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WOTLK Classic Phase 3: My Fully Optimized Route To Farm Champion’s Seals

Posted: Jul 03, 2023

Do you want to get the Argent Tournament mounts as quickly as humanly possible, or maybe you want the Argent Pony Bridal, the only non-engineering remote bank in the game? I’ll walk you through my exact optimized route to earn Champion’s Seals so you can get everything fast.

What To Buy With Champion’s Seals?

First, we need a quick bit of context to get the 14 total match. You’ll need 1025 seals. I personally want them out so I can eventually get the 100 mount achievement in the Dragonhawk, which is so rare I’ve never even seen one in the game.

If you want the pets as well, there are six possible pets for your faction for an additional 240 seals. If you want to grab the Argent Pony Bridal bank and the Teleport Tabard like me, that’s an additional 200 seals for a total of 1,465. With my fully optimized seal farming route, you’ll get between 15 and 17 seals per day. That means you’ll get everything in exactly three months or 91 days.

WOTLK Classic Phase 3: My Fully Optimized Route To Farm Champion’s Seals

But here’s the good news. The pets are completely tradable, so you can save a chunk of time here just by having an extra character or by spending WOTLK Classic Gold on the Auction House.

Before we talk about the fastest seal farming, I do want to note that this route is best done with all the dailies unlocked. That includes the Sunreaver or the Silver Covenant dailies as well as the Crusader dailies as well. That being said, you can still do the route with fewer dailies unlocked. You’ll just be missing out on some possible seals and gold. Overall, the new quests are insanely fast and the whole route for seals takes less than 30 minutes.

Step One: ToC Heroic Plus

First thing I like to do when I start my Champion’s Seals farming route is to list myself on the dungeon finder for Trial of the Champion Heroic Plus.

You could do Heroic Plus or Heroic. It really doesn’t matter to seals. Either way, the dungeon takes less than 15 minutes a day and it awards three Champion’s Seals. So, I do it on multiple characters. I also get a Crusader Orb every three days just from Sidereal Essence running this dungeon. So, it’s very worth it. Selling those orbs means more profit. So, I can buy pets even faster.

Sunreaver Quests

While I’m waiting in a group and doing Trail of the Champion, I like to pick up all the Sunreaver quests in the eastern town. That’s, of course, the Silver Covenant quest for Alliance as well.

I can get three Champion’s Seals and 63 gold from these quests and they’re extremely easy. Since I’m Horde, I always like to talk to Girana the Blooded at first and pick up ‘You’ve Really Done It This Time, Kul’.

You’ll also be given one of four other possible quests:

  • Stop the Aggression
  • Light’s Mercy
  • Rescue at Sea
  • A Leg Up

The same NPC for Alliance is called Narasi Snowdawn. It gives the exact same quest. The other NPC I talked to in the eastern town is Tylos Dawnrunner. For Alliance, that is Savinia Loresong. This NPC offers another one of three possible quests:

  • Breakfast Of Champions
  • Gormok Wants His Snobolds
  • What Do You Feed a Yeti, Anyway?

Those first two quests will take you to Storm Peaks. If you get them, the best option is to Wormhole to them at the end of your route. Then, you can Hearthstone back to the tournament afterwards. That’s also why I always recommend setting your Hearthstone to the Argent Tournament to save time.

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Crusader Tent Quests

Anyway, now we’re heading west to the Crusader Tent, we’ll be picking up six more quests for seven more seals and 138 more gold.

First, I like to grab among the champions from Lurri. Then, I pick up Battle Before The Citadel and Threat From Above from Eadric the Pure. I also pick up Taking the Battle to the Enemy from Cellian Daybreak at the same time.

If you max out all the different factions and you’re Exalted with them, you’ll also have access to two more daily quests. If you aren’t Exalted with every faction yet, you should definitely check out my Runecloth farming guide since Runecloth is insanely expensive for reputation right now.

Anyway, Crusader Silverdawn offers one of two quests:

  • The Fate Of The Fallen
  • Get Kraken!

High Crusader Adelard nearby also offers one of four possible quests.

  • Drottinn Hrothgar
  • Mistcaller Yngvarr
  • Ornolf The Scarred
  • Deathspeaker Kharos

Once we’ve picked up all the quests, I always like to start by doing ‘Get Kraken!’ if I haven’t. That quest can be completed directly outside the western channel, one of the Argent Hippogryphs.

I have a macro I spam that makes the quest extremely easy, and it has an Alt modifier to target both the Kvaldir and the Kraken.

