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WOTLK Classic: How To Turbocharge Your Leveling To Get To 80 Fast In Phase 3? - Best Tips & Strategies

Posted: Jul 13, 2023

We all know what to do at level 80. Hit Wintergrasp, buy some Deadly weapons, buy some Crusader or BOEs, do Heroic Plus...... But what if you're stuck at level 65, slogging through Zangarmarsh? 

Surely, there must be some solutions to level faster to get to level 80. That's where I come in as a self-diagnosed lazy leveler. I'll always be looking to take the easy way out on leveling. So with that, I've compiled all the fastest strategies and tips for leveling into one comprehensive guide. 

We'll start with a foundation of strategies to speed up your leveling no matter what your level is and then we'll move into the more specific timesaving strategies. We'll also cover the most obscure and broken methods that can make you millions of experience per hour. Let's jump into our foundational strategy.

WOTLK Classic: How To Turbocharge Your Leveling To Get To 80 Fast In Phase 3? - Best Tips & Strategies


The first foundational key to fast leveling is to have both the Shoulder and Chest Heirlooms. These give 10% bonus experience each and they're just non-negotiable.

In Phase 3, you can get PVE Heirlooms from either the Emblems of Heroism or the Champion Seals. Aalternatively, if you have a lot of Stone Keeper's Shards lying around, you could turn those in for Heirlooms, too.

I also highly recommend getting an Heirloom weapon since they automatically scale just like the armor. 

For our Heirloom in chance, we can only put classic enchants on them. I would definitely recommend Greater Stats for your chest and Spellpower for your caster weapons.

For melee though, you'll want to run Fiery Weapon until at least about level 30 and then switch to the Crusader enchant. We also want to throw Minor Speed on any pair of boots we get since that'll really speed up our leveling by speeding up travel time.

One of my other favorite tricks is to put the Minor Haste enchant on your gloves until at least level 20. That'll make you feel like you have a permanent bloodlust.


Free PVP Gear

On top of Heirlooms, we can also abuse the Honor system to get free gear quickly.

We can farm Wintergrasp Commendations and then mail them to our alts and then we can turn those in for easy PVP gear. I set my DK enough for a full set of level 70 PVP gear. It took the leveling process from slow and choppy to smooth and relaxed.

A Fast Leveling Strategy - Questing

With our gear sorted, we also need a good leveling strategy.

The simplest and most effective leveling strategy is to quest using a leveling guide. With Heirlooms, questing really does give you excellent experience. It feels a whole lot more like retail and the mobs really just die in a few hits no matter what class you're playing.


I'd also definitely recommend a free leveling addon like Guidelime to get to 80 with less stress and then you can just follow the steps one by one with an arrow pointing you to each location.

Alternatively, of course, you could use Rested XP whichever addon works for you.

Timesaving Strategies

Now that our foundation is set, we can save a lot of time with various strategies. 

*The first timesaving strategy I love is the Thorns exploit. A thorn scales with your Spellpower. So, you or a Boomkin friend can buff your low character and then one shot mobs from 1 to 20. 

A friend of mine managed to get to level 30 in under five hours during Joyous Journeys. Even without that, this buff is an insane timesaver. If you do only have one account, you can still:

  1. Open two clients
  2. Log into lowbie
  3. Force log (Alt + F4) 
  4. Log into main
  5. Buff yourself

I even recommend using Thorns all the way up until about level 70 since it doesn't really fall off. If you don't have Thorns or if you want another early level timesaver, another option is a World Tour, not the Heroic World Tours.

I'm talking about taking a ride on a Mammoth or Mechano-hog and picking up all the flight paths. While you pick up those flight paths, you'll also be getting Explorer experience. And that way, you can skip the early one through six leveling at the same time. Just be really careful not to drive through any ranged mobs or your partner might just end up dead in the sidecar.

WOTLK Classic Mechano-hog

*Back on leveling, another nice way to use gold year advantage is consumables

Having an inventory of consumables will massively speed up your leveling speed. That's things like using Grenades on cooldowns, Sappers, Health Potions, Rage Potions or everything. All of these consumables will also put you in a very good place for AOE leveling.

We all know Mages are God AOE levelers but pretty much every class can AOE with enough consumes. I leveled my priest initially with a Holy Nova build and just spammed through the backs on cooldown. Even though Priest is pretty weak, being able to use Grenades and Potions makes it really easy. 

Any of the typical classic AOE farming spots will work really well. My favorite though are hyperspawns like the Wool Cloth, hyperspawn of the Wetlands. 

Of course, classes like Mages, Paladins, and Warriors have even more powerful strategies. On my Warrior, I did a Slave Pens method and got nearly 800,000 XP per hour. 

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WOTLK Classic Boosting

If even 800,000 XP seems a little too slow for you, you might prefer boosting instead. If you go to the group browser and you go to the Custom tab, you can quickly find all the boosters currently advertising. Most of the boosts require at least one level 68. But there are also twink boosters out there, too.

You may have to ask around on your server. But some players have low level characters set up just to boost and bypass the boosting experience penalties. 

My biggest tip for boosting is to alternate leveling 2 characters at the same time. That way you can rack up Rested XP to cut your costs in half.

Secret Leveling Method

Now, it's time to get more obscure with the fastest leveling methods in the game. 

The first is the Sealed Vial of Poison. You can get these from the fishing daily or from the Auction House. They give 26,000 experience per turn in with Heirlooms.

Unfortunately though, sometimes these vials will cost you lots of WOTLK Classic Gold. So, my other secret weapon is Waterlogged Recipes. These are also from the fishing daily and they're consistently on the Auction House on Fairlane and for 120 gold.

People don't value them nearly as much as a poison because you need 350 Cooking to turn them in. My secret is that 350 Cooking only takes about 30 minutes to get. You'll get another 32,000 XP per turn and on top of five dollar in Cooking awards. That means 50 Northern Spices per turn in the spices are typically 2.2 gold each and they're going up every single day. I actually break even and even make some gold on some day is doing this method. 

Please note: If you use the coupon code “Lich”, you can also get a 3% discount.


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