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WOTLK Classic: How To Optimize Your Time In Phase 3? - 5 Ways To Help You Make 1000 Gold Per Day!

Posted: Jul 10, 2023

In WOTLK Classic Phase 3, being able to make thousands of gold is extremely important. You’ll want to be able to gear up your fresh alts with BOEs and load up your existing characters with full BIS. With that in mind, you need a daily route that can bring in at least 5,000 gold per week.

Here, I will share my exact daily route. That’ll make you over a thousand gold in an hour every single day.

WotLK Classic: How To Optimize Your Time In Phase 3? - 5 Ways To Help You Make 1000 Gold Per Day!

1. Pick Up The Daily Heroic

Since ToC is the phase for alts with 30 minute raids, I’ve been taking advantage of my various level 80 characters to make more WOTLK Classic Gold in less time.

The first thing I always do is I pick up the Daily Heroic quest. This is the first quest I’ll do every single day on every character. Doing the Daily Heroic quest gives me 49 gold and 5 Emblems of Triumph. And that puts me a third of the way towards the Crusader Orb, which is still over 300 gold each on my server.

I’m also getting a Sidereal Essence from every completed dungeon. So, that’s another third of a conquest or right there. Of course, if it’s the daily normal in the same dungeon, I’ll always try to stack them together as well.

2. Jewel Crafting Daily

When I’m cued for the Daily Heroic, I’m always trying to pick up the Jewelcrafting Dailies at this point right now, which is over 150 gold per day.

I’ve already pre-farmed at least 10 of every Jewelcrafting Daily in advance and I restock every single month. Another nice trick is that you can farm the Scourge Curio from Heroic Dungeon, so I can get two things done at the same time.

Whenever I go to turn in the quest, I can just put my Jeeves down and then pull out the relevant item and hand it in. With five characters right now, you’d be making over 750 gold per day in under two minutes.

Also, at this point, I like to craft an Icy Prism, which sometimes can contain Epic Gems, which makes them really worth it. Speaking of Icy Prisms, I have been stocking up Frozen Orbs every day for investment purposes. Those Frozen Orbs have some good uses next phase and they should go up in value.

3. Check The Auction House

The next thing I do every day is to check my 10 favorite jewelcrafting cuts. Depending on the profit margins, I could make even up to 3,000 gold per day.

If you’re an Enchanter or an Alchemist or any other profession on your alts, you can replicate the step on those characters, too. I highly recommend an addon called “TradeSkillMaster”, which can automate a lot of the processes like checking crafting profit per item. I made a TradeSkillMaster Group, which made things a lot easier.

WOTLK Classic TradeSkillMaster

But first, I typed TSM craft and then I loaded the jewelcrafting group. Then, I went to the TSM settings by typing TSM and I made a new group. In the new group, I added all the relevant recipes and gems. That means I’m able to scan all my gems, my recipes, and my investments in three seconds. And then, I can just eyeball which gems I should cut for profit.

If that feels a little too clunky for you though, you could get the TradeSkillMaster desktop app. The TradeSkillMaster desktop app basically gives you the data you used to get from scanning the Auction House. Then, you can set up TSM crafting like I did to auto restock if you make at least a certain amount of gold profit.

I set my profit margin on Epic Gems to at least 30 gold each and I restock up to five. Then, I use the TSM task list, which gives me a shopping list of exactly what to buy. And then, I can just post everything in a minute every day after my Auction House flips and the Heroic Daily is done.

4. Go To Wintergrasp

Depending on what day of the week it is and what time it is, I’ll often hit up Wintergrasp, too.

Wintergrasp is definitely worth it from a gold making perspective if you can pick up all the different weekly quests in advance. In total, if you can pick up at least five weekly quests, you can make 100 gold and nineteen thousand Honor. Combining that with a ten thousand Honor you get from one Wintergrasp win, you could easily grab three Epic Gems from one game per week.

