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WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Spend As Little As 20 Minutes Farming Gold Per Day And Play For Free! - 5 Different Gold Farms

Posted: Jul 14, 2023

Wrath of the Lich King Classic Phase 3 has just hit the servers, and it’s a great time to farm some gold.

This got me wondering: what is the minimum amount of gold farming I’d have to do a day to be able to play WoW for free through WoW Tokens?


Now, if you’re not already aware, the WoW Token grants 30 days of game time and is available to buy on the WOTLK Classic Auction House. At the moment, prices are fluctuating between about seven and a half and nine thousand gold and weekday afternoons are the best time to buy as the price never goes above 8K. 

Now 8000 gold divided by 30 days gives us 267 gold to farm per day to be able to play WoW for free. So, I tried out five different gold farms that anyone can do and couldn’t believe how easily and quickly this gold was to farm. 

WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Spend As Little As 20 Minutes Farming Gold Per Day And Play For Free! - 5 Different Gold Farms

5. Daily Quests

Now, daily quests come last in this list for gold making potential. But they’re easy and literally anyone can do them.   

Daily quests reward around 20 gold each. So, at the moment, you’re going to need to do at least 14 to hit the 267 gold target. 

I’m not much of a daily quest enjoyer and was particularly slow at getting them done. I started out at the Argent Tournament ground and then moved over to Icecrown. And just before my hour was up, I hearthed back to Dalaran and completed the cooking daily.   

Now, I totaled a little over 280 gold in an hour. But if you have your root well practiced, I’m sure you could be getting well over 300 gold an hour.   

4. Wintergrasp Eternal Fire 

Coming in at number four, the Wintergrasp Eternal Fire farm.   

Prices for Eternal Fire have really popped since Phase 3 released. So, I decided to farm the fire Elementals in Wintergrasp. 

WOTLK Classic Eternal Fire

This farm can be done by anyone with any profession. But you’re gonna get the most out of it if you’re an Engineer with a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor. Cinder clouds often spawn in this area, so extracting these crystallized fires will really boost your Eternal count. 

The main downside to this location is that it can become quite contested during peak hours. If the area is swarmed, then I suggest moving on to another farm higher up in this list. 

In this location, I farmed 16 Eternal Fire, four greens and 34 gold worth of scrap in just less than an hour’s farming. I sent the greens to my enchanting alt for later and auctioned the Eternals for about 383 gold and all of these were bought out almost immediately.   

My grand total was about 450 gold in just less than an hour. 

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3. Botanica

Botanica is a Burning Crusade dungeon located in the Eastern Netherstorm. And it’s populated by level 69 to 72 Elites and a steady run should take only about 15 minutes. It can be done with any class. And of course, the better geared you are, the faster the run will be. 

At the end of an hour running this dungeon, I’d farmed around 195 gold from a scrap with some random auctions totaling 70 gold. All the green BOEs I collected were sent to my all for disenchanting and these items were put up on the Auction House for a total of 252 gold and were quickly bought out. 

My total for this hour was 515 gold. But I think with practice I could clear well over 600 WOTLK Classic Gold an hour.

2. Stratholme   

Coming in at number two, Stratholme

As I’m farming with the Paladin, I thought it is essential to give Stratholme a run. Stratholme is located in the Eastern Plaguelands and is packed with mobs between level 54 and level 60. 

The raw gold potential of Stratholme makes this a great farm at any time. But with the price of Runecloth soaring at the moment, the earning potential is better than ever. 

I decided to only farm the live side of the dungeon and was completing a run in about 15 minutes. At the end of an hour, I’d farmed 769 Runecloth, which was listed on the Auction House for 230 gold and bought out completely. 

WOTLK Classic Runecloth

A heap of BOEs were sent to my ALT for disenchanting and these also sold out quickly for around 160 gold and I got myself 195 gold selling trash items. 

I also had a few random items drop, and these were put up on the Auction House. But at the time of writing this guide, they hadn’t sold yet. But I’m confident that given time, they’ll bring in at least 100 gold. 

All of this combined got me 685 gold for an easy one-hour farm and the price of Runecloth continues to rise. So, I predict Stratholme being a solid form for a while yet.   

1. Wintergrasp Mining

Coming in as the number one farm was surprisingly mining in Wintergrasp

Ore and gems are in high Wintergrasp demand at the moment, so I set out on a basic loop to see how much I could farm. I decided to stay out of the water for everything apart from Titanium and found that the loot was coming in quite quickly. 

I came at a time when the Wintergrasp event couldn’t interrupt my run. But unfortunately, at only 39 minutes of my farm, I was interrupted IRL and had to stop. 

However, I’d farmed so many materials that I thought I’d head back to Dalaran and sell up. I crafted my daily Titansteel and auctioned that along with all my raw Titanium, Saronite, gems and Eternals and got a total of 664 gold. 

If I’d done a full one-hour run, I could have easily earned myself 1000 gold here. It’s absolutely crazy. So, based on these results, you could be playing WoW for free for as little as 20 minutes gold farming a day. I hope you found this interesting.

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