Use macro:

/targetexact [nodead,mod:alt] Kvaldir Deepcaller; [nodead] North Sea Kraken

/cast Flaming Spears


/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

I also try to always kill the Kraken since the Kraken Tooth is 14 bonus gold. This is also jousting time. So, I mount up with my lance and win four duels as quickly as possible.

If you want max efficiency, you should definitely fill your inventory up. Then, you can save 30 days with the marks (Mark of the Champion) in your mailbox. That’ll save you a few minutes every day.

After jousting, I always head directly north and do any of the boat quests. I might have gotten this is the time to do ‘What Do You Feed a Yeti, Anyway?’ You just land on your factions’ boat and click the Chum Buckets. Then, you jump in the water and spam your universal macro and kill the sharks.

Having a universal macro is highly recommended since you can just press one button for every quest and you never have to go to your inventory.

This is also the time to do Rescue at Sea. Land on your factions’ boat and single target the Kvaldir down as quickly as you can. I highly recommend Elixir of Water Walking for after you complete the quest. Because otherwise you’ll be stuck in combat for ages.

Crusader Kill Quests

After completing the boats, I fly directly to Hrothgar’s Landing. If I have ward off as my Crusader daily, I make a detour southeast of the island to finish them off quickly.

All the kill Crusader quests are basically just to press your universal macro in the correct location and then kill the name mop. Once I get to the island if I’ve got Stop the Aggression, I’ll just AOE down the Kvaldir.

If I got a Leg Up, this is even better, since the Kvaldir will drop the Stolen Tallstrider Legs. Of course, you can also just loot them off the ground as well.

WOTLK Classic Phase 3 Slain Tualiq Villager

To the Southwest, if I picked up Light’s Mercy, I’ll use my specific macro. I have to target the Slain Tualiq Villager. If he’s your kill quest, this is also a great time to kill Yngvar. He’s chilling in the western cave on the map.

The last possible Hrothgar activity would be killing Drottinn. If he’s your kill quest, you should head up to the statue looking at things on the map.

After finishing all the Hrothgar dailies, I like to use my Argent Tabard to teleport back to the western tent. If you don’t have the tabard, you can just fly back instead. Then, I go directly west to the new location full of Cultists. This is where you can kill Deathspeaker Kharos if he’s your daily kill quest.

At the same time, you can kill Cultists to get Black Cage Keys for ‘You’ve Really Done It This Time, Kul’. What’s awesome about this question is that you’ll be completing ‘Taking the Battle to the Enemy’ at the same time.

After getting my five keys and finishing that quest, I always fly up on a lock call last.

After that, if I’ve got the Fate of the Fallen and I’ll fly directly Southwest below Aldur’thar. All you have to do is click the square purple objects on the ground. Once you collect six, just target the champion spirits and use your Universal macro to complete the quest. Then, I always head slightly Northwest at Shadow Vault. I buffed up.

I’m finally able to solo chill more on my Boomkin, but there are constantly people doing this quest. So, if you’re struggling, just invite whoever shows up.

My favorite thing to do is to keep the group momentum going by asking if my new friend wants to do the Battle Before The Citadel quest. Next, I’ll be flying down and completing that quest next either way. So, it’s really nice to be able to have someone to group up with for it, really.

The biggest tip I can give for this quest is to always do it with someone else. The other thing I recently realized is that I’ve been reflexively killing lieutenants in range mobs even though I’ve only been doing the Champions quest.

Killing the three bone guard commanders should only take a minute or two, so don’t waste time on other enemies with all these quests done.

Storm Peak’s Quests

I always like to finish off with any of the Storm Peak quests I picked out.

A Wormhole is perfect for Breakfast of Champions, which is east of the giant circle in the middle of the map. Just go to the snow piles and hit your universal macro and then kill the Jormungar Egg Sac. If you don’t get a Jormungar, but you get a Dark Iron Dwarf instead, just run away in Diego.

If you got the ‘Gormok Wants His Snobolds’ instead, just use my included targeting macro to target the Snowballs and get this quest done in one minute.


/tar snow

/use Weighted Net

I also love to combine this quest with overstocked for 21 more gold. You could easily do both quests at the same time.

After getting all my quests done, I’ll always hearthstone back to the tournament to turn everything in. It is important to note that if you haven’t gotten Exalted with every city yet, you should definitely go with the rid us your reward. But for pure Champion’s Seals farming, the purse is the obvious choice.

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