that puts you on a flying mount for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I use a fancy macro with an Alt modifier to target both the Kraken and the Kvaldirs, which makes this quest super easy. 

    If you’re lucky enough to kill the Kraken during your flight, you’ll also be given a Kraken Tooth. That tooth can be turned in everyday for 13 bonus goals. 

    The Fate Of The Fallen 

    The other possible quest Crusader Silverdawn can give us is the Fate of the Fallen.

    You’ll have to fly southeast of Aldur’thar and loot the purple boxes on the ground. Then, I target the Fallen Hero’s Spirits and I use my Universal Macro, which uses the Light-Blessed Relic for me.

    High Crusader Adelard Quests

    On top of those quests, High Crusader Adelard also offers one of four possible quests per day. 

    These are all kill quests of name mobs near the Argent Tournament and the Hrothgar island. The first possibility is Misscaller Yngvar. He’s located in the cave on the western side of Hrothgar.

    The second option is Ornolf the Scarred. this guard he’s hanging out on the ship on the Southeastern side of Hrothgar.

    The third assassination target is Drottinn Hrothgar. You can find him on the north side of the Hrothgar island. There is also Deathspeaker Kharos chilling at the same camp where you save call The Reckless all the quest mobs, except chaos, will require using the given quest item to summon them.

    Black Knight’s Questchain 

    Although this is the daily guide, everybody should be doing the Black Knight’s Questchain as well for three bonus seals.

    The beginning of this question is really easy. The new additions to the questchain are also really simple. You just have to go to Crusader Rhydalla in the western Pavilion to pick up the Black Knight’s Curse. Then, go directly east to the tournament grounds to the sparkling grave. Once the Cultists stop talking, the Assassin will attack you. After you kill him, you’ll get the quest complete.

    Heading back to Crusader right now, you’ll get the follow of the Black Knight’s Fate and that quest sends you west to kill Doctor Kohler. The doctor is passing around near the Black Knight bubble up on the platform. Once you kill him, just loot him for his orders and head back to finish the questline and get your three bonus seals.

  • WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Best Gold Farming Strategy Right Now! - Runecloth Farming

    Posted: Jun 12, 2023

    What if I told you Runecloth was becoming so expensive, you could make 600 gold per hour farming it or that you could farm over 900  Runecloth per hour to keep for your own reputations? Even better, you could snag one of the rarest Mountain wrath while the Runecloth profit rolls in.

    But this method won’t be nearly as good after Phase 3, so you need to take advantage right now. 

    WOTLK Classic Phase 3 Changes

    In Phase 3, we have two big pieces of content. There’s Trial of the Crusader, the raid with the giant Scarab boss on top of the raid. There’s also the Argent Tournament 3.0 update

    The thing nobody mentions about the Argent Tournament is that most of the new dailies in Phase 3 require the Crusader title. From the new dailies to the Argent Squire Bank, you really can’t do much without being Exalted reputation with all the major cities.

    Since Trial of the Crusader comes out June 22nd, a lot of players will be rushing to max out reputations last minute. There’s really only one last-minute option, which is Runecloth turn-ins. Those Runecloth turn-ins give 75 reputation with a major city for 20 Runecloth. From Friendly to Exalted with five cities is 195,000 reputation or up to 52,000 Runecloth per player.

    The demand for Runecloth is guaranteed to rise and prices are already almost 30 silver each on my server. So with the theory, Runecloth is going to be really expensive in Phase 3. I decided to put my idea to the test. I spent a day farming five of the most popular Runecloth farming spots to determine the best possible location for gold and reputation.

    5. BRD Gold Farming (Blackrock Depths)

    So, let’s jump into the five best locations to farm Runecloth in Wrath of the Lich King.

    At number five, we have BRD. The BRD farming route is basically to loop around the outer edges of the area near the entrance. You could optionally add in more mobs if you had the Shadowforge Key.

    One of my efficiency tricks was to teleport directly into using the direver remote and then I could log out for five minutes to save flight time. I will say one positive thing, which is that most of the mobs are melee. So, it was the breeze gathering them up for Hurricanes on my Boomkin.

    Unfortunately, though, my goal tracker wasn’t accurate here. Pretty much all the drops except the Runecloth have to be vendored for silver. I was getting only about 350 gold per hour in vendor items and 550 Runecloth. I just can’t recommend this farm with better alternatives out there.