One tip to pay attention to is the gem color prices. For example, you could buy two orange gems for twenty thousand Honor. Depending on your server, that could be more profit than one red gem for the same price.

Back on the topic of weekly quests, I also make sure to hit up Onyxia twice every week per character. That’s specifically because the Onyxia gem bag is worth quite a bit of gold. There are so many Soft Reserve runs and barely anybody reserves a bag. So, you can make an extra 300 to 500 gold per week from just one Onyxia run. With those quests out of the way, it’s time to head to Icecrown.

5. Icecrown Citadel

Next, I fly to the Argent Tournament and I pick up all the quests in the Western and the Eastern tents.

The key thing to keep in mind is that several of the quest givers can give one of multiple quest options. At this point, your route is going to vary every single day. That being said, though, if you have two characters on different accounts, the quest will be exactly the same on your server. So, Dual-Boxing is a really good way to double your gold per hour.

I like to start the Argent Dailies by using my MOLL-E mailbox and then I retrieve four Marks of the Champion. That way, I can immediately turn in the Jousting Quest without even doing it that day. Then, if I’ve got the quest, I head outside of the Hippogryphs and I do “Get Kraken!”.

WOTLK Classic MOLL-E mailbox

I use a macro with an old modifier to make this quest extremely mindless:

#showtooltip Flaming Spears

/targetexact [nodead,mod:alt] Kvaldir Deepcaller; [nodead] North Sea Kraken

/cast Flaming Spears


/run UIErrorsFrame:clear()

You should have a goal though, to always kill the Kraken if you can. Because you’ll get a Kraken Tooth for 20 bonus gold. After “Get Kraken!”, I fly up and I do any of the relevant boat quests.

“What Do You Feed a Yeti Anyways?” just involves clicking the chum bucket on your factions boat. Then, you just jump in the water and spam the quest item to attract sharks to kill.

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Alternatively, though, you might have picked up “Rescue at Sea”. That’s where you fly to your factions boat and you kill Kvaldir. Just make sure to land on the correct boat or you’re going to get killed.

At this point, I just head north and I do all the Hrothgar daily quests. I likely have an assassination quest to kill either Drottinn Hrothgar or Mistcaller Yngvarr.

I also likely have either “Stopped the Aggressors” or “A Leg Up”. Both these questions simply involve killing Kvaldir on the island.

The last activity I would possibly have to do is the “Light’s Mercy”. That’s where you target the slain villagers and you use your book item on them. This is where I use the Argent Tabard to teleport back and I head directly west to the new Cultist area.

We’ll be able to do up to three quests at the same time and it feels amazing. We can do:

  • You’ve Really Done It This Time, Kul
  • Taking the Battle to the Enemy
  • Deathspeaker Kharos

You’ll want to slay at least 15 cultures and elute them. Keep opening the cages at the same time and rescue call at the end.

After these quests, I fly Southwest to Aldurthar and I do the “Fate of the Fallen” if I pick that quest up. After clicking the purple squares, I just use the quest item on the Champion Spirits to get the quest done in a minute.

Chillmaw is the next quest, and he’s just slightly North. I can solo him easily, but I’ll always try to group up if possible then itself to “Battle Before the Citadel”. If I couldn’t find someone to grow up with for Chillmaw, I often skip this quest. It’s insanely fast for the partner, but it’s a miserable solo.

Either way afterwards, if I have either “Breakfast of Champions” or “Gormork Wants His Snobolds”, it’s a wormhole of Storm Peaks and get to work. Breakfast of Champions is just spamming your drum near the snow piles at the giant circle on the map. Gormork Wants His Snobolds is just targeting snobolds and spamming your net. I always like to combine that quest with Overstocked for double the gold profit.

You may notice at this point in the route that we still have plenty of more daily quests we could do. But that’s the beauty of this route. We can swap to another character and do as much or as little as we want to. For example, you could easily fit this in as a quick run on all between ToC clears to keep your gold stocked up.

Please note: If you use the coupon code “Lich”, you can also get a 3% discount.


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