    4. Tyr’s Hand

    At number 4, we have Tyr’s Hand.

    For Tyr’s Hand, I always like to start at the Western gate and clear all the way East and then repeat. The buildings have a lot more mobs than you might think. So, don’t forget about them either. 

    I had always recommended Tyr’s Hand farming in the past. But I hadn’t done it in a few months. The biggest reason I hadn’t been here lately is that the mobs are kind of all over the place and you have to wait for a response, too. That being said, you do get a lot of Runecloth and you get a chance at the Crusader recipe.

    On my server, the Crusader recipe has been jacked up to over a thousand WOTLK Classic Gold. That’s because of the Joyous Journeys buff, since everybody wants Crusader for leveling and for selling for vellums for profit. 

    Doing Tyr’s Hand farming will net you 325 gold and 450 Runecloth per hour. But of course, it could be way more if you get lucky with Crusader. 

    3. Silithus Cultist Farming

    At number three, we have Silithus Cultist farming.

    The best route for cultist farming is to go between the east and west camp since the mobs spawn so fast. But I do plan to hit this spot way more throughout Phase 3. 

    The first reason this spot owns is the Twilight Cultist Robes. They drop the Encrypted Twilight Text, which can be turned in for repeatable Cenarion Circle Reputation. As long as a few people on your server are excited about completionism, you can milk them for two to four gold per page. And don’t miss the patrol, who drops an extra 10 pages for a big gold boost.

    The second reason Silithus Cultist farming is so good as all the bonus Runecloth. I got 450 Runecloth per hour for a total of 650 gold per hour.

    Also Read: WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Argent Tournament

    2. Stratholme Route

    At number two, we have Stratholme.

    This Stratholme route is really simple. I start at the service gate, and I do a counterclockwise loop around the live area. And then optionally, you could add in the dead side if you want to farm Deathcharger’s Reins.

    I do highly recommend that since the mount is so rare, I used to do Stratholme boosts and TBC. So, I was fairly sure this would be an insane Runecloth farm. I even dusted off my Paladin and bought her a full set of Deadly and BOE gear just to see how big I can make the poles. But things feel a lot different in Stratome now. Because the mobs start to chain stun you after a minute. 

    Also, there aren’t even any Mages outside anymore. So, I had to cook a bunch of Barrelhead Goby from the Auction House to use as a Health and Mana combo food. I still had my triple pull live side strategy somewhat nailed down, so you could do way smaller or medium pulls on any class with no problem. I also dusted off Speedy AutoLoot to make looting way faster, and I kept it all outside to save Runecloth. 

    With just an efficient live side route, you can make over 500 gold per hour currently in raw gold. That does include the staggering 900 Runecloth per hour you’ll get. I decided to add in the dead side as well today since I wanted to farm the Deathcharger Mount at the same time. I would basically pull all the mobs in the area up to the boss as well as the bot. And then, I would line outside and nuke the boss down while pumping AOE. The mob’s done so much. You really can’t get away with pulling too much.

    Adding in the Baron Rivendare farming sent me back to about 375 gold per hour. But I think the five chances of the mount per hour make this very worth it. Imagine making tens of thousands of gold farming amount people are really impressed by. That sounds like a good deal to me.

    1. Lower Blackrock Spire

    At number one, we have Lower Blackrock Spire.

    The LBRS route is basically just to do Lower Blackrock Spire like normal. And then, you could jump off the bridge when you get to the Ogres. This is really an incredible gold farm for any character you could do this on a Rogue, a Boomkin, a Warrior and so on.

    Although there are guys out there that do this in less than 10 pulls. On my Boomkin, it made sense to do the dungeon in smaller chunks. Some of the packs have annoying interrupts. Some of the facts of annoying spellcasters. But ultimately everything melts like butter at 80. 

    I managed to really relaxed 600 gold per hour in raw gold and vendorables that does also include 650 Runecloth per hour. As good as that is, I’m sure this could be optimized 20 or 30 percent better.

  • WOTLK Classic: How To Unlock Mobile Banking In Phase 3?

    Posted: Jun 08, 2023

    In Phase 3, portable banks are coming and they’re going to completely change my play style.

    I’ll be using my mobile bank for gold making purposes, like being able to better farm the jewel crafting daily. This is the best way for a master looter to store mountains of gear that add up during the Trial of the Crusader runs.

    I also plan to use my remote bank to quickly swap gear sets during raids and PVP. From gold making to rating to convenience, everybody should be getting at least one of the two mobile bank options. So, l’ll talk about the two new remote banks coming to Phase 3 and how to get them fast.

    Argent Pony Bridle

    Coming on June 20th, you’ll be able to unlock two separate Mobile Banking options.

    The first option is the Argent Pony Bridle, which is a mounted squire pad. You can talk to him for bank access three minutes every four hours. The biggest benefit to the Argent Squire is that your bank moves with you. That means if you’re farming a need to mount up or if you forgot an item, your bank is right behind you and ready to be accessed.

    Another big plus is that you can alternatively use your squire as a remote mailbox or repair vendor complete with food, ammo, and reagents. Although your squire doesn’t sell water, he does sell the ingredients for Kungaloosh. So, you can always generate water during farming and raids. You also don’t need any engineering levels or skills whatsoever to obtain this bank,

    The only thing you need is a currency called Champion Seals. The one downside to the Argent Pony Bridle is that none of the perks work for anybody else in your party. We will talk about how to get the Argent Pony Bridle as fast as possible in a second.


    First, we do need to talk about the other remote banking option, which is Jeeves.

    Jeeves is the crafted repair bot you can summon for 10 minutes every hour. And Jeeves allows you to access your bank and deposit and withdraw items just like the Argent Pony Bridle. On top of Mobile Banking, he also has typical repair bot functions.

    Unfortunately, he only offers default reagents and no food or drink. Jeeves would be a no-brainer for every character in Wrath. But unfortunately does require 450 engineering. He also requires some significant farming, which we’ll cover later.

    How To Get The Argent Pony Bridle Fast?

    So, how do we get these mobile banks as fast as possible?

    I’ll start with the Argent Pony Bridle since this process is very straightforward. You need to champion every city in the Argent Tournament.

    After completing all the cities, you also need to get Exalted with all the major cities, too.

    On top of maxing out the cities, you’ll also need 150 Champion Seals to buy the Argent Pony Bridle. That means you should be doing the champions dailies for five seals per day. You can also combine these quests with a daily Trial of the Champion heroic dungeon run and Sunreavers or Silver Covenant dailies, too.

    How To Build Jeeves Fast?

    Moving on to Jeeves, this is a multi-step process.

    Step one is to achieve 450 engineering. Above 400, I recommend making practical items, like Mana Injector Kits and Global Thermal Sapper Charges. Then, you’ll have to blow gold (from 435 to 450) on Gnomish Army Knifes.

    As for the recipe itself, the best way to farm the Jeeves recipe is by salvaging Library Guardians in Storm Peaks. The drop rate is approximately one percent. So, this could take four or five hours.

    With the recipe in hand, we need to gather all the materials to make Jeeves. If you have lots of WOTLK Classic Gold, you can always pre-buy everything on the Auction House. As prices go up, this will become too expensive for many players.

    Also Read: WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Argent Tournament!

    Either way, the first thing we need are two King’s Ambers. I recommend saving up forty thousand Honor to buy two the second the batch wraps.

    Another expensive part of getting Jeeves is the eight Titansteel Bars. You should buy these early before the price shoots up. You’ll also need 20 Scrapbot Construction Kits. You can buy these on the Auction House or the cheaper option is to make them yourself.

    To unlock the scrapbot recipe, you first need to get a quest item called the SCRAP-E Access Card. This is a 100 drop rate from the Library Guardians in Storm Peaks. And then, you need to take four Handfuls of Cobalt Bolts and five Overcharged Capacitors to scrappy in Storm Peaks. Then, he’ll teach you the scrapbot recipe and you’re good to go.

    We’ll also need 10 Field Repair Bot 110Gs. These are actually a pretty good gold maker on my server right now. I farmed the recipe from the Gan’arg Analyzers and Blade’s Edge Mountains by the Simon Says puzzles.

    Also, don’t forget that you need two Field Repair Bot 74As as well. That recipe is from Blackrock Depths and it requires a Shadowforge Key to reach. I didn’t want to bother getting that key. So, I did some complicated parkour to get the recipe. Alternatively, an Elemental Seaforium Charge will get you through the door, which saves a lot of time and effort.

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